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at the same time of the text whistle be also blunt past helpmbt shoes to defend, four big hand soar route of shoot the ball the white blockade strict solid solid-but they just seal to shoot the basket of route, see once his wrist tremble, the ball fly to shoot but.Jiang3 Zhen4 etc. at three cent line, after catch the ball easy spring up, the ball fall into a basket and start to concuss white of wave flower ……
  Because this time offend to defend conversion too quick-be three medium member of team all return to defend of time, text whistle already pair of ball cover bottom, the first sun rays in the morning have already start take the offensive, in three take the offensive, the basket be virtuous to back to guard of time, white soar and break the ball of first sun rays in the morning ……
  The text is weak to clap first sun rays in the morning shoulders, way:"Stem good!Although robbed to break, still stem good!"
  The first sun rays in the morning rise looking at captain and just still covered with in that silk Yin cloud on the face seemed to see sunlight quietly spread go to, he smiled and smile very bright.
  Text whistle be blunt substitute repair Yang2 Ping2 of at table to stretch out two finger, mean him to have already helped Yang2 Ping2 Bao4 two enemy, Yang2 Ping2 be happy pole, do victory of signal.

    A spool of, the law enforcements English chapter 6, decline dragon Fu a tiger 2(kneel to beg to recommend, collect!)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-308:42:11 origin chapter word number:3974

  The eldest brother of everyone, see climb renewal in the midnight of younger brother of up, hit several more!The bookcase of the eldest brothers if return free and carefree, never illiberality, collect bottom
  New 1 took the offensive beginning.The text whistle is direct to spread to the inside track to the ball and hand over to a text weak.The text is weak to face a defend of a Ling side body to hang up a hand dozen plank to get a goal.
  Basket virtuous military tactics change, they start to be continuously run to move and see have no a purpose, but actually intention to murder four Fu-regardless you which point top emergence careless omission, there the head quarter appear a pitcher, use to precisely in the clout a rate to break a score card, but three medium continuous two error, shoot the basket to lose at a time quasi-, drive dozen ten ratio zero of small high tide.
  The text is weak right away signal hint under the field of text dulcimer claim pause.
  Rest at table, three medium the member of team drink fresh and cool beverage-Hao a Chinese fir to pass a towel to everyone.See his appearance absolutely be a the ball boy which exert a job, no matter what person it is, all can not tell him to will be three medium trump cards.
  He looking at a text weak, eyes put light and be full of expectation.
  The text is weak to clap his shoulders, light tone way:"I want to leave you to the finals!"
  Say that finishing him assemble everyone to gather together to arrive together, arrange military tactics.
  "Defend up, tight force to stare at a person, take the offensive up, we line, first sun rays in the morning outside the dozen, Mo sorrow lord offend, the text whistle be responsible for spreading ball, I with often the Xiao is in the bottom line interference they."He say that, change direction text dulcimer in the Ping-ho, " you 2 prepare to take place at any time!"
  Everyone nod.
  The whistle of judge rang, game continue.The basket was virtuous to take the offensive to get valid of suppress.The basket is virtuous to resolutely hand over to Jiang3 Zhen4 and white the opportunity to take the offensive to soar.This two people's height has a little bit advantage.But, the text whistle give they top one lesson, teach a truth to them:The advantage of height isn't so absolute.
  Jiang3 Zhen4 Kao4's teammate blocked to dismantle to get away from a text whistle, to three in of the half time kill.He didn't spread ball, but at three cent the line be nasty to stop, start for the hurl, first sun rays in the morning hurriedly cover, but Jiang3 Zhen4's ball throw rightwards a side three cent line.Originally, at he nasty stop to jump hurl of that for an instant, the day Ding have been already moved, he get away from to defend oneself of often Xiao, fast run exactly line.The ball spread arrive very much, he didn't hestitate and then made moves after catch the ball-ball foul.
  This ising because of the temple text whistle doesn't know when appear in his in front-he see his face first, turn an eye the chest which saw him-close behind feel originally should stir to go out of the ball met a biggest of resistance.
  The ball hit on the floor and shock the nerve of the audiences.On the field three medium of the supporters immediately shout to rise everywhere, some frenzied cheer section be raise long the flag of , the side brandish a side battle cry:Three medium three medium good kind of!Three medium three medium necessarily win!
  After two people fall to the ground, the text whistle station is in the Ding in day before the body, heel he everywhere, then the light tone sighed bottom, go away.The day Ding innocently smiled and turn a the white which ask nearby soar, "his affirmation is envy my height!"
  The white soar to almost fall down, mouth, way:"You ah, What an an animal of unicellular!That is silly to force is ……"
  "That is silly to force be envy you!"The item Ling run toward hair ball outside the boundary, easy to read say, then change direction white to soar, chilly say:"Don't fall into trap!"
  The white soar such as the dream square come to, the Han smile 2, to the God's Ding way:"The eldest brother say right, this boy estimate dream to all think long you so Gao!Under etc. you also anti- hat he be 1 and he will admire you more!"
  The day Ding smile more happy-do not say now to want immediately after game, be let him sit on 1 to slowly think, estimate he also have to for a long time then can think.
  The white soared to just receive spread of a Ling ball, the first sun rays in the morning blocked in his in front right away, and that vehemence's seem be say:"Not afraid is break to come right away!"The white soar deep absorb tone, the body rightwards and falsely swayed bottom-the first sun rays in the morning moved and his eyes always stared at a basketball.The white soar and rightwards swayed bottom-close behind body fiercely and rightwards project, with astonishing speed brush past first sun rays in the morning nearby, the latter right away keep up with go to, but always make track for not top.He can see white to soar blunt enter basket bottom, three step spring up-the first sun rays in the morning also spring up and stretch hand to explore toward the basketball of the other party.At the same time, often the Xiao, text are weak the double double also spring up, four big hand block the visual field that the white soar strict solid solidmbt shoes clearance.White soar very an elegance, his wrist tremble to move and stir ball to already steady station in the other party left 45 degrees three cent line of day Ding, the latter easy jump hurl-Mo sorrow hurriedly spring up cover, but succeeded-the basketball have already make moves before he spring up to the apogee, three cent ball enter.
  The day Ding fall to the ground, don't know is have intention to or not intentional, also scholar appearance and Mo of the text whistle sorrow everywhere.Almost spray of the latter spirit blood.The text whistle walk through the side of his body, small track:"At oneself leg top bind some 300 come to the thing of catty ……three year empress you also ability jump so Gao."The Mo sorrow looking at a text whistle earnest of facial expression, wry smile bottom, way:The "no wonder that you not long, is an originally heavy thing to press ……" text whistle decline to comment, just smiled to smile, once connected a text to weakly spread ball and slowly kill toward the other party half time.
  Jiang3 Zhen4 is active to come forward to defend this time.He catch the frequency of the text whistle luck ball, finally, the right hand lightning flash explore of sort is toward the text whistle ball within hand-failure- here three word is in the brain return that short moment of flash across, text whistle already from he nearby brush past, a the red cloud onrush the other party forbid area.
  The day Ding is like a wall at text whistle in front, two people spring up in the meantime, is also in the meantime to send out 1 to roar loud.The day Ding jump very Gao and unexpectedly return than the text whistle Gao.The text whistle basketball keep of give-which is shoot the basket?Selling is clear!Three medium the member of team have of put blame on a text whistle why the strong line be last, but not cent ball, have of blame and scold a text whistle to underestimate enemy, have never make an effort to spring up-field top support basket virtuous audience immediately send out a burst of hiss.
  If the text whistle fall to the ground, catch the ball again and then calculate two times.The day Ding smiled.The ball is in the whereabouts, the his body downwards fall again, beaming with smiles on his face, the body which be him detection text whistle unexpectedly still stay around half empty, be he detection text whistle face top also take smile, be he detection text whistle of the hand again ran into a basketball, he coulded not smile, he think cover, which still have an opportunity?The text whistle steadily start to give a basketball, the body make an effort upward on pull out, crazy roar 1-basketball painting beauty of the curve fall plank at the basket up, lightly a play to fall a basket into the basket.
  This recruit is that the text whistle be many unique recruit it a.He just dozen basketball of time, jump not just so Gao, so he only use this kind of Zhi empty pull a pole to get away from the cover of opponent-as for this time jump so low, and the basketball sell, complete is play flower.
  The teammate which just still put blame on no longer put blame on, just still worried of the powder silks no longer worried and just still booed a performer of'hostile influence'all had no voice.
  The text whistle yell 1 back to defend right away after fall to the ground!The voice still decline ground, person already toward the oneself half time dash away past-a Jie yellow of the shadow be fly, but white soar have already been running.He at three cent the line be steady to connect ball, adjust to descend posture, the body fiercely spring up- here for an instant, a shadow Teng of red empty but-the speed of the text whistle sooner.But he fell into trap.
  The white soared and basically spring up-false ction.He smile to looking at that shadow of Teng empty but, bounce to descend ball and go toward flank wrong one step-he just already knowledge lead make of text whistle empty, he want what to do is absolute have confidence of take the offensive.
  The ball entered.The white smile to ask a way after soar etc. the text whistle fall to the ground:"Are you total to like to cover the other people's chafing dish?Connect so simple of false action can't find?"The text whistle lightly said a sentence:"Three cent calculate two!"Then walk through hair ball to the preparation.
  The white soared Leng bottom and saw an eye score a card-originally true of increment dichotomy-he looking at judge, facial expression and helpless Song shrug shoulders, judge according to practice did the hand type which step boundary.
  The first sun rays in the morning once connected a spread of text whistle ball, looking at him to walk to nearby and oneself did to want ball successful power.The latter spread the ball past, small track:"Do not work harder too much, return to have the second half field!"
  That's right, text whistle really is have a little tired, he still has never tried so big of sport quantity, he dozen basketball although many, but is all bullfight of half time, again perhaps is list to list of rightness definitely-pour not is say his body not line, just this kind of sport quantity is demand certain time orientation of.
  He see a first sun rays in the morning, smiled, way:"I forgot and you was to get a goal rearguard!"Say him to open toward the other party half time.
  Defend his still Jiang3 Zhen4, but this time the text whistle broke, just ball to after death on throw send to the first sun rays in the morning, hold up Jiang3 Zhen4 with the body at the same time, the first sun rays in the morning in front immediately appear empty be, he quick of Tu past-white soar hurriedly move footstep, hold up him take the offensive of route, the first sun rays in the morning be fiercely nasty to stop, 1 turned round to once hide white soar, be white soar to spring up cover, already can not compare with, the ball row beautiful curve to fly into a basket.
  Three medium of the member of team make moves in the first sun rays in the morning of that short moment returned to defend for the beginning.They believe the gun sight of teammate.So score card change of, they early and all return to oneself of half time, wait for one virtuous take the offensive.
  The ball is direct to spread to a right side basket the next Ling hand in, the item Ling carry on the back to lean against a text after catch the ball weak, bounce ball, backward crowded bottom.The latter right away hair dint, but right away detection this dint have no, the item Ling have been already turn round, the ball in the hand also at this moment throw plank-ball toward the basket plank at the basket top lightly on wipe fall to into the net.
  Three medium of take the offensive again quick.The basket virtuous member of team haven't backed to guard and three medium person's horses have already killed to come over.Temple text whistle not Kui trump card rearguard, see him luck ball to arrive a Hu crest, right away cent ball give first sun rays in the morning, but first sun rays in the morning right away to inside break, the basket be virtuous to contract to defend right away-they forgot a text whistle, he moved, lightly loose loose of station in the Hu crest, wait for a first sun rays in the morning cent ball.Ball come, he jumped, lightly loose and loose wield a wrist, this is tell people all of a sudden, if oneself would like to, oneself not only is an outstanding PG still a more outstanding SG.
  Rate of speed interleave of dozen the method be the text weak lately- study military tactics, the basket be virtuous indeed as expected very unwell should.Their ability response of be take the offensive.Jiang3 Zhen4 Qiang2 rush inside track, cent ball give text with 45 degree left side strong, the latter receive ball behind 1 become soon right away-acceleration-stop, again acceleration, be Mo sorrow reaction come over, at present leave an arrive conjecture of image, but true of the text is strong Tu already arrive basket bottom, the low hand pick a basket easy beat in.
  Three medium of speed sooner, the text whistle almost is in the meantime to arrive half time with basket virtuous member of team, dissimilarity of is part is to defend, but another part is take the offensive.See his wrist lightly on tremble, the ball have already flown toward basket plank- at this time, one personal Teng be empty but, hold tight a basketball, fall to the ground to fiercely across an one step, fly a body to spring up-this jump to be full of arrogant, have no etc. basket the virtuous member of team do reaction and the ball have already taken information to button up a basket into the basket.
  The powder silk regiments which see on the stage ring out the thunder Ming shout of sort right away:Text the weak text be well done weak!
  Jiang3 Zhen4 again throw the ball to the item Ling, often Xiao and Mo sorrow hurriedly the pack clip, the latter lightning flash sort cent ball white soar, yell along with 1, white soar three cent make moves.
  Shout is what?He listen to very clear:Three cent calculate two, step boundary!BE who shout, don't use to see to also know.That short moment perhaps being this to shout to making him hesitant, make moves in the ball, he try to see himself/herself whether really stepped boundary-be this hesitant, he lost a quasi- head-ball at basket basket top lightly played bottom, enter.
  Item Ling right away card, the text was weak and don't contend for with him, because bulbous root origin have no to this place drop down, he yelled a voice:"Basket plank!""Receive!"The image of the while speaking a red be like jet but of flames Teng empty but-original day Ding already card good position, original have already spring up, original have already wanted to come in contact with a basketball-but this flames ratio he jump of speed sooner, ratio he jump of height higher.
  When he see clear the flames of this red,mbt shoes sale also recognized a temple text a whistle-he smiled again-he should be be simple docile of person, he be bright, he be always ready to smile, but his smiling face not representative he be really happy.

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