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 Affirmation way of Zhao4 Yan Fei:"Certainly regain go tombt shoes clearance, when the time comes if the wheat there Zhe Lun person dare to obstruct, we affirmation want to beat, because of there original be our home towns, they robbed our places and we certainly have to want to come back toward them.Alas ……but that want to die how much person ah ……I dare not imagination ……"
  Outside of fight still continue, process 48 hour of continuous physical fight, fix of the Kingdom of Zhi Yu true warrior more and more support don't live, victory of weighing scales obvious was partial to Zhao4 Yan Fei a square, turn occurrence in 49 hours.

    Formal edition 120 times the beehive aircraft carrier of queen
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2009-5-1315:30:10 origin chapter word number:6133

   When Zhao4 Yan Fei's thinking to win a bureau has already in fixed time cruised a warship from the Zhou area arrange of the car hang a side square, rapid drive come a more huge silver white aircraft carrier.
  This be a beehive type aircraft carrier, on the warship body spread all over an a small cabin closely.Aircraft carrier just on getting to battlefield to round a car to hang to every where revolve for the beginning flew from can not reckon how many of the small cabin at the same time innumerable fix true warrior.
  Round the car hang to after turning 1 turn fix a true warrior to also hang to the whole car from outside the side surrounded.These living a dint soldier two words not to say devotion fight, the cruel as predatory animal sort make a pounce upon a Zhou area to cruise a warship from the all directions.
  Original hang a seamy side in the car drive dozen lift not beginning of those fix true warrior, see F square the large quantity reinforcement arrive to, not from morale big flap, match the living of outer circle dint soldier speed attack of frequency.
  The Zhou area cruise a warship at caught unprepared bottom attack front and rear, at that time food for powder not from fluster, ability attend to outside the side can not consider of inner part, and after enemy large quantity troops increase to aid, the whole war capability no longer gain advantage, is been a burst of by the enemy crazy blunt, almost the type can't keep.
  Zhao4 Yan Fei is big and nasty, order fleet immediately transformation type, constitute an iron bucket temporarily abidance by.But a great deal of because of enemy flow out at this time to, be conversion the type be also not easy, the Zhou area cruise a warship since want to make a fleet sport according to the regulation, again want to carry on point to shoot in order to prevent have enemy near body attack, one heart two use bottom, some anti- is take advantage o by the enemy.
  Fleet form conversion equal hard, luckily week cloud fly after all is operation fleet of person, under the condition that such dangerous, end still completion the transformation of the type.
  Pound at this time, the Zhou area cruise a warship exactly loss warship of 10%, these aring 3 still have never had after set up of greatly aggrieved experience.
  After constituting an iron bucket O.K., the pressure be obvious light not a few.This kind of form is the hard of the defense one of, enemy at that time root offend not to come in.
  Zhao4 Yan Fei looking at fleet outer circle to float a dance the enemy of the rock, vivid emolliently fly sword, don't feel a burst of and helpless.
  As early as fight a beginning, she already order signal corps contact remaining Kang and Hua instrument, they mean to hither rush through right away.More than 50 hour past, don'ted know them to arrive where.But even they arrived, there is no the troops of surplus, ability win this battle?
  Led again for a while, Zhao4 Yan Fei canned not restrain, enemy of near war advantage true too big, fix true the warrior body be vivid and evade confrontation with fast, leave near, the Zhou area cruise a warship up of bombard the soldier basically can't target them, if this continues persistence don't live.
  See to only start out battleplane, though F square battleplane the soldier compare fix of the other party true the warrior be still defenseless, have total the ratio liked.If colourful create a younger sister's ability to build a machine A to come to material soldier should have much the United States!That time by dint of machine A soldier vivid body, not weak thermodynamic power, not definitely afraid that these fix true warrior, calculate not enemy, but at least can with the other party a fight.
  Now also only let the battleplane soldier's walk into death.Zhao4 Yan Fei is some cant not bear to, but at this time also again have no his method, she be hesitant underground reached battleplane to attack of order.
  Didn't be excessive and long, each Zhou area cruise a play of warship to shoot a cabin to all open one by one, then at battleship computer network of consociation under the operation, battleplane almost in the meantime from play to shoot a cabin drive a batch play project.
  The battleplane play project be a little bit orientation once have no gravity environment after, toward those fix true the warrior be blunt go to, part pound at, part open machine to carry a grain of son cannon, a bunch bunch grain the son flowed to shot in to fix true warrior.
  Each Zhou area cruise a warship to all have 50 to play to shoot, hence each separate 30, on the battlefield many about 100,000 battleplane.After five minutes, exactly 1,000,000 battleplane hover around to cruise a warship in the Zhou area on all sides, the grain son flow to maneuver interleave in the space and weave a shining energy big net.
  While just starting appear battleplane, the troops of the Kingdom of Zhi Yu how still not attention, after all the fighting strength of that thing return not equal to F the square most lousily fix true warrior.
  They flick to fly sword to split toward battleplane with the finger, battleplane certainly should hand but crack, from inside the soldier of the break out of also defenseless, resist several bottom after flying sword, wound to escape, escape slow of right away was flown sword to take life.
  But led for several minutes, the amount of battleplane much arrive they too late exterminate of situation, an at they on all sides roar and shout but lead, hover around to dance in the wind, also without intermission project grain the son flow, though the machine carry a grain of son cannon power smaller, they complete can cope with, but many after, also let them breathe heavily however spirit come.
  Wait until after five minutes, when battleplane's being complete be cruised a warship by the Zhou area to release, fix true warrior beginning confusion.They every where inside drive out the this groups small fly, but the Zhou area cruise a warship up of great power grain's son cannon but opportunity to take advantage of this be big hair benefit City, facing they the figure madness for pursue point shoot.
  At that time, the war situation got in to refuse to budge a stage again.
  Sit upright of the Zhi Yu Kingdom queen Huan Xin grace at aircraft carrier warship bridge of conductor chair up.She this year already 2,000 many year old, but because of fix true have results to show to look my daughter like teenage of girls to living general, the youth Jing be beautiful, beautiful have no big wave.
  Body condition of young, make her mental state age also stay around a young girl stage, up to now she is like a little girl sort naivete and be full of the intense emotion and gusto of young man.
  She is a pure breed wheat Zhe Lun person, that year take epigone to escape to come an establishment here oneself of country, she be like this looks and mindset, lead more than 1,000 year, she be unexpectedly fixed and unchangealbe, still as at the beginning excite.
  See at this time F square at that time ten Duos don't descend an enemy, she again beginning excite, handle knob on flick, loudly way:"Have no matter stem of all follow me!"
  An inferiority hurriedly way:"Queen his majesty, you be not worthwhile to mbt salego to battle in person ah, although the enemy resist stubbornly at that time,their fighting strength be still not equal to we, eventually will fall to hurt!"
  "Not line, I can't is tolerant of my excellent warrior white white sacrifice, stop worrying, their battleship harm not mine, I blunt kill a burst of come back!"The Huan Xin is say and flying soon to float toward the cabin to, also disappear her how hair dint, body already arrive cabin, whole body top and bottom unexpectedly don't take one silk quick temper.
  Didn't be excessive and long, Zhao4 Yan Fei is on the military tactics computer see a group of person like the tiger go into flock of sheep, a battleship with a battleship chop down to split past, an among those light point is also like demon's sort suddenly east suddenly west, don't stop to move in a sudden, F square's battleship radar basically can't target her, don't even say that shoot medium she.
  Zhao4 Yan Fei quickly that light point the place district enlarge, this just see arrive originally light point be a young woman, the You be red health of skin color, the youth clear and beautiful facial appearance, the small face up still take to defy spirit of facial expression, conductor oneself of beautiful fly sword to toward the engine part that the Zhou area cruise a warship crazy chop down.
  Each chop down once, she move once in a sudden, figure at space of stop over time never over three seconds, be also a control oneself fly sword all of a sudden, launch to move in a sudden.The Zhou area cruise a warship pair cannon to project of the grain son flow always shoot medium her falsely shadow, root shoot not medium she.
  But her flying sword be very beautiful, multicolored brilliant of radiant sword body, hilt of a sword behind still hang fresh and gorgeous give out light of tassels, sword body in the center part compare breadth, the Lou be empty a wear lotus flower clothes of female doll shape, female the eyes part of the doll be two grains of bright night bright pearl and send out a stars sort of glorious.
  Fly sword not only good-looking, return abnormality ferocious, seem a little virago who grow water to work properly, toward F square the Zhou area cruise the engine part of warship and is to chop down and be to stab, madness hair sprinkle, the Zhou area cruised a protect of warship physique quantity shield to be usually flown sword three times two times to afflict, hard of warship body also usually eat not to live to fly split of sword to stab.
  This be Zhao4 Yan Fei a time see grade bestly fly sword, past she once saw yield of that kind of fly sword.She know that flying a sword ability to pass orientation host be true spirit energy of frequency to listen to host conductor.
  Each a fly sword all demand the host be true spirit Cui Lian over, while use then can respond what host send out true spirit.But the host pass an oneself true spirit can change fly sword material of grain sub- space arrange, make to fly sword thus big small, but fly the quality of sword is constant.
  The material been like a pulse star up one cubic centre-metre rice if leave the strong gravitation of pulse star, arrive at astrospace have no gravity appearance bottom, probably would inflation arrive square number 100,000 kilometers be similar.Fly become bigger or smaller of sword certainly have no so exaggeration, but the constringency become to embroider the flower needle size and get into body agreeable blood vessels inside the body arrive pubic region storage to get up still can of.
  But she this fly sword top that be two night bright pearl what happened?Difficult way night bright pearl also does the ability constringency become grain of rice size?The material of night bright pearl drive also the refining led not become?
  Zhao4 Yan Fei see a head of fog water, the Huan Xin have already split at this time lousy six engine that the Zhou area cruise a warship.Zhao4 Yan Fei shake and wake up from contemplate.Now isn't the time which think these boredom affair, should how the consideration deal with this woman be.
  She is continuously in a sudden move is a warship to carry cannon to could not shoot her biggest reason, can't only make her move in a sudden, then can deal with her.
  H'm, O.K. this time took some strong magnetic field to bump a shot machine to come over, by dint of strong magnetic field of interplay, be the space of airship to jump up can drive also valid arrestment, only in a sudden move a hand not just arrive capture?
  Zhao4 Yan Fei immediately 1 set of order under charge fly sword a private to go to the Huan Xin surroundings space a great deal of arrange the strong magnetic field bump a shot machine and fly sword the privates excitement of receive orders but go to.
  The special troops is because of only 60,000 people, Zhao4 Yan Fei feel parties them to take place also not help matters, so until now they all expressed of opportunity.See fight to carry on in imposing array, but oneself the hero be useless, they don't feel stifling, now this brigade get fly of mission sword a private finally can on vomitting stuffy air in chest, certainly very excitement.
  The Huan Xin is like a little girl sort at this time happy jump like sparrows, these battleship that are ignorant take her some way also have no, but she can not stop make fun of they, certainly happy 啰 .
  The peaceful day lead too long, absolutely dull.Now has these discards to accompany oneself play all right and anyway them harm not oneself, let oneself once led a habit head of beat the person.
  Alas ……more than 1,000 year, don't know that two elder to quarrel what stage, but now anyway with oneself irrelevant.They this corrupt incapable, all day want to receive bribe of old guy, incredibly still dozen the big ensign of democracy republican, what things!
  The oneself father only think to practice**rule would a little bit more efficient, they arrested a father and sentenced to death him.Such forbid speech of politics still open of democracy?Kui they the whole day hang democracy by the side of the mouth, absolutely don't know shame.
  Oneself that year take a person break out of to see come still rightness of, at here life although hard some, joy carefree, unrestrained.You say**not good, I now make**nation, not just manage thoroughly, the people live happily, at least life ratio at you rule bottom to want to have peace of mind many.
  However that year that massive explosion true appalling, so fix Lian level ratio oneself Gao De2 Bing4 Duo for several that years of strong all skeleton depletion, connect dollar baby all the form spread, is really sad.Oneself O.K. far far mourn at the back of they, just brought disaster to fish in the moat, however end drive also the material huge big wave all the way winding come here.
  Should keep off galaxy here, they be a period inside root be unable to come, also impossible punishment oneself of escape secretly criminal charges.Oneself at that time return is really a tactful, a see fix Si that guy parties strong track flee from home of the Earth person, active volunteer to army, say that want help be strong, so slipped away to come out, conveniently already ready to of the under charge be public whole take out, wait them reaction to come over, oneself early escape far ……
  Huan Xin just at recall that year oneself of satisfied raise, suddenly detection oneself can't move in a sudden.Get a shock of she, this just see own surroundings many many and F the square be similar usage to fly the enemy of sword, these enemy part let out to fly sword to resist own under charge of attack, part throw  many iron box away at will in the astrospace.
  She use true spirit respond some kind of, detection be these the field send out by iron box ability mutual bump shot, just make oneself puzzling lost to move in a sudden of ability.
  The Huan Xin isn't surprised and mbt shoesanti- and pleased:These enemies see to return true have 1 set, can let oneself good lead lead beat the person's habit.Can't move to have in a sudden what big not of?With oneself of the real strenght as usual can make your dozen seek the tooth everywhere.

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