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You know? Kogaya it will dance in this respect she is a genius but she never let people know that even if she has learned she would pretend not to like. Xiao Hui stopped at the door.

What you and I say this?

I asked her why she did not dare to let people know christian louboutin knockoffsthis so answered my heart she was jealous of every other belly will kill a cat she would rather sneaky and do not stand on the tip.

Stuart looked thoughtfully out the window.

She is not the kind of effort re-play at your girl I'm afraid you are clearer than anyone else. And she refused to make public your relationship is not that she did not really contrary to the feelings that you're too good for her a complex about.

Xiao Hui finished looked deep silence for some time and then turned to leave Stuart Plaza.

The moment the door opened a figure staggered the red room.

Strongly hold their bodies to prevent their loved one in front of shame. Oh you about finished? Han Xiao Hui Hao looking smile.

The last sentence of advice to you who you should Kogaya is clearly better than anyone else if you do not lose time to time only regret is you. Again comes with a word

Last words really more. Han Hao whispered underestimated.

Sharp-eared glanced at Han Xiao Hui Hao Kogaya sick. Seems very ill but she refused to go to the hospital. Stuart ignored the shocked expressions turn Xiao Hui tall chic with this piece of the tail and left.

* Points * ** cut line **

It seems to die out she really should not try to be brave not have been comfortable these past few days was not any how to eat though yesterday was Feng and Xiaohui nutrition pin pulled, but the play seemed to walk with no thought that she was tired very difficult.

Well do you? Call me now? Renzi Xuan took out his cell phone weak press the call key.

Kogaya! Oh, you should be prepared for the enemy went okay! Xiao Hui side of the phone seems very excited.

Enemy? Who?

In addition to your someone else?

What? How do you let him? You're not like that I do not know you let me how to deal with him?
Excited to Renzi Xuan eyes suddenly dark, my wife and rushed around the shopping Fuzhao bar.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Kogaya Kogaya you listening? Xiao Hui short quiet for a little worried.

I'm listening to at the hearing.

Stuart has passed I do not mean to rush things difficult for you want you happy. Heart medicine for the heart Kogaya of heart disease or may need to remove Stuart.

I know you are good, but for me,,, she is now how to see him like this?

But how?

However,,, I'm not home! I am out shopping.

What? That way you still go out! I went to meet you where you are!

Do it! I can go home it! Renzi Xuan thoughtful hung up the phone.

How the? Han Xiao Hui Hao hugged from behind.

Kogaya situation is really worrying! I think,,,! What are you doing? Xiao Hui terrified he looked around his office to the lounge forward.

She has Szeto you worry! Now you worry about other people as well worry about their worry about your man!

Han Hao Han Hao let me down,,, cries at the door was blocked.

Renzi Xuan finally arrived last rickety door.

But she has not touched door handles doorchristian louboutin sale  opened and she plunged into the warm embrace of a familiar sound of cursing coming from the top of the head. Damn! Where are you going now?

I, I go to the supermarket shopping. Familiar tastes good peace of mind.

You,,, good pale! Like a long time come up with a decent Szeto Yi Cai words.


I'm sorry You know that it is not your intention I get angry with you. Anyway, the value of an apology not an apology it can reclaim some money sweetheart understanding is benevolent.

Hum,,, His words Renzi Xuan opened the gate as the taps.

Good good all right Do not cry! Stuart Plaza pat on the back with Renzi Xuan.

Two people to maintain this position at the door asking neighbors do not mind the curious eyes of (someone should not mind the term of office Stuart girl simply remember the tears of light) until the tap and do not water.

We have a good talk right? Stuart Plaza carefully asked.

Renzi Xuan nodded.

Renzi Xuan Yi Stuart in the living room to sit down in the kitchen busily up. Soon he came out from the kitchen hands more thing.

I heard a few days they said hello first drink porridge eaten you? Stuart said Yat considerate.

Renzi Xuan took the porridge boring tearful silence to eat.

Good? The first time I do not know how taste like! Do not worry you eat slowly these days without food before it is better to eat liquid food. Stuart Plaza gentle stroking her hair.

Renzi Xuan sobs swallowed the last bite porridge.

You have to bowl again?

Renzi Xuan shook his head.

That we are talking about you?

Renzi Xuan nodded.

Xuan in your heart, what position you put me?

Renzi Xuan silence of the head down.

You know you're here in my heart what is it? From the day I met you I found you, no matter what its attitude towards other people when you I will face his most perfect displayed. I am cautious with my care of a little girl watched her grow up Chula's slim. You place in my heart even more than their parents, but, they are always at work and your business is my little girl I learned to laugh you know will be happy to pay to understand the true meaning of love.

Stuart said no matter what Renzi Xuan Yi is always bowed his head.

Alas! I love too cheap yet? Why do not you speak?christian louboutin He can not stand Renzi Xuan apathy. Give me a word please? Or a facial expression. Do not make me think this thing has nothing to do with you all right?

How? Even pleaded not reclaim her heart? Stuart Plaza heart felt trapped in the tread slowly.

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