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say:"You ……you see what, also not quick come up to take off war A."She said two times of oversea just to wide awake from the petrochemical appearance, stammer mbt shoes saleout a way:"You ……you too the United States, I ……I have never once seen you so ……so beauty of woman, rightness ……sorry!"
  "Nothing important, quick come up."
  He fluster ground to climb to come up and listen to Mu say:"Very oddness!You just in Shui-li rush toward Teng two times so, how heart palpitates such violent, heel just ran about, this I can not understand, you ability explanation once?"
  Piece once the oversea listen to and have a little embarrassed, also ignore him, in a hurry take off war A, just wanted to jump into water, the Di Li Ya say:"Etc., our game good?"
  The piece oversea nod to promise, is make by the Mu hair and two people toghter jump into water.The piece oversea hand and foot together move, big open big match, double Deng with fierce feet, two arms spare no effort to row water and stir ripples of water Tao day, Hua Hua be disorderly ring.The strength has no little fee, but the efficiency be very low, the Di Li Ya have already visitted opposite shore, he the distance which visit quarter.Di Li the Ya be just across the street to looking at to spare no effort piece of rush toward the Teng oversea, unbearable ha ha light smile.
  The piece oversea know to lose very miserably at this time, straight-tempered stopped down, station looking at in the water from opposite go toward back to visit of Di Li Ya.See her action moderate, the carriage be supple beautiful, speed quick, be like a mermaid.Visit a piece oversea nearby, the Di Li Ya say:"You are unlike in the swimming and pour to be like is stir water, see to you not and how can swimming!"
  The piece oversea have a little embarrassed, way:"Before I come to this basically can't swimming, this two times a son or this two days practice of result."
  The Di Li Ya strange way:"I once saw permafrost data, that is the beauty of a deep blue color star, the surface be big part is all water, name but call the Earth, very oddness, should call Mercury more accurate of, you come from so of planet but can't swimming, this is why?"
  "I life the inside of the city in inland, have no place swimming of, pour in city is to have swimming building, however admission ticket cost a lot of, swimming of opportunity combine not much."The piece oversea answer a way.
  The Di Li Ya way:"BE so, have no relation, practice this two days practice to this level very good of, action big body exactitude, some small of action prohibit indeed and not arrive, I to teach you good!"
  The Di Li Ya explain in detail action main theme for him, a short while in person demonstration, a short while stretch hand for him put positive posture, rectify small mistake, meticulous thoughtful.With the fairy class beauty close quarter contact, is often touched in the body by her small hand, the piece oversea have a little strain, have a little excitement, have a little infatuate with, more have a little the soul occupy to give up, practice effect big give discount, make Di Li the Ya keep knit the brows.
  Went to a lunch break time, two people are in the swimming pool of side rest.Mu the be military instructor of too disrespect industry, don't know to when walk without a trace.The piece oversea call 102 lanes come to some food and water and two people right on the spot take a meal to drink water.The piece oversea ask Di Li Ya:"You always be eat this kind of liquid food?"
  "Not yes, past at the sea blue star eat a food, vegetable, meat etc. common food, arrive at here later have no large-scale plant, farming of ability, can depend factory produce this kind of liquid food maintenance existence.Said again, we the big and parts of population undergo military service in the space, the liquid food be easy keep, economical space, nourishment abundant, overall, is very in keeping with in the space usage.Eat this kind of food you certain very not habit?"The Di Li Ya way.
  "Flavor still the line was little the pleasant sensation of mastication, however also have an advantage, need not a day, eat of quite a few, simplify matters."Piece oversea way.
  "Pain you."The Di Li Ya eat of few, drank several saliva, sit a side in swimming pool at this time, take off boot, put a pair of feet Ya with delicate white in Shui-li, often and lightly tremble to move.She ask a way again:"In the Earth money very importance?"
  "Certainly, money society, everything take money as foundation, money much will live easy a little bit comfortable, Qian2 Shao3 will live very tired.So the everyone strive to fight to be first, all want to much earn, pour isn't all greedy, earn more many more have safety's feeling just.You much good, stem what all need not spend money, many happiness!"Piece oversea exclamation way.
  "We at come here before similar to you, is also a money society.Now is a wartime appearance, is 1 kind very appearance, under the heavy pressure that war also in no mind consideration don't of, existence is the first of, the nothing important be worthy of envy."
  Piece oversea say words, eyes often steal to take aim Di Li Ya, the perfect shape, good-looking side permit, the physique of grace, connect often in the water rock of a pair of jade foot be also delicate to match a degree, curve beautiful, the toe be beautiful, extremely keen, the beauty be a beauty and the toe be all so beautiful!He is at that time dejected and the Di Li Ya felling arrive his vision, don't understand ground to ask a way:"You stare at me to see what, what's wrong?"
  The piece oversea peep disheveled hair is very embarrassed now, strain, anxious don't lend out under the plait, said the truth to come out:"You ……your being true be too the United States, I ……I always unbearable ……cannot help but think ……want to see you."
  "Want to see and then thought ° to be good, again the nobody don't show you and why the need for skulk of, however, I really the United States?Always the nobody so once said to me."
  "Really the United States, very the United States, you is I once saw most beauty of woman, I ……I don't know how description you of beauty, any gorgeous of the phrase sentence is in your in front all so of pale, I ……I have a little dare not to see you."
  "Which there is so good what you say."Di Li the Ya be tiny on smile, there is awkward and shy one silk, there is satisfied one silk, present on the face a put on red and dizzy, with peacetime of noble, the appearance of cold Ao be a vast difference between the two, piece oversea not from get see Chi.

    A spool of past country winds and clouds chapter 19 defy spirit it let I again kick your one feet a
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3010:23:37 origin chapter word number:3117

  Piece oversea Chi fan doing not know be a brain short circuit or which Xian take wrong, burst out 1:"You ……be you married?"
  "What?What do you say?"The Di Li Ya seems and doesn't listen to pure.
  "Am I to say you to be married?"
  "What is to get married, be this phrase what mean?"Di Li the Ya be not understand.
  "Get married is boy's son, girl's son to after grow up adult meet adore of opposite sex, by luck the other party also love you, so two people can love each other, then can get married, after getting married whole life an a life time all together, never separate."Piece oversea explanation way.
  Di Li Ya suddenly realize, way:"I am understand, but we here have no marriage this concept, two people love each other together and not love separate, few someone ability whole life an a life time all together.Whole life one a life time, never separate of love, good envy!Are all of your the Earth persons so?"
  "All of majority is so of.That ……that do you have a lover?
  "Lead.The ability give I detailed speak the Earth person's love, marriage?"
  Piece oversea on listen to, exultation!Originally this be a piece of love blank sheet of paper, Za to try a daubery a daubery.Hence launch meticulous of, thoughtful of, the love of kindly influence of teacher sort faithful doctrine education, big speak what 《Romeo and Juliet 》, 《beam mountain elder brother of one's father with wish an English set 》, 《the soul break blue bridge 》, still have the story of mermaid and prince, not love river mountain love of beauty eight a life time and Simpson's madams of the person's Edward of story.He draw a voice to draw a color and speak the voice's feeling combine luxuriant, the feeling content slice, incendiary excel Ni Ping.
  The Di Li Ya listen to such as inebriate like Chi, hour but angry, hour but touched, some times a pair of watery and big eye Xu full tears, almost cry out.
  The piece oversea wish:"This beauty look noble, cold Ao, have never thought return stand sensitive faculty, be like pure the young girl of feeling.
  The happiness time always turn to namely die in a sudden, more than two hours in a moment past.Afternoon two people are in the Mu lead bottom again morning of train contents repeated 1 time.Evening train be over Mu explaination say now was two people, canned open an exhibition brawl train, want their a pair oneself practice, be regarded as self-study contents.
  Piece oversea heart way:"This Mu can true meeting paste lane, not simply employable.mbt shoes clearanceHowever did the intelligence of this robot exactly arrive what extent?Have with person what differentiation?Free get understanding understanding."
  "You when sometimes teach my brawl good?"Di Li the Ya be pleasing of the voice ring out.
  The piece oversea listenned to an in the mind make sorrow and have never thought for winning some money dozen 1 still have this side effect, teach and teach what!Teach my that three boxingses two feet, also don't let the person laugh heartily.He get a brainwave, not equal to learn with Mu, paste lane!Hence say:"This brawl, want to practice good have to practice a very basic achievement first, there is way yes'thousand malicious ten thousand malicious, dint is root'want practice strength first, have no this foundation technique again brilliant win of the possibility be also very small.Return to have pliant and tough, speed and bear a dint etc.."
  "Okay, I start to practice from these basic achievements, trained for a day you is also very tired, return rest first, evening you if get to the Internet of the words our net top see, as long as teach me practice method good, I practice by myself."The Di Li Ya say exchanged number with piece oversea, in order to on the net contact in day.The number of Di Li Ya too record, is 16 zero.
  The piece oversea returned to abode to wash Zao and feel sleepy to feel.This day of sport quantity not know ratio peacetime many several times, the whole body be aching, but how also can not sleep, a shut to then present up the image of eyes Di Li Ya at at present.
  He has never seen such the woman of beautiful looks, the facial appearance, shape be absolutely incomparable perfect, any gorgeous of the phrase of praise be all matchless in her in front of pale, have no dint, and noble, cultured, unhurriedly of qualities, can say, this is a kind of can move people's heart to work properly of beauty, pole pound at dint.At her in front, settle dint bad of, will involuntarily living mightiness of inferiority complex, meeting creation a kind of the servant which want to do her, dedicate for her everything of excite.
  Rare is the spirit of devoting one's mind, working hard of business that she treat to be engaged in, let person involuntarily of respect, admire.Piece the oversea be from birth a time feel some in an opposite sex in front from vulgar.However she have never led affection experience, in this aspect still very pure, this let an oversea of heart have a little puzzling of, have a boiling passion a sort of concussion, some different of expectation with look forward to.
  He toss about and and is hard to go into sleep.Felling oneself seem on openning widely a round flat cake, bed be one mouthful hot pot, turn over to Fu go to of, in the mind is also hot of, be like to want Lao familiar general.Difficult way is this the taste of first love?Difficult way this be love of beginning experience?Very fresh, also endure long hardship very much.
  Very not easy asleep sleep of 1:00 all not dependable.Straight-tempered don't sleep, get up to get to the Internet.He bed come, movable activity hand and foot, put on helmet, get into a day net.
  The number pressed the Di Li Ya hair the news detection her being not on-line to her.Want to check to seek some data for engage in fisticuffs, good learn again go to paste lane she, result what found out.He suddenly in the public channel see not a few toward oneself challenge of news, although don't think again dozen, don't go over and have a look noisy all right and conveniently learn point to recruit.
  Getting in to hang to appreciate brawl space is still that.The platform that is in the center top nobody, the audience seat person be also few.By the side of the platform sit on helping an acquaintance, with he together of that batch the Earth the person be big part all at.He sit down by the side of Liu2 Yan2 after walking through to come to grips with public dozen to shout.The Liu2 Yan2 no time for waiting ground ask a way:"Piece military instructor at army felling Zha kind?"
  "Return an ability Zha kind, tired Bai!Almost is dead tired I!"The piece oversea answer a way.
  "Dead tired also very happiness, have that United States be like fairy the beauty accompany, dead tired would like to also, you this is the body don't know blessing in the blessing!"The face of Liu2 Yan2 Yi of mean smile.
  "That you also come to army good."
  "The military instructor disallow, not ……want not me also don't go, too tired, my mama!The dress so thick and stupid and heavy trick run and jump of and want to be all frightened."
  "The piece oversea say with smile:"Now my knowing your this body fat meat be which of.Rightness, you make progress how?"
  "Already beginning top the coach machine fly, science and technology forerunner be good!Taking rocket or space shuttle to a space in our the Earth also only is what the Earth orbit make get astounding, here cut through atmosphere to the space to absolutely be like to go out dozen so simple, this return just coach machine.The fatty satisfiedly and loudly say.
  "Be like bird similar freedom at ease fly many happiness!True envy you, I have a little penitence be army, be one tired!"Piece oversea exclamation way.
  "Say comfortable about, have no physical strength to live, freedom can talk not up, fly flight path, height, the speed etc. all want absolute obey conductor, can't disorderly fly.Return to have, infinite in the space vast of space to the person is 1 kind very big of pressure, at the thought of and on all sides so big of only have own a person in space, that kind of strain, fear, that kind of standing alone, lonesome of felling, will let person grow crazy of.In fact present stage what we practice is a mental state acceptance dint, isn't a technique."Liu2 Yan2 Dao4.
  "Are you the machine set of a pair of person?"
  "Troops is so of, now of Za isn't a student.Again say troops battle sometimes special circumstances bottom also want list fly of, so this is train of a category."Liu2 Yan2 Da 's way.
  The horse which sit on the one side of Liu2 Yan2 Ling4 at this time courageously say:"Piece military instructor, your last time and that black dozen of that can too fascinating, absolutely is Huang2 Fei Hong2 rebirth, the Fo mountain have no shadow feet!"
  Piece sweat with crazy oversea in the mind, say:"Lucky just, ha ha."
  "Just that black to roared loud to shout loudly some kind of, the roll call want with you at dozen 1, the name of this guy be very interesting, he call Tai Sen, ha ha!"The horse courageously say with smile.
  Piece once the oversea listen to and wonder:"My mama!Tai Sen, can't!On TV once saw Tai Sen a game, this guy grow with Tai Sen 1:00 all be unlike."
  Liu2 Yan2 say with smile:"He also has a little to be like Tai Sen for color and piece head, real strenght heel Tai Sen can not ratio, after all amateur of."At this time in the center the platform come up one person, piece once the oversea see, is exactly a Tai Sen.See him flick two big and black fist loudly bawl out:"Piece oversea, you be this chicken heart and have skill again come to beat 1, would sneak attack of bastard, move bowels!Cow muck!Garbage!I know you to come and hide to dare not of chicken heart ……"
  Piece feeling penitence with great oversea, idle come to this why!Not the dozen has no face, dozen again have no confidence, this bottom can in a mess Gao.
  "Piece military instructor again go to teach he, this time dozen a little bit malicious, province he always clamor."The horse courageously say.
  At this time Tai Sen detection piece oversea, in a hurry jump down a platform to run to his in front, call way:"You this chicken heart hide here, dare to dare not again with I dozen 1, you if again vanquish me, I you, otherwise you be a timidity of garbage, cow muck!"
  Piece the oversea be very embarrassed, he is so many people with oneself call number, how can this go out of power!The another cause made a town quietly strabismus to see Tai Sen be one eye and say:"That, I vanquish your ability to get how many cash awards?"

    A spool of past country winds and clouds chapter 20 defy spirit it let I again kick your one feet two
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3010:23:37 origin chapter word number:3215

  The Tai Sen wanted to think and answer a way:"Now if vanquish my words ability get 1.5 kilograms gold, last time failure behind my connect win record to return zero, now connect win number of times few, so the cash award be few."He rare voice not big, probably also feel have no face.
  Piece once the oversea listen to and came to phrase, start to raise cross-legged and say:"Money is too little, have no motive!Etc. later cash award many I again come."
  Once the Tai Sen listen to and say:"You say would not° until how much you be willing to dozen?"
  "At least last time that piece."
  "Good, I think a way and you wait for."Say turn round to leave.
  The piece oversea ask Liu2 Yan2:"He think what way, is the difficult way it oneself that take money wager?I don't want to escort money."
  "He pull a sponsor, if someone hang to appreciate to defeat his words cash award not enough."Liu2 Yan2 Da 's way.
  Piece way with strange oversea:"This also does someone pay?True oddness."
  The horse courageously put a speech way:"I see this cash award good gather together, have a lot of drive he dozen lead of want seeing him suffer beating, also haven't a few people to want to see your a pair again dozen 1."
  Fruit not it however, a short while effort Tai Sen came back:"Money is enough, you preparation once, I go to a field first-class you."
  Piece eye with thoroughly silly oversea, this can the Zha do!Back someone clap his shoulder at this time, he turn head on see, is Yang2 Wei2 Min2.Yang2 Wei2 Min2 say in the his ear small voice:"Do not strain, he once lost once, don't see surface overbearing, in fact the heart bottom already be afraid of heart, dare not reckless of take the offensive, fast sport, never drive in the corner, had better take out cold son to put malicious recruit, soon war soon definitely.Time is more long more disadvantageous to you.Don't be afraid painful afraid get hurt, this is conjecture space, again isn't a reality inside."
  The piece oversea gratefully looking at Yang2 Wei2 Min2 and the point nod to say:"I knew and thank elder brother."At piece the impression inside Yang Wei of the oversea people havembt shoes never said a sentence of integrity, most is 12 phrase, this say all of a sudden so many, his in the mind hot of, see to noodles a cold person heart usually hot!

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