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 on flag far breeze star, they again to strike against also toombt shoes late, that time we rely on far the wealth of breeze good teach they!"
  Zhao4 Yao4 Yang2 release however nod, Lai ask a way:"Loose with that money contact how?"
  An officials right away row way:"Report his majesty, money be loose to say him everything already preparation appropriate, want ~only our battalion a go to, he immediately stick out anti- ensign to join us."
  "Good, " Lai be full of a self-confidence way, "immediately reorganization fleet, send troops far breeze star area!"
  The all officials of warship bridge Gong body loudly appeal to the public a way at this time:"Wish his majesty Wu3 Yun4 prosperous, smooth capture far breeze republic!"
  Lai cloudy of H'm 1, but don't the gram have already cannotted help but roar with laughter and he feel oneself to revenge to hope.
  In the dints the big star area the defense the commander's headquarters, money loose received consociation empire of notice, let him work well an end preparation, consociation empire destrier top will set out, and after completion of task will he is far breeze star the governor of province of the area.
  After receiving this password communication, money be loose to start to be restless, finally revenge of opportune moment approach, so wasted for wait for of several yearses, this make in the spirit level he fig up abnormality.
  The subordinates also all passed round that password communication, same start prepare for a fight, these people all follow his old subordinate in the original salt lake country, utterly loyal to him, these in the last yearses have already been promoted the key position in the troops by all of various reasons by him.
  A voice with small subordinate ask a way at this time:""Commander, we how to do now?Do you want to immediately grasp to catch that handsome Ping?"
  Money is loose to shake head a way:"Not line, now is a hour over early wait until consociation empire battalion to after again say, anyway the our hand hold soldier's power, not afraid she will fly.We join consociation empire when the time comes, the soldier be certain meeting six absolute beings be ownerless, we grasped her to sign Wei, the soldier's spirit at drive suddenly one under the shot, again see consociation empire of the big troops scale be unprecedented and this is willing to depend on us."
  "BE, " subordinates with one voice way, "still the commander be brilliant."They at the thought of Lai after the victory oneself of the head son will become far breeze governor of province, repress don't live oneself of delight.After all after head son rise sharply, they be certain to also have an advantage, so they imperceptibly start hold up money loose.
  "Little flatter, you all heel be I so long, also don't know my behavior?This time we be main to revenge to just do so for the old superior!Understand?"Money is a face of loose serious.
  The subordinates all lower the head a while.
  The money loose facial expression slightly show to mollify, pacify way:"Certainly, this time I if do far breeze governor of province, total will not forget you, you when the time comes affirmation also ability acquire higher post than now, all good from is it."
  Green jade wave become number of republic to close to nine joss-stick empire frontier of star sky, existence big slice of the meteorite district is several million years ago innumerable planetary system collide with of direct result.Have no here the sun of steaming hot ray of light, star sky one utter darkness, again have no be able to immigrate star, at the right moment became the best national boundary line.
  This meteorite take existence a great deal of the heavy metals chemical element be a very nice mineral area, in currently already the detection of the world, so of big mineral area combine not much see, just because of here belong to national boundary buffer zone, both parties all have already stationed troops, at war disorderly endlessly evil lead a star area, have no which multinational company dare to emit strong wind insurance mine a mineral stone here.
  This meteorite take to be had a very good to listen name-"the dark night rainbow meteorite take".At this time, the dark night rainbow meteorite take inside but built up much more military base, the base mostly set up on the big meteorite, the energy protect cover on Anne and arrange a big power grain son cannon, pack up the Gao nicety locator, the base took shape.
  These days of, each base luck come a great deal of replenishment supplies, countless conveyance ship to come and go go to, the forward troops commanding officer asked a day to even take over many people's ship.So of big action certainly right away drive nine joss-stick empire frontier garrison forces detection, garrison forces commander part fly report capital city, part wear step up the subordinate surveillance, in the meantime exaltation war preparedness grade.
  But green jade wave the troops of the country be uneasy steady, connect down to unexpectedly start carry on a much more large-scale soldier kind consociation drill, this let nine joss-stick empire garrison forces commander get a shock, drench with perspiration, because of who knew those people drill in a short while behind can dozen come over.
  He pass a probe into of own base system to see go to, detection innumerable representative battleship of light point be like stars similar and beautiful, also often move cloth, his heart spoke of a throat eye, right away order oneself of the subordinate speak of the war preparedness grade tallest.
  But several day after, those at drill of the troops still have no dozen to come over of evidence, etc. anxious and matchless of garrison forces commander a little bit put one dessert, those has been be placed in height alert appearance of the soldier also can not stand and started appear the circumstance for be slacken.But ask a day but have no to droopily continue conductor robot soldier at drill, life body soldier but early at he order bottom go to bed.
  In the breeze Ling the galaxy, at this time the big troops of remaining Kang already the completion gather and wait for a next move of order, but the host of these fleets be tossing about those half-blooded beauty's sons in the breeze Ling star imperial palace.
  "Remaining Kang, " porcelain doll girl the spirit shout to run to come in Ye to live her positive nest at the husband in the beauty's heap, Nu track, "fleet already gather good, you but what matter all don't do, tired get I want dead, you true not bashful!"
  The feet also came in empress the Hou beautiful Yun and saw them 1:"Shameless of man, return true think oneself is a male lion?Can stretch hand with the rice?"
  Remaining Kang know male lion to naturally be a lazy insect and prey for food etc. all of the affair hand over to oneself that a lot of lioness spouse to do, the lioness catch come of carnivorous all want to feed first oneself of husband.He surprisingly Hou beautiful Yun incredibly oneself ratio make male lion, not from old face a red.
  Zhang Wen2 more not pleasure, on stretching hand to twist the ear of remaining Kang connect a track:"Get up, get up ……"
  " ……Blare, don't be twist again!Doesn't my get up still is all right?"Remaining Kang is a full face of helpless drilled beauty's heap.
  Zhang Wen2 Kan4 to Cai4 Zhen Qi2 a face of cant not bear to of kind son,mbt sale the spirit be upwards blunt, loudly way:"You this coquette!Have you to be so escort captain?"
  Cai4 Zhen Qi2 drive she so insult and humiliate, right away feel full is an injustice, in a moment see a station be full of Wang2 Jing4 Yun2 who smile the idea in the part the eye, heart way:"Will never the ability make you satisfied!You just not is return is envy me?Return to be me don't know, now I spirit have no place, at the right moment is on your body!"She hence very jealous way:"I just is not what coquette, the real coquette be another to have it the person and hum!"
  Zhang Wen2 Xiao3's mouth 1:"BE who?"
  A Wang2 Jing4 Yun2's way in Cai4 Zhen Qi2:"Be this major general in the bit capital Secretary-general you!"
  The original satisfied facial expression of Wang2 Jing4 Yun2 is immediately big to change and bite cherry lips a way:"Cai4 Zhen Qi2, we but good sister, you don't make slanderous attack!As long as you now compensate a gift apology with me, I still meeting be you good sister."
  Cai4 Zhen Qi2 humed 1 again, don't become overdo to ignore her.Zhang Wen2 see a full face of Wang2 Jing4 Yun2 of"injustice" and see again low Cai4 Zhen Qi2 of the head, spirit not dozen 1 come, way:"Your half catty and eight ounces is all coquette!Will seduce my husband, ask for me angry again, I let the person drag along you to go out all shoot to death!"
  Two female's facial expression in the meantime on change, but they dozen again dozen however Zhang Wen2, the power and influence also have no Zhang Wen2 Da4, in addition to suffer indignities without protest again how?Two the female inwardly swear in the heart, later certain be good friends with good effort, the one day there will want revenge this not pair of other people be the person see of shameless woman.
  At this time part of discover the spot the atmosphere be embarrassed, favour lead long the hand of small remaining Hao to come out dozen circle a field a way:"Everyone don't say these boredom affair, the fleet still in the sky waited where, and the outside will get is also wait for an order."
  In the remaining Kang heart feel Zhang Wen2 very excessively, but again inconvenience in public persuade, can want how secretly good education once she, see interrupt, at the right moment observe circumstances to go out of power, openings way:"Did you all come?That conference."His reason reason the clothes walk into outside of big living room.
  "Eldest brother!"
  "Head of state!"
  Again a burst of and not even of yell a voice to ring out.Remaining Kang hello of"sit, " everyone sit down way, "affair preparation how?Alas, always conference, I most don't like superfluous of meeting."
  Hou beautiful Yun despise way:"You have no a mastermind of aware of self, somebody else all is work hard for dead to work hard for live of stem, you lazy, you just and incredibly return at ……" she remind of remaining Kang is unbearable in the beauty heap go into purpose prospects, rare on the face a red, say not bottom go to.
  Liu2 Zhan4 can not get use to oneself of the superior be in public teach, quickly interrupt a way:"Superior, those multinational company all already beginning activity, according to repay, that is two currently nation each have 23 Gao Guan drive assassinate, their key figures should already beginning mutual suspect;Two countries are a lot of importance star also occurrence mass strike yx, it is said strike the development have already become Sao disorderly affairs, rampant."He is say and turning on the stereoscopic image television in the living room and adjust appropriate of news channel, many relevant two country Sao disorderly of the news album present right away at public at present.
  See those star avenue top confusion unbearable, many small fly a car to be hit to ruin, the store showroom be knock ground, the police's a 's facial expression be serious, embattled.But not the crowd of distance demonstration still chant slogans, they a face the feeling which arouse an anger now, the placard which raise to begin top put out strength to brandish.
  The remaining Kang satisfaction location head way:"Good, so of words, the attention of their upper level person meeting dispersion."
  Liu2 Zhan4 immediately after report way:"Relevant nine joss-stick empires latest of the military intelligence report have been already spread, according to latest intelligence report, they have a crack teacher, call what'blood-red color evening war brigade', from 30 beehive aircraft carrier and related long range escort the warship constitute.But nine joss-stick empires be inshore to have no a fortress star, probably they rely on the strong war capability of fleet, so didn't want to defend at all, so as long as our shot Kui combine exterminated the other party fleet, can drive straight."
  Remaining Kang changed direction a head the Hou beautiful Yun, Hou beautiful Yun understand his meaning, unhappily say:"At you lazy of this time, I already receive a personnel a training to complete, only on capturing the other party star, our receive a personnel ability the political power which receive this star of the with all speed degree, not go to appear big of confusion."
  Remaining Kang say with smile:"Too good, I know Yun Yun a line of, so we not the demand stay for capture to halt a great deal of fleet, for tight connect but go to of red Chinese fir empire the soldier also have ability to resist more and capture a red Chinese fir empire capital city to create more lenient time for the Luo Luo."
  The Hou beautiful Yun white his one eye, ignore his Ma3 Pi4.
  Week cloud fly a close behind report a way at this time:"Eldest brother, ask a day already in the boundary drill a lot of day, the enemy want to necessarily also become accustomed to;The Luo Luo conductor fleet also at'the door of timespace'the both sides set up defense;Xu3 Chang2 lead a fleet in our occupied territories everywhere tour, these days of have already put out a riot;Other everything has already get ready as well."He is many mastermind who lift Du with Fan4 Da4 You3, Fan4 Da4 You3 not at, certainly from he many generation lift a Du report.
  "H'm, quite good, since and all get ready, now set out!""" BE!Victory!"Inside living room of many military officer all stand up to excitedly shout a way.
  Five day after, remaining Kang have already led a big fleet into dark night rainbow meteorite to take.Big fleet can be unlike forward troops so make open, lend meteorite to take inside innumerable cover of consumedly small meteorite, again have forward troops for several days come in the drill cast net a great deal of signal interference equip, so they be absolutely done in complete secrecy, that several days come to strain utterly exhausted of nine joss-stick empire garrison forces commander root impossible discover.
  More than 20,000 battleship with more than 2,000 load down supplies of conveyance warship closely dispersal space in utter darkness in, for the sake of match this time attack activity, remaining Kang to colourful create a younger sister to want come these high performance of conveyance warship, they original is all colourful to create a younger sister to use to carry a key original material, jump up distance more general conveyance warship far, continuous the sail dint be also very strong and have some among them last time use to carry a dragon clan of giant conveyance warship.By dint of these conveyance warship, the fight of remaining Kang troops diameter will consumedly expand.
  Remaining Kang after the end see a time of staff officer department establishment of military tactics project, beginning dignity of bottom reach order, loudly way:"My order!"Inside the flagship beehive aircraft carrier of"Athena's number" warship bridge all military officer together brush to sign is listen to make, the path and pace be tidy uniform, pass video frequency communication a conjunction to"Athena's number" up of those military officer also in the meantime station keep body, facial expression serious.
  Remaining Kang very satisfaction, connect bottom to say:"Liu2 Zhan4 lead green jade the wave become number of a republic fleet to take appropriate of supply ship go to nine joss-stick empire sunflower galaxy ambush, there Zhou area the environment be wilder, existence a great deal of heavenly body, should be more in keeping with ambush, and green jade the wave become number of a republic fleet to much constitute for the beehive aircraft carrier, warship the amount be little, not easy was discover by the enemy."
  Liu2 Zhan4 Xing2 a military salute, loudly return to way:"BE!"
  Remaining Kang way:"You remember, the sunflower galaxy is us pre-established battlefield, you go to there empress seek a location tombt shoes clearance conceal well, wait for a next move order, the ten million can't open hostilities without authorization."
  Liu2 Zhan4 again should 1"BE".

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