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water fight bandits who, even with your eyes closed can hit mbt shoesWin-Win. Therefore, although the lake is the navy of his soldiers off the battlefield, seen the blood

Fishy's crack troops. When they lack an after bloody baptism after the sturdy Xiao Sha of gas. Of course, the town water through it several times and the warring forces, Lake Naval Meteorology has undergone dramatic changes

. Only those changes that they have not to change the military situation is far from the point.

Therefore, it is thought that Xu oldest town in Taihu Lake water navy and army can be compared to the idea of completely wrong, and wrong was not the point two. Analogy, if so, is the lynx lake navy, while the town

Water is the Tigers in the military. Both look like they eat Hunxing with the beast, but their heads and a large difference in the degree of risk, it is one day at a time. Name from hunters who hit the Bobcats, and because

Called a hero who killed the tiger that can save a good for themselves.

"Your honor, wine and more beverages, and no matter how much wine you'll feel you can not solve the problem ah." Army, division, hiding behind the jug, persuasion Road. But thousands of miles where Mu listen, drink large clamoring

Wine, watch the posture, if not the jug to his armies, divisions, he will hit anyone up. Mu miles Jiuchi height, palm if Pu Shan is a full burly guy. The army, division, slim, a waist only

There Mu miles waist gown to wear in general less than the percentage still in his possession were some empty. That the army, division, bean sprouts look like body bone If Ai Shang Mu thousand fists that look great alms bowl, do not

Guess all know that non-top three can not. Understand their are weak in the army, division, Nagan with Mu miles Sike, although unwilling to offer all kinds have served only to jug honest.

"This will go on No ah. Must find a way to help my family to the immediate difficulties for adults to go through."

Army, division, holding the jug looked like a peerless treasure holding a general unwillingness to let go of Mu miles up the hearts quietly pondering. Army, division, jiggle feather fan, mind sharp reversal, not overnight, it can not help the idea.

Town water is difficult to fight the military not because they are ghosts Yinbing, unusual Weaponry hard on their fundamental. When the lake is the navy that their opponents with a group of ghosts, they would please Master to the whole army

Army officers and men of the blessing of the magic weapon. Now, the entire lake navy, whether real or lake water to come to support military force the other party or amnesty, to pledge allegiance to the water bandit army weapons complex are able to

Cut ghosts, punish evil monsters evil Weaponry broken.

Blessing to tens of thousands of the weapons powers, even the simplest curse breaking evil teachings, the human consumption of material and financial resources to be considered as an absolute sum of the number of available light. However, behind the Jade Pear Lake Naval dynasty that Pang

However, behind the scenes supporting large objects. Than the eyes of others too can not imagine a huge expenditure, but also in the eyes of Taihu Lake is a naval point of mosquitoes only slightly larger, and there is no good care.

The military town water is difficult to fight because they are to survive, not only because the town water lake naval forces stronger than they are. An ordinary person who wants to become a true master may be difficult. However you want for a short time

Body of a person's strength is indeed plenty of ways. Between the world can inspire one the next decade, even decades after the secret method the potential everywhere. But these spells have to pay significantly

Costs, the most common are the treatments that will reduce the life of those dollars. Had to live for sixty years a person can live only four years, three years. Even more powerful at least to a strong body

People who live in the magic eight nine decades after the direct effect than death.

This at the expense of the vitality of the magic men in the military, is expressly prohibited.mbt shoes clearance Who dares to disregard the ban as long as the use of such non-Gu Junshi spell comfort, no matter how much you are inevitably bombs official

Hach, dismissal, or even banished to behead more serious is also possible. But now is a special time, army, division, also did not care so much. As long as he has for helping his career in the Mu-General share those problem-solving on

Operators own eyes tomorrow would have produced lackluster Wenzhan army, division, he do not care. Army, division, made up attention at the time, it has been decided otherwise Mu Trinidad know. I do not know who does not blame the saying goes, the future East window thing

Fat people are held accountable, but a small army of his only adviser. The Mu-General against the town because the water will continue to the birth of his military merit.

Sima Qian had made Taishiling Road, one natural death, or weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather. The old saying goes, persons who died as confidant. For the army, division, he is able of himself helping his career in the Mu miles

Sacrifice of the die is extremely heavy.

With the decision of the army, division, heart, straight to the 'inspiration camp' camp went. Inspired by the lake naval recruit camp from the Master, the extraordinary team of different disabilities. These people come from all over the country, the

Health martial different. While it is not profound powers, means jack of all trades, all have a unique technique hands. Evocation, the Ghost, Vampire, and manufacturing, and under the correct path of Gu's ... ... scary, magic witchcraft

Indeed is everything. Battle camp kills inspiration may row of no use, but what if the event were special circumstances, inspired by strange means of doing that always play to the strange effect.

Reuse of these people will catch the most dead, because the battle was hard to avoid the battlefield casualties. That was a dirty war sweeping, Lei Huo, trouble living, which with a short arm, broken leg in the body, looking to make

People frown not say the dead of Shen also died. With the Vampire is not the same person, others just a few Fu Zhi, a few spells, like those corpses come back to live on the same dead man in a hurry, under the command of

Obediently jump into the pit was dug inside already.

Instead of getting on in the inspiration business to be the worst of a number of exorcism. Most students who killed a soldier, who the malignant influences are heavy. The saying goes a good income, have been off the ground million marrow. Those who really rely on military merit

Little by little climb up to the general body of malignant influences is simply the provision of easy to make ghost. Trivial hair gods, evil spirits encounter those generals have had time to hide. Of course ordinary soldier can not have earthshaking

To the pomp of. But an army barracks in as little as several thousand people to more than tens of thousands. The body of the malignant influences so many people gathered, the sky's malignant influences than the general's power is not that bad. So

A strong spirit, malignant influences asylum trivial Xiemei perhaps flew by too close to some of the wits. And be able to resist so strong malignant influences, Ghost into the camp of those who pursue it will not their day

Road hopeless, turn to pray for wealth and status of persons can not inflow of qi Li Di's. As the town water into the lake kiosk military rush ahead when, the Ghost Master spell Lengshi Mo has played out for a bit of

Effect. So Ghost Master to join the army is simply a mistake, if they are to wander about, as early as earning the pours. Unfortunately, not a public toilet in the barracks, do not want to come and stay away

Place. Once put on his clothes and wanted to take it off can be difficult woven.

After the army, division, to the inspiration business called the camp a few people have called together steward of the Master, Pingtui the outsiders are so sure no ear to the wall to tell their own plans. Master secret army, division, and several

But to seek something taboo, and if the rumors leaked ahead of time, but not a good thing. Army, division, then by a number of Master of mouth spread the inspiration business persons qi ears of a congregation, attracted their mind unstoppable

Excited. And so on for so many years until finally the time for them to show their talents. The years of hard work to do to do some back, looking forward to relying on military merit to these guys right Bo a great wealth depressed bad

. They are getting prepared up, painting paintings Fu Fu, Lian Lian Gu Gu's, the fast of Ramadan. Those are not the kind of magic to beg someone to be coach. This is a rare but

A good opportunity for the establishment of war service. If the miss, it will never get a chance. For the future wealth and status, even if people recognize when they have a grandson.

But the inspiration did not know who Master the camp, which is promoted by them as a good opportunity for the task of getting rich. In fact, army, division, under the decision of self-assertion. Even when the lake to the navy's officers and men in their

The magic made under the final victory, they will not under any of the praise. Serious point they would have produced lackluster condemn, to give army, division buried.

82nd Lake Chapter war】 【Continued

"Your honor, in front of Tiny Town, the military infested water, we have to go wipe?"

Pioneer Camp Lake navy warships on, in the scales A, Wai Pi a small Lei Gongshun Qingpao instructions to proceed under the small island overlooking the front. Found on the island Sheng flag fluttering, long streamers everywhere, those who use body

Forming military Yinbing town water, or holding sharp knives, or swords in the woods above the beach patrol with. Little Thunder led troops for a long time, look really not bad, the town realized the water out of the military weather, ask ourselves his hand

Indeed, under Kenjiro than not. Butmbt shoes sale this island full of Fill the operator also to No. 100 Yin Bing, and his troops this was a full thousand people. (Money sent to Lake Forest Navy's 3000 troops, not all

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