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 our country of hero, the old man can please to you, is already mbt shoeshonor it go to, as long as can recognize me as teacher, I be fully satisfied, this present life have no Han!"
  "We three people the wish do obeisance for a day, please for a day for the teacher, and accept."
  The Xiao is clear to point at skin, sword bone...etc. of put the huge sword tiger in one side and say:"This is we three people last night kill of two huge sword tiger of skin, sword bone, tiger bone, tiger meat, dedicate especially to the teacher, chat form inch heart, hope teacher to accept kindly.
  Hope ground top a big push tiger skin etc., stand at a side of loose the bone wait for someone to also can not help scared, past have two teacher younger brother to descend mountain dozen tiger, tiger don't dozen become, anti- sent life, looking at in front of three youth, look combine not exactly how strong, but like this ability, some other day necessarily matter in Chengkong University!
  The careless day see three people remarkable artistic skill, Be getting more happy and the favour say:"Good, good, you now was my disciple, you all through the night rush about, loose bone, you tell a building, noon arrangement tiger meat dinner, invite three small hero."
  The loose bone receive orders but go to.
  The careless day said the spring bamboo shoots:"You take their arrangement to arrive the first-class suite, most inside 1 live for kid sister, you accompany Xiao clear, outside Li3 Ling2 Zhu4."
  "Teacher, we three people time be limited, return to hope teacher immediately a professor skill in martial arts and we very early and early descend mountain and help for your country."Li3 Ling2 Kan4 till careless day isn't nasty not favour, oneself first worried.
  "You need not worried, want to practice force success, first be want heart quiet the ambition be hard, slice to hate in a restless and jumpy mood, so not only practice not good skill in martial arts, return meeting injury body, as for a matter of time, I will control.The careless day say that finish and then close the eyes for a rest."
  Listen to teacher such on say, the Xiao clear etc. have to Xing Xing however follow behind spring bamboo shoots to leave hall.Arrive at abode.
  Once everyone see, is also a stone house here, although display simple, window inside the house be several clear and clean, still put to put two fresh flowers in the room of small Ling, completely have no chivalrous man's living quarters in the imagination of monotonous the Yin be cold of felling, look careless day to three young men of an arrival still an another eye mutually see.
  Noon, master elder brother loose bone representative careless day reception the Xiao be clear a line, because of huge the sword tiger tiger meat dinner at mushroom Feng 15 in the last yearses is also a time, the master elder brother call many all of the pupils to accompanying guest, fully put 5 tables, connect frequently miscellaneous person etc. also another have arrangement.
  Seat, many pupil drink top of hill wine from the mushroom green lentil of the Niang, devour voraciously to eat tiger meat, repeatedly praise the meat flavor fresh United States, the master elder brother start to ask Xiao clear etc. how dozen tiger of process, the Xiao be clear just discuss a smile to say:"BE the edge of sword that it hit our three people up, not my etc. have what fighting skill."Pour is a small Ling straight talk from an honest person, said process 1 time, public repeatedly call strange, clear to Xiao have a great achievement not Lou to more and secretly admire.
  The wine lead three cruise, master elder brother an order:"Top soup!"
  See three boy carry to three fresh soup, before putting the Xiao clear etc. three human faces.The Xiao clear favour ask a way:"How only we have, still the cent give everyone!"
  The loose bone smile to answer a way:"This is the teacher is specially the Jian body of your preparation soup, is use top of hill a special rare mushroom, 5,000 years above of mountain three, overlord's dragon main beam of boat, longevity herb medicine and today of the sword tiger tiger bone together cook system of, small Ling teacher younger sister that inside still added hairdressing pollen, general just accept of pupil a meal all edible soup of arrive the two among those kinds cook system, be like you today can eat at a time all 5 kind, this is in the mushroom Feng be still a time, please quick drink, cold flavor bad."
  Xiao clear three people want to give° the cent of soup of Jian body public, the master elder brother stop a way:"If so, teacher would angry of."
  Three people have to quaff in one gulp soup, immediately feel whole body hot and dry, sit to sign not to live, small Ling face top is also that the Can be like peach blossom, beautiful and incomparable.
  The loose bone see three people drink and come out sweat bead on the forehead and say with a smile:"Now we arrive outside go to pleasantly cool."
  Public the lawn immediately come outside up, the loose bone point at a pair heavy reach to 300,000 gram rock Gang the bell be clear to Xiao to say:"The younger brother of the teacher, you to try and see."
  The Xiao is clear on see, get a fright, say:"Oh, my mama ah, I always lift weights have no more than 60,000 grams, this I absolute not line."Say and then want to go away, fear to bring shame.
  Loose bone a pull Xiao clear, say with smile:"You try to say again!"His arm dint biggest, the Xiao be clear and can't get away from, have to walk to Gang before the bell, bend the body, the hands hold firmly a horizontal pole, suppress foot energy, and 1 yell:"!"
  See Gang bell be been clear by the Xiao to lightly raise and many pupil applause together.
  The Xiao is embarrassedly clear to let go of Gang bell and the inside of the mouth say:"Dedicate ugly, dedicate ugly."
  In the mind but secretly shocked, this have so big effect, return take 1 for money teacher and princess Maria.
  There Li3 Ling2 because the hot and dry be suffered, oneself walk to 1 two Zhang Gao of pine tree underneath, the hands embrace tree trunk, a yell:"!"Unexpectedly connect pine tree a root to pull out.
  The small Ling see his two manpowerses big endless, lead to win public support a person connect the voice drink colourful, also ten a wooden staff with thick rim of bowl on the ground take in hand, wish to see oneself of the energy have increment, can warp it.
  The small Ling hands try to warp wooden staff, but don't think, just used 70% dint, listen to"Pa!"Of 1, wooden staff unexpectedly from in the center and together and together mbt shoes clearancebreak, frightenned small Ling to cry.
  The loose bone hurriedly come over here to comfort a way:"It doesn't matter, these wooden staffs are to use to do exercises in gymnastics of, ability just lane break to do exercises in gymnastics stick of person, mushroom Feng also only 34 people, surprisingly miss from here divine power, true not the Kui be a heroine and does the teacher still need to cry up you!"A words make the small Ling smile through tears.
  Public re- seat at table, push a cup pair of, it joy melt, fortunately the pass of master elder brother shine on public, can't advise the Xiao clear etc. to drink, so three people all have no with water generation wine slightly drunk.
  This tiger meat dinner, until setting sun west bottom, just spread a seat.
  Night, stone outdoor the noodles be the bright moon in the sky, moonlight will indoor spread into one silvery, spring bamboo shoots go out return, three people be not intentional to appreciate a night scene, the in the mind a short while miss money teacher and princess Maria, a short while again think this time learn a skill not to know to want many long time.
  Li3 Ling2 Wen4's way:"Past novel top say, do obeisance a master to learn a skill, little say that also wanting be above for 5 years, the first three years can lift water and cut wood, burn a pot to cook a meal, practice body just, if this continues, monkey year does Ma3 Yue4 then can return to a motherland?"
  The small Ling is also the bead tears Lian Lian, inwardly sorrow.
  The Xiao is clear to see companion be worry, although the oneself in the mind have no bottom, he by dint of the intuition feel:Careless day be not careless, absolute is an in this world Gao Ren2, oneself want to contain anger first, in order to prevent Li3 Ling2 and small Ling be getting more upset.
  Hence the Xiao be clear to say:"Two sister-in-law, need not be anxious, since the day please us, today make an exception reception more, necessarily have already make appropriate arrange, we now calm down, have peace of mind to go to bed, tomorrow see a day how arrangement?"
  Listen to Xiao clear such on say, Li3 Ling2 with small Ling finally no longer misgiving, can still not intentional sleeping, hence three people sit in silence indoor, hope a month to move toward west.
  Until later half of the night, indoor quiet terrible, three people still sleep an all of idea have no, at this time, listen to"ah" of 1, the door silently openned, the spring bamboo shoots silently slip away to come in, suppress lips with a finger and use very low of voice say:"The teacher shout you go to, quick with I come."
  Three people like acquire general amnesty general, immediately follow behind spring bamboo shoots to see a day.
  Light the electrode soon wish the everybody book friend flood dragon drama ocean, colourful Feng dance vast sky, please hurl recommendation ticket, collect this book and dedicate is 1 up the flower, give encouragement and support, many thanks!

    The text chapter 45 true pole achievement and consciousness flow
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:11:12 origin chapter word number:3724

  Xiao clear etc. three people arrive at for a day, the hall of the argument matter outside, the spring bamboo shoots say:"You go in, I at outside etc. the Ers."
  Wait until three people go in, the spring bamboo shoots take a door up, oneself at outside guard.
  Three people forward see go to, see Ran inside the hall several red candle, shine on inside hall very clear, the careless day sit upright on the tiger skin chair, the eyes be like torch, the voice be like clock, the complexion be rosy, like the youth, he loudly say:"Er etc. young the hero be no wonder, strange is etc. want a heart with classic justice, I true pole parties have already had more than 2,000 calendars history, obey of be 1'justice'two word!Past I break the whole customary rules vulgar practice, tonight induction Er etc. capability, but at teach achievement before, I need to ask three affair of Er's etc. and can Er etc. attain?Such as can't attain, the tomorrow descend mountain, do obeisance teacher one matter, all cancel, such as can make, instant induction."
  Three people kowtow in the ground, strain with the result that pole, the Xiao clear your book courage ask a way:"Excuse me, teacher, is which three affair, please for a day, the point be clear."
  "Er etc. listen to good, learn after, one is a capability can only Wei country, can't used for personal fights, two is a quasi- protection women and children old young, can't deceit male Ba female, three is always bosom kindheartedness of heart, can't successful day, make use of capability, collaborate with power expensive, bully a weak people, such, the capability eliminate, immediately from explode but Wu, don't  call teacher speech it don't prepare.Er's etc. can attain and life long guard securely it?"
  "We sincerely listen to teach, life long constant, such as against to carry on the back, sweet be subjected to a day Cheng!"The Xiao clear three people clear voice answer a way.
  "Such very good, returning to have 1:00 you have to remember, you regardless and when and where what circumstance, can not speak my name, title and many name of pupil, the name and place of mushroom Feng.Does the Er's etc.'s ability remember?"
  The Xiao is clear to answer a way:"We are certain to remember, however, I want to ask once, this is why?Does now much Wu3 Lin2 all is do Wu3 Xiao4 to earn money."
  "Er etc. hasn't to know, my generation have already had more than 20 generations here, the generation Zu teacher settle the next 16 word rules, self-sufficient, concentrate to fix force, Hao however Wu3 De2 and beg true beg pole.For this reason 3,000 in the last yearses, my generation is here sincerely teacher Xun, 採 world the spiritual influence of the yin and yang, practice true the fighting skill of pole, skill in martial arts already super and empathic turn, however never with the external world have the slightest a conflict, as for today pass Er etc., is an Er etc. sense of right blunt day, sign bottom for the rebirth of Taoyuan country a life time not big achievement, Er etc. will soon return to a Zu star, infinite cosmos, the calamity be like airtight fine drizzle, attend to me to please Er etc. to come, close fax pole fighting skill and Er etc., not is money, Er etc. understand?"
  The Xiao clear etc. connect Kou 3 ring head, hair from say of the bottom of one's heart:"True pole the fighting skill be the virtuous and tallest, we settle be keep firmly in mind."
  The careless day see Xiao clear etc. three people definite is good material, dark and pleased say inside heart:"That good, we now do exercises in gymnastics for the beginning."
  The Xiao is immediately clear with Li3 Ling2 station, a left a right, prepare that handing teacher go out to teach achievement, careless day the cachinnation say:"Need not, need not, I teach Er etc. capability, just indoors, 5 inside foot also.
  Day the language of, make three two monks of people Zhang can not understand brains, the in the mind think:This hall isn't a gymnasium again, how play open?
  The day see three people hair Yi and say with a smile:"True pole fighting skill induction have three methods, descend the method is a teacher speech to spread a body to teach, disciple depend on bottle gourd painting Piao, 5 years after, disciple can get fighting skill of 50%, medium the method be a teacher professor, disciple bitterness practice combine the ability always think Wu it, such 3 years after, can get fighting skill of 70%, as for top method, is adoption I from create of'consciousness flow'induction method, can at the twoth inside, pass a capability whole amount Er etc., but I it'consciousness flow'induction method, give loose bone induction lead 20%, others root no chance, you threembt shoes sale people term heavy but way far, past I entire number induction Er etc., Er etc. slice and can't neglect!"
  Xiao clear three people consumedly outrun to the big righteousness of the God's at this time oneself of expectation, immediately three people again kowtow to thank humbly.

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