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Xiao Yun Ti could not help but applaud it good to hear did not think you have such a profound insight! Xiao Yun Ti admire!

Hey general general it! Murong Lan ashamedchristian louboutin knockoffs that she said what are the previous lessons!

But you need not worry about this kind of thing would never happen in the general adult body!

Do not? No I do not trust you want to see you Fuhuang I go with you so that you behind my dad's ill!


Hsiao Yun-Ti with Murong blue palace to meet with the emperor happened to Chen-yuan General Murong fly waiting at the door are two blue Xuanzhao Murong bored lying in the door on it even more amazing coincidence is that they overheard the discussion was the matter.

Xuanzhao eunuch and before the first to say it Murong Lan asked not we go in?

So Xuanzhao eunuch if his mouth open just a nod do not say it has been out of sight Murong blue.

After entering the main hall kneeling emperor Murong blue adult good splash. Such as the emperor did not speak directly to stand up straight to his dad Murong fly not mean you too! I'm afraid you are affected as adults by the emperor for you to click, the accidentally choked over his beauty Xiao told that I regret it all Who knows your account to your account on account of the Bai Dao Shi informed me!

Murong Lan fast and consistent coherent series of actions to the people present confused surprised a moment surprised a moment's attention turned to follow her.

What is this place does not look so do not rule! Murong fly reprimanded Road.

Not that palace? Amiable amiable Emperor then how adults would be angry too! First give the top button labels to even get angry too embarrassed to say angry! And then deliberately turned around and asked adults Road is not an emperor?

En I will not be angry. Xiaojun Yu laughed Hsiao you just said the U.S. people?

He! You do not think he beautiful? Murong blue one next to Xiao Yun Ti means.

Results Xiaojun Yu is not the Emperor laughed Murong style flying muzzled suppressing.

Daddy how do you it? Facial cramps? I'll see if it is very good on the body. Murong Lan seriousness result is some laughter.

Xiao Yun Ti angry teeth Qiqiaoshengyan he sent to kill it!

Murong Lan looked really angry quickly in the past coax hehe Do not be angry! Do not call you a 'beauty' you without out fast! Big men should measure stomach to be able to pole a boat! Do not be angry Oh! While not forget to talk with Xiao Yun Ti slapped back.

Xiaojun Yu and Murong Fei Hu Wang Xiao Yun Ti has a little treat has a mild temper and accurate to say that nothing can make him angry could lead to his interest in the situation since the encounter Murong Lan completely different expression on his face a lot more like a rich person!

Well, Knock. For that matter I do not know who the two of you think? Xiaojun Yu Open Road.

Murong blue one emperor wanted to let her and Xiao Yun Ti raised his right hand to express their views directly to me!

His Highness You sit! Answering the question again to you apologize small! Hsiao Yun-Ti was the result of a mind supercilious.

Reached the central hall pedantic Murong Lan learn the way the old hands shook his head in the next backs that although Lee never recruit people to be very deep thought, see I do not like him but he is still not audacious enough to be deemed collaboration he did not the boldness of vision unless ...... unless he was quite behind him!

Ting him? What do you mean? While flying to accept Murong Murong blue cropped up from time to time but to accept the fresh word does not mean to understand.

Ting He refers to someone behind him he was asked! As Well Who Ha ha is not I consider the scope of the! Emperor adult heart should be a few!

Murong Lan remarks to several people present a new understanding of her eloquent 得理不饶人 did not think all day long the mantra of nonsense Murong Lan problem so a thorough analysis of the words blunt instrument!

Capital markets booms Murong Zealand it has been a distance of shopping the shopping himself can not remember the last is how long ago the only thingchristian louboutin boots  I remember his eyes full of full of food like a hungry ghosts are the same.

Walk in the ancient streets have a kind of ancient charm irresistible green brick road blowing pretty rustic porch bustling market in the city he once toyed with the moment of coincidence this is so true a thousand years ago the city in its own eyes.

Although not seen or winter flowers bloom, Exquisite Beauty But Stern has a unique charm mottled hand touched the wall I do not know whether the ancient city after years still do not know if there will be this 'ancient emperors' city full of the curious polished off the illusion of years of vicissitudes?

Hsiao Yun-Ti has been quietly observing the expression Murong Lan Lan Some think today's Murong not the same as deep a little bit sentimental, and before that twitter Huangmaoyatou different person.

How do you it? Xiao Yun Ti asked aloud.

? - This return calls Murong Lan God heard nothing but ...... but ...... I know what to say Murong do not know what to say Portland can not tell him who he was years later it not to its strange when a madman too!

I do not know you in the hall today to discuss the matter, what other view?

Bai Lan targeted Murong thought then to find the evidence is very simple! Sent mixed into the overheard their conversation, or get their correspondence!

Dan Xiao Xiao Yun Ti target does have to be evidence, but easier said than done!

Also have such courage to dare to act against the emperor's no evidence the general population should there be so easy to mix into and can not even be able to hide their conversations secretly recorded a large living are easily found!

Murong Lan brain suddenly flashes Who says someone must be recorded in that conversation! Haha the lady may have a secret weapon too!

Hsiao beauty as long as you have the means to target sites I get the evidence I have the way!

Xiao Yun Ti a frown.

Only when I was so aware of our name this is my nickname for you Oh!

Xiao Yun for her unreasonable Ti can not say anything.

What do you do?

Do not tell you before that time you will know! Then feed Murong Lan Zeizei smile if I do not trouble easily resolved this matter will be rewarded adult emperor?

Of course! What do you want? Xiao Yun Ti chuckle this guy makes no profit from the sale.

I am only interested in gold and silver like the other thing in life is not taken into account in!

Hsiao Yun-Ti do not know what to say the love of money never seen such a blatant love women!

Murong Lan suddenly heard his stomach in the protest said, embarrassed that I'm hungry, where something good?

Come with me.

Lan Xiao Yun Ti Murong that will take her to an upscale restaurant did not think she received a very confused nondescript roadside stalls or the wooden stalls wonton and thick cloth surrounded.

Lan pointed Murong share some breaking of the ravioli I said His Royal Highness will not be Rhythm is king here, right?

Yes. What is wrong with it?

Not very properly not a very proper! His mouth did not expect the pampered princes gold spoon beauty who grew up in this place will actually eat! Worthy of praise!

Then an old man came over, did not see youchristian louboutin for days Xiao Gongzai a very busy!

En. Busy these days some. Hsiao Yun-Ti is also shelf without Royal Highness said with a smile and humble.

He often comes to the boss? Murong Lan Hui Changlai little curious how dignified Royal Highness this place?

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