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Work from lack of touch may be the relationship between Zheng Qu some bullets on the forgotten half scores can not get the Qing Bo Ying a few strings, snow had to bomb the water a few pop songs.

End play "Tangshan Tangshan" and "Moonlight city" after the rise of water, intentionally or unintentionally swept snow Ying Tang Feng Ling Chan and ink are a find thatchristian louboutin they stared at themselves.

Uh they were not playing chess when you stop it?

Tang Feng Ying Zhan Xue eyes staring at the water shining like a light appreciation of lip crooked smile water hook Princess Tangmou own childhood travels Asian countries only recently informed by the play of water princess all the pieces that I have not heard of who do not know where the water princess modeled learned?

Snow pretending to be mysterious like water Ying Tang Feng Chan smiled towards blinked Yaotouhuangnao when he said: Well a secret! Difficult for outsiders to have.

Tang Feng Zhan Xiao Feng Mu anger against micro-micro-blind flash of brown eyes you nothing left Tiaomei said: It seems that a lot of water princess hidden secret.

Xue Ying hot water to avoid his sight Cumei chewed his mind cool earth always felt that this sentence seems to be seen through the Tang Feng Zhan general.

Ink and Tang Ling Feng Zhan eyes stare hot water was her uncomfortable Ying Snow stood up and walked past aim of the board a sidelong glance they asked, pointing to the board: The Board Who won?

Tang Feng Zhan eyes quickly flash of light the proud look of slight upward tweak mouth smiled and said: commitment to the Prince.

Shui-Ying Xue carefully studied the chessboard Well seems Tang Feng Zhan executive of albino slightly better enforcement of sunspots ink Ling edge.

So they are you one I finished a modest rise Ling Ink on the water gently with a smile Ying Xue wrote: Ying maidservants to help you make the snow to be packed up early tomorrow we pack up the eviction.

Shui-Ying Ling Ink snow cheerfully nodded toward the excitement I forgot what came up hugged happily thank Yu ink.

Ink slightly Yi Chan Ling's body a little smile on his face stagnation shallow water Ying seem to be intimidated by the snow rash manner. Quite a while before he Huiguo Shen Lan Mou deep circulation in the waves with complex emotions flashing slowly deepened his face, smile, raising his hand gently patted her head and said: Silly Ying snow forget it? You use the "Plum Blossom" in the scores and I exchange. Discourse includes unlimited Chongni.

Tang Feng Zhan Qing Ke side soon as the narrow aim at the water Ying Feng Mu snow jokingly said: your feelings Daoshi even better than the pro-brother and sister.

Water rather uncomfortable to sweep snow Ying Tang Feng Zhan a mocking lip hook to the DPRK he said: Ying Xue Ling Huang Xiong's acquaintance with the ink can be called fate. Encounter between people is very subtle though some people all day fate has remained silent about the relative heart else gets; although some people know they hit it off the beginning of every first hit it off instantly. Tang Feng Chan himself and obviously the former are their own and ink Ling latter.

Xue Ying Ling ink, then listening to the water after the deep in thought Qing-rou watery Lanmou attentively looked at her.

Ying snow toward shallow water, he smiled to her acquaintance with the ink LING margin is always felt they could meet next temperament resembles the ink is the fate of the guidelines LING.

Tang Feng curved lip Zhantangtudi chuckle out loud: In accordance with the water and the water coming Princess Princess argument is also a fate encounter.

Yes Nieyuan. Curved lip outline the arc of water, a sweet gentle smile Ying snow.

Tang Feng Zhan Zheng Zhu slightly dark brown eyes suddenly light suddenly seems difficult to understand the two Hong deep pit.

Tang Feng Zhan Ying looks weird to see the water, lip seems to want to say something Kai snow suddenly heard a sound of rapid footsteps of a bodyguard leaned toward the probe came in respectfully Tang Ling Feng Zhan and Ink said: See the Tang Princess Prince I called to please the emperor son Prince Edward and Tang Gongzi to soaring dining hall.

Xue Ying merrily water immediately off the Tang Feng Ling Chan and ink.

The next day get up early the door to Lu-wash water, carrying them to come.

Maids wear snow water after Lu-Ying cited her sitting on the dressing table before sitting bronze mirrors of water left Lu-Ying Xue and several other ladies playing with thechristian louboutin sale water today, Lu-Ying snow just to help a fat free dish bun she asked Lu-side head: bun cloud York today not it? York will give her usual Lu-cloud complex bun bun or Phoenix.

Lu-see a bronze mirror in the water, snow Ying said with a laugh: Back to the princess with the prince to the eviction of you today too inconvenient to go out to walk around the complex hair.

After the Lu-combed hair stuck to the hair in one step Jinfeng hairpin and Phyllostachys Yu Ying shake satisfaction pulling water up the snow stops taking her hand and walked out.

Into the yard when I saw Tang Ling Feng Zhan and ink recipe easily have been in my yard to see her after the ink Ling stepped out before the hand over her cheek Masahiko Niele Nie Ying smile snow today was really early.

Ying snow water suddenly comprehending that he laughed at her usual sleep day on three shifts must be willing to get up until he could not help but look at Jiao Chen Tao Xie Ni: Huangxiong!

She slipped out today only to find after the ink Ling magnificent court dress was actually driving into the distance so elegant. Dressed in loose white silk gown set soft on him to bring out his refined temperament elegant driving into the distance, if sen.

Kai Ling Lip Ink and water Ying Xue Ying said what the water is a also heard of snow was only a silly looked into the ink Ling Junyi face.

Ying snow? Ink Ying Ling found in the snow and did not listen to him and reached up to adjust light blowing her nose but to laugh: how they daze it? His tone is always a touch of Chongni Yang Zhao.

Huang Xiong looks beautiful. Not Huiguo Shen Ying snow water back to his natural one.

Ling Yi Zheng ink first then embarked on a spring-like warm smile, hand arm of snow water Ying said: silly girl we do not trance as soon as possible departure.

Shui-Ying Xue feet and nod and smile at him.

They walked along the carriage waiting outside the palace before the ink water, Ying Xue Ling escorted then drove along the Tang Feng Zhan and Fang Yi in serious foot carriage.

Ying snow water from the windows of the hands reach out and take over the burden of ink Lu-Ling is preparing to embark on the occasion of the carriage suddenly think of something like a low tone, like he turned a few Lu-Lu-command to run on the rush Qing Lan Lu-back home soon ran respectfully to the ink holding a gauze Ling.

Ink Ying Ling foot carriage sitting on the snow beside the water Read on orders probe Road: leave.

Great shape a bit like a European horse carriage with two windows and a door were very luxury decorated both inside and outside are also quite comfortable sitting inside.

Ying snow water sitting side by side with the ink Ling Feng Tang Fang Yi Chan sat side by side opposite them.

Along the way we all look a gift horse seems to have been silent atmosphere of embarrassment.

Tang Feng Zhan's Mouguang always Ruoyouruowu to remain in the water, snow Ying who see her quite uncomfortable that she had lifted the curtain look at the red walls of the palace gold tiles until the disappearance of the more narrow the scope of

Carriage ran to the country's capital Lin'an morning the streets of the city gradually slow the speed of horses running down the water curtain Long Qi Ying Xue curious to see Lin'an City to probe the scenery along the street just in front of the probe out of a sudden a hand over the light curtainchristian louboutin knockoffs Close the ink Ling light soft voice sounded in the ears: Ying snow a little restless.

Disappointed to see the curtain was to draw together the water on the ink Ling Ying Xue grabbed the sleeve asked: Huangxiong we going now?

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