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    Two activity!The apprentice back evil mbt shoes saleteacher chapter 42 spring advance
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-7-238:50:45 origin chapter word number:3808

    Week source's handing over to silver bridge the address of course not of the business cabaret is the address that oneself live, don't say an iron head first see Li3 Ying3 Li3 Nuo live in oneself the in home will appear what kind of facial expression, list is Li3 Ying3 and Li3 Nuo2 at oneself in home that kind of brave of dress absolute disallow to let the outsider get into own in home.
    And, if the iron head go to own in home, unavoidably Li3 Ying3 Li3 Nuo can't the detection Yi Yi of existence, when the time comes absolute will be in confusion and bad.
    Week the source after being appropriate the whole rrangement go home to connect the Yi Yi to come out alone and let her enjoy delicacy outdoors of cake.
    Time already quick till dead hour, the Yi Yi went out and don't care dress too much, even is plan go out by the appearance of cat good, end wear a rice on the Yi Yi under the request of the source in week yellow of T Xu, bottom wear 100 plait skirts with azure one, heel in the source back in week a leap on jump, the skirt put to have float of rhythm to move, the chest have rhythm of rock, signpost accidentally someone pass by and unify toward the Yi Yi line attention gift.If unfortunately the Yi Yi pass by a rightness lovers in front, be she from male square at present after jump, absolute ability hear bride's side disaffection of noisy sound.
    "Yi Yi, you have to remember, I now take you to eat very the cake of delicacy, but you have to promise my[one] affair."The week source walk front in Yi Yi, again tonight of Yi Yi of request absolute can't become the appearance of cat.
    "The host trust."The Yi Yi is very clever of point head, chest along with her face top and bottom rock, let for a week, source not aware of self swallow saliva, also let for a week, source not aware of self of start to admire oneself of settle dint.
    "***, I doubt iron head that shameless woman most even the outlooking of Yi Yi's all having no before attention once saw, attention for him to see photograph be absolute all put here to the moon for seem ready to come out on."
    The week source will think so, the reason of the great majority is because of oneself be so, if let oneself shut up eyes, let oneself description Yi Yi, can be clear in oneself the brain to present of, absolute only have at present this is to the captivating thing.
    Even so, but week the source the slightest didn't wrong an iron head, because of iron head to the impression of Yi Yi, absolute with week source big mutually court path.
    Isn't the outlooking of Yi Yi too common, and is hard to leave a deep impression for person, if full marks is 100 cent, Yi Yi absolute ability get 95 cent above, but helpless her huge Feng, is all flashlight point her body entire number cover up.
    Six small Shuangs know for a week, source already according to appointment peaceful leave that Dong villa, although the week source be to be peaceful the villa memory to leave after the evil ll of the clanses exterminate, week source end the shot ruin pursue smelly that shot, have already let six small Shuang very satisfaction, connect down, being her should implement a promise of time.
    The commitment promised to six small Shuangs, although the week source have already put in the mind, because of oneself is to leave that Dong villa because of escape, the week source thoughted of let six small Shuang to completion she promise of promise.
    Although six small Shuang request of only is oneself peaceful leave there, week source has been think, six small Shuang is hope oneself ability smooth work°out the whole problem, then whole body but back, this kind of escape leave, week source absolute deny oneself entitle to request six small Shuang cashing note she promise of commitment.
    "You, assurance Yao?"Six small Shuang nearby of the person use a kind of take have already reminded six small Shuangs of the tone inquire her.
    "Rich uncle stop worrying."Six small Shuang performance of abnormality of equanimity.
    "But, big[one] so big scope in way City, if only depend your[one] person's strength ……" is onlybe called by six small Shuangs rich the uncle's man again expression oneself of misgiving.
    "Really, so I would the usage be brown and crystal."While making reference to brown and crystal two wordses, six small Shuang facial expressions change of no longer equanimity, on the contrary have one felling of silk terror for person.
    The "you ……" rich uncle is in six small Shuang in fronts seem to have worry, talk every time dare to speak half, but make half, don't know to be to dare not to say, or intentionally stay to six small Shuangs.
    "That's right, I want usage that a cake of, after in several days, in addition to the evil agency pleased."Six small Shuang rightness rich the uncle flicked to wave hand and signal hint rich uncle bottom go to, let she a person alone and after a while.
    "Hope you already think clear."Rich uncle over against six small Shuang one step one step of retreat and disappear in front in six small Shuangs.
    "I certainly have absolute of confidence."Six the small Shuang is low head, present on the face there is some fans in the facial expression of the Mang show with the words which be full of confidence of very out of harmony.
    "Week source, be I dream?"When week the source take clinging arrive at an iron head in front, be an iron head a see to see isn't the Yi Yi of the cat appearance true person, the iron head continuously crumple oneself of eyes.
    "Personal so big, return the question that will ask this kind of boring."Week source round right hand, control good can't injury iron the strength of the head, the Pa Pa gave the iron head two loud and clear box on the ear.
    "Believe oneself wasn't dream."The week source smilingly looking at an iron head.
    "Although there is felling arrive painful, , this kind of as dream world ofmbt shoes clearance white be fog what is the row?"The iron head Wu wear Sai to help, discover oneself of foot's doing not know be when and incredibly filling the air 1 F very thin white fog spirit.
    Week of"this fog, seem six small Shuangs ……" source to fog of this white spirit acquaint with very much, it be the shadow of the six small Shuang of dint-snow dance.
    When canning be a week a source to recognize this white fog spirit is to belong to six small Shuangs, he suddenly feel an eyelid very heavy, heavily can't depend on oneself of strength and consciousness start to support it.
    When week source felling oneself of eyes want to be complete to shut, the iron head that is at this time have already pour in the white fog, dozen have to shout.
    "Host, good evening."The Yi Yi also pour in white fog, the mouth side glue full cake on of butter.
    "Very strange fog spirit, if these six small Shuangs make, her plan ……plan do what."The week source take question, along with the iron head and the Yi Yi, together pour in white fog.
    "Boss, you trust!Tonight my eyes will not blink once, assurance tomorrow do a document before go to work ……do out ……"a blank office inside, original the company with very full vitality text member, also pour in the white fog.
    "Very good!"Hear the own employee clap breast dozen certificate of guarantee, original the heart be some worried of the owner also let go of heart, after sending tone of he also with oneself of the employee be similar to pour in the white fog.
    "Tonight my strategic area 70 class!"
    "I also strategic area top 70 class!"Net cafe inside, quarrel noisily of all night one clan at drive white fog surround after, none exception of fall flop.
    "Tonight we don't inebriate not to return!""Rightness!Don't inebriate don't return ……"a group of person hold wine cup wine bottle, hot noisy make of drink wine, stem cup, can be white after fog surround them, a group of person all at moment soft at ground up.
    "Unexpectedly she incredibly also can make to this situation."Han2 Qiu looking at white fog of ground more and more thick, gradual want to surround oneself, in the brains see with half an eye what is the row, she also much didn't do thinking and just walk to oneself the wardrobe of the bedroom before, make change the pajama, beaming with smilesly lay to a bed up.
    "Ah ……" looking at white fog of foot gradual surround oneself, Han2 De2 was still meaningful to sigh tone.
    The "ah ……" rich uncle see foot of white fog, incredibly and together Han2 De2 be still similar and sighed a long long of spirit.
    So big of big way City drive white fog surround, drive white fog surround, original quarrel of big moment in the way City peaceful come down.
    "This just rightness, the night is to should be like this quite just rightness."Six small Shuang stations look down on the slope whole, brown and crystal afloat in her in front, white of fog spirit continuously of gush from her body, inflow brown and crystal, brown and crystal think a Niu to take, white of fog spirit pass it radio of send forth to go out, flow out toward the big way City from this slope go to, fill the air each corner in the big way City.
    "If I want to do, can also attain this situation ……" six the small Shuang is some satisfaction of smiled to smile, take one silk proud of, gush a blood from her.
    Big way City owner after wake up, basically and all feel oneself seem to do a long long of dream, an equal true of dream.
    In a dream, they imitated Buddhist sutra Li the disaster of a destruction, but such as great majority dream world general, be you are after wake up can't remember in the dream world exactly occurrence what affair.
    "I how can here?"Week source effort push open oneself of double eye, detection here is not oneself of everyday rest of bedroom.
    "I remember that I I seem to a quilt one regiment white fog surround ……then I asleep."Hear a week, the voice of source, the iron head be also awake to come over.
    "Baby's husband, close close."Li3 Nuo2 embrace Li3 Ying3 in the half dream the half come to, Wen Run4's red lips kissed top Li3 Ying3 delicate skin.
    "Is really of, early morning of you beginning hair spring, incredibly return come wet kiss, is really spring advance."Awake Li3 Ying3 double the feet clip tightly oneself of Li3 Nuo2 Tui left oneself of body, by hand wipe to stay the saliva of the face at oneself.
    "Elder sister ……" Li3 Nuo2 be some shy looking at Li3 Ying3.
    "Line line, is all dult, don't do that wretchedness of appearance, next time remember to see clear target."Li3 Ying3 although oral communication teach Li3 Nuo2 , but heart in still some empress afraid, if it weren't for oneself awake of early and perhaps return to kiss up ……
    "This feel sleep of true comfortable, the next time be organic to meet noodles, certain was good friends with good will to thank her."The lazy waist of Han2 Qiu Shen uncovered a quilt, feeling a wisp of sunlight in morning.
    "Of a night, incredibly let the whole big instauration in the way City original, too reckless."Han2 De2 still the station is back the stairs of evil agency mansion and look beyond big way City to change into Gao Lou2 from the ruins stand up like a forest of modern city, facial expression abnormality complications.
    "Young lady is really, why the need for such force oneself."The rich uncle looking at the big way City of instauration original shape, from heart of start to worry six small Shuangs.
    Six small Shuangs lie on the sickbed and saw an eye hang one every drop at her liquid at the side of body of flow, looking at an instauration original out of the window of various building, six small Shuang that is some pale of the face pinned up satisfaction of smile.
    "Unexpectedly and incredibly is in addition to the evil gency be first unbearable."That middle age man in the silver bridge business cabaret push away a window, some say of regrets.
    "True have never thought, always dispassion of six small Shuang this time incredibly ratio Han2 Qiu that irascibility of the wench sink more not to live spirit and the week source be this boy, is really pretty interesting."

    Two activity!The apprentice back evil teacher chapter 43 two people who love to quarrel
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-7-238:50:45 origin chapter word number:3948

    "Han2 Qiu."Han2 De2 is deep and lowly still some to shout Han2 Qiu's name and imitate Fo to have what importance of words preparation openings say to her.
    "You never call me help six small Shuangs with the Kai Lin, absolute impossible!"Han2 Qiu Jue wear a small mouth, that kid who touch kind's being like foot be is angry.
    "If isn't her ……"
    "She she she she she she she!do not be old to lift her in my in front, I thought of her that it's vexed."the dozen roll on the ground, besides which, , Han2 Qiu have already change of with make trouble without a cause of the kid have no difference.
    "All right, the source in front calculated her in the week power and prestige once, but after?Now we are everywhere can all incubate the evil clan of with concealed intentions be her this time for the sake of instauration big way City but drive brown and crystal anti- bite, lie on the sickbed, next time may be you is lay siege to by the evil clan to pour in the wayside!This kind of friendly gesture without extra cost my being true don't understand you why don't do!"Han2 De2 still motion also some concussion.
    Han2 Qiu is very similar to the ability of the dint of six the small Shuang two shadow of human figure, can keep harm for the others cure, repair any object for damage, but two people's personality be clearly contrary.
    Six little Shuang persons are such as its, the personality be as cold as frost, similar quiet, the all things always look before you jump, only to the source in week, enthusiasm fire, the head quarter do one some by surprise of matter.
    Much time of Han2 Qiu is like a big kid's sort, irascibility, love spoilt daughter of a rich family become angry, but the source in front in week, clever cat general.
    "I am a dead to can't beg her, either."Han2 Qiu in anger of answer.
    "All right, if you source with week two people all be the life close upon death?"Han2 De2 still exert an one step more of allusion Han2 Qiu now without extra trouble help six small Shuangs, future unavoidably will have demand at the time that she recompense, after all, several friend be never a bad matter.
    Hear a week the name of the source, Han2 Qiu have no again noisy bottom go to, just stunned sort of thinking what.
    A hospital especially etc. is inside sickroom, a the old just station at a young age young girl of sickbed side.
    "Young lady, you see and not do I back an evil agency to ask their president to come over 1?"The rich uncle station is by the side of the sickbed of six small Shuangs, some misgiving of looking at is lying on the sickbed on of six small Shuang.
    "Rich uncle, need not worry, I have no matter."Six small Shuang effort support a smiling face, think as far as possible decrease a rich uncle ofmbt shoes misgiving.
    "But ……"
    "Rich uncle, Han2 Qiu of sexy you would not understanding Yao?You think her possibility to help us the Yao?"Six small Shuangs signal hint rich the uncle don't want to be continue to say bottom to go to.
    "Until the master be that generation, back evil, in addition to evil two agencies relation all abnormality on good terms, how arrive you this, two agency of relation always such strain."The old man is dark to sigh, to Han2 Qiu clearly just little effort affair, perhaps to wayside a certain stranger she will not ignore, on the contrary once the present life generation be on good terms of two agency, now relation but like this strain.

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