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commanding officer and should be not here,mbt shoes perhaps he have already found out legendary star tower, we stop search!"
  "Not line!"The Suo thin Ya, leaf Bin and promise Man three people with one voice shout loudly.
  "Never so, I want to find out Chen2 Lie4, be regarded as his dead …… , I also want to see his corpse, otherwise I would be sorry and ashamed this lifetime."The Suo thin Ya firmly shake a head to say:"I have already sent out a message by three days, grandfather would parties 30 warship ship, thousand people of special search a brigade all-directions search this star of, they most only two day will arrive!"
  Three leaf Bin in the meantime once the spirit flap, but immediately and dreary bottom go to, they all know this star so big point son of place, their material and ability enough search it need, be regarded as go to again many people also not exactly tube use.
  But, the confidence be absolute and can't lose, four people talked, but look in the eyes in all run off one the beam of hope of the silk.
  The dragon wolf star area point Feng total brigade pair get long fix a Lian secret room in.
  1 the iron non- iron, the black of the wood non- wood square the card be empty fall off to fall.See this square a card only have palm heart size, top cloud line display, the ancient sign word be unclear deeply wear blood-red color shining, look is very uncanny.
  At square the center of the card, there is a thin bore, among them slowly Teng an in fine threads black spirit, gradual in emptily the border Ning become an entity.This black spirit entity, change Huan uncertain but have no regularity, just in a short while, Ning become one personal form is impressively Joe especially.
  However at this time of Joe especially a better arm have been already smash and only the layer be filmy to float to shake outside shoulder, the half side face have already become lousy mire, and the whole body top and bottom almost have no an intact place.
  "Bo" ground 1 suddenly and violently ring later on, Joe especially of the body dash to the ground like a lousy wood.
  Spread an one punch of accept not pleasurable, if have no space absolute being a machine to protect a body, he already the ash fly smoke to put out, the failure this time is good enough to make his capability fall back thousand year, already from the unreal highest point of the Jing drop unreal a middle.
  Joe climb servant to pour especially in a transparent liquid slot, see a burst of light smoke come out, chaperonage stab nose of bad smell, he that muscle body that damage incredibly the bones living meat, slowly formation an integrity of body.
  After a short moment, Joe have from the liquid pond especially, the facial expression greener You, the gnash teeth in hatred ground call roar, fix the Lian indoor artifacts to to the utmost ruin, already drive he rage under fall off of sparse Ba Lan4.
  "Blare Hao ……Chen2 Lie4-you this guy that damn, why so many times be you deathless?Regret having done somthing personally didn't remove you, this time incredibly and bad I good matter!See will the absolute being tears of successful lose so, that turtle grandson in the force sanctuary, you be incredibly pleased to bear with to guard this absolute being tears for lonesome thousand years and why don't hold firmly to time is up a difference layer noodles to fix Lian!" Say Joe especially of the face unexpectedly distort.
  "The mankind's body is very bad, why thou be Wu3 Xiu Lian4's so little, original this time if success get absolute being tears, as long as success match a body behind can fix Lian into absolute being, cross a side to arrive happiness of heaven!Is really regrettable our star clan, empty have strong mentality, don't  want to put up at small and weak Qu hull at the mankind top then can escape a timespace of restriction, unwilling, really unwilling!Chen2 Lie4, I must grasp you, with you of the ability basically have no the way fusion absolute being tears and have no absolute being tears me will forever can't also super take off mankind forbid of Qu hull 裀 ."Joe especially of eye in full is remnants malicious with evil.
  The idea read aloud Shan to move, a set of brand-new soldier pack auto set at Joe especially of body, he put out strength ground a rock several descend a Bo neck, stretch several descend a boxing hand, side step outdoors side light hum a way:"The star clan is the interstellar second to none race, we be able to be certain at the interstellar the abyss of time ground under the existence go, unification interstellar, unification mankind!"

    A gather the aery God's way of Wu3 Shen2 Ji's chapter 19 in thou(up)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3010:21:12 origin chapter word number:3721

  Gold color dolphin in.
  Chen2 Lie4 has been being fix Lian.This time explore star tower mission, three big resultses of Chen2 Lie4 You3, one is astonishment detection household badge unexpectedly is piece magic of baby, fix him Lian to have biggest of help, this is him past not know of.
  Two is get force sanctuary to spread to accept of concern, owned an absolute being tears.Through fish for of three dayses with research, Chen2 Lie4 detection this absolute being tears too the Xuan be strange, almost is may ratio spread to accept ten thousand years of household badge.
  Detailed in the absolute being tears introduction the one who spread to accept fix the insight of Lian, but usage absolute being tears of method but is some also have no, this make Chen2 Lie4 very is accident, however spread to accept have already handed over to once treat, absolute being tears of effect demand he go to development, go to investigate.
  Spread to accept to take Wu3 Dao4 as to correspond a point to fix Lian, but the world fix the Shu different roads lead to the same goal of Lian, all will at big become after return at the way of aery abyss of time.Wu3 Dao4 Gong4 is divided into the junior high school Gao San Ge4's stage, respectively in order to go into a way, break a way, become way.Initial stage go into the state of way total have nine heavy, basic divide the line and interstellar the in general use star class divide the line equal, but the middle break a way only have three heavy, arrive become way, only have a heavy.
  Chen2 Lie4 for Wu3 Dao4 past without lead deep of understanding, can be said to be uninterested, plus true is a nobody instruction, nature can't fix Lian.In Chen2 Lie4 Yan3, Wu3 Dao4 be most in order to decline, interstellar in the superior is much a machine A teacher, bio-chemical warrior or is a remarkable talent, Wu3 Dao4's superior true is too little, become famous of less.
  Be like leaf Bin's this kind of inherited in the family of thou Wu3 Xiu Lian4's be really hard to find out, but Chen2 Lie4 know leaf Bin to fix a thou of Lian force of difficulties, can say that living come will from household with work properly a medicine to build Ji, and then cold and hot such as an of fix Lian, want pair of thou the Wu3 Zhe3's body hammer Lian become gold just it body return true not easy.
  Wu3 Dao4 cultivation the biggest difficult place still lie in initial stage see result slow, at least break seven star class after then can have bigger power, so now in the interstellar perhaps only these thou force the noble family would fix Lian bottom.
  But, after see spread to accept that broken up the one punch of unreal, Chen2 Lie4 feel Wu3 Dao4 promote to come up right away, he have never been a Ju at the person of form, want ~only ability Wu get God's way, he what method would like to try.
  Three was him to get that purple gold gloves, until now Chen2 Lie4 was just regarded as to control over gloves of method of using, in fact he this see make be a weapon be the most fitting however of.
  Chen2 Lie4 once tried useful interstellar the most sharp of 37 kinds of metal alloy make into of the card second Si saber mow this gloves, all have no the slightest of damaged, dided not fear to any weapon harm wrist department at all toward any part of finger after putting on this.
  Moreover, Chen2 Lie4 be unclear and can use to think feeling and gloves formation mbt shoes clearance1 to hand over to gather, this can enhance to think feeling, can expand his thinking, be when Chen2 Lie4 stretch out a hand without basis, he can clearly feeling arrive at hand of everything, regardless is light once kiss of breeze, still float to fall at at hand of dust.
  Can think feeling extension, return to have what than this more pleasure of?
  "Little lord want to examine?So earnest endorsement how!Imitate with me to war a bureau kick back and enjoy in good humor?"Card Ni the voice of the Nuo is excellent in the cabin however ring out.
  "Ha ha, to my challenge?Good, that I tidy up you well, can forbid to cry a nose by that time!"Chen2 Lie4's cachinnation.
  "Shout, say what little lord?Would my card Ni Nuo's return cry?Although I am in the emulation machine A the combat is lose to much win little, I still want with your wager once host!"
  "Wager?Ha ha, I like ……wager?"Chen2 Lie4 Mi has eyes and the interest be thicker.
  "The wager is that one be certainly hot to kiss!"The card Ni Nuo spirit sort ground suddenly float from the empty border and ask for fire of grow breast almost a while crest arrive Chen2 Lie4's bridge of nose up.
  Chen2 Lie4 Qing shout 1, pour to fly Yang to pour on the sofa and shout loudly 1:"Do not make a mess of, caution little lord I become angry and give° you to execute right on the spot!"
  "Luo Luo, the light say not to practice and I see you be to have that wicked heart, have no that thief Dan!"The card Ni Nuo flirtatiously float strongly and nearby, thick heavy Die fragrance of flower flavor, Chen2 Lie4, who stimulate, beat away three sneeze.
  This world too madness, the conjecture person all want to wipe perfume!
  "Feed, leave my little bit far son!Quick the position returned to you, caution the my hot hand urge a flower!"Chen2 Lie4 not the Die ground let out to think feeling, the moment appeared a foot to have five square meters on the passenger compartment wall of super big light hold, conjecture light brain in, Chen2 Lie4 have already throw on conjecture the make type machine A, skill quickly passing time gun, skill cut gold knife to do power desire shot.
  "Say a dozen dozen, come right away!"Card Ni Nuo as smoke dissipation at space, descend a moment but have already appear at the light hold of central, station at Chen2 Lie4 of opposite, see in the her hand hold a choiceness of short bow, Qiao voice voice the ground say:"See my fan light arrows!"
  "Stop ……" Chen2 Lie4 suddenly shout loudly.
  "How do you wear five-starly the make type machine A?I four star class of is this fair?"Chen2 Lie4 Jiao4 is bend.
  Want to know a technique up, the light brain would never be more very bad and little than him if have never thought feeling help, that be dozen 100, Chen2 Lie4 all want to lose of, if material is not on same Class, waiting for to be beat mercilessly be basic!
  "Ha ha ……you is not, little lord, you clearly have already rise five-star ah, you wear four star class make type machine As, I still think you be to want to kiss me and intentionally let mine!"In machine A, the card Ni Nuo very naughtily say.
  "Pour ……" Chen2 Lie4 quickly fish for an oneself, impressively the detection indeed as expected have already get stripe.
  Imperceptibly the ability of machine A has already been a five planets from four star promotions, this is to rejoice with wild joy him abnormality.Machine AN of*control to have Mi method more, however drive all several big household perhaps alliance key figures the Long break, even is a college to Be from of he also no chance offer a glimpse of to control of method.
  So, Chen2 Lie4's machine A star class has been can not get valid break, although the situation of A Shu on the tip of reach the peak of the resist of inherited in the family, however Chen2 Lie4 can before person from dare not to resist by thinking feeling A, can use the alliance in general use heart method go to*control.Enemy in the house don't report, absolute can't peep out Ma3 Jia3 before person, otherwise calculate is not kill by the enemy house kill, only afraid will also cause undesired agitation.
  Slightly add a deliberation, Chen2 Lie4 right away break to settle his to get stripe affirmation is to relate to absolute being tears, have no absolute being tears of melt a body, would never so quick get stripe.
  "Hey Hey pick up a treasure!"The Chen2 Lie4 moment change magically a set of five planets make type machine A, the quickly passing time gun in the hand's becoming one with cut gold knife transformation already be aureate to copy a pole painting Ji.
  "The little lord is very dominant!Ah ……I be a true person should have much good!"The card Ni Nuo You once the You sigh and subordinate but milli- be very good, once pulled the small arrows of a light blue in the unreal and the curved bow take arrows and go straight to Chen2 Lie4 You4's shoulder to shoot.
  Chen2 Lie4 once the light tone smile and take no cognizance small arrows of tear to pieces the unreal, light way:"Today how so condescension, incredibly don't shoot vital part?"Long Ji vain sort ground in the hand to the neck set of of card Ni Nuo go to.
  "Hum ……your being incredibly some also don't tenderness toward woman, ha ha ……you fall into trap, see me latest to develop of a type harm the feeling small green arrows!"The card Ni Nuo Luo Luo ground Jiao smile.
  Green Zhan now, an arrows of light blue suddenly change magically into an innumerable way a green long grass and the all directions ground fly toward Chen2 Lie4.
  Chen2 Lie4's look in the eyes is immediately dignified and think feeling moment float toward the body outside, at fast catch route and speed of a little bit each green long grass after, big Ji light return, at all over the body and slightly a light turn, a beautiful of the curve poked aside a green long grass.
  The arrows is continuously constant, the Ji be continuous not unique, the arrows Ji mutually add a time to fleet away ……
  Seven diva.
  On dragon wolf 7 stars, forest in.
  The Suo thin Ya unbearable low Qi wear and Chen2 Lie4 still keep having no news.
  Five days ago, grandfather parties come out of search cent the brigade have been already arrive, but exactly search of five days, a have no acquisition, even cent the captain fertile colonel of Er Si once close driver drill a ground of machine A, arrive center of earth deep the place check to explore to all have no result.Ruthlessness fact tell her, Chen2 Lie4 really can not find.
  Thin Ge three people the cold face have no language, is all painfully sad of 1 face, three people all know an affair to have been irretrievable, this several days three people all have decision.
  "Leaf Bin, promise Man, thin Ge, sorry!We now leave here!If"Suo the thin Ya be full" the Suo thin Ya colonel, we will not return again, if probably, you leave a star rain to mount sudden attack a warship to us line."Three people in, the only thin Ge return calculate rational, nature from he with Suo thin Ya dialogue, two people of leaf, promise already very anxious to living food this United States young girl of the meat be just pleased.
  The Suo thin Ya point nod, pair of vision Pie to cent the captain fertile colonel of Er Si, the latter connect a voice to say:"Though 3 take to use good!"
  His ising pure is the Kai of Kang others, the warship boat be not his house either of, is all lliance troops of, also need not Tao from already purse, the ability send goodwill gestures the Suo thin Ya this time, nature can be wear Wei great commander there add cent, and why should not be happy to do it?As for a star rain mount sudden attack a warship very an advantage reason, be is accident damage good, who return to fish for in this boundless interstellar?
  "You ……take good care of!"The Suo thin Ya take sad with sad left dragon wolf is 7 stars, star ship on, tightly hold to stab her shoulder department machine the metal alloy of A to deeply lead a rope in the her hand, this of be good enough to make with the Li her pain and sufferings whole life.
  "We also leave and do footloose interstellar pirate to go to!"Leaf Bin is crazy to call 1.
  "Slow-my missing us to return before do pirate should do a matter and kill Joe especially how is that bastard?If have no him, the commanding officer can't frequently meet with accident, either and this mean mean person damn most !"The thin Ge dark ground say.
  "Good, approval!"Two people of leaf, promise nod in the meantime, however promise Man still hesitate say all of a sudden:"Our real strenght mutually is apart from with him too big, know he but nine star classes of Zhao be strong!His machine A Shu perhaps is can with hat unique interstellar, the row is in front of he of would never more than ten people!Be the Suo thin Ya that small skin Niang we all the dozen don't win, besides is that bastard!"
  Norman worry is rightness of, they however is four star classes of medium etc. the one who fix Lian, with nine stars bad the foot have 108,000 inside, mbt shoes saleJoe especially as long as move a finger can kill them by second.
  "Hum, the big gorilla say this time of quite good, killed him on the whole, also want to make him in most distressed, he

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