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Walk walk! What drug money and you arrest? Do not stand at my shop early in the morning the door to find me bad luck!
Owner of a bamboo heart pharmacy penny flew only five people turned hostile bombers.
Xu treasurer before you have money on credit me christian louboutin knockoffssome medicine I must quickly look back to you!
I walked fast to hear? !
Xu treasurer Dengda two mice philistine businessmen eye the face of a bamboo heart in front of amplification.
Xu treasurer care about their patients beg you please do my mother really, really sick still waiting for my medication to go back to her medical treatment!
Bamboo anxious may Qinchu tears imploring him.
Sick is not my mother! To say that I am open pharmacies are not open Tsz Tong! Let you go hear? Otherwise, I'm Detective jail until you go behind bars!
Xu treasurer has lost patience with bamboo heart rude to push the door to the shop.
Bamboo heart back toward the door when being driven dispensers Xu did not notice the foot of a high threshold from accidentally saved the whole body to go next.
She fell to the ground at the moment her eyes caught sight of a dark side is driving fast to her horse bolted from!
Her fear of bulging eyes -
Do not! Niangqin also waiting for her to go back to how she could become a horse on it under the ghost?
Yu -
Soon as whistle handsome man on horseback to Lema Swagger.
Horse powerful all feet on the bamboo heart stagnation Banke and Yang Bo roar soon as recovered all feet.
Bamboo side fell to the ground before the heart was the scene of terror completely terrified she Leng Leng staring at a horse that tall handsome man into a brief blank brain.
Men dismounted to see her pale smile Xie Mei's mouth emerges a ray of symbolic apology smile.
Girl you injured?
Pull up in shock, she frankly asked hyuk.
I. . . . . . I'm fine.
The only reason hyuk a reminder of bamboo with fascinating stats from Zhene.
Was also found in his own hands holding the bamboo heart quickly Chou Chushou shy but other than a vague eyes filled up a storm of mind her daughter's shy.
Nothing like I do not want to hurt a little beauty for no reason.
He frivolous to evoke a smile and unpredictable Mouguang soonchristian louboutin boots Saowan bamboo heart aches which he estimates a woman's expression level.
Unfortunately, she looks too young yet ripe superior called her little beauties very appropriate.
Thank, thank you.
These objects bamboo heart words from the teeth had just been fortunate that his prompt response, timely and bridle reins or else.
Thank me? Texture hyuk Tiaoqi Mei evil men leaned close to her ear, sound is full of confused why?
Since. . . . . . Because you saved me.
Bamboo takes away people's heart by his momentum forced off authentic atmosphere could not breathe.
Do not be nervous I tease you!
Bamboo hyuk sudden heart so big hearty laugh and have never seen him smile more than watching the men.
His body emitting a delightful heart and soul of the motifs with thorns was she did not look in his eyes.
From his perspective, he should be wearing to the capital instead of famous families such as this small border town of people.
Bamboo Heart foolish to plunge inferior to head down.
Hyuk half squinted her eyes quickly from the transfer.
You have just been pushed to the middle of the road, right?
Duo Jin hyuk swagger pharmacies bamboo heart behind him asked his pun.
Xu dispensers are a discerning eye to see the dress hyuk will know who he is backing.
Son said, where is it? Small oversight Who is this girl money to buy medicine. Small shop but also to support the family can not do lose money trading ah!
Xu treasurer naturally hear the overtones quickly bowed hyuk compliant bow again and again.
How much she bad?
Hyuk gaze from eyes.
50 Man.
Xu shopkeeper put a trembling hand, said position.
50 Man? Funny to repeat hyuk out a moneychristian louboutin sale  counter and look casually throw enough?
Xu treasurer had never seen such a generous patrons staring at a big pound suit, openly eyed.
Enough is enough! Arrested 1,000 drug had enough!
Xu treasurer flattering slender typical two eyes already become the face smile up two cracks.

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