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capability can promote several file time!"mbt shoes sale"You don't rejoice too soon first, we still demand observation a period of time, until certificate spy 01 will not appear bad reaction."The night king's mature and steady say.
  The Suo Er clapped to clap oneself of head, connect to say:"BE, BE, BE!BE me too concussion, right now you make the spy bring back the laboratory 01, close of observation it of reaction."The night point of Wang2 Yi Ting nod, the station start come prepare to take spy 01 leave.Suo Er a see favour call he, say:"You have to walk to also hand over to me a ghost first!"
  "Now's return is busy in investigate what ratio receive Kingdom, now our most of be observation spy 01 circumstance!"The king of the night is impatient wrinkly knit the brows.The Suo Er shake head to say:"This can not line, the affair which investigate ratio to receive Kingdom have to do.As for observation's spy's 01 circumstances have you line.I still have to be responsible for ratio to receive of affair, after all this be also the important event which strengthen our real strenght.""Rare say with you."The night a ghost in Wang2 Zhao Chu hand over to Suo subsequent, turn round to take spy 01 leave.
  Process Suo Er of a burst of deal with, spy 02 fresh come out.Every drive the absolute being soldier of the electronics absolute being space control, they see perhaps hear of the voice heel picture then will show at electronics absolute being the whole interest screen of the space up.So of function's investigating enemy's trend but speech be a good function.
  For speed up, Suo Er parties a beehive be specialized conveyance spy 02.Arrive crazy monster empire and ratio after receiving hand over of Kingdom to connect line, spy 02 threw in bottom to go to.Spy 02 observation once on all sides, start to use oneself of natural endowments ability'ghost appearance', float by invisible appearance into the forest of front.
  Because ratio receive the landscape of Kingdom is three monster person the nation be the biggest and basically occupied the whole monster person star land is the half of the area.But because of ratio receive the population of one clan rarely seen, so spy 02 just find out after getting into forest for three days a ratio receive to gather to reside point.
  After the spy 02 find out 1 to gather to reside a point, Suo Er favour parties spy 03 heel spy 04.As for spy 01 currently still at observation period.Spy 03 heel spy 04 according to spy 02 find out of gather to reside the point as center, forward the square fan-shaped district start look for since other of ratio receive to gather to reside point.But spy 02 mission then understanding ratio receive one clan of life habit.
  Ratio receive of life very of simple, basically they creation three matter, labor, have a meal, rest.Because ratio receive one clan naturally then dint big endless, defense the dint be also very outstanding, so be regarded as their kid also ability hunt food to arrive own the find need.
  At Suo Er observation this ratio receive to gather to reside a point diva, his detection ratio receive one clan unique of weakness be food of tight lack, if is not depend on crazy monster one the clan heel Sa be full one clan every year provide for them of food, they may all starve.But two other monster person nation provide food to also belong to have no alternative for them, after all ratio receive hungry get can not stand of time meeting to rob, so return will result in two nation emergence dead and injured, so return not equal to direct provide food for them with make with two other race compare with come not a few strong ratio receive, can peace of heel other two clans together life.
  But Suo Er detection after the method that can make ratio to receive to accept defeat took a look a whole interest a screen top have already been investigate of ratio receive a clan to gather to reside a point.See have already procrastinated a good many time, Suo Er very is penitence have no breakfast let rear deliver some satellite come over.End incredibly still the Lu be not Ba's the guy that do understand science, let the wood pull galaxy to deliver a satellite heel simple shoot the machine come over.
  Suo Er drive Lu Ba has been stare at, in the mind 1:"See what see, you think you very cleverness!You know not to know, you let person luck's coming to satellite will disrupt my experiment electronics absolute being a space of plan.However see under the sistuation that rush through time, I forgive you this time."
  Lu Ba Ting Wan2 the words of the Suo Er, the Pie of despise Pie mouth, mumblingly read aloud a Dao way:"Forget and then forgot!Still so many useless talk."Say that finish turn round and then walk and see all rare to see Suo Er one eye again.
  The Suo Er helplessly sighed tone, is very embarrassed to oneself the error this time.Satellite God, the panorama clear demonstration of the whole monster person's star at whole interest screen up.Looking at ratio to receive the territory Suo of one clan Er a burst of have no language, the territory of the big slice top incredibly return empty a lot of, also just close crazy the place of monster empire and the Sa full country just have ratio to receive of gather to reside point existence.
  But for ratio receive of intelligence, the Suo Er is to have no language very much.This most strong monster human race clan, incredibly can't manufacturing tool, see them build a house, complete is on the mountain body to by hand tee off a cave.This is savage of build a building way, on the other hand demonstration ratio receive one clan individual ability of strong, on the other hand but have elucidation their intelligence let the person worry very much.Only the Suo Er believe with the ability of the institute for research, the complete bility find out let is more intelligent than receive become of method.
  The reason that Suo Er after woulding like to let ratio to receive the cleverness then deal with them, not now, is exactly because make contact with with a the living creature which have intelligence, can not make contact with with a strong wild beast a lot of easy.
  Lu Ba Dai4 Dui4 arrive at to most close to a crazy monster empire of that ratio receive to gather to reside point, ambush in the forest, prepare to receive to start towards leave a cluster farer of alonely compare at any time.Grasp back an experiment the article be a Suo Er this time give the Lu Ba's mission, original Lu Ba feel parties oneself come complete is to kill a chicken to use cow knife.Can be him parties of those forbid Wei, is grasp a ratio receive the time of kid drive dozen distress but return of time, he is very depressed decision oneself start in person to grasp a ratio receive a kid back.
  For Lu Ba begin to also just grasp in person a ratio receive a kid, Suo Er good is despised him some kind of."Be him, the his majesty just was that kid what we vanquish."A a full face of black greenly forbid Wei to point at a is worn a not well-known wild beast of ratio receive a light tone to call a way.
  "Kid?" Lu Ba Kan4 be almost choked dead to there kid.He although it is said early hear ratio to receive of shape comparison frighten a person, but see a height close five meterses, the width ability arrive top he 23 kid, still a burst of have no language."Return not bashful call, useless thing incredibly connect the kid who became adult also dozen however.Step aside for me!" Lu Ba looking at a face of cut up rough of forbid Wei, loudly of scold a way.
  Lu Ba that fry the thunder similar voice to have already disturbed the carry on the shoulder a find mbt shoes clearanceof ratio receive a kid.See that small ratio received to once turn round, Lu Ba was also simply to jump to go out.His station at small ratio receive of in front, use oneself just academic association soon of the monster person's language call way:"Kid, honesty of walk for uncle."
  But when small ratio received to once turn round come after, Lu Ba just said for himself of words penitence.If this small compare receive incredibly is a young girl, rightness with the young girl speak so, true BE......
  "Ha ha ha ha!"Suo Er heel night king this two bad and old man, smile after the whole interest screen ascend see the Lu Ba's performance everywhere dozen roll.night king is also loudly of say:"O.K. Lu Ba's this guy has never let somebody else the young girl see goldfish with him! oh, ha ha ha ha!"
  Once the Suo Er listen to and come to a stop to despise of saw night Wang2 Yi Yan3, say of despise:"You old rascal!My despise heel you is five!"The Suo Er sense of right Ling however of appearance, let night Wang2 Xin in very a burst of and ashamed.But the Suo Er trivially say right away:"Goldfish guy already dated.What now popular BE......"Night Wang2 Yi Ting be at present a bright, a face of respect adore of heel Suo Er discussion get up.
  But Lu Ba but is been a words by the young girl, stimulate almost have never fainted dead past.The ratio receive young girl to innocently took a look Lu Ba, say:"Does the elder brother want to take shell son to go to forest?But haven't the shell son heel elder brother become adult?""Burst!" Lu Ba throw up blood of the voice get about positive forest.
  Forbid Wei resolute carry through oneself protection war absolute being his majesty of mission, carry on the shoulder to continuously throw up blood of Lu Ba escaped."War absolute being of a time lose war, is also the only defeat that the absolute being advertise for history of a war is in the monster person's star.War absolute being at heel war absolute being madam great of ratio receive queen fight, drive ratio receive queen to defeat.As for the circumstance for fight, unique present of war the sanctuary forbade Wei and outward don't reveal.-《Many absolute being Ji war absolute being article 》"
  War absolute being's losing war is keep to harm, the mission which grasp to catch ratio to receive fall at the body of card man.Be soul strong army corps long card man adult of the gold army corps of resurrection lost to become absolute being of opportunity, but he of real strenght but heel many absolute being match equally.Be a war absolute being of old friend and old opponent, he feel a war absolute being of failure is at give create a life time sanctuary shameful.So great card man the army corps be long to feel oneself have to go to the Zheng return to create a life time sanctuary of face, so he active from the Suo Er there once connected this mission.
  "You are to take war absolute being back of forbid Wei?"The card man took a look that a full face of black greenly forbid Wei."Yes card man adult."The answer way forbid Wei caution.Card man deeply of looking at and forbid Wei, sink a voice to ask a way:"War absolute being is how was compare by that to receive young girl to vanquish, clear of say for me."
  "Indeed as expected come."Forbade to sigh in sorrow 1 in the Wei heart, may dare to speak for war absolute being drive the reason for vanquish he how, if he said war absolute being his majesty certain will tore him into fragment.O.K. this forbid Wei eloquence quite good, past in an interesting condition joys heel those I those forbid the Wei black warrior's general to mix together, but I boring of time always love heel I those under charges speak review of previous incarnation a book.
  So this forbid Wei to get a brainwave, simply listen to there from the black warrior come of'Wu3 Song Da3's tiger'that plot modification spoke all of a sudden to come out.He say is a saliva four splash, the card man listen to is to have a boiling passion.The card man is after finishing listen to forbid relate of Wei, rightness in heart Lu Ba be very a burst of to praise highly"true really is a good brave fellow son!"
  "Take me find that ratio to receive, I must for Lu Ba revenge!"Card man the regrets looking at that after being over a connect bitterness mutually forbid Wei order way.

    The text chapter 71 ratio receive young girl(bottom)
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  Forbid Wei a face of difficult of looking at card man.The card man is joyless to say:"How?Difficult way do you want to revenge for the war absolute being?"Forbid Wei a worth listening to shake be like to stir wave drum, loudly add a way:"Of course not BE.Just we are impossible every time find out that ratio to receive girl's son?"
  "It doesn't matter, you as long as take me to go to a last time you to meet her place line."The card man doesn't put to say.The air allowed of no to query in the his eyes, let to forbid Wei to know oneself is to hide however.Forbid to sigh in sorrow 1 in the Wei heart, difficult of nod an approval down.
  Or the forest of last time in.Also don't know whether forbid Wei to return to the absolute being not enough devout, though he doesn't listen to all the way of pray don't again see there ratio receive girl's son, but after he take card man to walk into that forest, see there ratio to receive girl's son is roast a huge wild beast.
  The card man took a look in front that shape Gao Da4, but the outlooking be beautiful 1:00 also be unlike a monster a person of ratio receive girl's son.He turn a head to ask a way towards forbiding Wei:"Are you her?"The point forbidden Wei strain nod" is yes her.Card man adult, she be really fierce, not and not we return?"
  "Hum, coward!Be a war the crack warrior of the sanctuary, you how ability frightened fight!"Card man a full face of looking at of despise that forbid Wei.That forbade a Wei piece to open mouth and the end had to lower the head.In his heart but can't protect war absolute being the secret of the adult but shame for himself.
  The card man see forbid a full face of appearance of shame of Wei, satisfaction of point nod, say:"You still know shame, elucidation you still have already save.You beside station good, see me how to give war absolute being to revenge."Say that finishing card man went slow to hide the grove of body.
  Shell son suddenly rise"!"Of call 1, but after she see card man, turn head sideways disappointment of say:"Originally isn't the elder brother in that day?Who are you ?That day of why does the elder brother have no?"
  The card man listen to a burst of vacant, curious aboutly ask a way:"Who is the elder brother in that day ?""Be that that day want to drill forest with shell son, but drive brush-off empress throw up blood of elder brother."Shell son part work hard of roast to roast, part earnest of answer way.
  The words of shell son let the card man more add of feel vacant.What drill forest, what drive brush-off empress throw up blood, his making to understand all of this be what mean.Thought once, the card man use oneself of the electronics eye project a the Lu Ba's whole interest portrait, ask a way:"Is the elder brother whom you say him?""Yi!Yes and yes!The elder brother just hid a where and how came out all of a sudden?"Shell son at the sight of Lu Ba stand up to curious aboutly ask a way.
  The card man lay up whole interest portrait and say:"You tell me the affair in that day, I take you to find that elder brother ok or not!""Good, good!"The shell son happily jumped to get up, then detailed of say the affair in that day to the card man to listen to.
  The Suo Er looking at a screen up the shell son of performance, the double eye department break of flicker ray of light.Night king is also shout loudly of a face of excitement way:"Best, best!"The Suo Er took a look a night king and scold a way:"You shameless woman!""You know a fart, I is say him absolutely be a ratio to receive medium of of best.You feel than receive an inside to still have ratio her cleverness?"The night despise of Wang2 Yi Lian3 of answer criticism a way.
  The Suo Er see night a king be incredibly similar to what he think and say:"I also think like this of, from her body we affirmation the ability find out to let whole ratio receive a clan to become the way of cleverness.""Quite good, I now already ready to of no time for waiting good research once she."The night king nod to say.
  "Hey Hey!"The Suo Er trivially smiled to smile and say:"She but Lu Ba of, you dare to move her caution our wars absolute being his majesty to seek you to try very hard to!"Night Wang2 Yi Ting also say with smile:"Hey Hey, quite good, quite good.Seeing to us would not° until advertise for first war absolute being the approval of the his majesty line."
  "Now I told you, you can take me to find that elder brother?"The shell son say that after finishing the affair in that day, a face of expectation of looking at card man.Card man in the mind heel have no language, have never thought Lu Ba incredibly hurt so legend, however he have never forget oneself of mission, he favour nod to say:"Certainly!I promise you of matter the certain meeting accomplish."
  Shell son a happy, made an effort to clap to clap card man, direct clap the metals body of card man"bang bang!"Ring."Yi?Originally your heel add ratio similar is a hard rock to do?"The shell son hear card man body send out of voice, surprise of say.
  Card man a listen to curious aboutlymbt shoes ask a way:"What is add the ratio ?""You be true stupid, connect to add ratio is what all don't know."The shell son is wrinkly the eyebrows say.Then point at distance to say:"Luo, that is to add a ratio, difficult way you need not of?, My forgetting you be 1 to add a ratio, but why my add ratio can't talk with me, can't move, either?"

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