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return to concuss.
  At this time not only the card virtuous manmbt shoes sale, all military officer and soldier drive all earthquake foolish, they under the condition that for the country king work oneslf to the bone, whole regiment before the black tiger mountain fight already loss half above, leave of person still incubate country in Taoyuan, at very dangerous hard performance the Y star Kingdom commander's headquarters of battle plan, "K star person" didn't jail them, on the contrary send back them go to, now real want to exterminate theirs, pour is they for it render service of superior.
  The desire after know the feeling please reading next.
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    The text chapter 41 secret return
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:11:11 origin chapter word number:2779

  On the square immediately the rashness move and have of shout:"We the dozen return and ask them why so stem?"Have of shout:"Lao Tzes don't return!", Return to have of shout a way:"The king of the DD!"…….
  The card virtuous man make every effort to overcome himself/herself, he loudly call to the food for powder way:"Peaceful, listen to me say!"The voice which wait up the square pipe down.He say:"The brotherses, everyone see with own eyes just everything of the occurrence, this be also boarding before, I why arrangement the person go up check first of reason!House we want back of, debt we also want to calculate!Ask the brotherses take it easy, at first remain on standby, after needing our research again decision how return."
  This time have no a soldier again put forward hair rightness of opinion, the food for powder all is at first sitting down and wait for order.For keeping empty secrets of heaven from take off suddenly, the card virtuous man again parties a company commander lead the soldier of a class boarding machine set personnel control get up.Finish do all these, the card virtuous man lead chief of staff to arrive at princess and teacher Qian2's in front, "thanked old Sir to save us whole regiment government troops, we how should now do?"
  "Easy, we lead an hour release a briefing, the contents is a Y star Kingdom of'city number'the empty secrets of heaven is return sail on the way, because of not clear reason suddenly explosion, and to crash government troops of the family offer condolences.Again lead after 5 hours, you can boarding take-off, I already calculation lead, so you arrive a Y star the airport of the Kingdom exactly dead hour.Attention, you take-off arrive land of the whole process, can't send out any signal, have to be silently strong line to land, now you have to do of be the means of communication which accept to pay all government troops, can't leave out a person, regardless he be a Huang close country Qi, still you of close brothers!Because, the Y star Kingdom commander's headquarters achieve wisdom news, can the parties fight empty the secrets of heaven or fighter jet with ease shot down'city number'!"
  "Thank point out of Sir, my representative all government troops mean, the whole life don't forget a Sir of great the boon be big and virtuous!"
  The card virtuous man immediately order battle section chief and armed escort long accepted to pay all government troops with empty the secrets of heaven machine set the personnel's means of communication, and order communication section chief will empty the day is on board communication facilities all drop.
  Before the card virtuous man face boarding, teacher Qian2 life the person hand over to 5 revolver card the virtuous man and his assistant, and say:"This be the princess explaination of, let you defend a body to use!Wish your a pleasant journey!"The card virtuous man eye contain hot tears and wait for someone with princess clinging say good-bye …….
  "Y star" the inside of the commander's headquarters, the black and virtuous English man return take a stroll, anxious and fretful uneasy, the cow Che whole Feng sit sullenly on the sofa, stare a cow eye to hope a ceiling, a speech not hair, his a pair is wait for the news of "city number".A staff officer walk to come in and use a very and deep in sorrow euphonic report:"The news come according to country in Taoyuan:Ours'city number'at from'K star'the No.1 take-off in the aerospace airport an hour after, unfortunate explosion, whole regiment government troops together with machine set personnel none return alive!"Say that finish, this staff officer cried.
  "Cry what?Of no use!Go out for me."The black and virtuous English man seemed to be easy at this time not a few.The cow Che whole Feng walk to black and virtuous English man in front, "the commander astute decision, dissolved a crisis!"
  "Come, my a pair stem one cup!"Two people quaff in one gulp two cup red wines.
  "Walk, dozen golf go to!"
  "Okay, however I first get notice air command, the target have been already disappear!Not demand again parties fight empty the secrets of heaven and fighter jet attack."Say that finish, the cow Che whole Feng picked up a telephone.
  In the night sky of utter darkness, "city number" have already crossed the atmosphere of"Y star", is returning in triumph a city direction to fly toward the capital city of Kingdom to, in order not to the detection of ground radar, the airplane pilot act according to the card virtuous man of order, carry on super low altitude fly.
  In the huge passenger compartment of "city number", the card virtuous man just to the all government troops Xun words, chief of staff, battle section chief, armed escort long lift a gun in hand, stand at his after death.
  "The brotherses, the Kingdom commander's headquarters have already declared us already at'K star'fall in action of disinformation, they be frightened we once returning to country, wear their lies for the meeting Chuo, therefore, they establishment exterminate our plan.For the sake of the life safety of the brotherses, I request you, be we land after, whole regiment immediately dispersion break through siege, mbt shoes clearanceafter breaking through siege to go out, that is mutually, temporarily don't contact, don't go home, you have to masquerade into civilian common people, adoption various means make a living and I believe, make a living to say for a special kind soldier, should not use what problem!Later if necessary, I will seek yours.Your approval my arrangement?"
  "***, Lao Tzes fore the line play a life, but they want to exterminate us, does this still have nature's law?Commander, you take us and put together with them!"A big statures soldier stand up a Rang way, then turn head again to shout toward everyone:"You say ok or not?"
  "Rightness put together with them!"Almost all soldier followed to call to get up, in these voices inside the passenger compartment seem to be special earsplitting.
  "The brotherses, this Zhang want calculate of, but is not now, we now of the strength be still too small, can't be hard to put together, now most importance of want and keep real strenght, wait for opportunity, as long as the our special kind soldier have a personal ability live down, I believe, this person's being certain will tell the people of this world the true facts, revenge of time certain meeting arrival!"The words of the card virtuous man are like the hammer son similar knock each person's atrium.
  "Approval the person of my words raise hand, please!"The card virtuous man loudly of shout a way.
  The food for powder has no this time hesitant, each person raised oneself of hand.
  "Good, consistent pass, please let go of, underneath is do by the chief of staff concrete decoration."
  "The empty secrets of heaven is once stop steady, the machine set will open all hatch, let go of all Chong spirit slide, all personnel immediately nearby line up slippery from the slide bottom, running leave an airport, meet a civilian to spend money to buy suit to pack, then general change into civilian's clothing, don't live in the capital city possibly currently, leave more far more good, the brotherses, later make a living depend yourselves, when the time comes we would contact everyone of!"The chief of staff Jade Mountain hope green say that finish these words, sadly wiped to wipe an eye an inside run off of tears.
  Cry into one inside passenger compartment.
  The card virtuous man and chief of staff arrive at cockpit, the card virtuous man and machine set a personnel again one by one shake hands, "thank you peaceful connect back us, however I want to remind everyone, the commander black and virtuous English man the cruel hand be hot, he will not pass us, you be the witness person of this affairs, he also same will not pass, Be a conscientious occupation soldier, I have a necessity suggestion you also want after land concealment, don't need to be jail of destiny."
  A little bit old machine is long to contain tears an answer a way:"Respect of card virtuous man chief, if it weren't for you parties person check the time bomb which hide in the machine, we already see God go to, should be us with gratitude you just rightness, the our machine set personnel have already negotiated, we keep off city after land, go to small gather a town top to seek an unattractive work, just to get along, if later the nation have what variety, please don't forget us, my name call the Kai virtuous Ling, found out me to also find out them several"machine long by hand a few other machine constitute a member.
  "I can never forget you."The card virtuous man answer a way.
  "Kai the virtuous Ling machine be long, before land is us most dangerous of time, commander's headquarters may already parties battleplane to shot down my machine, hope you adopt the whole measure and avoid being shot down of dangerous."The Jade Mountain hope green remind a way in a side.
  "I have already taken notice of, just preparation to you report, radar manifestation, have four battleplane just to fly toward us."The machine is long to answer a way.
  "What way?"The Jade Mountain hope green ask a way.
  "I drive machine into super low altitude fly right away, and not at originally take-off of airport land, but choice a back up field battle airport land, that airport several year need not, no man management, you can also quick retreat, although have some risk, total ratio is shot down for good!"The machine elder strive for deep calculate, his in the mind have already early had arrangement.
  "Good, its never thought that, press you of the idea do!"Card virtuous man a hammer settle a sound.
  The desire after know the feeling please reading next.
  The light electrode soon wish an everybody book friend:Flood dragon drama ocean, colourful Feng dance vast sky.Please collect this book, on the hurl recommend ticket, present flower 1, and recommend to you of friend, give support to encourage!From the bottom of the heart with gratitude!

    The text chapter 42 airport is big to flee from home
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:11:11 origin chapter word number:2582

  With gratitude consumedly of support, afternoon again top spread 1.
  Dead hour, the black and virtuous English man sleep positive joss-stick, suddenly, bedside of red telephone suddenly bell ring your work, Du Nong in his mouth write:"What person does this time make a phone call?What a bastard!"The part picked up heapdhone.
  Originally the telephone is the cow Che whole Feng dozen of:"Commander, radar station report, an airplane with unidentified and large background be flying toward the capital city airport, air force on duty military officer usage various frequency with it contact, but all have no an answer, it can't BE'city number'?"
  "Does it probably how long it left arrive an airport?"
  "About 15 minutes."
  "Ignore is what airplane, shot down it before land!"The black and virtuous English man bite a tooth bottom to reach an order.Then he immediately climb from the bed, quick put on clothing, quick step come downstairs, drill into the car, drive fast toward the commander's headquarters.
  The black and virtuous English man is transact indoor big ground to take out smoke, transact an indoor smoke to curl up and the cow Che whole Feng toward a telephone loudly a Rang way:"Air command, your fighter jets take-off?"
  Telephone that spread:"Prepare to complete, instant take-off!"
  "The detection is that large airplane and immediately shot down!"
  The cow Che whole Feng let go of a telephone and the rightness black and virtuous English man say:"I now is nerve-racking, prepare feeling not very good, commander, we get preparation two more prepare a case, in order to prevent unpredictable!"
  "Reasonable, the special kind with lately- establish order A regiment, in full battle array, immediately capture empty the secrets of heaven airport, once that large airplane be'city number'empty the secrets of heaven, from empty the secrets of heaven top and bottom come of anyone, all grasp, send to them to leave city 1000 kilometers outside of desert jail pass get up, such as meet resist, right on the spot annihilation!"
  "BE, I immediately decoration!"The cow Che mbt shoeswhole Feng picked up a telephone bottom reached an order.
  The cow Che whole Feng just let go of a telephone, the telephone rang to get up again, and he have to and picked up

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