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 guy but still keep using ghost brains.
  He part think, part without telling anyone with nearbymbt shoes of twins' sister talk go to, ear but Shu get old Gao, time listen to west Er a space flatter Zhang Wen2's words.
  The big fleet is in their this kind of marvellous atmosphere drove onto the tides galaxy-Zhao4 Jia under the control of a densely populated immigrate galaxy.
  Twins sister soldier cent two road, all the way go to Zu piece the merchantman for escape, go straight to tides star all the way but go to.
  Tides star just drive Zhao4 Jia's a servant Zhao4 Ping2 connector.Slightly make to negotiate after they a servant, servant escape here come beginning cent head activity, think Zhao4 Jia in nine days, Xuan arm of some soldier factory all whole put together, strongly manufacturing cosmos battleship.
  Zhao4 Jia join China empire the cosmos fleet of the soldier just at the new solar system battle, at that time also take out not to open a body.They already contact just in the battle of fleet commander Zhao4 Hao2 .Zhao4 Jia's direct descendant blood kin the Dai is at the Yi joy, have no who will fight, so the cosmos fleet handed over to several generation son service at Zhao4 Jia, ability used to advertise for war of Zhao4 Hao2 .Zhao4 Hao2 after receive the news mean oneself to always be loyal to Zhao4 Jia's orthodox tradition, is by no means buy by the of Zhao4 Yao4 Yang2, those servants just let go of heart, beginning whole in the Yangming star plait Zhao4 Jia leave behind in nine days, Xuan arm of some medium-sized battleship.
  Zhao4 Jia is original to have a day, the sword battleship be 1,000 and there is no large battleship, but have medium-sized battleship exactly huge 20,000.Zhao4 Hao2 Dai4 go to new solar system this time of in addition to all sword battleship, be temporary take out to adjust of the medium-sized battleship of more than 10,000s, so still have 781000 medium-sized battleship inside Xuan arm in nine days, distribute at many immigrate galaxy.
  Many servant decision these battleship ability concentration of all concentration, inside territory temporarily leave some defence capabilities, can resist a small pirate enough.
  Zhao4 Ping2 connector tides after the star, let to use to defend of mobile strength-1,000900 in the medium-sized battleship go to Yangming star in the capital check in, leave 100 cannon tower in the match ground and orbit laser cannon to abidance by.
  Who know, 900 medium-sized battleship forepaw just walked and came right away the pirate of innumerable.
  These the signal of "lotus set", all the way Gao Ge be rabid, the tides star leave of 100 medium-sized battleship haven't go up the sky drive captive.Immediately after, cannon and cannon tower in the ground of the orbit laser have never dare to resist whole line to surrender under the gun muzzle threat of nearly 60,000 warship ship.
  The opportunity that Zhao4 Ping2 Lian2 slip away all has no drive captive.Immediately after, he pass small boat to be taken Zhang Wen2's flagship up.
  "The honesty surrender in me, make me smooth to capture this star and I will give you the advantage."Zhang Wen2 equanimity of to Zhao4 Ping2 Dao4.
  Zhao4 Ping2 Yi see at present of porcelain doll girl, discover oneself incredibly recognize.The first some year of Zhang Wen2 detection steel star, at new once caused sensation on the earth, the head be like many times the emergence be Zhao4 Jia's one of the servant of the six greatest noble families in the medium, Zhao4 Ping2 has been find out, nature know this to be Zhang Jia's daughter.
  He at this time not from exclaim to make a noise a way:"Is not this a wife and children elder sister?We although Zhao4 Jia be few with your Zhang Jia's association, still more amity of ah, why do you lead troops to come to capture our sites?"
  Zhang Wen2 Ting speak of oneself to lead household of think the disgrace, not from fury psychological attack, cold way:"Say the useless talk less, don't your hurl surrender?The words don't surrender, hum, there is your suffering eat."
  Zhao4 Ping2 Jian4 to her threat oneself, loyalty liver righteousness Dan of he full chamber grief and indignation, neigh way:"Good ah!Lord in our house just died and you came right away to loot and have you still already had morals heart?Not dozen enemy, but only seek an own person to start, shameless!I Zhao4 Ping2's whole life be loyal to Zhao4 Jia, though Zhao4 Jia's host mostly have already die in battle, I be loyal to Zhao4 Jia's heart to by no means change!Surrender?Are these still person's words?"
  Zhang Wen2 Yi is surprised, way:"Zhao4 Heng2 such as dead?So now Zhao4 Jia who make decision?What about Zhao4 Sheng Yang2?"
  Zhao4 Ping2 grief and indignation way:"The big master also led a life time ……" he pick up ex- segment the affair of the time occurrence ability say of said 1 to understand for Zhang Wen2.
  Zhang Wen2 this just know originally Zhao4 Yan Fei's grandfather and father all already not at, forbid not to live to feel oneself to this time really make out in the heart intemperate, the somebody else's father and grandfather just was not- normal to die, oneself get a soldier dozen to come, also had no human interest too much.
  But obstinate of she will not admit mistake of, she humed 1, way:"You leave, this time Rao you once!"
  Zhao4 Ping2 also didn't say a thanks, low the head's full chamber anger hated ground to walk to go out.
  Hence, tides galaxy from the falling into Zhang Wen2 so hand.Porcelain doll girl heart in abnormality hesitant, don't know should shouldn't say the affairs this time to understand with remaining Kang, process again and again flounder, she be end also have no active go to contact remaining Kang.
  At this time, the fleet in the new solar system war be carry on in imposing array.But commander in chief officer Lai of consociation fleet just in the military officer recreation room of flagship with chief of staff don't the gram be leisurely and carefree to sample tea's flavor.
  "Alas, if can cent send army dint to break those new permafrost defense satellite good."Do not the gram not have no to regret say.
  "Now have no effort go to stem that affair, our prepare once the brigade move, Qatar isn't an idiot, certain will issue order the whole line rush toward top.Want to know though the first some day the fleet of Hou house withdraw to walk, they day the amount of the sword battleship still keep being up to 7,000, if concentrate one's firepower medium the temple break, we dispersion troops after resist not to live."Lai at quiet say.
  Don't the gram nod to mean to agree with.
  Lai again way:" Calculate ability cent send army dint, I also not plan with this already living strength go to break those defense satellite, now new on the earth our earth's surfaces troops but have up the breeze of, China empire 3 most intensive of region already all is capture by us, didn't necessity again go to support they.If can cent the soldier's words ……"
  Don't gram eyes a bright, way:"Do you say the person who to deal with a far breeze star an area?"
  Lai smile Han head, way:"Late have already put out them, I be not feel at mbt saleease and steady!"
  Don't the gram draw a deep sigh a way:"China the empire be central to keep belong to of fleet this time 66 continuous continuous the long range increase to aid since then, alas ……this large-scale war of attrition also don't know to want dozen to arrive what year He2 Yue4, if leave of three warlord troops again withdraw to walk 12, which afraid be 1, we should be able to also draw out a part hand."
  Lai peep out an idea of deliberation in the eye, led very in a short while a way just:"The fleet of Hua house and Zhang Jia see to will not withdraw currently of, withdraw to also only have Zhao4 Jia just probably and after all they at new on the earth of influence already drive connect the root pull out, but among them a part still go and live with us, at new they have already didn't benefits on the earth can diagram, if a little bit more selfish words, should withdraw to nine days Xuan arm, protection they are over there of benefits."
  Don't gram H'm 1, way:"O.K. they inner part antinomy layer after layer, with each other distrust, basically can't solidify consistent, just give we organic can multiply by, otherwise, cent food China empire return true not too reality!"
  Lai sneer at a way:"This call to bring disaster to self, can't live!Historical China empire want ~only infighting together, he changed into a bedbug for have impaired digestion from an Ultrasaurus."

    Formal edition 146 times the squab return nest
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2009-5-1315:30:15 origin chapter word number:5961

   This day, the after long and arduous of the exploration tall ship of remaining Kang trudged to finally arrive the galaxy dizzy edge of the fairy maiden galaxy and carry on the last Zhou in the galaxy dizzily point of gravitation field measure activity.
  Now of measure a work already complete hand over Tang text Juan is responsible of.Tang text Juan after know household of huge become, always silent and few speech, but process so the mental state of several days adjust, she also walked to come out from firstly of the sorrow miserable and alone and helplessly have never help on the whole, just behavior become ratio past more steady heavy and mature.
  Remaining Kang is very unwell should her change, in his heart, the Tang text Juan should be 1 forever long not big of kid sister younger sister just rightness, now kid sister younger sister suddenly grew up and make he at that time frighten into inaction, don't know at all how get along with her just good, more unclear have in the heart a kind of lose feeling, seem lose what precious thing general.
  From these day Tang the text Juan the unwillingness of the smiling face, remaining Kang know her certain pain deep cover up at a certain corner of heart bottom, he want to advise solution her, his desire Wei book she, can he always be not good at long do these affairs, this a moment, he much hope return to formerly, a remind of past carefree of those day, he with full intention helpless.
  He also know yesterday to never can reappear, current science and technology combine can't let time flow back, but he is to can't escape from from this kind of hopeless motion, see Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2, Zhang Wen2, Hua instrument, Hou beautiful Yun to leave him one by one, his this kind of motion flick more it don't go, even worry and have which personal have to from oneself nearby walk far.
  He worry to become reality right away, the exploration tall ship just stopped bottom, Zhao4 Jia's insect hole communication crossed over faraway space to arrive at the warship bridge of his flagship up.
  Listen to opposite Zhao4 Jia Da4 servant with the result that far of painfully sad to illustrate, remaining Kang know, another people will soon leave oneself nearby.
  "Remaining Kang, Zhang Wen2 …… situation in my house so pathetic affair, Zhang Wen2 …… she still loot ……" Zhao4 Yan Fei double the eye be red, finally repress don't live oneself of sad concussion, full of tearsly pour at the bosom of remaining Kang.
  Remaining Kang part petting her show hair, part advise solution way:"Do not be sad, alas ……want to cry and then cry, everything have me at, no big deal.This ……what Wen Wen do be wrong, but can is misunderstand?"
  Warship bridge big screen top appeared an a shadow again, is exactly the party concerned Zhao4 Ping2, his grief and indignation ground say:"Shoot the government king's his highness, the mean person be swear with personality, absolute don't be to misunderstand, that wife and children elder sister captive is to the back of the mean person, also order the mean person surrender!She know perfectly well a rob of a tides star skill of Cha Qiao invite the Yi Mao Gui  the  be past shallow have no the Dong Dou Ni  Si ┱ Pan the  Nai hold Α !?
  Remaining Kang rendered speechless also take to prohibit whether Zhang Wen2 intentionally snuff out Zhao4 Jia or not in the heart, at this time with the result that far anxiously say:"Young lady, now Zhao4 Jia's Di fastenned to leave your[one] person, hope you come over Yangming galaxy to manage general situation as soon as possible, there is no a key personnel, equal have no flag, Zhao4 Jia's influence also will vanish, depend on will face pirate at our people heartless of dozen hit to rob, for the sake of Zhao4 Jia, for the sake of territory inside people of welfare, you have to be right back!Our demand you, people also demand you."
  Zhao4 Yan Fei lift to rise and fall Qiao face in remaining Kang chest, put on to put on tears and nod a way:"I return right away, you first constringency fleet, return at the new solar system battle of Zhao4 Hao2 's fleet adjust to return."
  Remaining Kang can not help a way:"If Zhao4 Jia troops from new the solar system withdraw, China empire of fleet perhaps the meeting face troops shortage of problem."
  Zhao4 Yan Fei Jue mouth way:"So many a seesaw battle of warship, at that time and basically cent not victory or defeat, many we not much, little we be not a few, said again, difficult way we in nine days, Xuan arm of immigrate star people etc. dead don't become, they have no troops of protection, don't be to allow pirate, disorderly soldier devastation?Especially Zhang Wen2 lead of the mean pirate of that everyone!"
  Remaining Kang listen to her call the mean pirate to"lotus set" group, not from in distress situation, listen to her speak of Zhang Wen2 again, any further nothing important words good say, can pass shine on her the whole caution, let past she is fly the footman high peak that the Yan galaxy accept attendant she be or so.The high peak is a last time drive shameless of demagogy politician pack courageously devastation of that person, after follow behind Zhao4 Yan Fei, effort go forward, again a great deal of Dan medicine, currently effort already very Gao Qiang2.BE led a special troops protection Zhao4 Yan Fei by him, remaining Kang would trust.
  Remaining Kang still make Zhao4 Yan Fei free go to colourful create a younger sister there turn once, the battleship which take some forerunner return.
  Zhao4 Yan Fei nod to promise one by one, and with the result that far after agreeing after negotiation to return a distance, a full face of close sorrowly communication.Remaining Kang see an original send forth sunlight breathing, to life be full of a passion with imagine of the girl become such the grief be disappointed, unbearable touching difficult forbid, long give a sigh, way:"Barn swallow, after return don't conflict with Wen Wen, you be unlike she dozen lead large-scale battle, have no big of experience, conflict happen with her and suffer a los."
  Zhao4 Yan Fei sob a location to nod and led in a short while a way:"We Zhao4 Jia though now get bogged down in a crisis, real strenght big reduce, at immigrate star strongly development after, the real strenght necessarily can be quick exaltation, I again to colourful create a younger sister to want to a Zhou area to cruise the diagram paper of the warship, strongly produce new style battleship, uncertain dozen however that bad woman, besides we there again have who real dozen lead big of battle?Five greatest country peace too long, all forget a large-scale fleet war be a scene how."
  Remaining Kang shake, also don't know how persuade, true want to be now to return to tidy up a disorderly bureau calculate, but currently probe into mbt shoes clearancean activity already arrive final reckoning, now return and then equal for the mountain is nine Rens, fail by a small margin.Let the other people replace oneself manage to probe into an activity again some not trust, besides

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