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minutes, but haven't found out Tai should benefitmbt shoes and stone can Xin.Now of everyone has already known some silver star the ability of the Yi, the mood be unavoidably very heavy, who also have no idea to talk, control the one in the hall be silent.
  Suddenly, Wen Min3 the detection silver star Yi came back again, after death but do not follow anyone, a burst of and sad in the heart:"Star Yi, you didn't also the way find out can the Xin ir Yao?You don't be to say that would use some time more to inspect that ruins Yao?"
  The other person also looking at silver star Yi and hope his elucidation circumstance.Only the rice Hong lay to see one eye, frightenedly and loudly say:"This of the silver star Yi be false!He is a shadow!"Want to seek a thing to do weapon, but the overwhelming majority thing in the cosmos airship drive all tight tight fix on the ship body of, he at that time can not find any thing.
  Autumn mountain Zhe also the reaction be the intelligent, action also very quick, the rice Hong lie of the words haven't say that finish, he already rush toward past.This silver star Yi is a shadow, drive autumn mountain Zhe also on rush toward, spread a regiment smoke the spirit bound an autumn mountain Zhe also.The causticity of this regiment smoke spirit is very strong, autumn mountain Zhe also of the astronautics immediately broke a lot of small hole.He immediately feel a skin to spread a burst of and piercing and loudly say:"Do not come over, this kind of smoke spirit be poisonous!"
  Public is all one Leng, stopped footstep don't know how is good, listen to a class of boon.The gold also frightenedly call:"Mess, we be say by the silver of that kind of the unreal image surrounded!"His reaction also very quick, at the autumn mountain deal with the unreal image silver star Yi of time, he also take notice of to have a regiment conjunction the shadow of spheroid appear on the TV screen.
  Now star light the number surround in the sand, want to escape all impossible, public is more panic, all looking at a captain rice Hong to lie.

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  Tai should benefit agreeable stone can the direction of Xin finger, detection them treat of there are no door and indentation in this house can lead to next door of room, knit the brows to ponder to say:"The wall here is all very thick and wait us to seek road to turn past, perhaps was a have nothing at all again."
  Stone can the Xin have ready plans to meet a situation, the Tun start wrist of red of a square bead, pull the Tai should benefit back opposite of wall up, say with smile:"I afraid meet so of circumstance, have already had preparation, this a square the bead take at the astronautics of outside.Silver star Yi say this to be a severe weapon, although he haven't taught my method of using,I think bead son in addition to throwing to go out an attack, there are also no other method of using.Your station is a little bit farer, let me try this one square the effect of the bead."
  Tai should benefit basically doesn't believe that a string of beautiful bead son ability have what use, say:"You are a little bit lighter, don't have no lane to open wall and on the contrary broke this bead son."
  Stone can Xin the point nod, will a square bead dynasty opposite of wall up throw past.See one square the bead in the sky rowed the parabola of a red and fell opposite of wall up, immediately agreeable wall shuttle come down.The wall is see what variety also have no.
  Stone can the Xin can not help disappointment very, depend on the wall pout Du Rang to say:"Silver star Yi's returning this is the severe magic weapon to Wen Min3 Shuo, originally a little use also have no!"
  Tai should benefit early expect is so a result, don't disappoint at all, go straight up to say:"This is the white Jun to send to you of get married a gift, throw not good."Arrive at opposite of wall front, bend the body to collect one square bead.
  One square bead is agreeable wall slippery drop down, is drop in the wall root, Tai should benefit collect of time, hand have no can avoid ground touching once wall, immediately drop down on the wall one big piece ashes, seem be burned deeply by the fire of the coal be similar.
  Tai should benefit big is astonishment, part hello stone can Xin, part stand up stretch out a finger to touch wall.The finger come in contact with wall, like is a cha to enter bean curd general, had no keep of some resistance and go in.Tai should benefit is also astonishment, a little bit used some energy, whole face to the wall wall suddenly collapsed to fall, the dust every where float in the sky, Tai should benefit and stone can Xin all lane one be totally embarassed.
  Dust after falling to settle, next door of room early display in the Tai should benefit and stone can Xin of at present.Stone can the Xin just felt one square bead of use, now but feel a square the effect of the bead outrun imagination and mumblingly say:"I have no dimmed eyesight?Is this bead son so severe?"
  Tai should benefit also exhale an one mouthful long spirit, will a square the bead pass to the stone can Xin, happily say:"The silver star Yi didn't cheat you and this is really a magic weapon.Too good!This bottom we the not afraid meeting got lost.Literally choose a direction has been walk, be able to be certain to walk out." Pull a stone can Xin dynasty next door of the room walk and excitedly say:"Come, we hurry up the check be over here leave."Looking at the next door empty room, " you now still hear white the voice of the Jun have no?"
  Stone can Xin one square the bead re- take in hand wrist up, shake head to say:"This time I heard 1 sigh have no.We pair of here good check once."
  The room of next door see with them of the other room be similar, on the ground also deposition 1 F red sand, there is two spheroid object in the corner, an among those more integrity, another leave half, there isn't a few fragment on the ground.In addition, in the room what also had no.
  Stone can the Xin deathless heart, see there is also no the ability Tibetan's place in this house, then arrive at the flank of spheroid object.The physical volume of this kind of spheroid object is very big, stone can the Xin want Dian feet to open the door of its coping, but can't see the thing of inside, call way:"Should benefit, I can't see, you to embrace me once."
  Stone can Xin at all the way top have already inspected a lot of so of round ball, just mostly all have no at present of integrity, not demand Tai should benefit help stone can Xin oneself ability see round ball from the place of bad Sun of inner part.Tai should benefit shake head to say:"Your still thinking white Junmbt shoes clearance would hide here the inside is in the round ball Yao?"Words nevertheless, he still come over here a pack since the stone can Xin.
  Stone can Xin two hand yonglis pick the door of coping to follow to lower the head to put out strength ground dynasty orb inside see.This spheroid object see with them of the other spheroid object be similar, inside of half the space was all occupied by the sand, in addition is what also have no.
  Stone can Xin very disappointment, the spirit shout ground to say:"I clearly hear white Jun of voice from here spread go to of!"Signal hint the Tai should benefit let go of himself/herself.
  Tai should benefit comfort she say:"You first don't worried, here affirmation have a problem, wait us to return a company quantity once, everyone come over to seek, be able to certain seek voice of source."
  Stone can the Xin helplessly point at front to say:"Also only have so!Here we have never come, not equal to we go out from this direction, all the way top can also see several more place."
  Tai should benefit say:"Good, you still use one square bead there of the wall open."
  Stone can the Xin point nod, is about to dismantle one square bead, but detection wrist top all empty, call way:"Mess, one square the bead be missing."
  Tai should benefit say:"Do not worry, here only so a little be big, be able to certain seek."
  But they sought some places, sought one square bead.Two people concentration vision to the spheroid object of inspect of room corner together up, know one square the bead must be a stone just can the Xin inspect this orb inner part of time lose in the round ball.
  Tai should benefit again stone can the Xin raised to get up, stone can Xin an eye see oneself of a square the bead lie on the round ball inner part quietly red of sand up, hurriedly stretch hand go to enough, regrettable the her hand leave a square the bead still grow very much a distance.
  Stone can the Xin lower the head to the Tai should benefit the wry smile say:"You can raise again a little higher?Seeing to don't go in's is to take don't come back one square bead."
  Tai should benefit let go of a stone can Xin, also the wry smile say:"I have already entered biggest of effort.Say you again so went in how to come out?"Every where see, ponder to say:"BE all sand everywhere here, only this kind of round ball fragment ability be the rock use.You are here wait me in a short while, I go out some fragment of collections to come to mat feet."
  Stone can the Xin pull him to walk toward the outside together with him to, say:"I by myself a person leave a trace of fear and go together with you can also much take some come back."
  Tai should benefit one Leng, stone can Xin vegetable come to heroism, the woman doesn't let man, he still always also have no a detection over her when frightened lead, in the heart felling pole is a bad omen.
  They frightened get lost, also dare not to walk far, near a few in the room collections some fragment bring over here and threw first some enter round ball of inner part, prepare to stone can the Xin come out of time usage, then Tai should benefit fee the dint of the tremendous amount, on the whole is stone can the Xin sent into in the round ball, but he haven't come yet and happy, listen to round ball inner part spread a stone can Xin of a scream, there is immediately after no voice.
  Tai should benefit big and nasty, loudly call a stone can Xin but do not hear some echo, can not help some panic.Stand on the round ball fragment Lei a step top spare no effort on jump, stretched hand to enough wear round ball above of door follow up, hurriedly put out strength of hold tight and follow, again run out to suck at breast of energy constringency double arm, exaltation body, stretch forward dynasty round ball of inner part on see, inside where have what sand, clear is an entrance to cave with black You, also not know have much deep, again is to lead to where.
  The rice Hong lie an ability to possess great reputation in the aerospace realm, nature have it over the person's place, arrive at the moment still is in hour of danger not disorderly, saw one eye monitor first, see that top indeed as expected have several connect together of spheroid shadow at to star light number close to, say:"Everyone doesn't be panic first.Liu3 Xin, you launch airship of reaction heap, preparation shoot laser cannon.Class boon, you cast away those JIAs of part of silver star Yis blunt press**find out.Wen Min3, you prepare to save mountain Zhe of cure the autumn also of medicine."
  Everyone hear the order that the rice Hong lie immediately a line move, the rice Hong lie oneself then arrive at the mountain Zhe in autumn also of in front, start to grasp water within table water cup dynasty autumn mountain Zhe also a cup connect a sprinkle of cup past.
  Time isn't long, class boon.The gold take JIA blunt press**come over, the rice Hong lay to once grasp a pair of dynasty autumn mountain Zhe also shoot.This kind of**very valid, almost and immediately package mountain Zhe in autumn also the smoke spirit of body blunt spread, consumedly come from a public idea to anticipate.The autumn mountain Zhe is after also escaping from danger take off ragged stronautics already, let Wen Min3 to he top medicine.
  Everyone this just breath a sigh of relief and all round rice Hong to lie to ask:"Captain, you how can anyone know this kind of**does the ability deal with smoke spirit?"
  The rice Hong lie an explanation to say:"High pressure**of the principle be very simple, JIA science and technology be obviously more flourishing than us, have no truth return can't manufacturing**, and take in the airship of cosmos**also have a little funny.See smoke spirit after package stay autumn mountain, I suddenly thought of them intentionally pair of**of pressure manufacturing so small, perhaps be for the sake of not injury human body, let a class of boon bring over here to try and see, indeed as expected valid."
  Wen Min3 thousand times and doubt hesitate to say:"Does the difficult way JIA person usually need to be come to deal with this kind of unreal image Yao here?Return specialized develop a weapon to take at nearby.Let's can't meet JIA airship here?"
  Others also very doubt, felling all have a little peculiar, also no one ability answer Wen Min3's problem.Liu3 Xin Shuo:"Captain, laser cannon already the preparation be appropriate and isn't now shoot?"
  The rice Hong lie to arrive at a driver set, took a look a monitor and see the unreal image"candied haws on a stick" be apart from star light number most however 50 kilometer, nod to say:"Shoot!"
  Liu3 Xin immediately press to shoot a button.A Xuan purpose ray of light project a star light number, rush out a passage under the surround of sand, red of the sand float in the sky, Wei power astonishing.Everyone is full to think the unreal image"candied haws on a stick" will be spread by the shot, otherwise will also be like a silver star Yi to say of so escape, but didn't expect he not only doesn't escape and on the contrary face laser cannon blunt come over.Obviously, he 1:00 is also not afraid laser cannon.
  The rice Hong lie big and nasty, also can not consider of their now to be covered up in the sandy soil, even sat down and also in time don't hold tight to manipulate a pole to launch airship.The airship launch machine just disheveled hair move of, so airship immediately the earthquake move, but be like a dozen slippery of the car be similar and can't leave underground.
  Be so a little bit of on delay, that peculiar unreal image"candied haws on a stick" have already arrived at star light number of front of."Candied haws on a stick" most the round ball of head immediately take off to drop down and the package live a star light the ship body of the number.Liu3 Xin immediately shout loudly a way:"The dint with outmost airship field disappeared."
  The person in the airship is all surprised and foolish.Fortunately although this kind of smoke spirit round ball eliminated eclipse to drop a star light the 1 F dint field of the number, also surround at the star light number surroundings of sand all lane openned a lot, star light the number flew finally and upward 1:00 get up.After there is this beginning starting motive, red of sand again isn't an obstacle, star light the number take off but cage, take to cover with of red sand, rushed out a ground.
  The sandstorm of outside didn't°yet be stop, star light the number be blow by the strong wind some flutter, but package at star light the smoke of the extra noodles spirit but is not blow about by the breeze.Public all have a little don't believe so of result, know just package in the autumn mountain Zhe also the smoke of the body spirit and now package is a star light extra noodles of should be similar, just drive blunt press**medium very small current of air a blunt, all can blunt spread, have no truth outside so big of the strong breeze will blow not to spread!
  Liu3 Xin anxiously and loudly say:"Quick think a way, two dint field drive again monster break!"
  Autumn mountain Zhe also can not consider of body have already harm, stand up to say:"Let me go out to put together with them!"
  Wen Min3 Yi press him tombt shoes sale go to, knit the brows to say:"Can that kind of the monster be a kind of smoke spirit, can not understand, dozen not wear of, you how try very hard to?What our now's demand clear up is this kind of smoke spirit afraid

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