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The vision of Wei gram agreeable Lin2 Nuo2 's finger see past, indeed asmbt shoes expected there is a trace of green liquid on the

detection ground, very thick 1 F.
  "Space thunder colonel should here of."According to the memory, Lin2 Nuo2 find out originally space thunder colonel to be

tie up of that corner, but, smooth wall top could not see any further that pair of she at that time how also lane

continuously of crystal stone circle wreath.
  "You have insect son to lead after escape and took them all."Wei gram way, he of is a space thunder professor and the

corpse of insect son.
  "They can't space thunder colonel ……" Lin2 Nuo2 say and dare not again think bottom to go to.
  "If they want to kill a space thunder professor, will not wait until now.Perhaps have again a trade."The Wei gram looking

at empty hall to say, seem to Lin2 Nuo2 Shuo and seem to soliloquize again.
  Get the lord can use Lin2 Nuo2 to coerce him, also affirmation can use space thunder a professor to make he Fan.
  "Have you already trade with them?"Lin2 Nuo2 Wen4's way.
  "We want to rush through to leave at once here."Wei gram answer not the ground ask to say, " only breakfast arrive to the

Dian of blood pond, then can with get a lord negotiation."
  Have no etc. Lin2 Nuo2 ask again what, Wei gram already from original the road withdraw hall.
  Because crystal stone inside of energy would according to density proliferation, so because of the external world of

mentality but is soften of crystal stone, unless split, otherwise after pass by a period of time, meeting instauration

originally of energy, also will become strong and tough.So they also have no plenty of time to stay around an inside.Wait

until 119 at the time that end come out, the crystal stone have already originally and so be unlike soft.
  DO not find out a space thunder professor, Wei gram have to all hope consign in the blood pond of Dian up, take Lin2 Nuo2

with 119, the Wei gram full speed rush through to the Dian of blood pond.
  "What is that ?"Lin2 Nuo2 's sharp-eyed, heap in the cave of the detection front wear a heap of thing.
  Look that is a heap of garbage, but the Wei gram is on the blue star so several day, have never seen once have

garbage.Careful on see unexpectedly seem a package what.
  The Wei gram signal hint Lin2 Nuo2 with 119 at first remain on standby, oneself carry a gun, carefully close to that thing.
  The ray is ample in the cave, the Wei gram can very clearly see, and that be the shoulder bag which hunt!
  BE got a lord kill brutally of hunt of shoulder bag!Hunt at drive succeed in catching after, their personal luggage all

drive clearance, those**not knew to go where, shoulder bag but drive literally cast away this cave in.
  In the Wei gram heart on move plus to meet Lin2 Nuo2 in the cave, his being basic have already can predict and get lord

grasp of hunt all imprison in this secret room within cave, take over be the Dian of blood pond, while getting a lord demand

to take blood, can very expediently from here withdraw prisoner.
  But, Wei gram until now just thought of, if breakfast can know, he can't again find what get lord, but direct go toward

here come.But if the his ability be earlier to find out here, those hunt perhaps can't dead.
  Hunt, a how arrogance of phrase language, a how self-confidence of phrase language.
  But, come from a cosmos deep place of outside star living creature to the last man stroke mankind of self-confidence and

arrogance.Male Jiu Jiu in high spirits of hunt just a debarkation blue star, drive insect clan not fee one soldier one

soldier all captive.
  And then, be imprison with massacre.
  Wei gram see hunt to 90 drive massacre of condition, more than 100 other hunt among the missing currently, but see to also

is to be fraught with grim possibilities.
  At this time, Wei gram pendency gun, without extra trouble bring up a shoulder bag.The shoulder bag is very heavy, that is

enough usage three days of life necessity, haven't come yet and usage 1:00, already drive regard as the garbage throw here.
  Throwing down 1, bringing up an another again is all similar, is almost the shoulder bag which have never openned.Wei gram

young warriors which imitated Fo to see those living a dragon to live a tiger, they return on the hoof, the likeness of the

deceased smile a looks such as at at present.They sit here and turn over oneself of shoulder bag, turn over a photograph of

lover, turn over oneself of amulet, turn over an origin favourite of book ……then inside of the story speak to let him

listen to one by one.
  1 of "bang", Wei gram a kick on the shoulder bag heap.He know that this food for powder return not come, but he, demand

take their hate to go to with insect clan duel.
  End of duel, finally want.

    Two Shang chapter 139 hunted rupture way out
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:21:36 origin chapter word number:3927

  119 silent with Lin2 Nuo2 walk to come forward, the nobody dare to comfort a Wei gram, just silently looking at him to sit

on that shoulder bag and tremble Suo to begin to spark last a cigar.
  The smoke is curl up, the sorrow that is in the Wei gram heart at slowly conversion is cut up rough.Several years ago, an

eminent writer of China federal once said, not in silently explosion, in silently perish.Now, the that time waited to turn

the grief and indignation as strength.
  Very after the clock, the Wei gram stand up, let 119 with Lin2 Nuo2 seek some food and water to take in shoulder bag from

those up.Have already hadn't eat for a long time of 119, on listenning to Wei gram hair words, already the no time for

waiting ground is from the shoulder bag inside turn over a dry ration food, wear water devour voraciously, complete can not

tell growing a so cultured person originally can also so the regardless of image ground eat.He return mbt shoes clearancea shoulder bag inside

from those took some nothing important actual the thing of use, oneself of the shoulder bag fill of very full.
  Lin2 Nuo2 is to fully don't eat for a day, now, sought some dry ration food, also ate satisfied.Only Wei gram, the place in

this all over the place crystal stone, food to him already the milli- be nonsense.He just drank a point water, be regarded as

an insect clan, is also demand humidity of, be just, what they drink be a blood.
  In addition to this differentiation, at life top the Wei gram is probably already most close the mankind of insect clan.His

intention know exchanges with opponent, use mentality control crystal stone, from the crystal stone inside absorb energy ……
  If really be like to get what lord hope, he help get a lord destruction solar system, to he by himself say almost is have

no negative of influence, on the contrary he also can from now on get away from the mankind's low class of exchanges way and

energy structure, become a cosmos in most forerunner of one of the race.
  But, that possibility Yao?
  He have to protection mankind of existence space, even he in the beginning have never embrace so great life ambition, but

now since already on the blue star, will think a to the utmost the whole way to destroy to get lord of scheme, which afraid

not to cherish with nine male king cooperation.
  If nine male Wang2 Zhen Neng2s keep a promise, active withdraw the words of solar system, so much the better, otherwise can

not help and is a war of clone.Unique can be worthy of rejoice BE, nine male kings look want is more easy than get lord to

deal with.
  Certainly, if Wei gram the result which know afterwards, he will not think so.Because the affair connect down occurrence

let him be aware of, comparison get lord of bloodthirsty, nine male kings be getting more cunning and cruel.
  Take top enough food and water, the Wei gram led everyone to set out.Find out some bullet in the hunting of the shoulder

bag, this also is regarded as accident of results.But, the tommy gun have no, Lin2 Nuo2 be still can by hand gun.
  Go to at this time, the Wei gram has already walked in this inside in the cave quite a few hour, now arrive the position of

jailbird's room, Wei gram estimate leave export be not far.
  Indeed as expected walked again half hour, see front of export.
  Export outside, is a cake of huge terrace, but here not just the Dian of blood pond.
  At a side of the terrace, it is ten thousand Zhang abysses.Say is ten thousand Zhangs, in fact is nowise exaggeration, even

so of height far far not only 10,000 Zhangseses, from top downwards see, is can't see underneath of thing of, only have the

one of blue You You, seem to see ocean of deep place, see not and exactly.
  The central position in terrace is an is from the underneath the stairs for come up.Can imagination once, that stairs that

stretch to come up from ten thousand underneath of the Zhang abyss, this engineering can't call not huge.Imagine every time

of insect clan massacre to before and all want from this stairs underneath come up, calculate get up is also a physical

strength to live.
  Now stairs the one You be blue, very peaceful, see come forward to claim lord of the battalion haven't arrive.
  The behind in this terrace, be also Wei gram just came out of that up, is several crag of a 10 F floor Gao.
  This be the real crag, because of having never see to have any the thing that can climb to attach don't know those insect

sons again is how go up the Dian of blood pond.
  Wei gram now have no consideration this problem, he get first make with nine male kings contact.
  "I arrived."The Wei gram dispassion ground say.
  "Very good."The nine male king's tone seemed to finally let go of a cake of big rock of felling."Now did you see the

terrace central stairs?Pair of it."
  "H'm."The Wei gram doesn't think a wave to take a lot of time to say one more word, direct walk to a stairs, the function

which prepare to pass mentality let flank of crystal stone go toward stairs long, can seal it.
  The Wei gram stick a palm by the side of the stairs up of crystal stone up, wait for oneself of the energy in the mentality

detection crystal stone.
  Nine male kings are also wait for, want ~only this son 1, so his plan be regarded as completion.Two passage is break and

the battalion which get a lord can't arrive and so got the weapon of lord to leave mentality for.
  Get lord certain will use mentality and Wei gram war, that time oneself again at appropriate of time join, get lord face

suddenly increment of strong mentality, not only counter-attacked of opportunity, connect retreat of time will not have.
  His mentality then can the control get a lord, then literally sought a method to let him to kill by himself oneself, he be

blue star of get lord.
  Thought of here, nine male kings can not help a burst of and satisfied, with as for Wei gram all felling arrive his

  Now, the key of everything lay in a Wei gram, perhaps say, lie in one hands of Wei gram.
  Wait for.
  Both parties all are wait for.
  The battalion only got a lord, certain is grow crazy to generally go toward this place rush through.Get lord calculate

cleverness, also absolute do not expect a Wei gram would at this time to the Dian of blood pond since then.
  "Not line."The Wei gram suddenly shout a way, " my mentality be not enough."
  "?"Nine male kings seem quilt electric shock, consciousness motion fiercely once.Immediately after, he grow crazy similar

roar a way:"How to make of?How can isn't the mentality enough?"
  "My demand rest two hours come to instauration."Wei gram way.
  "Two hour?Two hours battalion which get a lord would blood pond of the Dian be closely crowded!"Nine male king flustered

and frustrated tunnel.
  "My mentality usage excessiveness, have to rest."Wei gram persistence way.
  "Not, you have to begin right away, can't hold up for a second."Nine male king order way, then again complement 1:"Trust,

dead not of."
  "I if run out mentality here, how go up the Dian of blood pond?After going up again which full of energy dint completion

mission?"The Wei gram counter-question a way.
  "Need not worry, my nature have way to let you go up.After going up of the affair be easy."Nine male Wang2 Ji2 Dao4.
  "That is all right and give me a little times."Wei gram finally the decision compromise.
  "The sooner the better!"Nine male king no time for waiting tunnel.
  The Wei gram take away a palm from the stairs and a bottom sat down.
  So of the action let 119 all ate with Lin2 Nuo2 a surprised.Who all see come out, Wei gram just wanted to intend to seal

this of, this is under any circumstance should do of an affair.But Wei gram now stopped down.
  "Wei gram, how still not beginning?"Lin2 Nuo2 carefully ask a way, is the her indetermination Wei gram in the mind to how

  "I am in the consideration."The Wei gram head also doesn't lift ground to say.
  "The consideration want and don't seal this to export."Wei gram way.
  "If don't seal, enemy once surge forward, we didn't have the opportunity to strike back."Lin2 Nuo2 analysis way.
  "But, once seal, our way outs also is broken."Wei gram way.
  "You say of that, nine male king certain meeting ……" Lin2 Nuo2 say.
  "He certain hope we so do, so can trap us here, wait for dying."Wei gram lightly a say with smile.Suggest a dog to let him

break the time beginning of crystal stone bridge for day from nine male kings, he guessed nine male king's schemes and that

is to make use of them first, then exterminate them with the trick.
  Since vanquished to get a lord, again exterminated a Wei gram, nine male king's abacuses don't calculate complications, but

dozen fairly good.The each one step all let person almost can't doubt he will have what scheme.
  But just nine male Wang2 Shuos' that some kind of words, let Wei gram confirmation oneself of guess.
  So he want to consider once, is that drop to export, or leave export right away.If leave to export, in a short while get

the battalion of lord come, how break through siege from this?If get a lord to take space thunder the life of the professor

to coerce him, again how should reply?
  Thought of these, the Wei gram can not help have a little difficult.Now only have two choice, literally choose 1 will be

  Consideration very long, Wei gram finally decision, not this export.Not, return to have hope to rush out go to, , only

afraid oneself don't go any further.
  But can know his plan for the sake of prevent°froming nine male kings, the Wei gram find out two for use by the military

woolen blanket from 119 shoulder bag insides, will they cover on that, from outside see go to, is very difficult detection.
  Leave way out, Wei gram the Dian which then start ask nine male kings how to go up blood pond, and after go up should do

  "Do a good job!"Nine male Wang2 Kua Dao4, he really don't know Wei gram the hand and foot for do."The insect son of the

Dian of blood pond already drive pure drop.You walk to the underneath of the Dian of blood pond, meeting detection there have

an invisible ladder, can go up.Remember, you 2 all want up.Go to top after, you would detection there have a huge circular

cavely, cavely central have a blood-red crystal stone, you dismantle it with the mentality, literally seek a place to throw

away, you of mission be regarded as completion."
  "See to return is really simple."The Wei gram intentionally say, mbt shoes sale" however I want to know, that blood-red and crystal stone

say with you of the germ have what relation?"

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