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This is the top level of the entire building huge offices to the main color black and white dog with a thick carpet covered the floor above, quietly stepped soft and comfortable.

Mei Hsuan is looking down at the foot of inadvertentlychristian louboutin knockoffs an unfamiliar and frozen air attack came from behind her almost unconsciously turn hit a towering figure.

You when you appear? Mei Xuan shocked how this guy is a walking ghost you did not sound.

I think my appearance did not so spooky. Yin Luo Han picked up staring at her look of readiness under the brow look.

Mei Xuan, pulled himself together to set a calm tone, great president spoke YIN you find me that in the end I will not be afraid to discuss this silly thing your right. What do you speak straight to the point directly.

Of course. Yin Luo Han shrugged Huanhuan Duo step forward will come to desk placed in the hands of a folder handy desk picked up a gray leather bags on hand playing with.

I think you should be interested to see this.

What is inside? Mei Xuan's eyes blinked at him puzzled leather hand bags do not know what to buy gourds in medicine in the end.

Yin Luo Han reclining on the desk did not speak Minchun darker the eyes quickly glide touch of sharp Jingmang a moment he Yang leather bags waved her hands in the past.

She unconsciously moved towards the steps he took over the leather bags mounted inside she is really curious about what is worthy of him so much trouble for her to see him.

Leather bag is only a 16 to open the size of the paper she once started to emerge out of a rough view of the slack look of the moment and then she did not give to read verbatim to read carefully, after the signature of the bottom like lightning as she spent the whole person there.

This is how is this possible father is still in prison four years ago, I do not believe this is not true

She shook her head suddenly felt disbelief made mind a while bouts of cold sweat to rip off the palm Qin Chu. Daddy even four years ago, he owed a full 3 million Yin Luo cold and it was explicitly written in above this year will be his daughter Ling Meixuan repay the money to replace him.

The paper hands instantly take away the ears wantonly evil and indifferent voice. True or false to see the autograph I think you know better than I. For him why he owes me three million You should go ask your father. In conclusion a few days now that this credit will expire.

Three million students for now and she is an astronomical figure working hard all these years she accumulated a number of bank money, but Cary for 3 million drop in the bucket is simply that point.

She calmed the mood licked lips murmured with a tone of discussion here I, I do not have that much money. I was a student I am really not out of 3 million. Otherwise my bank card so I would let you have 30 000. I graduated a few months until I work in a month I will smoke a half from the salary back to you.

Ling Meixuan you seem to not find out the situation. Yin Luo Han Min Chun sneer a few times unexpectedly grabbed her by the wrist and dragged to his thin lips pulled sort of ghost of the smile light. I am a businessman never makes profitable business. If you owe your father a few days the money has not paid off, then I will write the contract of running from the beginning of this year by 50 percent every year the interest to count to a time when your father released from prison

Vomit from his lips flapping in the same breath as the ice scared her face was turning her wrist about interrupted him. Do not say in the end you want?

50% of the interest that does not increase the 1.5 million christian louboutin salethat year, the interest until the father released from prison even if he was penniless, he simply does not come from money.

I am not gonna do. Yin Luo cold and cold to evoke labial angle firmly grasped her wrist with a dangerous atmosphere of approaching her face I just want to recover my 3 million on that simple.

But I said I did not look so much money. What do you want to hide the head but show the tail like a straight between this great president of the Yin you do.

He grabbed her by the wrist and some instinct told her it irritated guy is too smart to her background might already have a clear picture about him with such force that she seems to have a different purpose.

Yin Luo Jun's face hanging from the cold touch of strange smile completely indifferent to the eruption of the eye. How we enter into an agreement like? It lets you out of those three million do not know if you are not interested in listening.

His face wearing creepy smile from her teeth to bite his hand tightly punched his fist and forced back the urge you want. Speak.

He was hanging her deep black eyes Xieni Zhao eyes filled with ridicule, low voice spoke slowly. Denied many of my lack of a warm bed alone, I think you should fit.

You, you dream. A stifled her breathing suddenly a kind of anger after being insulted her chest filled with struggling to get even harder. You let me go. If you need, then I believe that women will be a long line waiting for you to select

He suddenly did not force her preparedness Qiang Liang Yi Che was rushed into his arms, his face what hit her hard in the chest with trained, Tong Hu-making soon as then upload to hear the head Toru ice cold voice.

I never in the same woman who spent too much time on the day I give you time to consider. This time tomorrow you give me the answer.

She looked up and speak out to refute the next moment it was going to be rude to push him enough time to respond to her body again and again no one got into the back of the Italian leather sofa.

She drew him back straight Dengxiang vision can kill it if the front face of this evil has long been Stern killed her a thousand times ten thousand times.

Why would you pick in me? She could not help asking out loud that she would be foolish to believe that he is doing it took a fancy to her face sure there are other reasons.

He looked her up and down with impunity from the touch of cruel and hold in mouth slightly ambiguous Xiexiao I hate stuck I do not put a break only when a woman weeping twisted. And your cell I have investigated the most suitable for you is my candidate.

She was like a game at the moment as he deliberately lookedchristian louboutin boots suddenly uneasy over her body to the extreme standards of the original he needs after he bored a break up can not cry no trouble cool woman.

This answer is really unexpected.

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