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This, will see your fair competition."Reach the west play trick a way.
  Ji joss-stick once dozen in reach west of hand, immediately mbt shoes salehis pain get shout loudly.
  English in the United States federal.
  This be the solar system which Be located on Mars the two federal.As early as 21 centuries last phase, mankind Mars

reformation for can live of star.The beginning of 22 centuries, inside solar system explosion six time world war, the United

States English federal and virtuous idea federal big hurt, compelled all move Mars.
  Next more than 100 years, Mars drive fast development, the United States English federal again development get up, and

quick exceed permafrost north Russia federal, become the two federal inside the solar system.
  At this time, in the United States English federal a the administration chairman's cloth be willing to inside in the office

of , Hua settle day just at with cloth be willing to negotiation.
  "How you are be the certificate what you say true?"Cloth be willing to the arrogant which used to take to have, sit at the

back of the chair.The aircraft out of the window come and go, prosperous degree unlike China the capital city of the federal

  "If I can for you crack head in of tiny explode chip, be don'ting know you willing to believe?"The Hua settle a day to

answer a way.Conduct and actions be a clever at ascertain intent through word and expres of person to say, it is impossible

for him tos can not tell scheme of dragon day week, so at day week of dragon manufacturing trouble before, he have already

changed another a battleship, fly to the United States the English federal look for asylum.
  Wretchedness day week of dragon return at is oneself of plan it flawless but complacent, but have never thought Hua settle

day this traitor of China already real beginning trip to commit treason.
  "How to crack your plan?"Cloth be willing to set up for careless appearance to ask a way, but does the Hua settle a day the

idea that how could don't know him?
  "The solution bell still need to fasten bell a person."The Hua settle God's way, " so the key one who is find out this kind

of develop of chip.This I have already controled true of circumstance, demand you give I arrangement some hand, I ability

arrive China the federal give° the person you to bring."
  "What do you want?"Cloth be willing to ask a way.
  "Do China the chairman of the federal."The Hua settle God's way, " estimate dragon day week in the near future would to the

United States the English federal start raid, but he surprisingly I return on the hoof, more surprisingly we station

together.Wait until the United States the English federal vanquish China federal of troops, I want to do China federal of

  "Say so come, I ain't a white was the white favour for you to live?"Cloth be willing to way.
  "The whole S area all give you.How?"The Hua settle God's way.
  "Unexpectedly you are still really generous."Cloth be willing to stand up a way, " your knowing my now be just think what?"
  "Don't know."The Hua settle a day to have a little to doubt ask a way.
  "I am just think, if hand over to the dragon you day week, he would give I what advantage?BE crack my tiny explode chip,

still send me a S area."Cloth be willing to in no hurrily say, but settle the day to the Hua to frighten 1 arouse to work

  "The alliance No.1 all of the control power of the fleets return you."The Hua settle a day hurriedly add code.
  "Good, clinch a deal!"Cloth be willing to the no time for waiting ground shout a way, his etc. of be this sentence, because

he know, an alliance No.1 fleet, now of value arrive lead the whole minor planet to take, return not only.

    Two Shang chapter 138 hunted death cave
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:21:35 origin chapter word number:4265

  Close behind Lin2 Nuo2 's footstep, Wei gram the whereabouts which didn't find out space thunder a professor.
  "I, record not that clear."A full face of apology in Lin2 Nuo2 ground say.
  "Where do you come out from?"The Wei gram conjecture hole wall a way.
  "I forgot and I wanted to run away just at that time."Lin2 Nuo2 injustice tunnel, " I remember to come out from the inside

of the hole wall come of, there seem a door, can cut through."
  Lin2 Nuo2 part effort recall oneself come out of place, part stretch hand on the hole wall here knock there knock.
  "How to be missing?"Lin2 Nuo2 oddness way.
  "Do not seek, can not find."Wei gram way, he know is why.
  "I seek again, perhaps would detection."The Lin2 Nuo2 unwilling nature continue to tap wall,mbt shoes clearance
 her in the mind be full of

self-reproach, imitate now of the Fo space thunder colonel not come is because of her mistake.
  "There is basically no door."Wei gram explanation way, the part start think an other way.
  If Lin2 Nuo2 Neng2 remember to be that place, so he return can use oneself of the mentality open a passage to come out from

the wall, if Lin2 Nuo2 Ji4 don't live, he be all total and can't turn over the Dian of the whole blood pond.
  Process lately a war in crystal stone bridge, he already felling have a little to lack the ability to do on the mentality,

plus afterwards control two insect, also cost not a few mentality.The physical strength lack and can absorb from the crystal

stone, but mentality Yao, now he demand time come slowly instauration.
  "I clearly remember to be to have a door."Lin2 Nuo2 is very unwilling to give up so.
  Wei gram have to use the mentality control crystal stone of affair, in brief heel Lin2 Nuo2 Shuo.Lin2 Nuo2 Hai2 at hard to

tackle comprehension his words, he have already come out from afar.
  "The passage in the crystal stone absolutely be appear and disappear mysteriously."119 the complement be 1 and kept up with

a Wei gram.
  Lin2 Nuo2 looking at the figure of Wei gram and defy the appearance of spirit very much.But now she also can keep up with

go to.
  She thoughted of and separate so long time after, they a time mutually meet unexpectedly here.Remind of former of point

intravenous drop drop, Lin2 Nuo2 Zong3 feel reality be like a dream.Lucky blessing, there is sadness, but be felling don't

arrive true.
  "-" Lin2 Nuo2 He4 shouted loudly 1, in fact, she just crash into a Wei gram body.
  The Wei gram squat down on the ground and devote one's mind of looking at a ground, but she is also think don't of the

affair walked absolute being, just didn't see him.But, Wei gram's being like be bitten by the snake similar shouted ground a

station to get up, a lived Wu her mouth.
  Wait her see a pure Wei gram the inside of a hand be take the time of tommy gun, she still not knew occurrence what.119

also is to don't know what circumstance, frighten just hurriedly carry to have a gun, take aim at the cave in the front.
  "H'm?"Wei gram toward the ground of the front top Nu make a signal by pursing.
  Lin2 Nuo2 this just see, on the ground of foot, ground drop the liquid which wear several drop green.The liquid has been

already solidify, but depend on sparse or can let person remind of these liquid of host-insect's son.
  Did the difficult way just still have insect son to appear and disappear?
  "?"Proceed from chemisette instinct reaction, Lin2 Nuo2 not from get the Wu shut up Ba, a burst of in the heart empress

afraid, if at that time was discover by the insect son, she a how does the bayonet of indentation cope with.However thought

of oneself of the troops soldier's identity of the ground battle, Lin2 Nuo2 hurriedly change again just of expression, raise

  "There is insect son to lead."Wei gram judgment way, then use to think feeling to go toward front search some kind of,

there is no detection any circumstance.
  The Wei gram again squat down down, careful check a burst of, detection ground of the trace be not 1, but an extension

arrive front go to, but see according to green liquid drippy shape, still formerly noodles always extension come over.
  Be also say, insect son may already process here, arrived their after death!
  Be aware of this, in the Wei gram heart a surprised, he thoughted of to meet on the E star of those dinosaur for appear and

disappear mysteriously, their doing not know will hide a where, then suddenly rush out fatal to you of assault.
  The nerve of Wei gram is extreme to stretch tight tight, moment once turn round.
  After death have no.
  Top, have no.
  Again turn round, still have no.
  Two side also have no.
  Sweat bead's forehead in the Wei gram is come out, incubate of the enemy be the dangerous enemy.Lin2 Nuo2 with 119 of face

top also followed to be full of frightened.
  Suddenly, Wei gram saw Lin2 Nuo2 calf up of bayonet.
  He has 1 kind to prepare feeling.
  Quick rush toward past, draw out Lin2 Nuo2 's bayonet.
  Indeed as expected.The green liquid is what Lin2 Nuo2 's bayonet ascend drop down.
  The Wei gram is longly long to exhale an one breath and inwardly smile oneself too strain, with the result that lose

judgment.First, Lin2 Nuo2 just from there come over here, if have insect son, should be to run into Lin2 Nuo2 .Secondly leave

the insect son of trace affirmation is the insect son for get hurt, the insect son get hurt is can't-
  Wei gram the insect son which thoughted of that to escape!
  Probably these traces are that insect son to leave.
  Although have no front side exchange blows, Wei gram can affirmation that isn't a common of insect son, common of the

insect son can not escape his bullet.
  Wei gram again strain, tightly hold a gun, walk at most front, one step one step carefully go straight up.
  "Here!"Lin2 Nuo2 suddenly send out 1 to shout loudly.
  The Wei gram stretch tight tight nerve drive so on stimulate, 1 arouse to work properly to almost cause the gun go off

  Turn head on see, but the hole wall which see Lin2 Nuo2 an alignment the right side, stretch out a hand go to, carefully

touched once, there is no reaction, then then start tap.
  "What do you want to do?"Wei gram part on the alert front, part back Lin2 Nuo2 nearby.
  "I be from come out here.The colonel right here of the "Lin2 Nuo2 very affirmation say, " space thunder noodles!"
  The Wei gram lower the head a check ground and indeed as expected have on the ground a good many the trace of the green

  Assurance position, the Wei gram stand up and handed over to tommy gun Lin2 Nuo2 .
  "I to open passage.Your alert both sides."The Wei gram say that stick hands top hole wall.
  The hole wall is smooth, but Wei gram felling oneself of the mentality have no so strong.Although mentality already success

extension arrive crystal stone inside, a meet a crystal stone inside of energy, felling have a little lack the ability to do,

that energy is a burst of in the crystal stone disorderly flee, and be unlike previous so obedient.
  Wei gram's ising aware of this is always oneself the mentality caused at the usage mentality gradual dried up.But thought

of space thunder a professor at inside wait for him rescue, he also ignore so many, concentration end of some mentality,

crystal stone inside of the energy lead part.
  "The passage openned."The Wei gram has a little to weariness from overwork say, then moved forward to walk into a crystal

stone in.
  See a Wei gram to use a kind of unseen magic strength in person strong and tough such as iron of the crystal stone melt be

like water similar soft, Lin2 Nuo2 can not help stare big eyes, until the Wei gram all walk be missing just reaction come

  Three people file in walked into a crystal stone, very quick, then appear that hall which is imprison at previous Lin2 Nuo2

  "Space thunder colonel!Space thunder colonel?……How possibility?"Lin2 Nuo2 loudly call way.
  But the answer of no one she.
  The whole hall empty none person.
  "You assurance you be drive is the pass here?mbt shoes"The Wei gram has a little to dare not believe ground to ask a way.
  "BE true yes, we-" Lin2 Nuo2 quickly say, fear a Wei gram is a doubt she tell a lie.Immediately, she saw a good enough to

certificate the basis of her words."See!That top have the blood of insect son!"

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