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Small night your colleague aside you immediately prior to the mother of Hospitals morning exercise in the hospital when she accidentally fell down there, looked after the Qing Ouyang I immediately rush right past you in the past Sister and sister have to go on the roadchristian louboutin knockoffs the pool of small-min breath talking.

Small night shocked pool immediately said: Yes, I immediately rush over the last mother matter?

Ouyang clear that it is not clear you quickly in the past. Pond Little Min said briefly.

All right. Pool small night hung up the phone too late and mulberry heart soft to explain the departure of units in a hurry, and Jiang Ping hit a head just across the hurry, she did not notice the eyes of cold across Jiang Ping.

Chi arrived in the hospital to see Xiaoman is parking immediately see the pool of small night Q: You also look at mother's right? Mom how could suddenly fall?

Pond shook his head and whispered a small night: I just got to know. We go to see it. Costa said that the Qing Ouyang above ask him to take care of mom might know.

How could he? Pond Xiaoman puzzled frowned.

Into the ward Yu Xueqin was lying injured ankle on the name of the tall plaster hung Qing Ouyang pour see them come in at once is smiled and said: you come to a small night Do not worry the doctor said only a small tear and some dislocation has a good rest to lay the plaster fixed period of time on the hook. I own decisions and provides for a separate ward aunt so that more people aunt upset.

Thank you. Pool small town in Taiwan came late for the patient bedside Yu Xueqin has been serving her own clothes had been hanging up in the closet and go like some little sad how you think the Mother of God?

Yu Xueqin smiled and said: nothing you have to worry about the Qing Ouyang child has helped me deal with all the things that really your brother is also useful than the small night thanks to him my place back from injury to the car took me to the hospital in detail Thank you, you'll have to check his
Chi Xiaohui said with a smile: Look Mom's color better on the Rights how could you how could fall accidentally Haohao De Dad know?

Also did not inform him. Yu Xueqin immediately that your dad last night too tired to let him rest for another good rest at home, nothing major so he woke up again to tell him.

Ah. Chi Xiaohui looked around this room has a separate bathroom single ward also has a small terrace beds are clean and have TV and she went over to dig open the wardrobe closet doors free to say here is also good to clean up the environment are clean. Ouyang Qing you look good - she suddenly paused and shut the door back casual wardrobe looked Yu Xueqin a mother how would wear such a beautiful time of exercise but also wearing a pair of high heels?

Mom how you face it? Pond Xiaoman found Yu Xueqin's face seems to have some swelling and a close look at one side of the face is swollen lips some.

Yu Xueqin immediately covered his bruised face some panic in the interpretation of a time when nothing could fall accidentally get's it really all right all right.

Chi Xiaohui full of doubt looked at his mother always felt she was not suspicious Yu Xueqin the fall there is another reason for her mother's face can be concluded that the injury is definitely not fall for it people playing the hand signs. Is not her fall was the reason for this slap in the face? Mom Is there anything you hide it?

Ouyang Ouyang Qingchi Xiaohui see immediately clear on the balcony with the past.

Ouyang Qing open balcony outside the windows ofchristian louboutin boots ventilation can see the park just a good line of sight. Xiaohui sister do you need?

Thank you for everything. Ouyang Qing Chi Xiaohui face when the man is the convergence of many small Min colleagues she will not show in front of these people were his charm and he is a good man has been like a little late in her eyes and the pool on this Ouyang Qing Like a little brother on the Rights Min Ouyang Qing, when you go to my mother and with whom?

Ouyang Qing smiled and said: if an exercise of the aunt also know.

Is not it? Chi Xiaohui pretend inadvertently asked the other side has to say?

Ouyang Qing hesitated: I have been anxious aunt's condition was not too concerned about it, but I think I on the Rights of the time left at the door to see a little late to the director.

Director of a small night? Chi Xiaohui surprised a moment she falls can occur, and my mom have anything to do and forget you know is a fine young man asked a simple question is not What happened to you. Just ask the last one was what my mother dress?

Pretty good. Qing Ouyang not nerve to say aunt's clothes into the closet I was wearing when she was an aunt, if not know the age is really not believe aunt is almost 5 years old.

Chi Xiaohui said nothing back to the room may be suspicious of his mother dressed nice because it has capital mom mother looks very young and another daughter to buy clothes and on what basis can not dress that look like? As for the face really do not accidentally hit something on the time in the fall or hit a tree, stone bench on the right.

Min Ouyang Qing small pond looking back it suddenly from the balcony to drink at noon to go to restaurants to eat things seem, Hong mother's situation is not too bad but there is little late to take care of his sister and he can still be okay to drink one time in the past, Hong Can see that restaurants face the mysterious boss. Ouyang Qing Ouyang mentor when I came to drink, said at noon today to go see if you can eat restaurants in Hong knowledge about the mysterious owner to contact you about arrangements.

All right. Late Qing Ouyang small smile and we go together.

I'm not going to leave to take care of her mother. Pool small night shook his head.

Ouyang little late and no clear go together. Ouyang Yu Xueqin psyche clear this guy looks like Sven mild temper and is so careful and considerate of like a small night the mood to sleep all of you I do not bother me here, why go to the why to waste in front of me swinging I bother to watch.

Chi Xiao-man could not help but smile, said: Mom You want a little late SD and Ouyang Cuohuo you? Ouyang Qing people are heroes to the rescue to save the beauty you are my mother or you can say you are saving your future mother-in adults is really lucky. Little late do not you are the first of our four married sisters, right?

Pool small night said, blushing half-truths: how strange if you do not tell your boss Mu ah? How are you going to arrange on Rights ah people time to eat yesterday, Mou boss wives must find you so as not to marry his sister this.

Haha. Chi Xiaohui Mu boss suddenly said with a smile that will not fancy it big sister big sister's example, she likes mature companies, like big sister like that DU is the owner christian louboutin saleof Sister's dream type of unfortunate people have been married or have hope. MU boss big sister in the eyes that are too immature.

Xiaoman playing pool for potential pool Xiaohui about the virtual heart is quietly a moment how this girl would listen so hard to distinguish between true and false?

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