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its whip go to, if is absorbed that by thembt shoes sale sucker on the antenna will is fatal, but it tactful of once hide, then fast of rush at the huge mouth of overlord's chapter, while soon colliding with each other, it fast curled up body, stab Wei like 1, carry on the back top of stabbed whole Shu to get up, be like on stabbing ball, the speed be like a bullet sort, blunt enter inside the body of overlord's chapter, in a short instant in the mouth of overlord's chapter spray to gush a great deal of of blood, tight connected whole body to become white of ground Mo, Piao go into ocean of most first floor.
  "Don't go into tiger xue, how get tiger cub!"He call what to come out is not voice, is a spirit bubble.
  The strong Yu lookinged at to be full of in these hearts pleasure, with full intention happy, continuously of shout bravo!
  "Spirit's visitting to leave appearance is really quite good, let me appreciate a such beautiful scenery."
  Finally stir to kill in the monster battalion bottom, water E evolution the defense system of the machine drive complete offend to break, an among those huge water E evolution the machine be tore first fragment, then is 2 … 3 …
  The strong Yu follow take the offensive of monster battalion route, he isn't wrong these beauty of"scenery" of, too thrilling.
  About around ten hourses, the strong Yu followed the route of the monsters to turn 1 turn and return to in the ocean a little bit original.
  "Oddness, how returned to again originally of position."Strong Yu continuously of deliberation.One silk is frightened the face is from he top once row.His ising aware of a Garden of Eden is this of center position Yao, water E evolution machine exactly rounded 1 turn in the Garden of Eden!This like is use to round a column turn to keep at the farm lord oneself of the animal be similar!That's right and water E be a farm lord.
  Strong Yu effort of analysis.So led half a hour in contemplate.
  He has no attention, in his overhead, at distance surface about the position of 50 meters, ten million monster successive hang to stop in the sea, they a difference all book conglobationed, quiet hang over there, seem to at rest.

    A spool of place with deep heart of chapter 25
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-308:33:23 origin chapter word number:2735

  Suddenly, strong Yu surroundings of the sea water sent out tiny and red ray of light and interrupted his to contemplate.
  This sea water is impossible to give out light, should be a glow of sunset.He hope toward the surface.
  20,000,000 light ball of red, deeply tiny and red ray of light, like 20,000,000 lantern, suspend in his overhead, he very curiously swim toward them.
  Before strong Yu visit to arrive an among those light surface of sphere, the light ball be a the orb which take to stab, the form be like sea urchin and stab a point up the hair red light.He recognize these stab, is those monsters to possess singly.He wear a line in these sea urchins, fully 20,000,000 whole finish see.He on on every occasion hanging over there, one Yi cloud of the face, suddenly, at present a dark, become unconscious.
  Don't know is when, the strong Yu be awake.
  "I how again dizzy!Isn't you is play tricks, vegetable Ling person!Just am I positive with beauty flirtation."
  "Have no.I am follow you closely a sleeping."
  "That I how dizzy."
  "Data manifestation, you faint is tired excessiveness with the result that.Speak from the medical science angle, one is an energy to consume big, the machine energy inside the body "crock up", lactic acid inside the body pile up excessive, muscle work the ability lower.Two inside environment stability out of tune, result in sport excessiveness tired.Three brain skin's protection of the layer repress.You are to belong to a brain skin's layer's protection to repress a type."
  "This I know, don't  want to explain so clear."
  "Our vegetable Ling be so of."
  "I slept many long time."
  "Arriving to wake up from your soundly asleep is 23 hours 23 cent, such as press the Earth time calculate, is 24 hours."
  "I unexpectedly slept so long!Bad matter."Strong Yu muttering way.
  "Bad what matter?"
  "E …you calculate the wrong matter to time, press science calculate way, you vegetable Ling person in time on the Mars, every 24 hours should than the Earth many 37 minutes, not little 37 minutes."
  "You say of is after Mars deviate orbit of time, but what I use is don't before deviate of time."
  "BE so, does that Mars original revolution around sun period have variety?"
  "Before deviating orbit of the revolution around sun period be little 267 days than now."
  "Know.Now mentality field I already can usage from such as, however, there is a problem.Just I want to use a mentality field and see beauty is just think what, how is an one blank?"
  "Only a kind of explanation, they or dead person or have no the person of thinking."
  "Understand, mentality field since ability see living creature of thinking, ability control they?"
  "Can, at the other party would like to of time, pass the absolute being wall can the control contain the living creature of thinking."
  "There is no absolute being wall whether can control?"
  "Can also, be limited by to have no thinking living creature."
  "There is no the living creature of thinking, is the living creature ising not in addition to intelligence living creature body?"
  "The belly have a little hungry, build a fish to me.However can't throw to me.Want to feed."
  "Yes."The vegetable Ling person hatch from eggs to take out a fish in the machine, as usual a throw.
  "I said and can't throw, don't be like to feed a dog and give me point self-respect!"The strong Yu has no Diao and the fish be direct to hit on his face.
  "This is the way that the vegetable tallestly entertain guest in the Ling civilization."
  "But now you there is rules here here in the Earth, pick up fish and feed me."
  "Come a cow pick."
  "Come to one sheep leg again."
  "Come to bottle red wine."
  "The vegetable Ling person doesn't drink."
  "That come to bottle fresh orange juice."
  In addition to wine and non- living creature product, vegetable Lingmbt shoes clearance person such as number of satisfy strong Yu of request.
  The strong Yu eat satisfied drink foot, the vitality absolute being was great and the body bone be solid and emollient.
  "Good, now I be going to enjoy a get-together with beauty.You want watch the house of darling in the home."Strong Yu to vegetable Ling person order.
  The strong Yu got into spirit to visit to leave appearance and got into oneself to want of place, got into ocean.
  At at first the monster battalion be foolish to lead of waters, only have silent sea water, monster battalion already not at originally of position, light come in from the sea surface diffusion, blue You You of.
  The face of the strong Yu top brush past one the silk be frightened, "must arrive to before they start."Then, close eyes, gather spirit to concentrate, contemplation Garden of Eden.
  Empire tower in the Garden of Eden shut down terrace.
  The whole hope in a short instant the ash fly smoke to put out in the heart of strong Yu, he kneel to pour in the ground, the tears flow out to fall on the terrace, he continuously of sob.
  Empire tower the red crystal of the crest still keep being project to isolate natural cover, day Qiong still so enthusiasm of send forth red light, can today have no so the elegance be big-hearted, but become innumerable small of point stab, with the speed cha of lightning flash sort go into strong Yu each scale, drill into the muscle, stab deeply blood vessel, agreeable blood, keep stab heart.
  The wall of that hope of in the mind is thoroughly destroy.
  He saw one eye in the Garden of Eden, didn't see two time, lower the head to kneel, the body didn't live of shiver.
  The far-away place of empire tower very of the Hun be muddy misty, but ability still see innumerable sell smoke such as innumerable of the black dragon dash forward from the ground for a day, Qiong, take over formation thick black cloud in the Qiong, but all of neighboring district the damaged site which is a building break wall, only light of fire and thick smoke correspond, happy of flicker dance move.
  The inside of the whole Garden of Eden fill the air bloody flavor, have no a the mankind's corpse, only have blood-red blood, this blood at Qiong take over of red light shine in glory bottom, fresh and gorgeous abnormality.
  Have no on the sunset big way rule of jaming and emit ash smoke of incomplete and unbearable Ji war boat, occasionally several flashlight at remnants boat top flicker, like camera sorrow of blink eyes.
  "I arrived late!The mankind of Garden of Eden!~"The strong Yu cry to shout, continuously beat a ground, until the ground be deep to sink."Skin dragon!You have no dead to calculate you on the my hand lucky!!!Rare friendship, my I am sorry you …"
  The strong Yu exterminated in cry shout.He returned to recovery number airship up.
  "Just bubble beauty, mood best."The strong Yu is easy of smile.
  "Seeing to you was really complete to control the usage of the mentality field."
  "Ha ha, talk a way also together we be similar."Vegetable Ling the person be very happy.
  "You of did monster battalion now arrive where?"
  "They exterminated the water E in the ocean with the very quick speed.But at just my army corps exterminated the last personal home Garden of Eden on the earth and one be all not a few.Now they positive fore go toward the Sac blood E nest xue."
  The strong Yu maxillary joint close tightly, silent for a long time and ambiguously it is thus clear that the eye Cape contain a radiant tears flower.
  "Gene body, be you listen to?"
  "H'm, really march amazingly fast."Strong the Yu noodles be expressionless to say.
  "I already can control mentality field, can tell my bsolute being the secret of the wall?".
  "Complete can, absolute being the material of the wall's constitute be an anti- material."
  "Does the your vegetable Ling person withdraw in the galaxy above about 3500 light year anti- material fountains?"
  "Yes, our flower is to arrive for 100 years there and whence withdraw to return to 200 ton anti- materials.At first, we just used for the fuel that the interstellar airship launch machine, but owned a mentality field of we, very quick detection another secret."
  "That secret is an absolute being wall, rightness."

    A spool of chapter 26 blood E perish
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-308:33:23 origin chapter word number:2730

  "Yes, any object in the world all existence positive and negative aspects, the world in the mirror be the reverse side of world, vegetable the Ling person's mentality field function in you of eight mentality, pull it to an anti- material mirror inside, so it ability show to mapping eight mentality.Be like to see in mirror, inside of you be true you, if you would like to complete can let the cheat, sorrow, old grudge, love, thought in the mirror, will, dulcify, improbity etc. eight mentality, the shadow which turn into you come out 戓 to target among them.We totally used 200 kilograms anti- material to make into 16 noodles absolute being wall."
  "There are eight among those sides here, return to have eight noodleses"
  "If still there are eight noodleses, the person is at the vegetable Ling now of live a ground of ―― cloth to give the planetary system of Si Tan."
  "From arrive to want how much time there here.""This problem be very complex, the answer want to be more long of time, for the sake of ability let you listen to understand, I want to say a little bit detailed."The vegetable Ling person's overhead, displayed galaxy of whole retire to be like, is a galaxy to look down image, from innumerable the star body constitute of huge whirlpool, this whirlpool have two lord Xuan arm two time Xuan arm constitute.The vegetable Ling galaxy is namely located on an among those Xuan arm to hunt an arm, negative the hour hand revolve.(the sun round silver heart to revolve a week need 250,000,000 years)Be also the solar system that you say, from vegetable the Ling galaxy arrive cloth to give the planetary system of Si Tan of straight line distance demand 200 card cloth, be also 10000 light years.With at present of mankind's science and technology, even use anti- material fuel push forward can shorten 1:00 distance, but also demand 150 card cloth."
  " You unexpectedly need not light run about in one year in the vacuum of distance, then about 299, 792, 458 meter to calculation interstellar distance, that you affirmation is not use airship direct in the space fly."
  "Yes.What you use is the airship is direct in the space fly of aerospace technique, but we use the star cluster high speed road technique.The mankind's aerospace airship technique, have huge irregularity, be ship body the speed attain each 299, 792, 458 meter, ratio blunt the quantity will be the tallest and push heavy ratio also attain tallest, but push forward medium bear of the weight will be infinity and the energy need be also infinity.But the star cluster high speed road technique then pass to conceal at the vegetable Ling star cluster within galaxy high speed road equip, bite to wear a leaf for for example an insect son, arrive another one side, then bite a leaf, again arrive another one side.The distance of 200 card cloths can arrive within a year."
  "Not the Kui is a successful civilization."
  "Be an ally, I can go to vegetable Ling civilization of the cloth give Si Tan planetary system visit once Yao."
  "I am just an airship, my mission be the outcome which exterminate vegetable Ling civilization cover second, and it of bait mankind."
  "After fulfill the mission?"
  "After fulfill the mission of affair,mbt shoes I can't tell you and the procedure disallow me to tell you."

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