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  But four princes of flank can miserablymbt shoes, "light breeze" keep blow they be totally embarassed, the swallow-tailed coat exert ground, this bottom finally Lou also their true character, three male a female, is all handsome drop a residue, the United States of effervescent and good species.

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"Seeing to don't use to fight appearance isn't that the dozen do win this three eye teratisms!"Four princes have already been aware of Wang2 Ren2 courageously strong, do a four people all understand of signal.
  There is no worry any further, four prince back suddenly inflation, a rightness super and big bat wings make out of nothing, the swallow-tailed coat be there and then support of fragmented and disorganized, peep out inside the whole set of close fitting A, the side of the mouth Cape also don't know when peeped out a long thin Liao tooth, on the pure white face more deadly pale, live to take off be the blood-sucking vampire that the movie often put?
  "Blare!Finally peeped out original shape."Wang2 Ren2 courageously in the part make strangely learn wolf call, also don't want them but blood-sucking vampire, not werewolf, you learn wolf to call stem what!!!
  The audience of another part, see of loudly appeal to the public to satisfy, complete have no the facial expression of just upset"I want dishonor bill"!
  Wang2 Ren2 courageously has never continue useless talk, a Shan body be blunt past, picked one alone, beginning pain flat, although this prince brothers is eventually already a class appearance, still can not win against Wang2 Ren2 courageously of lightning flash speed, once became sandbag, only suffer beating of, strike back of, another three prince see, quickly blunt come over help.
  Wang2 Ren2 courageously certainly will not give them the opportunity to cooperate, when four people assemble, he a heavy boxing in the head of this prince, everyone know head to be the weak one of the place of mankind, blood clan also not another, wretchedness of the now unbearable heavy burden of the prince brothers, spray blood in, pour to fly to go out, fall on the ground, collapsed and fainted don't come to.
  Wang2 Ren2 courageously after solve prince, the Teng be empty but, in mid air again is 1 to sweep a leg, a huge form leg the blade roar and shout from his leg but, the facing come assemble of three princes shoot.
  Three prince original be hurried come to assemble, worked well too foot of preparation, the leg blade which see a disease soon and since then will shoot himself/herself and how do?
  Only use most originality of the method solve, the energy see towards bomb, three princes mutually to, already understand the other party think, together cooperate use "blood ability pound at wave", bomb of one be huge ring, blood ability pound at wave wasn't ungrateful to three princes of expectation, perfect to bump, the energy moderate strategy success, three princes immediately breath a sigh of relief.
  Only Wang2 Ren2 courageously in the another part, the mouth Cape side peep out one silk not easy check to feel smile, see original already disappear of huge form leg blade, suddenly become innumerable small leg blade, continue to shoot toward three princes go to, this kind of very small energy leg blade, true is impossible to effectively guard against, basically can't find its rules vestige, waited until three princes to be aware of leg blade and wasn't moderate at all, already whole all fall on the ground, or so and vacillating, pain and sufferings not already and immediately instauration normal appearance.
  Leg blade pound at of pain and sufferings call person hard description, crisp hemp painful pain, drill heart among them of bitterness, is also call person can't bear.
  This be Wang2 Ren2 courageously new unique recruit, the "abruption leg blade" solid comprehend, be split into innumerable small leg blade, attack opponent, to confuse the enemy have decisive function, and abruption mix up with energy to paralyze in the leg blade, uniform opponent that is light Er with one action.
  The Wang2 Ren2 courageously lazy ocean ocean walk to lie on the blood-sucking vampire in front on the ground, just thinking exhale red ball, with one action let them disappear, did he see make him a very shocked matter at this time???
  He see the only in four princes female of close fitting A damaged place, the back was just right spilt open a hole, pure white and delicate slippery of empress carry on the back to make person Xuan eyes, but perfectly carry on the back here best dead deathlessly engrave three horizontal Wang2 Zi4s, call the person flap wrist to regret!
  At this time Wang2 Ren2 courageously the mental state immediately turn over a river to pour sea and shiver of the body walk to female prince in front, careful of lo wear that three horizontal Wang2 Zi4s, more see more acquaint with, more see more benignity, "this be my notes!"
  But female the prince see Wang2 Ren2 courageously keep so to hang up and even took point Chi fan of hope her to carry on the back, immediately abashed of not line, original some pale of face unexpectedly mbt shoes clearancefade out one silk be red and dizzy, but the whole body paralyze, true is to have no a way arrestment Wang2 Ren2 to courageously infringe upon her, have to be devoted to, term Wang2 Ren2 courageously for the sake of!
  "You is beginning?"Wang2 Ren2 courageously concussion of ask, the facial expression of joy seem ready to come out on the face.
  "You BE?"The female prince lift that, oddness of ask!
  Although hear two words, the pronunciation of this two words, absolute is a source version Chinese language tone, careful stare at female the face of the prince, return true have several cent be like that year heel Wang2 Ren2 "beginning" of the childhood friends courageously likeness!
  Ha ha!Today wanted dozen sorrow again, first come solemn and impressive introduction once this"beginning".
  Beginning is Wang2 Ren2 courageously childhood of playmate(wife), that time Wang2 Ren2 be courageously 5 years old, beginning 4 years old, beginning original Chen2 Meng2, Chen2 Meng2's parents be a huckster, because have no time care Chen2 Meng2, give° Chen2 Meng2 Tuo their far building relatives(namely Wang2 Ren2 courageously of neighbor) take to keep, after 4-year-old Chen2 Meng2 arrive at Wang2 Ren2 courageously next-door neighbor to reside temporarily, Wang2 Ren2 courageously also attention top this lovely charming little girl(still don't know at that time what is love, know together very comfortable with Chen2 Meng2), hence 5-year-old Wang2 Ren2 courageously start overcome all difficulties and vanquish innumerable send goodwill gestures toward Chen2 Meng2 of"rival in love"(a little bit other kid in the village) with much ado of with Chen2 Meng2 Hao3 top, surroundings of playmate all call a drama to call him to be a leather sugar, dead skin Lai the face be hard to glue top, however can't denial, this be also the real strenght of certificate, if you line of words, you also glue.
  From now on two people are always together after, knead mud, Tao bird's nest, dress up as every family, as long as the ability play of, they all play, time more and more long, two people of"felling" also more and more deep, together the kid of age again laugh at Wang2 Ren2 courageously, later if Chen2 Meng2 don't marry to you and can you die for love suicide?At that time Wang2 Ren2 courageously which will think these matters, want ~only now lead good line.
  After three years, Chen2 Meng2's parents want to walk Chen2 Meng4 Jie, but at Chen2 Meng2 is connect to walk of the first 1 night, Wang2 Ren2 courageously after Chen2 Meng2 of carry on the back top engrave three horizontal kings, Yu righteousness' wearing you all is mine forever, ignore is now, be still future, ignore is to keep off, be still at present, certainly Chen2 Meng2 Pa4 is painful, dead live not to let to engrave, but still through don't live Wang2 Ren2 courageously on turning over to talk nonsense, careless of promise, Chen2 Meng2 Zou3, Wang2 Ren2 is not courageously sad, in his heart only a words"BE mine, finally is mine, isn't mine, rob also useless!"
  "You are courageously a Ren elder brother?"The female prince stare her big eyes and dare not believe of conjecture Wang2 Ren2 courageously a way.
  "Ha ha!You still understanding I, I still think did you forget!Beginning!"Wang2 Ren2 courageously almost happily spring up.
  Hurriedly stretch out hands to start to embrace Chen2 Meng2's that soft body, action in hand also not slow, energy quick spread, Chen2 Meng2 right away instauration consciousness.
  The person of distance, see difficult to express it second, how dozen thoroughly and not dozen, see Wang2 Ren2 courageously a facial expression, obviously picked up "treasure"!
  "Xi Xi!Ren courageously elder brother!You how became two Lang absolute beings, harm I be almost incognizant you, however you three appearance of eye, true make to smile!"Chen2 Meng2 Fang3 Fo found back childhood years and Wang2 Ren2 courageously Xi to make of personality, embrace Wang2 Ren2 courageously neck, laugh merrily a way.
  "This have what, you don't become blood-sucking vampire, I also want to ask, you how become a blood clan, and your parents?Do they know you to become blood-sucking vampire?"Wang2 Ren2 courageously embrace Chen2 Meng2 to from already of the phalanx walk.
  "Do not lift them, all of them be a bastard, still keep wanting how solve now of final phase, you pair of they dozen of remnants of remnants, harm of harm, dizzy dizzy, you say how to do!"Chen2 Meng2 looking at dark and black parliament member's way in the distance.
  "What how do, cool companion Bai!Wait a little while I cure all of them, then at manifestation I great three eye of violent, they still not letter of the darling roll to return to Europe!"Wang2 Ren2 courageously walk while say, "I this be called" turnip with big stick double tube it bottom" think to be not success all not line!"
  "Be still with past similar for your poverty, I every time is stir by you smile of the belly be all painful and you just give up!"Chen2 Meng2 stretched out the white delicate small finger Chuo once Wang2 Ren2 courageously of forehead way.
  "BE is BE!Small offense should ten thousand dead, again let old Fo Ye, smile the belly be all painful!"Wang2 Ren2 courageously continue I, this is what he that year on TV learn, usually stired Chen2 Meng2 Xiao4 to turn over a day with this, Wang2 Ren2 courageously and up to now return impression ascent deep, is exactly the palace idol of the Qiong precious jade at that time play red fire half side day, old Fo Ye, space space what of, red fire of impending.
  Chen2 Meng2 is unbearable any further, "burst Chi"1 smiled to come out, as if a brilliant the red flower bloom, make the person surprised and gorgeous, don't feel leave footstep to appreciate a turn over.

    A spool of Earth travel extensively to record chapter 47 list to pick a parliament(4)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-7-2617:29:21 origin chapter word number:2326

Walk all the way, Wang2 Ren2 courageously pair of 2 of business, nowise conceal of told Chen2 Meng2, he don't think because of at that time of hesitant pour with the result that later can't the embarrassed situation of ending.
  Luckily at this time of Chen2 Meng2 be not an of no importance either, for the business of man's three wifes four Qies, also have no how vehemence of reaction, dizzy suddenly and suddenly finished listen to Wang2 Ren2 courageously relate, he has already walked to at this time public nearby.
  Already tired get Chen2 Meng2 dragged along falsely hand over to a Bao double a double two female, also same of tell them"Chen2 Meng2 be the wife of his childhood years, ignore is now, still future!She BE!"
  Two female after finishing listen to, in every aspect and mutually Qu, "surprisingly when Wang2 Ren2 is courageously so small, study would bubble girl, no wonder that oneself drive when his successful all don't know, aftertime three people must solidify, can't again let Wang2 Ren2 courageously derail!"
  Hence two female tirelessly of brainwash for Chen2 Meng2, with"later can in no way let Wang2 Ren2 courageously again increment wife!"This topic, beginning Xiao it move with the feeling it with reason of advise to guide, Chen2 Meng2 original be the person of a sensitive faculty, there and then drive two female incendiary of lecture, touched of tearful, voice tears accompany bottom, and assurance aftertime certain maintenance"party" of benefits, obey"party" of order, in no case betrayal, dead subsequent F, this"party" certainly is three female just settle bottom three female allies, this allies of purpose be"resolute don't let Wang2 Ren2 courageously wife again increment!"
  Wang2 Ren2 courageously thembt shoes sale of course not know three females to already become organization, he aftertime of distress day

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