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Vomit sorry for her inability to drink pretty poor back in after a few crazy not declared killed in action.

Okay? Explore the virtual soft hand clasped the body that do not seal Haoting brows.

I feel like vomiting at the mouth with both hands tightly connected Meng pound drunk vast.

What's even drink fruit wine will be drunk? Mouth is the staff is busy in the blame along ask her to turn around and carefully sealed Haoting the pain Oh look into the eyes to teach people not the whole heart smile.

OK? To the toilet this way I'll take you immediately seized hold on Joan Ling, already drunk with Meng faint and then they head to wash their hands to ask around with people.

Seeing the two women disappeared in the transfer of a door, look up to after everyone That said seal Haoting and see he is very concerned about her laugh out loud is the first wind Mu Lian.

What're you talking about? Less boring! Laughlouboutin knockoffs can sound relatively closed Haoting naturally recognized.

Dead duck fooling! Not afraid of death Mu Lian blunt convex back to the wind again.

The cold eye of a blind eye closure Hao Ting Yi Deng finally figured out one thing.

No wonder! No wonder all this time everyone will be He'll hold on to take people to not have to! Appears this guy is definitely a small lump in the abdomen in front of these people invent something!

You can then Qianbian that does not matter! Who told you to mess Jiaoshe Gen's? Ragefire channeling in Mouli's hand began to burn letters Haoting committed itch.

Warm! Man you have to wait until when? To really not care that people do not say a call to see even if I hit a hundred you will not catch a pass go, do not you? Shuangshouyitan Lian Mu wind is closed Hao Ting's refuses to acknowledge it Mozhe.

Like to like, care to care, love is love, recognition of these feelings are difficult?

Obviously the most basic human emotions have to do a molecular Why so dry and turns back and then get another to whom one can not understand this funny?

It is blocked the death of the head to the beat Hao Ting Mu Lian wind could not help but sigh deeply in my heart.

Not see how someone is so yourself? Clearly is a feeling so easy to understand!

I went to just to pick her up What is wrong? Baffling! Will do is not a matter of course? She is his fiancee he would care for her, the natural safety!

Bad young man still cherish the time with respect to treasure as I do not wait until that time lost is too late to regret. Wipe the smile revealed numerous extraordinary Huo Huan sob sigh with.

Feng Hao Ting silent silent patrol the crowd just to sit on. Baffling! Everyone not a whole eating you out?

Is to cherish the immediate well-being. Single Bo pat on the shoulder with friends smile rarely appear again surfaced.

Why do you make things so complicated? I just want to argue with her friends but to the blocking by the next.

Just what? You want to say - she is your duty is a burden on elders entrusted to you? Do not fool ourselves to see your own hearts! Howard sighed again the extraordinary earnestness.

Yes! If you really do not love her, not like she even does not mind her why she was so nervous? Lian Mu wind refers to the night scene.

Remember a phone call when he did speak to such a sentence - I like to see your fiancee the other men, but she would like a piece of it?

Then do not have other words to say a bad young man because the side of the phone has been like a mad lion hair. Then, in his address not long after reporting on the runaway of the dear friend who appeared.

How can such behavior if called to care about that name? Ah perhaps over-concerned about

This term is more suitable for you? Lian Mu Shan Xiaozhao wind is not in my heart.

Think carefully what she occupied in your heart what status? This is only you that can to understand. Hold up against the glass single-Bo Hao Ting Feng Jing drink a toast to signal and then looking up

Ai ask yourself if one day you completely lost her results will be? Eye pupil of the eye falls far end of the extraordinary Hall has obvious sadness.

I can never lose her! I told her already destined to be tied together better! Closure Haoting angry Dengzhu raised this road as a problem.

How could he lose her? She was betrothed to play small he grew up he found her! They can never be separated not to mention more likely to have lost her!

To separate people is a very easy thing to do! This world nothing is absolutely not to mention what note does not doomed. Huo extraordinary re-exports so that it is still very pleasant to the ear.

How you going today? Have to so I can not convex? Gas seal Haoting was very angry with one hand shot straight to the table severely shook the cups and saucers on top of all that she followed up and hop back down.

I just tell the truth since you do not want to hear then forget. Huo extraordinary light after a shrug and no longer live in the mouth to say few words.

Jiangning atmosphere continued for a while until after the return of the other two gradually ease.

I think Meng bad young man she is really to die Do you want to take her back to rest first? Escorted dusky Ling Meng Junqiong carefully even sent letters to people Haoting arms.

Took the drunk to the loss of even Meng Feng Hao Ting original meaning even more angry. Tut, he was all into attack her eldest'd sleep happy!

Exhaled hard call letters Haoting only in the hearts of the silent sigh.

Boring topics stop there next time, please do not mention this file to meet business! So go first. Warning letters will soon put down the arms of people speak unwarrantedly Haoting picked up shop and then immediately went to the direction of removal.

Over the years you hold as long as she is for what you have not thought about in the end?

Single-teaching Bo suddenly threw the questions to turn around and leave that road is not stiff Zhu

Feng Hao Ting had one pair back to the first of their eyes filled Anhei angry, which also bears a strange and obscure the complexity of thoughts.

But for someone who really loves the pictures, put the collection of so perfect? Bad young man you are really early in our view of her tragic love the wind fill the Mu Lian sentence so wave goodbye and then smiles.

Damn! Disarray heart disorder eventually can only choose from the bloom of the back are often

@ @ @

Think about it in your heart what she estimate what kind of position? If one day you completely lost her result will be?

Over the years you hold as long as she is for what you have not thought about in the end?

Zhengran looked at the sleeping beauty was sealed Haoting lost friends to the problem to the trapped.

He said those issues really seriously because he never even thought that those issues is the question why they have to be so alarmist?

He told her they would have been destined to be together so there can not be called out is not? That being the case the moment he recognized why the heart will feel uneasy, restless God?

Damn! How he can be confused that such a hypothetical question to the panic-stricken? How he can be trapped by those silly questions to mind ah?

He did not only insisted on her! He was only complied with the decision of both parents so the attack and identified her as a wife to him what so wrong?

Bother! Was originally a simple matter why, after so many people after the mouth has become so boring and complicated?

Well sleepers Shallow trained, enjoin delicate child's body to turn to the side of a comfortable sleeping position and then adjust sank in sweet dreams.

Staring at people who meet the children sleep Hao Ting Feng is more and more unhappy mood. Tut! Him in the head and bored to death while she slept like a dead pig head?

Damn it! He upset in the end is what is putting piles? ShiI do not want to think about can not think of what they were anyway!

@ @ @

Yu Jun is even wake up Shade thoroughly.

No! Again? Stared at the man lying on his side of the trunk is different from the day room, staring at the house and finally display the ceiling staring back kind of want to feel connected Meng Tong wall impulse.

What is now in the end?

They used to not like this! How recent is repeated Chuchui? Oh she really do not understand it! In the end his mind was filled with what?

Is he really so want to marry her? So hechristian louboutin boots will have relations with her? So he would take her to join his circle of friends?

But no matter how he did care about her or only one - that is, he has a little bit of love her?

If he does not love her no matter that he can not be done she nodded and agreed to marry him how he just do not understand?

Ye Hao Ai say she say she was too stubborn obsession line anyway - she is so persist!

If the heart has always already been lost then at least let her keep the dignity of remaining with the autonomy it! Quietly got up and took advantage of the end of dawn sky, the occasion with Meng unawakened others quietly left.

@ @ @

CRANYPUB "Oh - the cries of took a deep sigh and heard people do not have a short follow upset.

Can you stop with Missy sighs? Really hear the sad Abin This did not think the statement is being persuaded to send a note supercilious.

Bad mood to listen to flash alone! Lip-phase ridiculed even write back to thousands of points Meng anger.

Wow - really miss talking to you more and not the standard Who taught you? My god how bad the spleen more good students to his home and a good partner and good friend is safe How you?

Oh sorry I have been before you today to see the German me! Hand hold the amount of lift with Meng skin red lips slightly smiling, cold voice response.

Bother! Did not see her bad mood yet? Ebin the dead white eyes even dare to play with her comic? Killed!

Wow, a good fire, Wang! Is not the flash people get? Flash but not whining!

Because he was again sent for Japan unveils today the. Bullying is miserable - he does not have to take into account as long as Japan unveils even the eldest of the net worth of her safety. Why? Is not easy! Is one, even the eldest of the amount of alcohol is not good so he had to look at points.

Second, even the eldest no transport so have to do the work in addition to Hu Hua addition he must also cater to drivers.

Third, as even the eldest of the good students and good friends and good partners, alas he can not bear to see her Abin so depressed!

Well! In the end is how the matter? Leaned Abin sigh with the matter.

Write the first speechless with Meng just look back him up.

Do not touch the wine you've suddenly this is not because of him? Impression is much the boss thing surfaced only after her eldest become so weird weird.

Meng did not want to silence or even respond to this topic.

Not to mention his less likely to want him; do not want to upset him less likely to: do not mess her mood, if not fretting or knowing Oh boring!

Who will forget her Oh knockout? Bored with Meng can not stand the extreme head obstinately hand and tearing his hair all to a soft messed up.

What do you say you had any brains we'll take about a bored sick at heart, will not solve the fundamental things! Hand with mining on the shoulders of Abin Meng persuade a good sound.

Ceshou with Meng long look straight at Abin not say a word.

Well! Look at the friendship we were on such good I will try to help you solve it!

Single-handedly beat his own chest Abin said categorically.

Ha! You lose you can solve the word I did not export with Meng Lei sudden lightning-like whole body, such as being startled. On Oh! Can use you to bear false how I did not expect this move?

He did not say she find true love him as long as this income will no longer force her hand to marry him?

The eyes do not happen to have captured people can use? Unfamiliar people can not be used because it will not play too long she cooked to the point of death with Abin not get him to use it not waste?

Ebin you say that we are not good friends? Chung Meng also had a hand in the Abin's shoulders to catch. Response was of course a nod Abin.

That - brought back to pick up the hint of sweet lips smile with Meng force patted Abin.

Friend is in trouble is not the go through anything, through fire and water?

Uh according to common sense, he is just supposed to nod how laughter even the eldest little bit to give it the terrorist?

Do not nod! A vise so that elbow flexion force with Meng Abin's neck.

Yes Yes Yes you are! Afraid to ask the eldest to be even smaller do? Well - really acquainted Abin secretly sigh in my heart.

Oh no difficulty is very simple, very simple flower with a small smile Can Jun Yu beat out the other to his chest.

What is it? Mom! Invariably strikes an ominous foreboding look at the ugly face with Abin Meng.

Be my boyfriend! The answer is revealed! With Meng laugh laugh Ebin was turning blue.

No! With Missy, you do not play with me

How can I play with you? I mean really you just do not have agreed to go through anything for me, through thick and thin? Provoke a fine show with Meng Mei squinted stare people.

Are you crazy! You want to kill me not a? The male lion is your home we are now a great big boss Yeah! Think he died of a drug does not use such a trick! Abin could not help crying at the bottom of my heart was.

Hello! Your loyalty decide? Frown of displeasure with Meng, staring at people sitting on their side.

Not yet had all gone! Hands in the air Menghuiebin decided to withdraw the previous words.

If you curse a few other people are not exported to the first break.

Yo? Coincidence they met you

Who? Look back even to those who see Meng at the moment they stare after the appearance of a convex eyes. Alas! Are you?

Too much goes on the face of the United States believe that anyone will be hard to forget once seen! And she certainly memorable.

This means that you still remember me, then? Good thing I was afraid you had forgotten me! Advantage of the opportunity to those who smile and then sat down to Lin Meng side of the trunk.

Bar where the bartender against the account of the sound and turn the first look he is still astonished with Meng.

Who is this? Abin looked for a long time spent sitting on the side look the more the more eyes that were strangers feel really good, the United States,!

Hey! Saliva collection ugly death of a close friends! Severely to the top of the elbow in the chest under the Abin's gaffe with Meng for friends feel very ashamed.

Hiss - Ebin obedient forced suck back saliva flow out faster but still a dead eyes stared at a sudden beauty.

People are men! And his great big boss or your friends you would not phase me any showing that gentlemen really a disgrace! Hand to the face of fierce shot to Abin Meng tried to brush it with the ugly face.

? Man he is the man? Abin not believe the scream so sad to know this truth.

Mu Lian wind is not it? Exploration Mu Lian hands with the smiling face wind Abin Abraham said.

Oh, I'm Caobin Abin Hello Hello Everyone calls me! Reach out to hold each other's hands firmly Abin hee hee men focus on eye-candy like it does not matter!

Ai - pain, smiling bitterly Abin's gentlemen completely changed in an instant to ask painful holds many lessons for a kind of twisted.

I look like a woman? Original and good smile has become gloomy do not know when torn.

Lian Meng fully understand what had happened was wounded to only see - Ebin very painful.

No, no, nothing like! Save Lang Oh! Chaos he will not dare to speak it! Abin straight in the bottom of my heart was crying.

Good! Light point the wind This is not the first satisfactory Mu Lian stop.

Finally be free Abin audience quickly no longer handle it hidden in a word did not dare say anything out. Hum he obediently drank the wine like he had never speak out of turn.

I understand that you are not a good drinker but also to how this place? Toast to export inexpensive ice wind Road Qingchuai the mouth after the light.

Uh? Guaizai how could he know that his inability to drink? Mind under which even Meng Lian Mu think of such a wind is already seen through her mind.

You are so forgetful! Not have said a bad young man tipped off before I know this to meet you. Furthermore, on the back thing when you meet a drunk back then not even forget about it right away?

Mu Lian and then sip a port on the wind thin lips beautifullouboutin boots smile Gouzhuo Qing Qian touch.

Uh?, Hey, there really such a thing like Jesus! Today, a coincidence, but how they met him in this?

Here is my shop I have encountered nothing in the wrong. This woman is really interesting thought, what the face to teach people to want to write unclear what immune.

Yeah? Oh So this is your store! Strange how he so clearly the idea of her heart?

Meng did not screw with head and frowning, staring at the Mu Lian wind: the heart is suspected of the next - he'll psychic?

Ah ha. Light wind smiled and nodded that she Mu Lian Ji said: I welcome the coming, but you often do not seem to think the bad young man

The index finger tapping Mu Lian desktop bar bartender sending a cup of wind to the same wine.

Him how he wanted things to his family! Autonomy in me come and I love him Guan Dezhao it? Lengheng soon unhappy with Meng write the lips.

Is not it? How I think things are my family?

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