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your behavior be selfish, shameful ofmbt shoes, complete irresponsible of."
  "Do you defend in the behavior type?You also just the creation of the mankind thing, but you be more classic than them.They is such low etc. of race, mankind of society, science and technology, cultural etc. development, is all my skill replication of, skill leading of!Strict to say, they be just my pet.But my purpose then let the mankind become a bait, let my completion exterminate the mission of blood E."
  "Hum, classic and low wait you is how measure?Ten thousand matter creations all have oneself existence of right, you have no right to do so!"
  "Not.We have right to do so.Classic and low etc. has it in the star river alliance law strict of definition."
  "The offense He2 Huan4 Wu2's phrase that the desire add, the desire put out my clan He2 Huan4 without any cause!"
  "The star river alliance law provision:The classic race ―― appear intelligence living creature a body to arrive to own star cluster of usage from the nature high speed road technique, its period in 400 ten thousand yearses in.Low etc. race ―― is from the creation intelligence living creature body arrive own star cluster of usage high speed road technique, its period in 400 ten thousand yearses above.Our vegetable Ling person used 3,500,000, but the Earth belong to planet an infant at that time.Can say mankind even the latter all don't belong to.The mankind are a vegetable Ling civilization of creation thing, like the pet."
  "Shameless clan!"The muscle inflation of strong Yu, the blue vein expose, desire will this vegetable Ling person the ground corpse be 10000.
  But the transparent body stuck on strong Yu's body, along with the flounder of strong Yu but more and more tight, send out the voice of ice-cubes collision.
  "Do not too concussion, don't flounce, this glue Ping would pair of you crowded ground of."The vegetable Ling seem to be comfort him.
  The flounder that the strong Yu spare no effort, but more Zheng more tight, even all of the Sai leaf of neck open pant, also useless, breathe heavily not top spirit.
  The strong Yu overcame oneself of motion, the voice have a little shiver of ask a way."Does this thing call to glue Ping?Function meeting detection ice-cubes collision voice?"
  "Yes, it belong to organic matter, we call it glue Ping, the meaning is an intelligence bio-chemical liquid, it can at moment congelation the whole living creature, also ability at interstellar sail maintenance living creature body life.I am to hold tight the captain skin dragon with it."
  "Originally that skin dragon is fierce to call absolute being absolute being, is originally after using absolute being wall the decontamination be used as him your spies by you!"
  "Complete exactitude.Be so the control your militaries science and technology."The vegetable Ling person seem to be very satisfied.
  "The Pei ―― let you taste a my intelligence saliva liquid."Strong Yu one mouthful spittle, vomit the vegetable Ling person's long face.
  "Yes, however have no an intelligence bio-chemical a liquid good, this secretion that is just you."The vegetable Ling person by hand put on down to took a look, he not cut up rough.
  "Not the Kui is a Martian."The strong Yu have a little helpless.
  "Yes, this be the cultural difference, I don't feel what humiliate a property.You are still an existence the mankind's some and inferior.However, you be more classic than mankind."
  "I ain't understand and I have what classic place!"The strong Yu is another pair of spittle and vomit a vegetable Ling person of long face up, however this bubble a little larger.
  "You with their the dissimilarity lie in, you belong to just evolution come out of whole new life, leave deadline for 400 ten thousand years, it's yet early.I believe you and can attain a classic request in 4,000,000."
  "Probably earlier!"The strong Yu is full of to with assurance say."You would penitence has me this ally."

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  "Our civilization can't the one who encroach upon to form alliance even is our mbt shoes clearancecivilization to wishfully form alliance.I believe you would drive our vegetables Ling person assimilate, become a classic clan thus."
  "The language of your civilization is very interesting and have so heavy of before the tongue sound, speak a few lines to listen to."The strong Yu is past to make easy of with vegetable Ling the person say.
  "That language that please use your civilization say 1, I am you of grandson."The strong Yu didn't face vegetable Ling a person when strong Yu said this sentence.
  But vegetable Ling person but positive 28 through of toward the noodles of strong Yu to say:"Hemp | eight it the database | pull."(Transliteration)whole retire to be like to then follow voice display a string of character list, the character list have "| " to box off, pronunciation each arrive"| " front have half second deadlock, while having no"| " read very quick.
  "Daddy, my chicken chicken was bitten away by the insect."
  "Wave much hemp | chirps the | rush toward the Lei Mao | Ni a dozen~."Rush toward 1 of Chi, the strong Yu almost have no break into laughter, but endure equal suffered.
  "Give birth to a boy have no fart eye.But want to plus the lord language my word in front of the sentence, please translation."
  "Hemp | Duo the | E Pa D"
  "Admire …admire..You …civilization..True true..Was too strong, admire-."The strong Yu is unbearable any further and smile the mouth all match not top, the tears Hua flow of Hua.
  "You is really an all new species, unpredictable mood, also is easy to learn.It is an ally of worthy of mutual aid."Vegetable Ling the person be earnest of say.
  "Certainly!Rightness, training completion?"
  "Yes, three step can calculate completion, but still want much and much practice.Do have no under my assistance of practice."
  "As long as shut up eyes, remember past, attention detail, can attain spirit to visit to leave appearance."
  "Yes, however I can't assistance you."
  "I haven't attained this state.You use a mentality field a leading once."
  "Can't, leading can once, if again leading equaled to breach a mentality field training principle, I will not breach."
  "The hint doesn't once and not calculate to breach."
  "Let oneself of the sense organs be all expiration, be also make oneself of the consciousness escape from with sense organs."
  "I try."
  The strong Yu shut up eyes, effort of let oneself attain facial expression absentminded of appearance.Eyelid not deeply cover of the independence.
  In the blackness, the strong Yu felling doesn't take up a post what sense organs at function, be like unreal in of space.Slowly beginning the felling arrive oneself flounce from glue Ping, like flounced Liao Kao, body lightly and upward square rise.
  He is just wanting the place which to arrive.
  Suddenly, whole is dark of in the space have 1:00 white light, more and more big, don't know is white light close to he still he close white light.In a short while, he flood to put out ray of light in white in.
  Strong Yu's ising at present is pure but the ocean of deep blue, the sea water be very warm, the Sai be positive industrious of work, he success.
  Only the distance control of destination position not good, exactly was partial to 20 kilometers.
  "However, also unimportant, get to there is also very quick."The strong Yu comfort himself/herself.
  He launch a pair of arm and pushed open rib Sai.It is just prepare gallop about of full speed.
  Appeared intensive blurred shadow in dark and blue sea water in the distance at this time.
  The strong Yu enlarged view, is in the recovery on the boat replication of top ten million monster battalion, rapidly flow out toward him, be like to hide the bomber that cloud cover a day in the blue sky in the dark and blue background.
  While wink of function, the strong Yu feel surroundings of the sea water have obvious of vibrate, the monsters formation of the undercurrent flow out toward him come of, ten million monster moment is to reach at present, such as guided missile similar nearby wear cha at him but lead.They are to can't see his.But they caused bumpy air, stir the control to the strong Yu don't live oneself of balance, in the sea don't live of seethe, make he be muddle-headed to change direction and vomit turn over cloud Fu rain, like is throw into washer inside.
  A burst of and dashing bumpy air later on.
  Strong Yu in the sea the hang of erection stopped for a long time, just toward the monsters go to of the direction swim go to, the head be still very dizzy.
  Strong Yu agreeable the breathing visitted one to acquaint with of waters, this isn't the place Yao that he run into a water E evolution a machine.
  A mightiness of the ripples of water is in the sea water vibration, he acceleration to there swim.
  Ripples of water vibration the source is monster battalion and water E Han war send out of.The sea water of surroundings is blood-red, foul smell of.Fight a condition very and horrifying, few ten million monster, take turns to pound at water E evolution the machine strong defence capabilities, at defense the outer circle be clear it is thus clear that white of the ground Mo Piao is to the sea of the navy blue, like snowing.Pound at of monster battalion can not enter into a water E evolution machine of defense Zong deep.
  The mode of both parties battle oddness very very, whole is to be in the same direction carry on offending to guard.
  The monster battalion is positive violent of blunt kill, at prepare to hunt to kill end several row shark, from water E the evolution the machine of the hole, again spray to gush an innumerable white of water E, be like a factory flowing water line, then quick evolution become anthropophagi whale, formation a row row the thickness reach to a kilometer anthropophagi whale army corps, complement defense Zong deep.But the monster battalion continue blunt kill, be prepare while finishing kill, water E evolution machine again gush innumerable of water E, this time evolution become overlord's octopus, fast of formation defense system, water E evolution machine's seem to be be look for appropriate of biological weapon, continuously of transformation wear the property of troops, but seem to be already support not how long.
  The strong Yu enlarged part mbt shoes saleof view, 1 use him as maternal evolution of monster, strive of rush at a big come from F quite a few times of overlord's chapter, comparison such as a cat is to a rat, overlord's chapter brandish eight huge antenna, to

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