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Low gray clouds flowing flowing in the window that give way Boran think of the one poem Rain Comes from Wind.

However, at this moment in Boran Road, Bo, president of christian louboutin knockoffsthe office floor, his face clouds as if the weather outside the window.

Miami carefully consulting his assistant standing: President Miss Yang left Beijing to Shenzhen last year, and later mysteriously returned to Beijing in our liner has been in Shenzhen, we have been looking for this is the reason for not able to find her. This year, Miss Yang has been with a

I do not want to hear negative things you any explanation is not too detrimental to shirk work. And you said yesterday, which I just a few hours of time to get in the end is how you do things? What sort of efficiency you? Road Boran Lengheng soon as the interrupted his start from this month your salary reduced 15 000 donated to the orphanage the other half ordered a halt until I can listen to know?

Is on the run by president said. President's temper is well versed in Miami to be, and the submissive. As for the result of the fact that he was just grateful for. If the president is not wanting in attention to himself with him several years of the accordance with his own pack up and get out Gercken will let the.

This time the office door squeak open the bang figure dressed in glamorous and enchanting Akira sway walked in.

The woman body is just an expensive brand-name clothes thin piece of decorative scarves to spend a full five digits on the yuan. Her hair was the first popular wave of explosive long-lasting color is wine red 10 is trapped inside the black nails and lip gloss and eye shadow are slight pink. At the foot of a new kind of red high heels when a full 10 cm but it was not hampered her walking and twisting.

However, she is the wife of Yiyi Lu Bo Purple is the magic from the bridesmaids from the bride into a woman is when the mouth Yang Qian man that stole her best friend.

Now, she said everything was a married woman of charm Noble, noble and aloof follow the dress before the family distress and did not know how old-fashioned make-up, always laughing boys are compared to the three women without product is simply their performance.

If this world there are ugly duckling becomes a swan aiming this thing is so well-deserved Purple Yiyi living example of being looked down upon her from the ugly duckling becomes degenerate wings shine bright beauty of the Swan.

How do you come? Lu Bo Ran some surprised but immediately replaced with a slight smile the face of other expression.
Flower then you use the flower to the pro who quickly threw it of little faith, little faith, willing to allow the flowers stoned request we Shing Chuen Oh ~ ~! No other collection of this thing in the collection quickly. To see what the course of the text comments and suggestions, orchristian louboutin boots  do not understand even a little faith, shout Ah will return everyone to see.

I have about the president and his wife, Ouyang tea with the company passing up a look. Daoshi how do you not work so late?

Lu Bo Ran toward Miami: First, you go tell the driver to work in the downstairs waiting for me 20 minutes evacuation me home.

Ah good president and president of his wife goodbye.

Hey, look as if Miami is not quite right Oh, they do something wrong are you not reprimanded? Yiyi Lu Bo Purple came to back natural order suit.

Only little to say his few words. He laughed at her that he had not avoid affecting mood.

Work is always so much to do do not always do what's so tired, so some things men do not have to attend to the job When you're on the line. She said sympathetically.

Road Bo natural heart are called to be an interest that share the warmth.

Yiyi Purple is undeniably good wife married to her more and more good year in any occasions and was graceful performance earned him praise and a lot of face with him in private that she has absolute care and understanding, but also must more unnecessary interference and eat dry vinegar so often feel very relieved that he was pleased to marry a good wife, a smooth and slick.

This is that damn woman is always inferior to Yiyi purple.

Almost time to leave me or you go with me? Yiyi violet eyes filled with the expectations.

However, slightly upturned mouth Road, Bo promised just about to open the phone would ring a bell so he then swallowed into the first answered the phone.

This phone is Beijing's most mysterious and expensive to play detective agency x-factor just over five seconds in silence listening to posterior Boran face immediately became a mass of confusion and distortion as if this terrible accident occurred in the same tense.

Boran how it? Yiyi Violet asked with concern.

Azi I have to go deal with urgent cases will not accompany you to one of your own careful going home early. However, this sentence Road Bo dropped urgently red door out of the elevator into the president away.

Hop on the elevator reached the door before the second saw Lu Yiyi Purple Boran pious hands tightly clasped together in prayer and incomparable like asking what.

She does not know her for so long stunned he has always been a constant force full of men failing to disorder, panic this time is the second time I saw her she was so flustered.

The last time a year ago when he was informed christian louboutin saleof the bride fleeing forced marriages and this again is why?


Her heart suddenly thought of it was the same needle to fall into a mood where then murmured: not impossible, she can not come back

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