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So you left?

Otherwise how on like? Up or scolded him achristian louboutin blow hit him? We do not want to spoil his mouth and hands. Renzi Xuan whispered.

It also can not just cheap, that bastard! Li Yuan Xi angrily.

How can that be? Is that we're stupid not blame others! Xiao Hui sighed.

It is not so say that boys are too much! Actually want to use you!

Alas Fortunately, even if we find otherwise would certainly injured.

This will not hurt? Li Yuan Xi not stop.

Did not you see we are now to support myself? Our own employees to spend their own money to actually not because Liu Yonghao how much harm on us just so people will not be because our life experience and use them at the most we happen to think that we are lucky admitted to the education constant. This is not called once bitten twice shy then?

But also we have been very happy! Every day is very substantial feel to live happy! Renzi Xuan Xiao Hehe said.

Always thinking on how to pass the time before but now we only have time to go wage earned their hard-earned money is the time when wages went to the mall shopping and then Na Zhaoqian Wow it feels really special about special happy. There are few days on the wages of the Lord! Haha! Really looking forward to it!

How to say I want you working? She also really want to feel that sense of pragmatic enrichment.

Haha you? You? Xiaohui Huai doubt that.

Why not? That work is not it?

NONONO not only the physical Oh! Monotonously right index finger Kogaya Xiao Hui.

If the only manual There is no issue, but it is important that you have to bear other people failed to understand the anger or irony. Missy doormat should not be able to do the work, right?

You can Why can not I? Li Yuan Xi rebuttal.

We are not the same! We are not yet complete when the bullied so often called a proud heart will not have something. Xiao Hui explained.

Work on the place and we can not casually into the bargain! Even if you think I am afraid we are not together! Renzi Xuan say the key thing.

Even if you can enter, but you thought you would be successful?

No! I do not believe this evil! I would also like to join! The more so the more they said she should work together!

If it is true? Oh you can not regret!

No way!

No? Really? Oh to be investigated!

Kogaya! After dinner, the Renzi Xuan Li Wenjie called study.

How the mother? Something?

Mom there'schristian louboutin shoes something you want to talk about.

What is it?

This is the latest addition to her mother every day, doing nothing at home watching TV online is very boring. So, Mom came up to look for a job.

She was in the relationship between the money it? If some of my money from four years ago, you gave me what tuition cost of living there is the card I did not move! Have savings can also be supported for some time!

Not the money your father and I divorced when he also gave me a lot of money, after all, no matter how the company is also not known the value of some money. I just hope something can be done to prove that they are not useless woman.


Mom recently went out to find a job, though not any good live though wages are not high, but my mother think that would very fulfilling.

Here Renzi Xuan laugh to hear her mother go! I support you! I am also a mother had the same idea so mother you go forward boldly! Daughter will be your strong backing!


Oh mom on the Plaza, and I bring up that I want to tell your aunt divorced yet?


Not? Do not you know aunt mother that temper! If she was aware of that you will be her Masi's!

But what if we let her know the reasons for divorce, she must not let your dad!

You still misses his mother?

How do you say that we have lived together for two years even if there will be no love, family love it! And before your father was also taking care of me though we sometimes fight, but still a little mother feel at least popular.

So that's no surprise that her mother was a gentle person is not always because of something beginning to quarrel with my father that she also believed that because they have no emotional life of the original mother just do not want to be too lonely.

Mom You're a wonderful woman! He should not you absolutely that he is lost! Renzi Xuan asserts.

Silly boy!

But I advise you as soon as her mother made a decision early to tell aunt.


I heard that someone outside the Plaza, said recently, referring to the things.

What? But not your father's company more famous for? How will spread out?

I think it was because he was group vice presidentchristian louboutin knockoffs of education Hang brother, right? And he a more than 40-year-old man took each one every day, the hand of a woman early twenties to attend various activities are not known for strange!

Days, how can it be! That she was dead ah!

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