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is still some words can not eat deeply.
  Leaf Feng explanation way:"This is 1 is four word idioms, original BE'block my dead', but you are Lao Tze's under charge one superior, block me is to block you and block you be mbt shoes salealso block me, Hey Hey."
  Huge crocodile''1, suddenly realize sort way:"Understand, the mankind's thinking is still really peculiar and be unlike we crocodile like to keep to keep to!"
  Leaf Feng positive the Hey Hey satisfied, the huge crocodile be huge have no the body form of 'Sou'of once station settle, the leaf Feng strong absolute being know quick explore toward the front go to, but'see'several outside positive quick gather one and other type of figure huge giant lizard, this batch giant lizard of body can ratio meet in times before of that is several want ~only much more huge, but see each a body of giant lizard be also about 20 meters, terror of isn't the huge type of figure of giant lizard, but the amount of giant lizard, unexpectedly have 3 and 400 of many.
  The marsh ground Ba lord of ground in the originally here continuous thousand odd is exactly these type of figure huge giant lizards and know to have another type of figure at the moment than oneself still want huge top 100% enough to spare of the huge crocodile step go into territory, nature the swarm together prepare to protect home!
  "Eldest brother block your dead?"The inside of the huge crocodile speech reveal a kind of strong self-confidence come, by dint of oneself 1, estimate ability not definitely very quick win this amount top steady gain an advantage of giant lizard, but plused leaf's eldest brother this super invincible of abnormal condition mankind, those giant lizards be absolutely disaster is upon us.
  Leaf Feng but say with smile:"Hey Hey, true interesting, so many giant lizard be absolutely a God to regard with affection us, stupid crocodile, don't know your ability with these lizard dialogue deny?"
  The huge crocodile is one Leng, way:"Heel they to what complete nonsense words, entirely did to calculate!"
  "Depend, the head which use you give it a bit of thought well, assumption this giant lizard your ability accepted to do younger brother, that meeting how?"
  The huge crocodile was careful to want to think, way:"Does the An accept them to do younger brother?If the An Pei, these lizards be useless, be unlike Lao Tze like this domineering again invincible, isn't an An to blow, if list pick, An preservation a minute solve 1!"
  Leaf Feng is still pleased don't commit suicide tunnel:"Hey Hey, if your ability with they dialogue, ask them whether would like to do you of under charge, unify obedience Lao Tze of arrangement, if they would not like to, the Hey Hey isn't Lao Tze's leaf Feng's friend and that be Lao Tze's enemy and entirely give no quarter!"
  "Good, the An force to try and see!"Huge crocodile helpless tunnel, leaf's eldest brother be total to have the peculiar mind for pile up one after another, be still the less ask for the better.
  Once the huge crocodile tail jilt, the arms and legs together move, very quick arrive to come to a giant lizardses in front.
  'Ao'of 1 was an obviously huge crocodile to ask question.
  'Ao Ao Ao'the several obviously is that giant lizard just the words are at the ask of the answer huge crocodile.
  "Hey Hey, how?"Leaf Feng life ambition yea and nay the station say with smile in carrying on the back huge crocodile:"Those smelly lizards see Lao Tze like this power and prestige, the estimate is to promise!"
  "The complete nonsense, the eldest brother, don't the An original words turn to say 1 time?"Huge crocodile cachinnation.
  "Turn!"The leaf Feng in the mind whisper a way:'Might it not be do these smelly lizards want to open hostilities?'"Ha ha, Lao Tze be direct to say with them:'Feed, you are to Lao Tze listen to good, the An carry on the back Feng eldest brother up this person but super invincible leaf, he want accepting you do younger brother, don't know how under your idea?'"
  "H'm, well said, super invincible four word be very much to the point."Leaf Feng joy way.
  "But the lizard said:'The complete nonsense is super invincible, so many lizard in Lao Tzes, you just 3, be vomit bubble spittle also ability drown you!', The lizard which return to have say:'Complete nonsense, Lao Tze a see mankind very angry, you carry on the back to dislike more up that sex maniac, don't know enough not enough do we fill a tooth to sew?'The lizard which still have say:'Huge crocodile, know mutually of, carry on the back to throw down to do to meet a gift, then leave this marsh up that two people!'Still have a lizard to incredibly say".
  Leaf Feng where still listen to bottom go to, Nu way:"Mama of, these lizards slave to the ancients!Say what all doesn't matter, but incredibly dare to say Lao Tze to be a sex maniac?Depend, Lao Tze existence this more than 100 ten thousand yearses, still such as false guarantee returnable of place male!Depend!"
  Huge crocodile startled way:"BE not?Eldest brother, you open what cosmos fun?You incredibly still place male?Killing An An can't believe, either!"
  Leaf Feng Hey the Hey say with smile:"Lao Tze is really place male!Mama of, these smelly lizards held up Lao Tze's road, call them get away and don'ted roll and then open to kill!"
  ", The etc. An ask them wish not wish get away?"
  "Still ask a fart!Block my dead!Open to kill!"Leaf Feng was cold to hum 1 and start to embrace to sleep positive He of the joss-stick connect autumn snow lightly flew to a side.
  The huge crocodile roar a way:"Good!Open to kill!"Huge have no the body form like tiger of to go into flock of sheep, vehemence upsurge!
  Several hundred giant lizard how does the meeting put leaf Feng and huge crocodile in the eye?'Ao Ao'with each other roared how many, unexpectedly collective rushed toward to come over, be the vehemence roaring, also don't know actually a who's the winner?……

    Volume 3, the comeback space chapter 9, breeze book remnants cloud
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:07:27 origin chapter word number:4107

  Huge crocodile have no carry on the back top of burden, ascend a feeling mood a great, 'bomb'of kept make a pounce upon distance oneself all of a sudden recent of a giant lizard, the big mouth openned, 'Ka Ca'1, in front a lizard's blocking a waist be unexpectedly been huge by the huge crocodile accurate in judgment a bite at, miserably the Hao wear flounder to get up.
  The huge crocodile spare no effort on bite, the huge tail of the steel sort be or so to sweep in the meantime, that giant lizard which see be blocked a waist to bite at once more sent out 1 astoundingly and miserably Hao, blood four spout, in a short instant dye red under its body of a big slice marsh.
  But unfortunate quilt huge crocodile steel sort the huge tail be crazy to sweep medium of a few lizard be not also a body from F the sort be tipped over in the ground, connect turn over several roll, stir since mire water four splash of Hun muddy wave flower, there is get hurt rather heavy of, at that time and unexpectedly flounder station don't get up.
  Flank two lizard drive huge crocodile two or so iron claw be malicious a press, drive unexpectedlymbt shoes clearance deeply press go into scarcely go in marsh, again have no mutually the dint of the anti-.
  The helpless and giant lizard amount is numerous and the large groups and huge Xi tidewater sort surge forward to come and finally drowned for huge crocodile.
  The He connect autumn snow'H'm'of a Jiao hum, by coincidence waked up and leaf Feng say with smile:"The younger sister of snow, quick come to, have good play Li!"
  "Xi Xi, what good play?The elder brother of the Feng."The He connects autumn snow to open a pair of clear Mou, but is to full of silently conveyed tendernessly conjecture leaf Feng a more and more handsome face.
  "Don't be to see me, see huge crocodile to fight with giant lizard!"Leaf Feng used a mouth manifestation once front.
  The He connect autumn snow to be partial to a head to hope to, surprised shouted 1, favour way:"The elder brother of the Feng, this but marsh ground matchless lizard king with the most fierce inside?How of have so many?"
  Leaf the Feng Hey Hey joy way:"What complete nonsense lizard king, drive huge crocodile three times five divided by two made dead several."
  "?!But huge crocodile Sir?"The He connect autumn snow surprised get foolish, so many giant lizard, don't say that openned hostilities with them, want to also teach the person how to scare to death.
  ", Nothing important, huge crocodile whole body top and bottom gold just was pretty good, although drive at that time giant lizard to drown, does the estimate have no big Ai?"Leaf Feng say with smile.
  "The elder brother of the Feng, huge crocodile Sir but you sit to ride, also not quick go to help?"He's connecting autumn snow to show is very a concern huge crocodile of safety.
  "Eldest brother, the An felt suspicious, how the person and person's margin Zha so big?Autumn snow lady's good natured, but you be mean."The huge crocodile is stuffy to hum a way in the lizards.
  "Depend, so how many lizards can't give°ed you to make dead?Ha ha!"Leaf Feng cachinnation.
  " With these smelly lizard which have no defense dint?Think that making dead An wasn't so easy!"The huge crocodile humed 1, huge have no the body of fiercely one hair dint, original became a flock of lizards which press on its body to fiercely move once, had several to dropped into down from the eminence.
  Leaf Feng and He connect an autumn snow to listen to a way'Ka Ca'1, 'Ao'of is a lizard again miserably Hao, don't know which unlucky huge Xi again fell into huge crocodile of firm in judgment inside.
  'Pa'of one be huge to ring, but see the iron tail of huge crocodile one Shan, a head of huge Xi give iron tail malicious sweep at forehead up, unexpectedly the forehead burst and blood and brains spout to shoot.
  "!"The He connect autumn snow to shockedly stare big eyes, have never thought originally huge crocodile Sir of actual the fighting strength be unexpectedly strong like Si, see to a past to the cousin cover any especially the general lead of'Jiao crocodile battalion'true is everywhere show leniency!
  "The An wanted out!"The huge crocodile is a roars, but smell again BE'Ka Ca'several voice, the quite a few voice which mix up with huge Xi miserably Hao, the huge crocodile be huge of long the mouth kept explore to come out from the lizards.
  The eye see huge crocodile hard to arrive an enemy and have several the huge Xi unexpectedly in the meantime one is crazy to drink, keep dynasty leaf Feng and Hao connect autumn snow run about wildly but go to, can't kill huge crocodile, kill people type, this is this several present in the meantime in huge Xi brain of mind.
  Leaf Feng a hug He to connect autumn snow, drink a way:"The snow younger sister doesn't be afraid, and sees how Lao Tze kill these smelly lizards!"
  A head of huge Xi being recent apart from leaf Feng didn't°yet reaction come over, the leaf Feng body be one Zong, already a feet once stepped from its skull, 'touch'of 1, the huge Xi skull burst, the huge body form ascend pour at ground up, draw last breath to die.
  Leaf Feng 1 suddenly and violently drink, the left hand hug He connect autumn snow, connect step but lead, upsurge of ten several the huge Xi have no an ability succeed in escaping of, whole is all stepped by leaf Feng's a feet, but any drive leaf Feng the one who infuse to note the iron feet of strong remarkable talent to once step all is a skull to burst but Wu, unique have no an ability by luck existence.
  The huge crocodile is strong incomparable, but that baldheaded the big fellow be also an abnormal condition invincible, rest several the huge Xi see power far from good, in succession every where inside escape to spread out.
  The huge crocodile finally rush out heavy pressure, the iron claw counteract, the huge tail sweep, the steel tooth Si bite off and have 5 and 6 huge Xi to fall on the ground again but Wu.
  The inside of the marsh ground is already that the one be blood-red, the huge Xi have already is completely routed, horizontal corpse all over the place.
  "The darling small crocodile, we effort, these huge Xi entirely to put out!"Leaf the like celestial spirits of Feng's in mid air, the power and prestige be peerless, huge crocodile crazy roar 1, turn round dynasty every where inside escape spread of the huge Xi be fierce to make track for but go to.
  "The younger sister of snow, your number have no?How many huge Xis has leaf's ising some already hanged?"Leaf Feng cachinnation way.
  "The elder brother of the Feng, you just had already trampled 24 huge Xi!"The He connect an autumn a snow language idea inside in addition to surprised and pleased outside have no other emotion again, leaf Feng be too strong, strong arrive super terror.
  "Hey Hey."Leaf Feng Hey once the Hey smile, although hug Hao to connect autumn snow, such as big bird sort dynasty is is taken by surprise bottom to escape everywhere of the huge Xi keep make track for but go to.
  Any is catch up by leaf Feng of, the none exception all is a skull to burst but Wu.
  This some kind of Wei power, true is have no add by Lun.
  The huge crocodile lightning flash sort did a body side to too late escape of ten huge Xi unexpectedly is a war more more courageously, it dynasty leaf Feng laugh wildly a way:"Ha ha, eldest brother, we compare them, who kill of be the huge Xi many?"
  Leaf Feng say with smile:"Good!"
  The He connect autumn snow abrupt feel a leaf Feng skill quick many, surprised way:"The elder brother of the Feng, the huge Xi all escape far, do you want why?"
  "Do what, this call to spare no one!"Leaf Feng the speed of the strange bird sort but is more opposite than activity dilatoriness of the huge Xi be quick top many.
  The huge Xises are surprised to feel true is ask for shouldn't ask for of super and strong enemy after, regrettable have already had no penitence medicine to eat, just make an effort dynasty every where inside run away, the heart be next to want to escape how far escape how far, that person's one crocodile true is the jinx in the life.
  Wretchedness huge Xis the last silk escape of mind but is glided leaf Feng and marsh ground of sort top such as the strange bird in out of the sky like swim the huge crocodile of the fish sort lightning flash artistic skill to heartless smash.
  Basically isn't the opponent of the samembt shoes of grade, that still has what can say?
  The advantage that is on the amount in a short instant disappear on the contrary gave without a trace opponent breeze book remnants the cloud sort ground heartily massacre!
  When the last huge Xi die a tragic death accurate in judgment at the huge crocodile bottom, square circle ten number inside the marsh district of the ground top exert is the graveyard that the huge Xi die, the blood have already dye red this ten

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