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 [Pilot noble family/ fly Tang Ye Zhao]
    The work is only to be provided for readermbt shoes sale to preview and please in the download in 24 hours delete, can not used to a commercial  purpose;For letting the author fly a Tang Ye's ability to provide more better work, please purchase request purchase to buy the original a book!
    Book introduction:
       So-called machine A, the outcome of ultimate end war, investigate class massacre to sharp knife, the medium of top-class force, this is the best war machine also!The machine A's ability create world, as well ability demolish world.As long as is an enemy, I kill him for the certain meeting.Have no forever of enemy, also have no forever of friend, have of just forever of benefits.Even is my mother, if she impede my to conquer cosmos of footstep,
      I will also nowise show consideration of kill her, then one day there will, my this body flow half of blood for the meeting and acquire decontamination.
    Then greet to die-
     Fresh flowers!Fresh flowers!Fresh flowers!Fresh flowers!Fresh flowers

 -Chapter contents beginning-

    A spool of-the great king birth chapter 1 quell an insurrection 【beg recommend to collect 】
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:53:22 origin chapter word number:2689

  The innumerable large battleship is rove around in the cosmos of utter darkness, a bunch grain the son shoot line to in the sky dance in the wind and thousands machine A fly out from the battleship and rush at enemy battleship.
  The shout of day of earthquake kill a voice to ring Che Yu for day, such as tidewater general flow out move of machine A, madly started toward the enemy battleship one and other of attack, the battleship last son shoot line such as fly Huang, cover with arrows rain to roar and shout to fly to shoot.Driver red the pilots of machine A, not the wave wave keep flowing out to move toward the place battleship ……
  A department machine in the front AN of the enemy battleship connect wreath explosion, the fragment of machine A congestion blood, have already become a red of mud, rest the machine As pound at past, immediately innumerable some tiny hair the smelly fragment splash.
  The voice of the battleship huge cannon ring Che horizon and shout to kill a voice mixture in the article of death front of bellow a voice, return to concuss a sky in battlefield.Being an all incomplete corpse everywhere is all blood which flow to drip everywhere!But, the all these can't impede just at madness attack of machine A ……
  The distance enemy battleships aren't far of a cosmos fortress on, war the ensign hunt to make ring.A group of brigadeses the whole machine A which pack due-out to a tee arrange the play of fortress in cosmos shoot under, on their faces like iron casting general, have no the least bit of facial expression, looking at at present miserablely fix hell diagram, but the slightest faltered.Hard and thick solid of shield, send forth the knife gun of the Sen cold ray of light, all of everything all elucidation they have already have done the whole preparation!
  The fortress in cosmos is on all sides, guard a machine A wreath line to launch, protect fortress prison in the cosmos and send out earsplitting ring a nose.In the fortress of cosmos exact center, the on all sides draw to have 12 round table knight's big ensigns to tremble to move aweather, four whole body body wear firm man especially the person's air cold Jun ground of the clothes of empire general look at at present of screen, show unintentionally sad Min in the their eyes and worry anxiously of ray of light, that is two kinds of totally different affection congestion together, seem to be particularly uncanny.
  "The orchid Si Luo led especially and already for 20 days, but the rebellious troops fortress still kept taking down, emperor all already many times press, emperor also to we big is disaffection.Thought of, this rebellious troops fortress only of tens of thousands machine A, will we number 100,000 battalions impede so many date, dish dragon army corps, indeed as expected live up to reputation!Orchid Si Luo especially, you had better hurry up to make a decision, if delay any more to postpone bottom go to, emperor perhaps ……"station on the left side of one the famous general soldier take in the tone uneasy, rightness alongside a member of the side be old and will say.
  That member is old to be tiny the eyebrows to urge and the taste still keep looking at battlefield.A good half-day, he just slowly openings way:"Hero's orchid especially, dish dragon army corps, maneuver to advertise for a war, have never run into enemy.The name of one army corps I am so easy to get!I firm man especially the empire ability have today of brilliancy, on the other hand is that the saint which depend on an emperor be clear, the achievement of this dish dragon army corps also can't obliterate!I also am to be from dish dragon army corps, if isn't an emperor to say a dish dragon army corps to rebel, I am absolute would not like to on the battlefield to dish dragon army corps.Emperor's secretly plan this time activity already for a long time, although it is said now of dish dragon be not in the fortress, the troops and horses of troops also change a stir another stir, but don't think they be easy to deal with, dish especially also not is an easy deal with of person.He after before decade take over the dish dragon army corps commander-in-chief one job, decade to also do not meet on hurt, don't despise him!"Old will speak slowly a way, his taste have never left battlefield half to engrave and show unintentionally the air of complications in the eye.
  Rest several member will get also not from have to lightly nod, they very the approval be old the words say.They looking at battlefield of fight the positive Han quietly, almost in same times is long longly one breath ……
  "Quick!"Old will suddenly the openings say.At his words an export it, the shout of battlefield kill a voice suddenly Gao Kang4 to get up, a group of armorses machine A, moment blunt arrive enemy soldier fortress that under, their body be covered with very thick metal alloy, will tell shoot mbt shoes clearanceof the grain son shoot line to play to open and the body carry on the shoulder heavy cylinder form huge metals and madly bump shot toward the fortress front door!
  Shoot of fortress the line was gradually sparse to fell down, suddenly, a bunch diameter 20 meter above of the huge cation shoot line cannon agreeable the front of fortress fire off, innumerable of light of fire Shan, is wink of, innumerable of machine A broken up, the pilot ir Hao call, but could not take off that raging flames of surround ……
  Took a look gradual loss of machine A, old would imitate Fo bottom to settle one decision, once the hand flick and spoke two word from the crevice between teeth:"Beginning!"
  " A mobile troops set out."
  Immediately, machine AN arranged under the fortress is in the order, together send out ring the roaring cry of Che whole world, flow out toward the enemy fortress like the tidewater sort go to ……
  "Orchid Si Luo especially, does now launch an attack?Other nobility didn't°yet ……"old will after death of 1 will get low voice to say.
  The white eyebrow is tiny a wrinkly, old will turn face to see toward north to, say:"Need not worry, the nobility greater half of the other insurrection number already to empire loyal to, all of these people aren't simple of person, the Po west tile Er also not is good deal with of, he be able to certain destroy completely the dish dragon army corps leftover evil!"
  The enemy fortress shoot line more and more sparse fall, the person who flow out to move's flowing be wink to pound at fortress underneath, the scaling ladder start to take(this scaling ladder isn't us ancient times of the scaling ladder be a cosmos war convenient to capture another a square cosmos fortress of importance tool), is wink of, they start launching toward the enemy fortress violent of attack.The food for powder Han stand in no fear of hopeless situation to fight to be the first to climb toward the fortress to, the huge cannon Qi open on the fortress, the raindrop sort hit to flow out to move but the comer flow.But that shoot line to seem to hit in the ocean, although bellow a voice continuously, the slightest can't impede big current of pound at, at moment, red of the big tide will open a dollar city head to drown ……
  The Po west tile Er hope the battlefield in the distance, rightness table up of issue on order a machine to say:" One mobile troops 55 inside all return to the fold, repeated one mobile troops 55 inside all return to the fold."
  Immediately the mobile ll of the warriorses of the havings of the distance turn around, action it tidy to once rehearse similar.
  Orchid Si Luo especially the eyebrows be tiny to urge and say to the Po west tile Er:"Difficult way do you want to use that?"
  The Po west tile Er's hasing no answer is just tiny on smile, in the meantime cut over communication channel once, say:"Start.A minute inside completion energy conversion."
  Communication machine that spread:"Understanding, repeated a minute inside completion energy conversion."
  The orchid Si Luo raise head especially, sighed an one breath and went slow room.
  Firm man outside the fortress especially empire of havings machine AN aware of self of draw off toward the both sides, betwixt stay a 1,000 meters or so blank area, have nothing at all.
  Each of the pilot all peep out the facial expression of liberation, they all foolishly hope place fortress, imitate the Fo fortress already all take down.
  Bomb Long 1 later on, a huge cone form object emitted to come out from the firm man especially the fortress.
  "The energy complement complete, repeated energy the complement complete."
  "The cation cannon prepare to complete and the repeated cation cannon prepare to complete."
  "The energy fill to pack to complete, the repeated energy fill to pack to complete"
  "Whether claim shoot or not."
  Firm man especially the staff members of empire fortress all at with all one's heart of report condition.
  The Po west tile Er toward a communication machine to say:"Shoot."
  "Receive, shoot."
  Immediately cone form huge object top remitted to gather huge ray of light, 1,000 meter outside of the pilots all can not open eyes.
  Ray of light with hard imagination of the speed gather together toward the place fortress, lead of all of the object of place become member.
  The whole fortress a short moment change of without a trace..
  "Report all of enemy's soldiers exterminate, repeated all of the report enemy's soldier exterminate."

    A spool of-the great king birth chapter 2 space ·joy ·fly feather 【beg to recommend to collect 】
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:53:23 origin chapter word number:3512

  The -------------------------------------- everyone first vote, collect, much hit ticket more, I would effort renewal
  Firm man especially the block of empire river star area-fly a feather star
  That's right, be a firm man here empire especially a nobility fly belong to of feather household ground
  The luxury have no people imagination extravagant, everything all is so nature, birds' twitter and fragrance of flower, the valley of You You in many small animal is play Xi drama, everything all is so nature peaceful.
  "Big young master don't run~!Fell to harm how to do~!"A business of young woman break of silent valley.Surprised the innumerable bird start to fly ·:!
  On the lawn of green shade Ru cover, a the little boy that the Gao is about one meter's running about wildly a head on the lawn also don't return to say:"Oh~!You are very vexed~!Carefully I tell the father the adult, fried you", say that finish, sit on a cake of wooden bench size of rock up.But on this boy's body could not see an age a person together of childish, immature spirit, take but generation of is noble of nobility breathing and another anyone all trust of mature breathing.
  "Big young master, the master repeatedly instruct me, can't let again you, leave my view inside.You match 1:00~!"The young woman is difficult for of say.At the thought of last time big young master almost flop from the overhanging cliff go to, the heart of young woman be a burst of to cringe, luckily master good heart, just button up her January wages, punish severely.To know to be the master of duke don't say that killed her, calculate to kill her whole family also legal.
  The little boy seem to play tired, slowly lie on the lawn, go toward the sky.
  At this time, the young woman just pant noisily of arrive to, the half squat down down, toward ground up of the little boy out of breathly say:"Bigmbtsaleboybig
  mbtsaleboy 09 September 2010Big young master, you also play of......of about, and the madam was also quick back"
  "Oh, you how late say~!BE known me by mother's adult to slip away out, I over~!"Little boy hair crazy jump from the lawn
  Get up.Quick go toward way home top to dash away.
  The young woman was also got a fright by the action of this little boy.The quite good little boy finally promised her to go home and really made her happy 1.
  "Time come not nasty~!"The little boy more think more nasty.The footstep is also more and more quick.
  If have the professional the present words, affirmation will get a fright, this little boy be not the most over 6 years old, but his speed, but come to a
  At least each ten meters go to each 14 it.
  The speed of"the big young master don't be nasty, etc. I, I have a way" young woman isn't nearly far the speed of the little boy, turn an eye and then is jilt by the little boy at empress
  Noodles, therefore and loudly yell.
  The little boy hear, be like to discover that Helping rice straw be quickly general to run to young woman in front, "aunt Mary, quick save me~!"Say that finish still act in pettish
  Embrace young woman, not now should be Mary.
  "Good, good, good.As long as you be willing to go home what all good company quantity."Mary's kindly hope little boy, seem the little boy be her son.In fact also about, the mother of little boy living his time, because of heavy disease's tying up a bodymbt shoes don't have the enough canned milk, pleased a wet nurse be also now of Mary.Mary from the time always care little boy.

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