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smiling face of face how also cover up not her heart in of joy.
  "Leave, the front was a reference room and you hurried to look it mbt shoes clearanceup the data which want to seek by that time, then we be just think a way to leave here!I always feel whole body uncomfortable here, seem have what dangerous is close to general."Gram Lai Er part conjecture surroundings of circumstance, part misgiving of say.
  The Di Ao tooks a look ground up a great deal of corpse of spider and is tie up by the spider's net be like mankind's corpse of cocoon, Zhang Kou3 Wen4's way:"I see be you some nerve strain and looking at these spiders, being a person will have drizzle felling!."
  Wen Ni2 Jie of the one side say over the words at this time:"Should is not so, with previous see this big spider of felling totally different, I also have with gram Lai Er similar of felling, seem have this kind of let person's heart palpitates of dangerous is close to general!Always I miss us quick certain activity rightness!"
  "Chemisette intuition?All right, we hurry an activity.Or so protect a method to open a new road, target reference room!"Also don'ting know Di Ao is BE not freedom hold, in still have no of strain atmosphere.

    Two break out of Lai be willing to the foreign body raid of the city chapter 042
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-2915:52:04 origin chapter word number:2568

  All the way up, two females polished off almost 100 spider with giant variation, but had never seen whichever to live a person and see come at three people arrive here of time, here have already become a den of spider.Looking at the body was stained with not a few spider's net and the Di Ao cannotted help but complain a way:"Is really of, the police station should be a population to flow the most severe place, how kept so many spider.Come out 12 cockroach what of give point new experience all right."
  "Line, have never let you stem live you don't be also loquacious!Return cockroach, only these activity osculant spider enough let we*heart of, you don't give us add disorderly ok or not!"Shoot to fly the spider had been fly to rush toward to come over with the machine, the gram Lai Er toward Di Ao to very not and greatly say.
  "Ha ha, all right!"The Di Ao toward a gram of Lai Er to very naughtily blink eyes, however at gram the Lai Er return overdo continue to tidy up spider of time, on his face again instauration emotionless touch kind.This pour isn't him to feel not great to gram Lai Er, but he also the beginning felling is to a kind of arrival of crisis feeling, strong of oppress the dint let always easy of he also have some have scruples about.
  To after death took a look, the eyebrows of Di Ao be together tightly wrinkly, "have to what things come over?Shouldn't, arrive at the fourth floor all the way, if is what severe living creature should have already come out rightness just.BE what things!"He the guess that take not in the brain, always felling arrive seemed to neglect what, but at that time have already can not recall.
  Pass to cut all the way will, three people be smooth of come to a reference room.Carefully open a door, assurance after have no spider of outside, three people be fast of walked to go in, door pass good!
  "Shout, return to think here will also become spider nest, see to control breath quite good!"The general of Di Ao let go of with the pack, walk to a computer front which have been already open, finger quick of the knock get up on the keyboard.Appear a demand an importation the procedure of the password on the computer screen in a little while.Take out his MP6 conjunction to the host of computer in the package of the at the back of Di Ao up, hands again fast of dance in the wind on the keyboard.
  Original see Di Ao didn't°yet relaxation, the hands join the army to use to wrap to set free, felling arrive and is play of gram Lai Er almost will blunt past teach Di Ao.However drive Wen Ni2 La after, the rich talent shout of say:"Is really the little devil of the craftiness, 1:00 all can't love."
  Wen Ni2 Lai2 gram the hand of the Lai Er, smiled to smile to say:"Ha ha, however so of he worthwhile trust, and you don't feel with he together, meeting let oneself forget the terror that these variation monsters bring felling?Ordinary people if meet our words of this kind of circumstance, calculate not frightened, in the mind would also very suppress, but our being anti- to pour would feel very happy, this affair that isn't very oddness?"
  The gram Lai Er clapped afraid forehead, looking at of a face of wry smile Wen Ni2, "over, over, a the Chi which sink into a devil palm female birth!You this words if let this little devil hear, don't know him again would satisfied become what appearance.Wen Ni2, you should can't really have a liking for this little devil?"
  "Why not?Our differ isn't very big either, as long as he don't abandon, I is can etc.!"Don't know when, Wen Ni2 Yi change a past excellent and soft personality, very the viewpoint in the heart of the speak of brave.
  "Is really you, this little devil have what okay, in addition to grow a little bit lovely, also nothing important advantage.And the person be not big again so lewd!1 of typical model paint a childe and grew up still don't know to return disaster how much girl's son!"Gram the speech which can not stand Wen Ni2 with some Lai Er, some fan the see of Mang is toward the Di Ao busy figure.
  Wen Ni2 Wei2 a smile didn't in the speech, but took a look a gram of Lai Er same Jiao the United States of cheeks, then also grasp vision toward the figure of Di Ao, however her heart in is silently thoughting of:"Probably you have no detection, in fact have you already started like up the Di Ao card Si, just oneself haven't be aware of just."
  Five minute after ……
  "Fix!"The hands of Di Ao an afraid, happily say.Immediately after saw a computer come forward to appear a great deal of for the ability of building diagram paper and the thing like the map, Di Ao therein fast of browse, very quick then found out him want of data, "be you!"Simple of after seeing map 1 time, return of move mouse, will he demand of the thing all drag along Ye to arrive oneself of MP6 inside.
  Immediately after Di Ao again search in the computer relevant gram the Lai Er elder brother's news, very quick then found out in the file, hence the Di Ao then turn head to say the gram Lai Er:"Gram mbt saleLai Er, have you the elder brother's data here ……" say that finish and then let a position, show the gram's Lai Er's ability for come over here more careful some.
  (Chris.Thunder the virtuous and thin Er be virtuous, original belong to police station S.T.A.R.S. special forces in the coon City, Alpha squad member ……
  1998 July 24 day, owing to Bravo squad's losing contact all day long, the gram of Wei Si lead a rest of havings member of team, constitute Alpha squad into suburb forest ……mission survival, Ji Er, Chris, shell benefit, rest person etc. all die.
  1998 July 25 day, 3 people convene a press conference, would top Chris scathing condemned Anne cloth thunder to pull of criminal acts.Immediately by everyone confirmation, three people's words and actions all for boring of is suspicious of.
  1998 August, shell benefit resignation.Immediately he go to Canada, with wife female family reunion.Chris didn't carry on any application to then and alone go to Europe and the direction wasn't clear currently.)
  From the data first BE, Chris of disappearance obvious with Anne the cloth thunder pull a company research of bio-chemical the virus affairs have very big of relation, he go toward Europe, is very likely to be go to Anne the cloth thunder pull a company of headquarters investigate the affair true facts went.However end of'the direction be not clear'four big word let the person have a liking for to clench heart very much.
  The gram Lai Er after finishing see all data has no radical reaction, but very mildly looking at another two people say:"Break out of Lai be willing to city after, I will go to Europe seek my elder brother!"
  "Good, anyway I be also homeless with Wen Ni2, we accompany you to find your elder brother together, by that time ……" didn't°yet etc. say that finish, the look in the eyes of Di Ao be one Ning, fast of pull two female of arm to flank Shan go to, at two female didn't°yet reaction come over before rush toward them to in the ground.
  Same time, a huge snake form object break a door but go into, fast of from three people just the position of the place brush past, is whole the computer table to lift to fly to go out.Mang form object at assurance have no attack to take up a post what target after, again fast of retract a door outside.So on entering once, inside room of havings office equipment, ignore is to do a work or a data an all of cabinet to be lift to turn over in the ground.
  "Is that what things?Snake?"Gram Lai Er fast of climb to start, hold a machine gun strain of direction doorway.
  Before DOing not get an answer, three people the air-vent of the top of head spread again'the Gu Dong Gu Dong'of voice ring, seem have what things at inside run to move general.The gram Lai Er aim at there in the gun muzzle again, the facial expression have to can not say it of serious.
  At this time Di Ao also the station start and conveniently start to pull Wen Ni2.Just of although the monster just appear for an instant of effort, however he still see of very realistic of, and once saw this thing as well in the movie of the past world.But he can hardly believe oneself would here meet so of monster.
  "Mao!"The air-vent is layer after layerly bumped to open by the some thing, same the Lai Er machine gun within hand also send out roars of roar, "Da Da Da ……" a burst of blood Mo be horizontal to fly, the living creature which just appeared didn't°yet etc. make effort, then black-and-blue flesh and blood misty, end just in the sky distort several bottom after, then and unwillingly take wail fast of retract go to, and fast of escape.

    Two break out of Lai be willing to the city chapter 043 have opportunity to taste
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-2915:52:04 origin chapter word number:2649

  Di arrogant slow of walk to be broke off to fallen off from the monster body of broken bits side, bend from the waist to pick up a cake of similar the thing of tooth, analysis say:"The physique is longer and the speed be quicker;The vitality is very stubborn, can at will wear shuttle narrow and small of space, have no the shadow have no Zong, the head have intensive of the tooth machine, see 2 currently!We seem to meet a very wonderful thing."
  "E~, likes and dislikes heart, the Di Ao card Si hurry to throw away that thing!"The gram Lai Er clapped once the hand dozen of Di Ao to drop mince, in the meantime from the inside of the trousers Dou take out a piece of paper towel careful of wipe for his hand.
  The Di Ao press a gram the hand of the Lai Er and once connected paper towel to say:"Okay, we be to the utmost leaving at once here, if drive the words for live, want to leave here basically impossible.Now I allow your usage hand thunder!"
  "By hand thunder?Doing so can so?That not is would the funeral of the neighborhood all of corpse attraction come over, how do we escape by that time?"The gram Lai Er smell speech surprise of loudly ask a way.
  The Di Ao bend from the waist to picked up a weapon bag and helplessly say:"How can it possibly be what way, just you also saw and this lately- come out monster's using a gun basically a dozen be basicallydeathless.With it waste precious bullet, return not equal to use the power larger hand thunder of worthwhile.And the reason that do I take these hand thunders, isn't for dealing with this kind of unknown monster?I believe you understanding also, the hand thunder deal with a funeral corpse to almost have no function."
  "All right, press what you say to do!"Hear Di Ao of explanation, the gram Lai Er have to a little bit helpless nod.
  "That good, however now we have already can't be like to come up time so walk!Wen Ni2, a short while don't arrive a necessity of time you don't need to be openned fire, you take this bag heel at gram Lai subsequent the noodles be all right!The ten million take the bag good, this but pass we whether ability safety leave here of importance key." Say Di Ao hand in of have hand thunder of the bag pass to Wen Ni2.
  Wen Ni2's darling once connected a bag, do not ask Di Ao why so arrangement, because she already felling arrive, the Di Ao is in this troops of importance position, but a team as long as have a voice enough.
  See Wen Ni2 such clever, Di Ao satisfaction of the point nod, then take out in the gun take a pair of light machine gun, "very good, so gram Lai Er dozen first time, but I be responsible for break behind.Now set out!"
  'Da Da Da ……'
  "Damn of, do these funeral corpses rush out from that?The time come up how have no, now run so a lot of, I still think have they all already been eaten by the spider!"Gram Lai Er part change cartridge clip part complain, the reason is to be like her to say of so, come downstairs at three people of process in the middle, fall among to pile up one after another of funeral corpse.A great deal of shoot-to-kill this kind of person type living creature, in the heart how much still some uncomfortable, after all they once were also a person.
  'Bang bang!'The Di Ao raise a hand two guns to polish off to try into a gram the funeral corpse of the sneak attack for Lai Er to change bullet, freely answer way:"Ha ha, probably previous se funeral corpseses be keep by the spider turn, now the spider be kill by us of about, is not watch of they nature rush out!"
  "Blind bye!"The gram Lai Er turned head white one eye Di Ao, continue funeral corpse of tidy up the front.
  Di Ao ha ha silly smile turn head to polish off 2 to round to come over from the behind all of a sudden of remnants remaining spider.The bullet in the revolver at the right moment use up, at he substitute cartridge clip of time, the rear of the troops not distance of a breeze door from inner part is bump to open, a ratio normal spider dozen previous two of white spider blunt come out, and rush toward toward the Di Ao by the speed which be more than imagination.
  "I depend!"The huge monster lookinged at to rush toward to come over, the Di Ao can not help dark scold 1, in fact the white spider rush toward to come over of although the speed be quick,he still has ability in the white the spider rush toward before move out of the way.But at this time of he but can't do a the action for evade confrontation with, because if he move out of the way, Wen Ni2 of his behind can want unlucky.
  Can not help, the Di Ao have to handle knob in of empty gun be the concealed weapon threw to go out, in the meantime draw out short blade to toward spider a rightness right against the face blunt go up.Probably someone would ask at this time and isn't the short blade in the his hand the ability which have energy to turn a long whip?He how need not, anti- pour to prepare to carry on hand to hand fight?
  Answer BE, if the ability use out, Di Ao also can't silly ha ha of hard with big spider put together.Ever since that time he get this short blade, have already had been being try energy to turn touch of a whip son kind, but regrettable of is ignore is him to jilt to move short blade all right, still from the hand stir up a flames all right, this short blade don't say energy to turn whip son, be even a toothpick all didn't ability from the blade point the energy turn out.If isn't a short blade to return to calculate sharper, he be very anxious to direct burn the thing which let him almost pay with the life iron water.
  The white spider don't see a very big, but in the narrowness of the hallway, it of the huge body form be anti- to pour it of nuisance, root do don't serve as evade confrontation with action.The Di Ao took aim at and then fling out at all of revolver mercilessly shot dozen at it of head, make in out of the sky of it eat pain 1 fall on the ground.Haven't waited it to again start to rush toward, a jump but of the Di Ao have already fall on its body, in the meantime hand in of the short blade is mercilessly firm numerous of compound eyes is at it.
  The Di Ao grip short blade mercilessly and backward mbt shoeson row, from the beginning went to tail to perfectly carry on 1 to live a body dissection engineering, giant white the spider haven't come yet and send out Si roaring cry, then such as lousy mire general lie prone on the ground didn't voice ring.

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