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replenishment and personnel, the row detailed list come up, I as far as possible satisfy."
  Exultation in Qatar thank and Chen2 Da4 Cheng2 flick a way:"The circumstance is urgent,mbt shoes you this bottom handle affairs."Qatar right away sign is salute, the big step livinged breeze to walk to go out.
  After the figure which hope him disappear, Chen2 Da4 Cheng2 is to grandson's way:"Are the family members of this Qatar in the empire territory?If not at of words, you go to pick them up to come over right away.Be at, you also the parties person get up their surveillance, understand?"
  Chen2 Wei3 Jie2 is a little bit big it head, way:"I am understand, I be understand ……"
  Looking at to nod to be like chicken Zhuo a rice grandson, Chen2 Da4 Cheng2 flicked to wave hand and disgust a way:"Quick go to!"
  Lambaste in the heart of Chen2 Wei3 Jie2, once turned body ash to slip away to run.
  While arriving at an outside, he want to put a cachinnation, can he be still that the dead suppress, touched touch the face of big gorilla with the hair hand, nasty to Huang2 Dian3's Wang2 Fu3 but go to.
  Arrive at Wang2 Fu3, but Qatar have been already arrived first and two people be some kind of to see and almost put a voice to laugh wildly in same times.
  "What ……what affair such funny?"Huang2 Dian3 Jian4 arrive to mutually see but smile of two people, don't feel can not understand brains a while, the ground of Leng Leng ask a way.
  "The fleet conductor that we long for day and night power without basis but decline!"Though already body Wang2 Fu3, Chen2 Wei3 Jie2 still a small voice say, but the inside of the tone be full of hard cover up of excitement of feeling.
  Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2 is nasty to ask detail, Chen2 Wei3 Jie2's favour satisfiedly describe just affair for take place, connect Chen2 Da4 Cheng2 of a speech a line all description meticulous extremely, speech again is a burst of cachinnation.
  Huang2 Dian3 is in the part repeatedly shot Zhang, way:"Really get whole not fee effort!The day bless us and this time important event necessarily become!"
  Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2 but listen to quietly, after finishing listen to sank in to contemplate.
  Three present man all looking at her and wait her openings.
  Led very in a short while, Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2 just noded a way:"Condition about already mature, elder brother, you pour cup tea for me, again go to pair of plum mountain and He2 Kui2 Jiao4, we now account an argument well some kind of."
  Chen2 Wei3 Jie2 for younger sister oneself regard as the servant order a milli- inattentive, after finishing pour the tea and drinks can not restrain to Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2 excitement of he also not go out call hired labor robot issue on order, unexpectedly in person luck true spirit full Wang2 Fu3 Kuang2 fly, end at Wang2 Fu3 dime pair of this two people connect drag along to take to pull to seek.
  He2 Kui2 Jian4 show the feeling of the excitement of to Chen2 Wei3 Jie2, guess have to have important event occurrence.In his heart early account an argument have already settle:Settle want help Huang2 Dian3 to usurp throne success, only have so lord Mr. remaining Kang just have already struck against Huang2 Dian3 of possibility, and end sit God.So he the nature be in no hurry at this time.
  Six people gather in the secret room in living room, Chen2 Xiao3's reason the reason temples Cape messy hair silk, with most grace of looks after sit quietly, first openings:"The now condition about and all match at first of expectation, nine day, Xuan arm of Sao disorderly make that a few old guy have no time to divide time and can not consider of our important events;Cosmos fleet of conductor the power be big part fall in the our hand, when the time comes dozen in Qatar report, as far as possible want warship more hand line;Rest nation also support we, as long as time take precautions against their schemes, should problem not big;The imperial palace outer circle defend also in we control;The tide city of that bad boy is cope with by Li3 Ping2.Connecting down us should negotiate once how make Dian the elder brother sit up the Huang."
  Chen2 Wei3 Jie2's way:"Certainly needing to kill now is certainlythat emperor, you of the Dian elder brother then can sit up the Huang."He see a younger sister be so many people be also a "Dian elder brother" of Huang2 Dian3 Zuo4, some isn't a flavor in the heart.
  The white of Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2 his one eye, way:"Elder brother!You exert to say useless talk, strive for the dynasty usurp throne where have so simple of?Total oneself can't acknowledgement oneself killed nowadays emperor?That Dian elder brother's prestige not is didn't?History top usurp throne of monarch, have who acknowledgement does oneself usurp throne?"
  The bitterness of Chen2 Wei3 Jie2 wear face a way:"That do you say how to do?"
  Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2's way:"The order gram Lai strictly guard an imperial palace when the time comes, don't put anyone to come out and owner Xu3 Jin4 forbid.Then is lead the way by the plum mountain, only you acquainted with an imperial palace most here.He2 Kui2 take your underneath to be loyal to you of the person follow plum mountain to go in, see 1 kill 1 and 1 don't stay!The effort of those imperial guards compare with you of the inferiority be bad far, should have no dint resist be.The all of owner killed light for me and include the emperor of disease of that effeminate man!"
  Huang2 Dian3 is some cant not bear to heart, after all imperial palace is he from small used to live of house, inside many maid-in-waiting once served him, acquaintance, who also have him in the imperial guard, so he hesitate openings way:"Whole kill light?Not all right?"
  Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2 humed 1, way:"Matter in Chengkong University is unconventional, otherwise, difficult way the scandal which want them to usurp throne you spread go to?"
  Huang2 Dian3 immediately and rendered speechless, lowly head.
  Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2 again way:"Whole killed light just talk, when the time comes we say the emperor of that disease suddenly meet to stab, have internal rebellion in the temple, there is spy the sneak into, imperial guard and enemy all Wu, then again to the imperial guard for fall in action with inside wait on the family of maid-in-waiting thick add pacify, end gram Lai old man the son seek to do a scapegoat, say him to defend an imperial palace not dint, grant his[one] whole corpse, done in complete secrecy result he, then Dian the elder brother postpone in ten thousand sorts bottom, drive cluster the minister Huang2 Pao2 Jia's body, the Anne safe and steady body ascend a big treasure.Till then, world person who dare to say you to strive for a dynasty to usurp throne?"
  The bitterness of Chen2 Wei3 Jie2 wear face a way:"Does the difficult way want Lai old man son to also assassinate the gram?"
  Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2's way:"Is that the Re certainly, return to want you to much say?Later to his family so some, he has already know under the spring, want to necessarily also have peace of mind."
  Chen2 Wei3 Jie2 again way:"How to do that old man son and 1 in Tang's house in that my house?"
  Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2 should answer such as flow, way:"Certainly deceive them to say when the time comes, the emperor want them to arrive an argument matter in temple, after waiting them to go into a temple together Tu clean, say an assassin to be what Tang gift year lead come when the time comes, he want to strive for dynasty usurp throne, my house that dead the old man was murder by him of, immediately after the military police be in clear and ordered pattern to surround Tang's mansion, the big power laser bombard with artillery shot some kind of, bomb deathless of is surround by the military police superior to there and then execute, then world peace."
  A few men in every aspect and mutually Qu, could not say words to come.
  The end way of Chen2 Xiao3 Qing2:"At the same time, order Li3 Ping2 take over tide city and uproot that bad boy in the new solar system of havings influence, but Qatar lead a cosmos fleet to capture a new moon star, when the time comes economy is all kneaded in hand heart by us with military, everything be over.That time, an all new ages beginning!"
  Chen2 Wei3 Jie2 bite, way:"Can get 1 for the sake of the people of empire fairer of existence environment, we stem!"

    Formal edition 128 times plan big retreat
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2009-5-1315:30:12 origin chapter word number:6240

   Tube not station French window in remaining Kang office before, take a distant look inside aerospace harbor busy of crowd, such as the poem then see her hand and foot hemp benefit in the thing which in quiet tidy up remaining Kang of kind son, unique difficult imagination she the past be just my daughter whom one is very naughty to love to make to living.
  Recent she be more and more lovely, one anti- past noise act in pettish of man's natural character, pair of tube not- nearby all fragmentary of small matter ten Duo get of.Just at the thought of tube non- heart in bear in mind constantly of person's son, she forbid not to live with no reason mournful and unbearable.
  The setting sun is inclined to shine on tide city, the whole mansion this half of huge body be deeply buried in the shadow, such as tube not general.Tube not this whole life saw to destined life reverse side in remaining Kang, brilliancy belong to remaining Kang, but mild then belong to tube not, however tube not is from sweet mild-"prosperous at the me if the floating clouds".
  Be the half of big office is deeply shot by the setting sun at this time but fashion, he also prefer to stand in half of another shadow, take a distant view far-away place, the whole individual seem to be to dilute Ping-ho and imitate Fo and nature merge into an integral whole.
  "You say our mankind's home town-galaxy of on the earth, whether also have so of setting sun?"The tube not and suddenly sighed tone and the euphonic Ping-ho ground say.
  "I think and should have?Jot down to have on the historical records, don't know now what's the matter.",Such as poem, uncertainly say.
  "Having no setting sun will also have meteor of, eldest brother tell me to say to have a very beautiful meteor shower on the earth, his hair lead the Shi will take Yang2 Qin2 to see that kind of a meteor shower."The tube doesn't  say very equanimity, but,such as poemmbt sale, listen to him make reference to Yang2 Qin2 but felling can not stand, nose a sour, the eye socket be all red.
  "Does not my whole life know the meteor shower that can see that kind of brilliancy?Perhaps could not see forever."The tube doesn't  ask myself to answer.
  "Your meeting of, perhaps can you take Ms. Yang2 Qin2 to see?",Such as poem, say that finish this sentence, forbid not to live to stretch out a small hand to put on to put on eyes.
  The tube non- wry smile way:"Say what which?Don't say those words for far off the mark, perhaps I can take you to return to the Earth to see setting sun."
  Such as poem eyes a bright, but immediately dreary bottom go to, You hatred the ground say:"The current affairs is difficult to anticipate, who know later how meeting is?"
  The tube is not- pure to smile 1, way:"You small age how seem to see through the emptiness of the world general?"
  Such as poem Jue small mouth, way:"Do you also think the pole He Sha   than my big Huan?
  The tube doesn't  shake, way:"Good, don't say these.Rightness, thing reason good?"
  Nod such as the poem point, way:"About good, the thing of president's in home have already pack as well, direct send to the aerospace harbor, alas ……"
  The tube non- way:"You can think clear ah, follow me go to, with you of the family separated, we this time went far breeze star area after, also don't know which year then can again come back ah, don't you worry at the difficult way of family of river summer?Your house but big clan of river summer!"
  ,Such as poem, firmly say:"I early already think clear, at far breeze university other learn what, but personality of independence I but learn, stay here sooner or later would drive household Be trade the article sell, I want oneself decision oneself of future!"
  Tube don't  looking at the facial expression that weak my daughter living face top in a determined manner, at that time creation some touched, but immediately drive Yang2 Qin2 Gao big of the shadow pressed down to go to.
  The "Du Du" voice ring out and,such as poem, connected video frequency communication right away, but was colourful to create the insect hole that the younger sister spread from the faraway steel star communication.
  "Feed, the tube didn't  immigrate airship to is right away, this time can a to be 10 hey, and I construct of time special enlargement the space jump up distance, you be quicker arrangement those immigrate go aboard."Colourful create a younger sister jubilant say.She obviously for construct by herself of new style immigrate airship very satisfaction.
  Tube not point nod, way:"That you adjust 5 to the new moon star, Yang2 Qin2 is there also demand!"
  Colourful create a younger sister to say with smile:"I have already thoughted of, another had 10 to go there toward her."
  The tube didn't  want to think, way:"Only 20 return not enough, I here have everywhere immigrate, south continent the west, the tide city still has section Long the republic also possibility someone want to walk, on the in addition a little bit other place of wishes immigrate, but new moon star that side have to be collective immigrate, so demand more of immigrate airship."
  Colourful create a younger sister to nod a way:"Okay, I be original to still add nasty rush through to build, now build good 1 fly to come over 1 right away.Rightness, that dislike of control to ruin?"
  The tube doesn't  shake, way:"He movements in old man's house be very mysterious, a find out what news, he pass to encrypt communication to tell me for the meeting, this time big retreat activity be after getting his intelligence report, I just decision of.As for his movements, I also not too clear."
  Colourful create a younger sister a small mouth on raise, way:"Hum!That bad egg is secretive of, the person be unlike a person, ghost be unlike ghost!Good, not with you much chat, I will add a nasty manufacturing emigrant airship and usually keep contact."
  The tube is not- silent to nod, colourful create a younger sister hence turned off insect hole communication.
  Wanted to think, tube not the decision go to aerospace harbor tour some kind of.He just prepared to leave, the tide city Jing Jian the Hao was virtuous to run to come in.
  "Oh,my! ……superior ah ……the important event be far from good ah, tide city originally of mayor Li3 Ping2 unexpectedly came back!"The Hao is virtuous to run out of breath.
  "How?What matter occurrence?"The tube not and at quiet ask a way.
  "That Li3 Ping2 come back quasi- didn't good matter!I guess him after is adjust to leave tide city, settle will it is said that he be adjusted a sinecure towards shooting a government a king his highness heart a bosom disaffection, , his behavior I can clear very, absolute very unwilling."The Hao is virtuous to say.
  "But also can't light with his behavior calculate him and make what bad matter?"Tube not doubt way.
  "BE not, what person can you know him to this time bring?He took 1 to employ a soldier!I check clear, totally have five teacher!"The Hao is virtuous to stretch out five finger of fat Dun Dun and put in front to sway to sway a way.
  The tube is not- this time finally wrinkly tight eyebrows, wanted to think, way:"Did far breeze company all employee's family receive aerospace harbor?"
  The Hao is virtuous quickly form achievement the sort nod to admire a waist way:"I handle affairs you to trust, this matter still don't give to do secure appropriate be of?The main personnel's family members all as early as aerospace harbor waited for, the other personnel's family members also the most have already connected to come over, however ……"
  The tube doesn't  ask a way:"However what?You are to me talk a nothing important good speak hesitatingly of, have you already seen me blame and scold you?"
  The Hao virtuous Xian smile a way:"Dare not, your behavior descend an officer to admire impending.BE so, your father insist on to wait until south continent the west all would like to immigrate of all of the person walked and his old man's house just would like to walk."
  Tube not of father tube big for was appoint by remaining Kang is south continent the west region of temporary archon, he behavior morally upright not, so unique would not like to at people didn't°yet all walk before withdraw.The tube is not- understand father of intention, also much do not say what, order the Hao be virtuous special tail that Li3 Ping2.
  Wanted to think, he made the Hao virtuous again the Yi is to the notice gold connector the city defend a soldier.Although the gold Yi be already change to being responsible for a personnel work,she be what tide city city defend regiment to Be from, she at the right moment is temporarily led city to defend a soldier match Hao by her in the tide city again at this time virtuous surveillance Li3 Ping2 with those employ a soldier, think right.
  After Hao is virtuous to walk, the tube didn't  connect a new moon star again there of converse, Yang2 Qin2, Hua self-renewal and Ni Lu and Fu orchid gram appear on the video frequency in the meantime.
  Tube don't  see Yang2 Qin2 or unbearable one Leng, every see her is so, ever since that time understanding Yang2 Qin2 that beginning, there is no an exception.Only first of intense emotion past after, now of he early study would oneself of affection caution of embed in the heart bottom, over there, the affection slowly precipitate a cake of crystallize steel, durable and clear and clean.
  Wise and farsighted such as him, certainly understand ll affection be mankind of wishful, his existence and can't because of affection but disappear.Can sometimes, he again prefer to believe, affection be everything, rest all is madness.He very antinomy, but person is not life in the antinomy?
  "Kid seek us to have what matter?"The Hua self-renewal to see remaining Kang this small him the person of a lot of year old and always feel abnormality benignity.
  The tube doesn't  wake up from contemplate, way:"BE so, now situation abnormality strain, Huang2 Dian3 there will start have big action, such as he be necessarily a government, can'ted permit us, calculate he be wrong we take action, another the attitude of several big country also very ambiguity, don't know will take what action.In fine, now is should big retreat of time, if we now drag and pull, probably future will very and passive."
  The Hua self-renewal to nod a way:"Understand, we right away carry on thoroughly of immigrate.Rightness, those research Dan medicine of the guy withdraw first to walk, this but we make money with exaltation fix Lian level of key."
  The tube doesn't  forbid not to live to Yang2 Qin2 Dao4:"Piano piano, you leave first, with a batch walk together, your elder brother can not trust you, he now not at, you even want caution protection oneself."
  Yang2 Qin2 determinedly shake, momentarily she give tube not of felling with just of such as poem similar, tube don't  know, Yang2 Qin2 who have this kind of facial expression can't advise, this girl once coming to a decision a certain matter, she will persist more than remaining Kang.
  Yang2 Qin2 indeed as expected way:"The elder brother let my management new moon star, I will never the ability walk first before the people withdraw, I know you to also in no case will walk first, so let us together be last a batch."
  The tube doesn't  smell speech dark and pleased, though worry Yang2 Qin2, but hear Yang2 Qin2 active want with oneself Be last a batch withdraw, he still forbid not to live happy.He not from remind of oneself unique of that vindicate, at that time Yang2 Qin2's words already deep in his heart bottom, he remember at that time Yang2 Qin2 Shuo over:"Future who all don't know how meeting is, perhaps we still have an opportunity ……"
  "Opportunity"!At the thought of this words, his heart can not restrain to palpitate for the beginning, slowly point nod, he way:"That is all right and come to a decision so.Rightness, colourful create to say her manufacturing of immigrate the ship is right away, you do preparation work, anyway the new moon star be those people to ignore wish in our control currently would not like to, first order they go aboard again say."
  Ni Lu not from say with smile:"BE rule by small piano piano, those people how can would not like to?The now small piano piano is on the new moon star fame but good can't again good, everyone like to listen to hers."
  Yang2 Qin2 is say by him embarrassed, head all pendency.These days of, because of she nature the Ren be kind, the person also grow the United States, again is remaining Kang the younger sister of this dictator, so mbt shoes clearancebe excessive and long, Yang2 Qin2 is on the new moon star is hand over praise, reputation even already cover lead remaining Kang.

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