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 pull to feel mysterious, believe you more is always at investigatembt shoes 《Mi through 》of whereabouts, this is to place various hopeless situation to and then living."
    Maya listenned to, feel reasonable, the quantity of two people company settle, hence then give the Fu pull a telephone.
    The Fu pulled to connect Maya's telephone, at that time don't know what mean and then hope Maya two world noons to come to the White House to discuss.
    Once Maya heel absolute being agriculture say, the absolute being agriculture then feel big to have a hope, right away decision together go to the White House.
    Next day early in the morning, the absolute being agriculture be then easy to permit into the appearance which print Anne's man to follow Maya together drive a car go to the White House.
    The Fu pull to hear Maya come, hurriedly the rate and deputy president Carl, major general fairy Di...etc. decline a rank to greet:"Maya engineer, you be outstanding scientist in the United States and I have been wishing to see you very much, but know your born nature not to love to appear in public, so has been dare not to bother.You today the ability come to the White House, that but the honored guest of the White House!"
    Carl and fairy Di wait for someone to also hurriedly come over to say hello.
    Maya say with smile:"President lady over praise, everyone be all very kind.My conduct and actions is a scientist, should heart such as water, shouldn't excessively participate politics, so hope president comprehension."
    The Fu pull to say:"Can say that again, science have no national boundary, our the United States certainly the hope the Earth can own more forerunner of science technique.Later still ask Maya engineer to give advice or comments."
    Maya say:"Recent, I with whole set up to discuss together, detection if think again further exaltation science technique, we have to find out 《airtight Si especially theories 》.So past I once gave whole set up 1 me personally replication of diagram paper, result make he is among the missing.Afterwards I find out everywhere and hear he possibility drive international revenge a party to trap.Recent get news, the president prepare a heel England still have international revenge party talks, so I also want to go together, from side observation.One is for find out whole set up of whereabouts, two is for the sake of find out 《airtight Si especially theories 》of news.Don't know a president how under the idea?"
    The Fu pull to say:"All right, if Maya engineer's bility go together, I am to welcome it to!"Say that finish, see an absolute being agriculture to say:"This is ……?"
    Maya hurriedly say:"This yes my assistant and bodyguard Joe(Joe)."
    The absolute being agriculture hurriedly come forward to say:"President, how are you!"
    The Fu pull to say with smile:"Ability get Maya lady of value, that affirmation also not is general of talented person."
    The absolute being agriculture hurriedly say:"The thanks president cry up, I just make track for Mu the ability of Maya engineer, so pleased order about for her."
    The Fu pull to say with smile:"Can say that again, Maya's being definite be rare of talented person, has been embed not Lou, this time be willing to come out, my believe be the mankind's blessing!"
    Maya say:"President, that be the approval, we went together, and I once thanked first."
    The Fu pull to say:"Yes, tomorrow we go together, talks tomorrow afternoon, I already arrangement good special airplane."While speaking have already entered the saloon to the two people invitation.
    Etc. after arrangement is public to sit down, Maya say:"Don't know a president to the United States among nations of do position and function have viewpoint?"
    The Fu pull to say with smile:"I am a president, affirmation is the wish which inherit in the past a president, continue democracy of promote the our country, let whole all ability lead up the democracy, freedom of life.We not and easily launch war, be like this time England and international revenge the party cooperate in the Caribbean of the gulf region cause disturbance and we all didn't take military action."
    The absolute being agriculture of part wish:"Those be the people dissimilarity idea, otherwise you this adventurer has so kindness, is really funny."
    Maya say:"That had better, the contribute of scientist not be to let the Earth sink into war, but let mankind long-last of development.Past Einstein put forward so running before of physics theories, result but let permafrost adventurer make use of, almost demolished the Earth.Is this, I have been have a lingering fear."
    A words, government many Gao Guan in the United States, who speak, at that time don't know why speech rightness.
    Or Carl be more humorous, he say with smile:"Ms. Maya, you don't say so, distance two wars already a half-a-century, the Earth very harmony Yao, have no war contend for, so say your to worry is surplus of."Say that finish, do a grimace to stir everyone unbearable break into laughter voice.
    The absolute being agriculture say:"I believe our talks of tomorrow success to be the best answer of the Earth harmony!"
    This words are 1 and the fairy Di sign Ma3 Shuo:"Mr. Joe, your being true will talk, that I prepare to wish a negotiation success Luo!"
    The Fu pull to also say with smile:"That be the nature, I but be in the light of a sincerity go to of, if they be excessively true, I can't.Certainly I believe Ms. Maya and Mr. Joe to will bring us good luck, if let you get from it 《airtight Si especially theories 》of useful information, I will feel very honor."
    Maya say:"God protect us and I believe good luck!"
    The absolute being agriculture ask:"Don't know where tomorrow's talks hold?"
    Fu's pulling to see fairy Di be one eye, talked.
    The fairy Di say:"Currently the first step settle summer Luo in the capital that the saint in the Wei Er city islands give Ma3 Si Dao3 especially Maria."
    Maya say:"That isn't you the inside buy from government in England hand!This whether accommodation?"
    The fairy Di say:"This can't, so-called harm the person's heart can't have, defend the person's heart can't have no.BE add Lei ratio gulf, those be our sphere of influences, they three squares can be all difficult to cope with, so in consideration of the safety of our oneself, so can choice summer Luo especially Maria."
    The Fu pull hence the point nod and say:"Mostly circumstance so, concrete tomorrow we go to mbt shoes clearancesummer Luo especially Maria, my believing everyone is a civilization person, from have parlance."
    Public slightly make an arrangement again to the matter which left for talks, end, the Fu pull to say to Maya and absolute being agriculture:"You two today stop for rest first."Say that finish, then let fairy Di arrangement they two people have a meal a rest.
    The absolute being agriculture took a look Maya and mean can.
    Hence two people then under the arrangement of the fairy Di respectively rest.

    The upper part chapter 24 nine squares together gather
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-8-311:22:04 origin chapter word number:4327

    The second day early in the morning, the fairy Di then connect Maya and absolute being agriculture and say the Fu pull invite they together go the saint give Ma3 Si Dao3.
    Two people gladly go to.After going to the White House, Fu's pulling a group of people have already been wait them, still have a Chinese people among them, he is the United States the energy department minister always Hua, he heel Maya privately relation very good, the ordinary people don't know.
    Some kind of public polite after, top airplane, fly directly to saint to give Ma3 Si Dao3.
    Different meeting, arrive the Luo in summer especially Maria.
    After descending an airplane, the absolute being agriculture detection guard in the whole airport be very tight.The saint give Ma3 Si Dao3 a governor of province section Long, is a black, he go to airport to greet in person the Fu pull of arrival.Immediately after, at to the Luo in summer especially Maria all the road of Du mansion up, all have troops to guard, the abnormality be severe.
    The absolute being agriculture and Maya is next towards seeing one eye, heart:"See come the Fu pull to early have done a prevention work, this time the United States what trick can the aspect have?"Maya also heart way:"The estimate saint give there is still not a few troops outside Ma3 Si Dao3."
    The different meeting arrived all a Du mansion, public then at all Du mansion of rest hall temporarily rest, wait for England prime minister Daniel's arrival.
    Noon stem lead soon, Daniel then arrive, immediately after 66 continuous continuously come not a few people.
    The Fu pull and then go to greet in person and once the absolute being agriculture see, is also the person of various skin color to all have.Having 3 among them is among thema yellow race person, is one female for two years, special cause an absolute being agriculture of attention.After introduction, 1 be an admiral Li3 De2 Chuan of China, another then Japan of Foreign Minister once the small spring rest, but the that girl be then international vengeance party of great commander soldier Han2 Yu4, this person look age still light, the facial appearance be also good-looking.International revenge a party of work properly a major general also at, is Portugal man, there is also rice Xie the Er also at, she is in a Wei city person, colonel soldier title.Heel Daniel together come of incredibly have France president's Louis, Congo of You2 Jin's full general and Alice's major general of Germany, but have no Caribbean thief of the ginseng add.Think come also not oddness, probably this situation be definite to isn't suitable for pirate to appear.
    The absolute being agriculture wish:"Unexpectedly, today come so many people, estimate all blunt Alien come of!"
    After the brief rest, public then to the Luo in summer especially Maria all the meeting hall of Du mansion hold talks.
    The meeting hall is central is a common meeting table, then satted down respectively after go in.
    What to sit north toward the south is England prime minister Daniel, his the left side sit England navy's chief of staff many clear Ni gram full general, many left side then an England light hair beauty, rear admiral beautiful Sa young lady.Daniel's right side is the heel small spring of Li3 De2 Chuan a rest.
    What to sit on the east is Han2 Yu4, left hand side is exactly work properly a major general, work properly a left side is the rice Xie Er colonel.The right hand side of Han2 Yu4 is the Ji Xie Er captain of tall ship in the Wei city with have Chinese name of love Ji Si Mo person, Zhang Jin4, , Zhang Jin4 be the first mate of the Ji Xie Er captain.
    The west the leader is president's Louis of France, the left side is France admiral Luo orchid Sir and France councilman moxa Lin lady.The right hand side is Congo of You2 Jin's full general and Alice's major general of Germany.
    The end south is a host lord the Fu pull a president, the left side one by one in order is the energy department minister always Hua and fairy Di major general, the right side be Maya and absolute being agriculture.
    Such see to totally is nine political power and organization in the saint give Ma3 Si Dao3 to convene this time meeting, big appear lost in thought agriculture accident.
    After everyone arrangement sit quietly, Han2 Yu4 first speech:" The Fu pull a president, I hope you the United States put Bill's lieutenant colonel as soon as possible, and returned that Alien to us."
    The absolute being agriculture wish:"It indeed as expected is an Alien."Not from got to see once Maya, Maya be also looking at him.
    Listen to the Fu pull to say:"Great commander soldier, I know you international revenge a party, recent decade power the head be very prosperous, but you don't also has gone too far in insult.I can be explicit to tell you, I the United States the benefit be hard to match many country didn't afraid lead who.But I still get make clear, your airplane disappearance the affair have no relation with us.As for Bill, he was add Lei and don't seek our navy less than the gulf of bother, the this aspect our rear admirals fairy Di young lady can take out not a few substantial evidence.Certainly, I not hope ask for with you a some displeased, so I will return him to you, as for don't of what person and you be that Alien in, forgave me and really see."
    Han2 Yu4 Shuo:" The Fu pull a president, you don't push completely, at that time our motion tracker manifestation, big open Manx send out of airplane definite is to stay around Washington.The beautiful Sa general of this England can testimony."
    Once Daniel see and the power head be wrong and the explosive flavor be too heavy, allow of no beautiful Sa openings and then say:"This matter, necessarily have already misunderstand among them, so we don't quarrel first, but first analysis problem."
    After Alice listenned to say:"Daniel prime minister can say that again, after all airplane end is at Congo inshore disappear."
    At this time, the Ji Xie Er captain say:"Such, the problem be easy and that was someone to intentionally put the blame to the United States."
    You2 Jin of the one side quickly say:"The captain is to say an our country to intentionally put the blame, I now still doubt is BE not who intentionally seek our bother."
    Small spring a rest to say:"General, recent several decades, the development like absolute being of your country help, particularly is a military to focus attention the people of this world more.Try to ask, who dare to seek you to bother?"
    You2 Jin sneer at a way:"Little spring Foreign Minister, your Japan declined, jealous we?"
    Once the absolute being agriculture listen to and the heart say:"The this kind of people how to talk together Long!Estimate today made futile efforts."
    Has been having no the Louis of openings to say:"We at here talks can't have no according to of calculate.In fact affair is so of:First is work properly a general at big open Manx the white left for Svalbard islands the island be soon set out, is held Washington by the person.Immediately after flew to Congo after Washington brief stop over for a time, end at Congo inshore didn't signal.Six people in cabin, Bill's lieutenant colonel don't know what reason, is buttonned up in the United States, don't of person all disappearance, but packed the Alien's box to pack Bill's lieutenant colonel, the Alien also be missing."
    The rice Xie Er say:"There is an airplane pilot in the airplane is what other people pretend to be, this person and easy permit Shu very brilliant, deceive an excessive opportune moment field owner, so my dare affirmation be this person to make ghost."
    The Ji Xie Er say:"Shine on to speak so, this person not only easy permit Shu severe, effort also get equal get."Say that finish, not from got to see one eye Li3 De2 Chuan.
    Li3 De2 Chuan say with smile:"The captain is really a frank and outspoken, not afraid give offense to a person.Now world-wide locations which corner have no Chinese people, be some non- Chinese people, their effort also all is equal get."mbt shoes saleSay, see small spring a rest to say:"BE not and yes, little spring Foreign Minister?"

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