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Listen to this weakness in the soft Queen sitting on the ground not saying the

Kang Shanzhe lifted up on the ground unconscious as soon unlock the Green set in her neck in a white silk saw shocking purple hearts filled with blood stasis pitychristian louboutin  to a bubbling anger that damn woman!

(He seems to forget his heinous sin is that!)

Youth as young as Kang Shanzhe Di Huan Road, arms, pale children who face the pain that the residual crystal tears of upset him even more

Uh Qing Qing emperor as slowly woke like a shocked look weak won Kang Shanzhe wholehearted love and affection

Meet the young, such as struggling to make up the action: see Huang Huang slaves on the green as if they would like to say it makes listening hoarse they are strenuous effort

Hush! Enough to voice rested! Kang Shanzhe gentle Road.
Green as obedient to do is nothing left eye drooping heads counterfeit kill me? Why more is Kang Shanzhe?

A woman can be put on a show, then just say so much play now weak in face of the emperor? You know you it is Qijunzhizui? Queen to see Kang Shanzhe so gently on the green as jealousy was underway Koumeizhelan up

Listen to this young, such as more fear of shaking it to shrink to Kang Shanzhe warm arms wide, but her eyes that brazenly provocative stimulus to succeed the Queen's mouth, wiped away the smile seemed to say, Queen you lost!

Get out! Kang Shanzhe Leng Heng Road, the woman that is even more angry than before, more narrow minded hate and vile that he chose the wrong people?

This tick is like the emperor, but you just let me kill her! Queen yelled it as a shrew-like toward green, such as

You had enough yet? Kang Shanzhe then a bus to Queen's hit the horror to which Pakistan is also shake a bit blue as was the young Kang Shanzhe feel like even tighter hold

Hello, this palace for the emperor is not so simple she was on you i loved this house is all done for you it is you I love you, Emperor! Heart, words from the Queen to do dig the look of contempt in return Kang Shanzhe!

Lee pulled out of her tomorrow, immediately arranged for her to the palace! Kang Shanzhe cold channel.

Young women like looking at that as crazy as the Queen's heart is full of false sympathy for the despair he felt like love never get to respond to only a cold cruel and merciless Bale counterfeit destined you had a hard time in the palace of the bless you!

In the case of the wrap after the leave, full of sympathy for this poor substitute, but this is Kang Shanzhe another piece can be controlled only a pity that this counterfeit until complacent thinking that can stand on the summit of power harem but she did not know purgatory just a gorgeous harem seductive and she is just a pawn in the harem within a month she would have tasted better for more humiliation as her young free at last

Are you all right? Kang Shanzhe looked like arms that look so weak blue

Green as just shook his head to show not affect the light and then they struggled to embrace from Kang Shanzhe Despite the sadness of his extreme dismay that she was eager for his broad embrace of the warm breath but she can not afford to

To let me see your neck! Kang Shanzhe recalls the delicate, tender hearts of the large bruises on the offensive

Or light blue, such as shaking his head and neck rope tightly with both hands to the preparation Gui An exit

Kang Shanzhe earth but the fire light of her pulling back her chair and then charge roughly tear apart the young, such as the collar will be exposed to in his purple patch of stasis, of course, blue eyes, such as those under the collarbone, and large cell delicate Creamy

If could do was wide open blue eyes peering looked great that there is anger in the Junlian Kang Shanzhe there has done anything wrong she was? She confused

Also look at his eyes full of tender green, such as anginachristian louboutin shoes  Kang Shanzhe up why does my heart deeply moved by this way? Suddenly cruel to me to be gentle to me once my heart has been ups and downs you keep it? To my heart always beat for you it?

Does it hurt? Kang Shanzhe caresses the purple eyes full of dismay

Gululu Green shook his head as big eyes full of wonder Kang Shanzhe what game you playing again?

Why do not you speak? Kang Shanzhe watched a look of silent and helpless young defense as frightened as rabbits like!

Green as do a few movements with gestures: the emperor told me you do not speak!

Kang Shanzhe laughed really obedient it then do not say it to Wen Zhu Kang Shanzhe pity the young cherry mouth as well enjoy it basking in the soft in the Nama

Green as a loss to follow are sinking in Kang Shanzhe the tender kisses of tomorrow while they are unhappy if tomorrow worry it is also clumsy young kissed back that spark may burn no doubt that inner dormant for a long time since Kang Shanzhe the desire

They kissed his hands in the blue, such as Kang Shanzhe that license to wander the green body as the body can only meet with arched instinctively but

Green cried bitterly as the atmosphere of this moment of sweet destroyed

Where is the pain? Kang Shanzhe fondly asked his neck it? Kang Shanzhe gently kissed the young, such as the neck bruises if he can kiss that cries and stasis purple kiss the hand to go back not even ask the hard

Green, such as lumbar pain and tears down that fake really have played cruel pain

Kang Shanzhe quickly release the hand holding the blue and then as young as the hem should put aside the hurt to see that

Green as quickly over his face had flushed red is more shy, pleasant softly Road: the emperor has no harm to blue as Guian!

And confusion to the already blinding hands finishing the day clothes can be torn to have enough Kang Shanzhe complete the

I associate you Guian it? Kang Shanzhe hands resting on the shoulder of the both sides of the green as warm breath spray, such as the small blue face

Qing Emperor Kang Shanzhe as they breathed and stared at her but why he is so interested in it? Do not know

Green as I it! Kang Shanzhe deep eyes full of a cell that was obtained for all the world's women can not resist the face of Mexico, opening a deep glowing red-hot line of sight that she did not blush.

If only the blue eyes of the beloved heart Jun langjun she forgot his cruel cold for her relentless remember at the moment even if only a moment of tenderness between the lingering happiness she must moths to flame

Green as a slowly toward their lips that moment that Kang Shanzhe temperature ridding anxiously rushed in

This scene deeply stimulate his knife as if a knife to stab christian louboutin knockoffshis heart out of red blood is broken into a cold frozen ground

The sneer of his mouth felt everything is so ridiculous that he worried about her weaving room and then went looking for her in that deserted road and then found that the children's towel feel nostalgic moment how his heart is panic and anxious and then he did all this but it is a joke

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