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Revolving glass doors mottled ground spinning. Coming and going of people are doing.

Yiyi Lu Bo Ran round the purple into this building high-end commercial buildings.

Elevator monopoly on the fifth floor of christian louboutin shoesfemale clothing accessories.

Yiyi purple has been the first brand store in France just a blink of an eye will pick up seven or eight sets of hands clothes.

Boran these sets are good I think you come help me to choose it.

Lu Bo Ran accompany women to buy clothes on so little interest in straight into this one store to the customer service manager will still look of Gold usual cool handsome purple hand look like pointed Yiyi clothes: the clothes we Managers All the trouble you have to wait for the next all the packing up and take us over.

Yes, sir! Brush the card customer service manager and will refund to the way card with both hands to greet the Boran said with grin. Though secretly pleased to think that today, just to mention a single business success on the 10 000 good luck to her instead.

Boran Why buy so much Well I just want to buy one or two. Yiyi purple coquetry Road.

As like to have bought a thing in your husband are not reluctant to spend money for you. Road Boran approached her go I hold up her hand to go with you jewelry.


Then came a man and a woman has higher level jewelry monopoly market.

Jewelry is always a favorite of women, whether poor or rich, although it already has a lot of favorite jewelry Yiyi purple see this when a large number of jewelry or two light will soon be a wide range of rings necklaces and bracelets attracted the attention of the right eye look left to see a non-stop.

However, this time Lu Bo's cell phone rang he answered a later attached to go whisper in Yiyi Violet: Violet I went right back under the toilet look like a person you what let them packing back my credit card for you.

Lu Bo Ran into the bathroom of a suit-wearing black sunglasses hyun young man was already there waiting for him.

Things? Lu Bo Ran whispered.

Zhaixiamojing young men out from the black briefcase and handed an envelope respectfully Boran Road: Road from Mr..

Lu Bo Ran no hurry to open the envelope but the appreciation of each other doubled: 'x-factor' efficiency and ability to really not doing very well covered. Task to a situation I'll have the information to me or phone, e-mail contact reward aspect I would add 100,000.

Mr. Xie Xielu! Goodbye, Mr. Way. Having young men disappeared.

Lu Bo However this time it will photograph inside the envelope apart then draw a greet his eye.

Yang Qian photos in when a man in his arms tightly and then kissing each other together. Each one is stabbed with a deeply plunging to the road Boran heart.

Damn! This woman actually being in the company openly affectionate with another man is so damn vague it! She was not really his, then he also warned not agree just as the ear is not it? !

She let him move so uncomfortable? Him how not to hate her?

Efforts to suppress the anger road Bo Ran the envelope hidden in a suit to restore calm in the face and then out of the toilet.

Boran you back! I picked up a crystal diamondchristian louboutin earrings are a pair of blue agate it.

Ah as long as you like. Lu Bo Ran the woman into her arms and her brush with the card. But my mind was thinking if the woman has Yiyi purple gentle touch that half of the event and more good things!

Retrace the original clothing clothing store took two people down the stairs.

Yiyi Purple obviously not have fun so childish to demand road Boran: Boran go see a movie s good? People have for a long time without watching the movie with your friends.

Lu Bo natural person has been absent here early anxious to go and he said to her: Azi I have a entertaining time out about the movie for me to go along with you can not read.

Yiyi purple non-compliance: you said that you spare a whole afternoon to stay with me how you can go back

Lu Bo Ran in her face Chongni to Qinliaoyikou: I do not want to but sometimes I can not predict a temporary entertainment and difficult drained away the.

Yiyi so the kiss was his face full of purple sweet face even if not said.

Why do not I send you home first, and then I go. Road Boran suggested.

I would also like to wander again before you go. Were tired and I played on his back. Having Yiyi man grabbed the hands of the big purple bags.

You be careful not too late for me to go shopping. He washed away her Yangyang Shou chic.

Handsome figure to come shopping to please a large group of girls burst of animal in nature.

Husband to pray! Yiyi purple mouth hook on the vanity to smile I thought she was such a good man, only to have its her woman only envy and jealousy of the copies of the.

However deceived Yiyi Lu Bo Purple What he does not want to entertain but eager to Villa and then back to the woman in question will send a punitive expedition.

Coincidentally, however, also cheated Yiyi Lu Bo purple However she did not go around swinging but with the way Boran secretly behind. After he drove forward she intercepted a taxi and instructed the driver: the master staring at that bike red Lamborghini.

Before long way Boran Bianjiang car stopped. Some walking urgently towards front door.

Miss to a total of 45 dollars. The driver stopped the car.

Yiyi purple gaze linger motionless body in the road Boran who ignores and did not hear the words of the driver.

Driver had big voice shouted: Miss to a total of 45 dollars, please hurry and get off.

This purple be heard under the Yiyi she turned snappily said: Wait a minute Well.

Driver screenwriters: Miss you get off it quickly check out what I would like to pick up passengers.

Yiyi contempt Purple stared out his driver and then a red wallet to two bright red of hundred dollar bills upon their drivers: What reminder reminder when I want to get off and get off naturally Rights. 200 yuan enough, I could sit for one hour?

The driver looked at her in surprise. How come thechristian louboutin knockoffs rich and the dog saw people so arrogant low?

Yiyi Purple see more drivers to delay, another three hundred dollar bills in the past: 500 total, isn't it? !

Although the heart uncomfortable, but who do have any grudges with the money? So to say that the sound driver swallow enough.

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