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  The work related introduction I like Rome empire
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  Seeing many phrase of Rome empire, feeling to see tombt shoes me to pick 1 or several segment from it just is 1 to lead son, please everyone forgive, however I still like very much thou Rome empire, however oneself if write not to the utmost the words of person's idea, please everyone forgive
  The work is related introduction thou the parts of law of the Rome
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  ●Anyone at absence can not be convict.Same, can not according to doubt but punishment anyone;……"Would rather allow criminal to succeed in escaping punishment than penalize the person of not guilty."
  ●Anyone can't be only because of thought but be subjected to punishment.
  ●Provide the responsibility of proof is illustrate fact of a square, rather than denial fact of a square.
  ●While sentence have to always consideration hideout age with deal with others not deep.
  ●Force with be afraid complete and voluntarily of approval run in opposite directions, and then is a honesty contract of groundwork;Allow any this kind behavior is an all disloyal morals.
  ●Father of criminal charges or be subjected to of punishment can't compromise the son's fame, because of each a square of the destiny all be decided by oneself of behavior, but any a square all can not drive appointed for another a square crime line of inherit a person.
  ●The women can not participate any official business;As a result they can't hold the post of a judge, or exercise the job of place officialdom, or initiate public prosecution, or is an others guarantee, or hold the post of a lawyer.The nonage can not participate official business, either.
  ●The everyone should bring up oneself of posterity;If anyone think oneself and can desert a kid, will be subjected to law of punishment.Parent or guardian of a minor if leave oneself of the kid is at the hopeless situation, when the kid be proceed from sympathize with by the others of motive salvage after, original parent or protector root have no business to get a kid, because anyone all have no the reason declare a kid that is leave in hopeless situation by him to still keep belonging to him.
  ●The custom pass from generation to generation deserve respect kimono, can not slight, but its usefulness shouldn't is override in reasonableness or law on.
  ●Cross-examine to used for finding out crime true facts, but shouldn't Be that the head choose a way.Therefore should ask for help from a proof first;If the party concerned involve in a crime, then can pass to cross-examine to force him to provide conspire together and criminal acts.
  ●When a few criminal and the same stake of legal case have been already embroil, to their interrogate should from among them timidity be afraid of getting into trouble with young beginning.
  ●Cross-examine can not infliction in 14 years old the following of nonage.……
  ●However while involving to have something to do with duke treason felony, if demand provide a testimony, and is force by situation, owner all none exception ground's deal with be cross-examine.
  ●Cross-examine shouldn't be complete to listen to a plaintiff of request, but should be in the light of reasonable and forbear its principle.
  ●At involve freedom problem, if the social status of the party concerned contain controversy, then need not pass to cross-examine to look for true facts.
  100 degrees net

    The work is related introduction thou Rome building
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:12:07 origin chapter word number:2025

  Thou Rome building is thou person in the Rome follow Xi second even rather peninsula top Yi especially second person in the Lu of building technique, inherit thou Greece building achievement, at building form system, technique and art be extensive innovation of a kind of building style.Thou Rome building in the 1~3th centry A.D. is very prosperous period, attain west ancient times building of high peak.
  Thou Rome building of the type be a lot of.Have the Rome ten thousand temple of the gods, Venus and Rome temple, and Ba Er3 Bei4 gram the sun temple of the gods etc. religion building, also have an imperial palace, theater Cape Dou field, bath field and square and Brazil benefit card(rectangular auditorium)'s etc. be public building.Live the building have inside court type residence, inside court type with round a pillar type a hospital to combine together of residence, there is also 4 and 5 F apartment type residence.
  Thou Rome customs building of the form system be equal mature, combine with function very good.For example, Rome empire the large theater of everyplace, the audience seat flat surface present hemicycle, pursue row to rise, with Zong lead way for lord, go across a way for assist.Audience the number arrive each area seat from the entrance, stairs of dissimilarity by the ticket.The person flow not to cross, separation and reunion convenience.Satge Gao Qi3, front have joy pond, behind is disguise building, disguise the sign of building background that the noodles would be satge, the both ends bulge forward, formation pedestal of embryo, already with modern large performance the basic form system of the building likeness.
  Thou several apartment in Rome in common use standard unit.Some apartment first floor establish a store and the upstairs inhabitant have veranda.This kind of form system together modern apartment also big body likeness.See from form systems, such as theater, Cape Dou field, bath field and apartment...etc., at that time building design this technique science already equal flourishing.Architect Wei in the thou Rome especially the Lu Wei write of 《the building be ten books 》be this science of summary.
  Thou Rome building ability satisfy various complications of function request, main depend on arch coupon with very high level structure, acquire spacious of inner part space.The Fu Lai Wei dynasty palace lord of Ba Latin top of hill the tube form of the hall arch, across a degree to reach to 29.3 meters.Ten thousand temple of the gods Qiong the diameter of the crest be 43.3 meters.First centry A.D. middle  period, view ten word arch, it overlay the building space of square, pair of dome of weight concentration to the Dun son of four Capes up, need continuous of accept a heavy wall, space therefore more for open Chang.
  Put together with tube form arch, the set of Qiong Long several ten word arches, can overlay the inner part space of complications.The Royal bath of the Rome empire field the representative work which be this kind of combination.
  The gentleman of city center square east in the thou Rome private Tan D Brazil benefit card, central use 3 ten word arches, across degree 25.3 meters, 40 meters in height, each or so tube form which have 3 to across the degree as 23.5 meters arch resist the level push dint, structure level very Gao.The huge audience seat of theater and Cape Dou field, also is on the arch coupon system of complications.
  The arch coupon structure get expansion, is because of usage strength Gao, construction convenience, low-cost volcano ash concrete.Invite in the second centry B.C., this kind of concrete become independence of building material, to the first centry B.C., almost complete replace a stone material, used for building arch coupon, Be also used for building a wall.Concrete surface in common use 1 F square taper piece of stone or triangle brick protection, again put on 1 F ash perhaps stick the 1 F marble plank;Also have to carve a stone wall again to do the method of noodles layer before the body in the concrete wall.
  Thou Rome building of the wood structure's technique have already had equal level, can differentiation pull of Hang pole and press a pole.City diagram in the Rome pull truembt sale Brazil benefit card, the wood Hang across of degree attain 25 meters.The Rome that the first centry A.D. construct big Cape Dou field, can permit 50,000 audiences, used 5~6 years to build up.It set up at a fill didn't of lake up, but foundation unexpectedly have no obvious of sink to sink.
  Second centry A.D. the middle  period construct of Ba Er3 Bei4 gram the sun temple of the gods, surroundings 45 post, each 19.6 meters in height, the bottom path be 2 meters and all use the whole piece of flower the Gang stone process but become.The wall 8 meters eminence after temple of the gods, carve to have three pieces of each big piece of stone of about 500 tons, it is thus clear that at that time big heavy ability.
  The public bath field is general to all have concentration to provide warm facilities.Hot smoke and hot air come out from the fire building flow through each hall floor bottom, inside wall skin with pottery in the dome tube, send forth calories.According to Wei especially Lu Wei 《the building be ten books 》jot down, the seat of the theater bottom cover up a total Ming jar of have the copper quality, with improvement sound quality.Middle  period in the 1st centry A.D. in addition and latest have already installed the very high sheet glass of the square clarity of several ten Li rices on the window.In addition to at city in the capital city Rome concentration thou Rome building of the tallest achievement outside, empire everyplace all have level very Gao, large-scale of every variety building.
  Building art in the thou Rome achievement very Gao, the style male of the large building the Hun be dignified, composition harmony unify, the form be diverse.Person in the Rome expanded new of the building art realm, abundant building art skill.
  Among them more importance of BE:New created an arch coupon to overlay bottom of inner part space, have solemn of ten thousand temple of the gods of one space, have layer many, variety big of Royal bath field of sequence type combination space, return have Brazil the one-way Zong deep space of the benefit card.Some building inner part space art processing of importance exceed exterior figure.
  Development thou the composition of pillar type in the Greece, make it have adaptability more.Creating a pillar type together an arch coupon is togetherthe most meaningful of combination, such as coupon pillar type with continuous coupon, since make structure, again make decorate.The triumphal arch of empire everyplace is the coupon pillar type composition.The flat surface, the adoption arch coupon structure appearing to constitute to°from various curve of concentration type building.The 2nd centry A.D. first half leaf set up virtuous and good leave a temple at the admire of Rome outskirts, is mature of solid example.
  Fourth centry A.D. second half leaf, thou Rome building the tide tend decline.After 15 centuries, through literature renew, classic doctrine.Classic renew and 19 centuries initial stage, "empire style" in France promote, thou Rome building at Europe re- become study of example.This kind of phenomenon had been keep on till 20 century 20~30's.
  Thou Rome building of book and picture in the Ming Dynasty the last years of the period start stream into China.The missionary in Italy benefit Ma Dou is from the Italy Suo come 《Rome thou city map 》the album of paintings be 3 and deposit Peking Society of Jesus library.1672, Italy missionary the Lai Ni take two volumes 《wide the map say 》arrive China.These inside of the book contain the picture of Rome Cape Dou field, the bath field, temple of the gods and Rome business center.In addition, the beginning of 17 centuries Peking Society of Jesus there are three volume Weis in the library especially Lu Wei of 《building ten book 》but thou Rome building to China the building have no occurrence actual influence 100 degree

    The work related introduction five the wise emperor be period
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:12:07 origin chapter word number:5658

  A, the tile of Nie Er.(MarcusCocceiusNerva, 35 year November 8 days-98 years January 27 day)He is empire in the thou Rome five wise emperor ages be a monarch(reign a period for 96 years-98 yearses), is also last a Be located on Italy peninsula birth of the non- Rome citizen serve as monarch.
  His Be from is after old elder statesman nobility stratum, being a sainted elder statesman, at diagram airtightly kindly drive assassinate elect by elder statesman's hospital and the ordination is empire for Rome of head of state.Someone think the tile of Nie Er drive diagram the airtight kind assassin's backstage candidate is an emperor.The reason that he win an election is him at that time already equal old, and have no children.
  Owing to the diagram airtight kind tyranny, the usage generous policy of the Nie Er tile decision.The tile of Nie Er ascend the throne soon instauration position and power and influence of elder statesman's hospital, and swear, the important event of any country all get negotiate with elder statesman's hospital, and assurance not and at will kill an elder statesman.In addition, he made a necessity to some system of the Rome again of reform.He forgave drive the person of the diagram airtight kind banishment, instauration their property, mollify their hostility;Establishment succour poor the system of the farmer and poor people kid, and will value 60,000,000 fill the land that the Si back Si allotment to the destitute;In the meantime, he still absolution many tax, lowered death tax, relief the Wei Si Pa Xiang force upon Jew of make a contribution.He tighten expenditure to make up a loss in business of national treasury.
  But his rule and excessively the economy resulted in troops of disaffection, add it he lack a prestige in the troops and finally cause near Wei soldier of insurrection:98 A.D., the near Wei soldier wear the inside black Si in the card Si ·lead of the Ai inside second Nu Si bottom surround an imperial palace, request the emperor release to assassinate a diagram airtight kind assassin, and kill a few of his adviser.The tile of Nie Er coerce at the near Wei non-commissioned officer soldier compelled concede.
  This matter gave he very big of teach, make he thoroughly understanding arrive:The head of state who have no troops support can't exercise rule to the empire.Hence, he then follow example of an Augustus, recognize oneself of a military will get, top German Ni second governor of province Ma3 Er3 Ku4 Si ·many the Er cover with black Si ·the diagram pull true after the son, is and give to his Kai Sa of name with protect people's officer's power.By so doing, the diagram pull true not only became inherit of the tile of Nie Er, but also also became his total cure.Diagram's pull is really a big commander-in-chief, have abundant of administration experience, but then have in his back strong of top German army corps.The tile of Nie Er pulled the diagram true to adopt for the son to actually also solve with the military factor make stronger new of rule of difficulty mission.
  Can say, the tile of Nie Er this measure be very wise and properly, the historical fact that is afterwards certificate it not only choose rightness inherit a person-diagram to pull true, and founded a good system-adopted son to inherit to make.
  Two, the diagram pull true(Trajan, MarcusUlpiusNervaTraianus)(53 year September 18 days-117 years August 9 day), empire emperor(98 years-117 years) in the Rome, the Rome empire be five one of the wise emperorses.A.D.98 the beginning of year by year, the tile of Nie Er be housebound to die, is setting up frontier garrison in the section Long of the diagram pull true receive Zhao inherited.The diagram pull true was born in Spain, he climbed up head of state's throne one person from the another province nobility.
  Diagram's pull is really an excellent commander-in-chief, also in the meantime is 1 have administration then can of archon.He owing to front the dynasty lose and adopted more valid of measure to mollify everyone's noodles of antinomy.He respect elder statesman's hospital of political position, attention absorb east the big slave of each province lord the nobility attend elder statesman's hospital, extension elder statesman's hospital of foundation;His reform local administration;Ordination some faithful to the duties confidant arrive province to do governor of province, improvement central with province of relation;He know the importance of the development people's dint, is light the Yao be thin to endow with and ease people of burden, counteract a government loan of way, help the small agriculture keep body and soul together.On top of that, he hand down the way which create a line of the Nie Er tile, is namely take out by government a part tax dues at everyplace establish a fund, in order to bring up destitute tell of orphan.He acquire the title that elder statesman's hospital present to his "the best head of state(Optimusprinceps)".
  At outward policy, the diagram pull true then escaped from an Augustus settle sign of earlier period empire of tradition, but resurrection republican period of invade incline to.101-106 A.D., the diagram pull true once two times sent troops to strike against Danube to meanly reach a west second person, TF reach west a second king to wear Kai Ba Lu4 Si of rule, change into a province of Rome of his Kingdoms, and soldier in the large quantity Rome and destitute transplant go there Tun Ken.Present of Romania be from these Rome person's colony development since then of.Later on, the diagram pull true again invade of pike head direction Asia, lift with Pa second meet in combat.From first centry B.C. middle  period, the Pa lift second have been the redoubtable enemy of Rome empire, of two countries war continuously, Jiang boundary have already change.105-106 A.D., garrison at Syria of Rome army corps, pulled an order to really occupy big and parts of region and west Nai of the of Palestine and Arabia desert peninsula according to the diagram, establishment Rome of a new province-Arabia province.Immediately after in the 114 A.D., the diagram pull true take the suzerainty problem of Armenia Kingdom as to lend again, lift toward the Pa second distinctly take the offensive.He the close rate battalion captured Armenia, immediately flick teacher to go down south, captured two river areas and offended to sink Pa to lift a second capital city the west be especially plentiful and keep arrive in Persian gulf.The diagram pull true establishment on this land three province, that be:Change the Armenia Kingdom is an Armenia province;Establish Assyria province on the past ddress of the Assyria;Establish the Mesopotamia second province in two river areas.Through his a series extend, Rome empire of landscape extension arrive the biggest scope.Its east two river area, the big and parts of region of west and cloth row Dian, south pack Egypt, North Africa, north arrive Rhine and Be located on Danube with north of reach west second.
  However, the diagram pull true at Asia these victories obtain by the southwest have no maintenance for a long time.At the diagram pull true lift with Pa a second battle positive Han moment, it of rear explosion Jew of start revolution, the diagram pull true under the pressure of events, have to return to teacher from two river areas, but dye a disease on the way, die of illness at the Asia minor the south of west in the west be second.The diagram pull true one dead and he also immediately turn into naught in those measures of two river areas.
  Diagram's pull is really a docile simple but again personality determination of monarch.More than 250 years after he die, the elder statesman hospital is in pressmbt shoes clearance conventionally announce the emperor tile Lun Si(Valens reign for 364-378 years) inheritedly of the message, return mean hope he is bring benefit to people exceed Augustus, but at docile aspect exceed the diagram pull true.

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