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Mulberry heart soft silly looking man in front of the world even smaller than Chi Min Xu Wuguan still good man or not pool small pool of small fine Min Min Shuai have some perfect christian louboutin knockoffsman in front of us was more refined and noble qualities have a royal air Compared with him a small pool seemed to be somewhat naive, Min Young and Innocent Days on you is simply too charming it!

So soft from the mulberry heart out of his mouth that no one is surprised if this shock the world if she does not say that it is not normal she seems never to cover up certain people and things she loved, or hate.

He smiled a little smile seemed to light up with inclusion of all sense of anything occurring in front of him will not affect his emotions and everything is lighter.

Sima. Ouyang Ruixiang direct that I saw in the hands of a small late belonging to the umbrella you can transfer it to me? May not be important to you but to me it is a miracle.

Faint smile he gently said: come up all of you some food.

Ouyang Ruixiang some embarrassment as the dean of the archaeological profession has been the level of character he was important but even smaller than the pool in front of his small night he tried to continue pressing their anger, said: Mr. Sima can tell me your umbrella of the story?

Story? Faint smile he looked at the meal table, not watch other people eat Dongkuaizi just a shelter but the apparatus can have a story but a bit over time in the strike now seems more precious friends.

Umbrella in your hands in your opinion is just pieces of the passage of time some of the items, but in my eyes it is a rare thing this umbrella and my ongoing excavations inexplicable connection with the canopy of the work and texture and pattern on the umbrella and excavated items are surprisingly similar
He smiled sorry I have not the habit of selling their own things will not take on others. Come here today just to listen to a small pool you always wanted to know later that I now know that the future, please do not bother to come?

Ouyang Ruixiang surprised a moment the eyes of a disappointment, but still refused to give meaning to say: Well, but you can tell me some of that dynasty the story? You should be the descendants of the dynasty or something so precious should not appear in your hands.

That dynasty? He was still smiling eyes brow cold pool was small night sitting beside him always felt faint chill as if the people around us live in the cold tip of a trace can not say that now just the dynasty it?

Yes. Ouyang Ruixiang some frustrated that I very much want to give it a name, but the history book of records of this dynasty is almost equal to zero if any reference to unknown words is replaced. However, this dynasty is really a miracle that you have been to explore the scene it? Although we can not start with, but the site is still amazing that people think the momentum is definitely exciting dynasty!

His smile does not seem strange in light of such comments, said: It was a miracle of a moment can not copy the disappearance of a tragic era of the end of the era.

We are at the scene found a pair of red candles. Min said that a sudden small pool on the Candle should be used for the Royal wedding, but the extent of view from the red candle burning is not carried out the wedding should be finished or until they should be in the bridal chamber whenchristian louboutin shoes the sudden appearance of the changes in his time so long It still is like that of the red candles have been burning bright though. You do not understand this dynasty is how our excitement and worship! I feel this dynasty is almost fanatical so you must tell us something.

He Weizheng look murmured: Candle? They still alive?

Yes. Sang soft heart and immediately interface, that I was secretly quite scary, Professor Ouyang backs took a Candle in the photo I still have memories or memories of all the lines drawn Candle, but that picture was after a night suddenly turned into a white I feel that dynasties too scary.

He looked sharp eyes soft mulberry heart it is a cursed dynasty.

Cursed dynasty? Min asked puzzling small pool What does it mean? A curse can ruin a great dynasty so magical it?

Love can move heaven and earth may at any time destroy all. He suddenly looked tired in some subtle meaning of grief endured, but to maintain calm on the surface because of love with the dynasty but also because of love into ashes instantly. Think of useless talk about some things but for future generations feeling a few drops of tears.

Silent crowd suddenly got up and rushed him to say: sorry tired to leave. You slowly eat the meal I please. Having turned away did not see anyone, including a small pool of sitting next to him throughout the night did not seem to say a few words.

He is really a strange person. Mulberry heart soft whispers in the air before him, I dare not even speak to him out if is an honor. Small night how do you know him? He seemed to others to you and not the same.

Pool small night hesitated whispered: an accident that day I went for the big sister and Mu boss when I got it wrong to meet the table number in the 4th boss Mu became the 10th I heard the table when the table he sat on the 10th on the table so we He did not know at the time said he did not immediately Mou jackwood subsequently met several times to know, but just the knowledge.

Then how he would lend you an umbrella so precious to use? Ouyang Ruixiang asked.

He was to go out taking into account that time is not convenient taxi on the message after a soft heart and I borrowed the umbrella because of rain on my umbrella, but he asked me back to him. Pond Little Late hesitated whispered I think we just know you think he just mysterious, but there is no need in my relationship with him in the end what is waste time on it. And you thinkchristian louboutin sale the umbrella is very precious in his eyes as if that is an umbrella why should he agree to let your ideas? And I think he did not seem to want to talk about your interest in this dynasty may be reluctant to mention it any grief.

Ouyang Qing Interface wrote: Well you should not make things difficult little late, I see little late and he just know when you see him go did not even say hello and small night and only came in time to play, said the sentence was no longer and small evening face to face.

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