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Guigong Gong Emperor in the Emperor not you let me see something I have to tell the emperor to his face at the request Zier
Zier girl is not Laonu but the emperor did notchristian louboutin knockoffs agree to any person under the order are not allowed to discuss the Emperor in the country gone wrong
This is the big can I! Gui Gonggong you bend the rules it!

After half an hour in front of the temple of the emperor noted that touch of familiar people seems to be how will the ball marginized here
Xiao Guizi
I in
Who is the door? How do I see people who seem to be cold Princess?
Back to the emperor is the cold Princess Empress of the maidservants Zier keep up the emperor is said to have something waiting at the door a half hour
Let her come in!

You do not wait on the empress how to run here come the little girl looked at the knees
Back to the emperor is the Goddess for slaves to tell the emperor empress was pregnant
What did you say? Empress was pregnant? If it is true? Throne of the emperor and whipped up a look of excitement station
Back to the emperor is really just let the imperial doctor has seen the Goddess two months pregnant

Both withdrew it! Xiao Guizi Suizhenquqiu marginized
No wonder the child was pregnant had recent months she likes to sleep I also love to do father had acid

No time to inform them of the ball marginized arrived on the red one thing crashed into the arms of the past
That girl turned out Laner
Laner you Huanglihuangzhang's doing? Goddess of?
Miss Emperor you were pregnant lady can not stand to save that girl like tossing straw-like grasp seized me
Goddess matter how clearly you how it? Does not work on children must not trouble the
You quickly go in to save the empress the emperor as a sudden she pushed me to wake up

Into the chamber was surprised to see children kneeling on the ground on which was actually sitting next to them the last four appear to give them a lesson I is not enough
The child suddenly on the ground to keep on doing
I rushed to see her in his arms holding her unconscious

Miss bleeding with blood coming Laner I suddenly shouted
I see even on children's blood flow and they are as much a smile flashed across his face immediately replaced with a startled look
Fast pass physician

How like the empress imperial doctor? Monthly children are still asleep, but it seems very painful expression
Please emperor Shuzui kneel to the imperial doctor a
Empress nothing can be nursed back to health a few days to restore only the empress of fetal stomach has not retain his job
I gave what proves impossible to die on the fetus
Indeed the emperor Chen

Emperor Emperor soon as the incoming call whispering in my ear
Like a child on how good you now? I held her hand and she is so pale and haggard
My child is not the emperor retain his job? She held her hand gently with the sad look on his stomach
I can only nod helplessly

Are directed at the group of the imperial doctor shouted Get out
The emperor is not good to keep your baby on children should not be too blame the imperial doctor of the emperor
Children you have a good rest on something I left to deal with I must also could not bear to look at your justice to her tearful eyes
Emperor Emperor a promise not to pursue the demand on child emperor promised her Is she really does not matter how I wanted the children but I see her just very sad
On children when you have a good rest I will come see you
If carefully looked after the empresschristian louboutin empress then you head to see what was wrong

Seemed rushed to get pregnant, but she had a miscarriage as a wedge here just want to add a little later in dynamic pro-power as to what they would look forward to it!

I woke up but could only hear the voices outside the knees of the imperial doctor looked at the floor I know my baby has been away from me
My heart hurts, but how can I do what I

Yan Huang grandmother the Queen Mother and child came to visit me, too, stay with me even bear to hurt them had Jiangdajingshen
Yan naturally toward my children I want for my comfort outlet
The Emperor and the Empress of their grandmother comforted me as I deplore the same after all this is their first child, but it is in my mind wandering
The identity of all four of their valuables as they are behind even know it was their practice of deliberately moving them can not go a half hours, but I love them although they are more aware of the rules of the palace
Even though I hate them even if I want to leave here if I felt too much resentment can not do anything I can only despite their bullying worth mentioning for this country to the emperor what of my grievances
May be the emperor has no longer been around since that day I really do not know do not know whether his mental
He was thinking but could not find his extreme helplessness of my heart
All of the helplessness and anguish I have no way to say thanks to them, accompanied by Yang also true that only he can understand what I really know my pain and frustration as real to me as an ordinary person to ingratiate themselves with friends
Mind a piece of the past have, and drifting in my mind are, and Yang Rui

I heard that Miss Guigong Gong Emperor Imperial Noble Consort them to dispose of the instrument allows to Miss revenge Laner happy rushed to his face
Laner you say is true? Surprise from her discourse together
Is heard Miss Qing emperor and the minister is mysterious door to discuss it, but the Emperor can not bear to miss heart
What do you know you forgot I told you about that? My face Nuse
Miss Laner know this, but to the emperor was their own making!
Well, I went to Yuen Lanerzier Qing Fu
Miss not wait for her to say everything I have held her she had escorted me to go out

Xuanqing ectopic I heard the Minister of controversy inside the imperial concubine, the emperor can not expect such a punishment also think twice
Biography ear the cries of the opposition also has his high-handed

I went to Gui Gonggong notification Should the emperor can not see me I can not afford to finish outside Changgui really have to kneel down
I can not support the body while the emperor not know why I believe he will meet with me

How do you come on children
Goddess help your home up fast
The emperor did not promise not to pursue the matter on children on children can not afford to Changgui
This is how your child on it?
The emperor had no children, but can also be further

You do not have much say did not think you really hate the children I
The emperor is not how he would think so I quickly explained how I was or was he interrupted
I have not seen you so cruel to your mother that I misjudged you! Tone as cold as
I could not help the tears flowing down despite Laner and Zier helped me to go back

I bent to him but he even let me say I am uncomfortable withlouboutin knockoffs the most painful loss of my baby is not your Majesty

I'm sorry for writing pro-have not even read their own written text will be sad sad could not help but regard will be happy to go and went, it was not willing to go too hard for them by parents who have opinions, but if we must mention Olympic Dual will try to correct it!

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