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  Five difference elephant with 69 mbt shoes salethe source of pollution
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Yan although it is said the thin parents request again and again to stay, however Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian still lend to have an important matter to do and ran to come out.If come according to the normal son-in-law, how also want to have a meal, however this kind of practice of Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian the son-in-law never mind, or send first another 2.Return to an airplane up, in this way a go to the time held up two hours helicopter a take-off once more snowed a station to fly directly to toward Ping2 Xue3 Jia.
  The airplane went to the small town of Ping2 Xue3 Jia's place, because of small nothing important many-storied building in the town, there is more no airport, but direct stop at a basketball court of the building area of Ping2 Xue3 her house up.O.K. basketball court surroundings still distance the residence building have a segment distance, otherwise will find another other place.The plan of Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian accompany a her house of Ping2 Xue3 Dao4 to see together, can Ping2 Xue3 but decline with all sorts of excuses of heel the Yan thin attitude a ratio be two extreme.This arise Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's curiosity more, don't  want to follow to see at their house, end Ping2 Xue3 Ao4 however, had to can be follow by Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian.
  Two people walked how far isn't Ping2 Xue3 Jia, is one Dong broken-down dormitory building again, be still an old style decoration structure and form, an unit each four family, even is at bright sun Gao Zhao4 of noon, the ray in the building way also duskly let the person walk very careful.The prospects here let Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian reminded of past once lived a ground floor with virtuous uncle.
  Ping2 Xue3 Qiao knock on door, some action in the home all have no, although say that came back and don't say "hello" with home this time, can now is to just have a meal, mother should at home of ah?Knocked again several bottom, oneself the door of house openned, next door of door but open.
  An old woman, who come out to come from the next door, conjectured Ping2 Xue3 well some kind of, this just inquire about:"BE a light snow?"
  "Grandmother Wang2, noisy way you, true embarrassed, my mother be not at home and did you know her to go to which?"
  Ping2 Xue3 Wen4's way of the looking at of old man oddness:"How don't you receive a notice to just rush through back?Your mother a few days ago the belly be very painful, hospitalization.Hurriedly see!"Originally and a few days ago Ping2 Xue3's mother because of excessiveness work hard at chores, get impatient gastroenteritis, hospitalization, this several days her home always all no one.Listenned to the old man's words, two run of personal anxious fire Liao go out, call the car go straight to people's hospital in the town.
  Arrived a hospital, found out her mother's sickroom, push door to at the right moment see a mother that wear whole body sick personnel's pack positive difficulties of embrace thermos bottle, go toward pour water in cup.
  "Mother~" Ping2 Xue3 be cry and running past, hurriedly once connected thermos bottle, hand oneself of the mother sit down.
  Ping2 Xue3's mother wipe go to her eye the tears of the Cape, force extruded some smiling face, "the light snow don't cry, mother isn't this thoroughly?You no longer does the inside of the school have a class well, run back stem?"
  "Mama!You so, return say oneself have no matter, father not at, I go to school in the other parts of country, you born a disease connect ability care of person all have no, this call I how ability trust, O.K. what I come back in time."
  Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian looking at a mother female reunited of sweet condition, know interest of backed to go out, at inside in the hallway give clever elder sister dozen telephone, the other party mean to immediately come over, again find out white address here after, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian conveniently let the clever elder sister go to the hotel on the town to buy several easy digest of patient's diet.Hanged a telephone, he ran again to register place ask pure Ping2 Mu3 of condition, is impatient appendicitis, the surgical operation fee hospitalize of the time have been already paid, this several days of medicine fee, bed expenses Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian is all to her settle, again spend money to please a nursing, end still want high class sickroom.
  Say is a high class sickroom, in fact be list, again go together with up one set television, small town hospital nature can't and the hospital of the big city City ratio, repair with capital city return than the guest house luxury of sanatorium heel can't ratio.Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian take a few nurse, returned to Ping2 Mu3's sickroom and the Chan handed her to change high class sickroom.
  Just arrive at here, Ping2 Mu3 some frighten into inaction, in addition to surgical operation fee outside, this how many days of expenses penny money handed over, doctor nurse in the hospital urge every day, also all liked the facial expression see, today how suddenly changed a temper, also arrangement high class list give oneself live?She took a look Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian and seem to be understand some what.
  "Light snow, this BE?"
  Not etc. Ping2 Xue3 openings, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian have already jumped the gun to smile to answer a way:"Aunt how are you, I be Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian, is Ping2 Xue3's classmate.You lie a rest well and my friend have already bought rice."
  Ping2 Mu3 just thinking openings ask what, by a happy chance Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's telephone rang, he rise took a look a hospital wall top to forbid the caution for clamor, smiled to smile to two people, pushed door to answer the phone in hallway.
  "Feed~clever elder sister, did you arrive?H'm, you again the hospital doorway wait me, I past seek you."
  The inside of the sickroom, the Ping2 Mu3 La, Ping2 Xue3,'s hand, ask a way at this time:"Are you falling in love with this young man?"
  Ping2 Xue3 Yi listen to, red the face is lowly head, wriggled along while this a point just to nod.
  "I don't think that interfering with you be too many, however when still needing to remind of the mother, studies is heavy.Waste precious of experience fall in love, if neglected studies, you rightness of early be greedy for black of work, make money mother that supply your go to school?"
  Ping2 Xue3 lower the head not language, Ping2 Mu3 feel the words that oneself say to once have a little as well, after all this be just oneself of worry, is 1 probably occurrence but didn't°yet occurrence of the matter blame and scold oneself of the daughter be not satisfactory, hence hurriedly transfer a topic:"Cost of living get about?The mother get sick this time, perform operation to spend not a few money, hospitalization of expenses didn't°yet knot, etc. hospital I find your uncle to borrow go to, brother and sister's 1, his should not see dead don't save."
  "Mama, living expenses do I still have, Za need not tolerantly of ask others for help, you still have peace of mind to convalesce, this several days I wait upon you well here."
  Ping2 Mu3 Ting this words be one Leng and school begins of time she gave the living expenses of Ping2 Xue3's 500 dollars, now two month past, calculate she a meal average two dollar, these money also flower about.How may still have surplus?"Light snow, mama give you of the money in the mind nature have number, you be every day to eat the plain wheat roll salty vegetables, can't also remain a few money, ah, your daddy walk early, I again little skill, harm of you follow to suffer hardship!The kid has to fight to excel, the future don'tmbt shoes clearance want to be like your mother so toil lifetime, return bring trouble sons and daughters."
  "What does mama say?I feel an ability to living in this home very happiness, I comprehension your work hard, good good rest, the in a short while small day bought rice back good the delicious be satisfied."
  At the mention of Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian, Ping2 Mu3 Kan4 to Ping2 Xue3's eyes inside flicker of ray of light with float in the sky of countenance, have to exclamation, is really a female big not medium stay."You this classmate home be very rich?You are together canning beware of with him, a lot of rich family's young master heel origin not take our woman be return to matter son, play calculate, the kid can beware of."
  "Oh, mama, the small day don't is that so a person!"
  A pair of this mother female of dialogue is by a happy chance heard by Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian and Liu2 Qing Ying3 out of the door, clever elder sister blunt Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian blink eyes and the latter helplessly smiled to smile, the Dong Dong Dong knocked three times on the sickroom door, and this just push door into.
  After entering a house, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian and Ping2 Mu3 Liang3 individual all some embarrassed, connect Ping2 Xue3 introduction Liu2 Qing Ying3, her mother also a words listenned to into.Or Liu2 Qing Ying3 very tactfully pulled Ping2 Xue3 Zou3 to go out.The small day and Ping2 Mu3 Liang3 is personal silent very long, an end still Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian broke first silent, "aunt, I know you is concern Ping2 Xue3, I comprehension you be mother of mood.However also ask you to believe me different from the kid of the other rich family.In fact I am also what poor people house Be from, just recent just heel oneself of the natural parent mutually recognize, this you can be to Ping2 Xue3 Qiu2's certificate."
  Ping2 Mu3 You You sighed tone and say:"Your apprehensibility had better, I once saw many rich family's childe's elder brother never pair of girl's son be return to matter, all play calculate, you ability sincerely to light snow that is had better, which be parents of not hope oneself of children ability find out a feeling hurl idea to match of lover?Small, you 2 fall in love to return to fall in love, never influence studies."
  "H'm, I would attention of aunt, I let the clever elder sister buy a point gruel and soup, you still take advantage o hot eat, I hand over their two people to come in."Ping2 Xue3 recently later the detection mother's look in the eyes be much softer, this is just loose tone, on the whole is approve Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian.
  Get the appendicitis performed the patient of surgical operation complete not proper eat before recover from illness difficult digest of food, clever elder sister especially idea give Ping2 Mu3 Mai3 of white jade gruel and ginseng chicken soup.Ping2 Mu3 Yi see buy so expensive meal and connected a voice to reveal a fee.Can after all buy back, Ping2 Xue3 one mouthful feed of one mouthful she ate some soup, after finishing drink a gruel, this just go to rest.
  The hallway of the noon hospital top very peaceful, most patient all at this time lunch break, but doctor and nurse unless have necessity, otherwise also seldom at this time take a stroll everywhere.
  "Light snow, wait the disease of your mother good after, receive J downtown to live, just right help Xu3 Jing of favour."Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian ever since that time Xu3 Jing Wa come back later simply be have to jilt hand commander, what affair also don't interfere with, favour get Meng uncle and Xu3 Jing be burned.Don't seek some assistant for them is at very much obliged, but Ping2 Xue3's mother process this time affairs, also not proper again stem the worker be super burden of work, go to help very accommodation of.
  Once Ping2 Xue3 Wei2 smile and say:"Small day, thank you, however my mother want very much strong, I feel her be willing to the ability not agree literally accept other people of help, she will think that is give, is commiseration!"
  "Not, light snow, this is different.There is so many shameful person in the world swallowing at big four Qingses with spend lavishly ill-gotten gains, but be like you so the person of the docile but at life on-line flounder, this is unfair!I think you understanding I, these aren't the wretchedness, sympathize with and give, I am definite the person that need to be can believe go to help, but at that time half would the son also can not find accommodation of person.I know your mother can't certain easily accept of, this demand you come to like persuasion she."
  Ping2 Xue3 nature comprehension Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian of work hard, "small day, thank you."Take hallway nobody, Ping2 Xue3 Dian4 toe, quick of on his cheeks Zhuo one mouthful, which know Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian suddenly an embraced Ping2 Xue3, towarded two slices of cherry lips to kiss bottom to go to.
  Inception Ping2 Xue3 still the flounder of symbol several bottom, then take office is played tricks by the slippery tongue of Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian.By this time, a burst of urgent footstep voice spread from the hallway end, "!"Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian 1 bellow and shy Ping2 Xue3 carelessly bite open his lips in the fluster.
  "Small day have no matter?"Ping2 Xue3 anxiously look into his wound, but the fracture on the detection lips be heal with unimaginable speed, different meeting already intact as before.Want a past him to be subjected to so heavy of harm, all have no matter, this point small harm incredibly call so exaggeration, must be to intentionally pack appearance, cheat oneself deluge of benevolence, thought of here, connect always gentleness of Ping2 Xue3 also white his one eye.
  A nurse in a hurry of by the side of their body process, term who have never taken notice of to remain as well in Ping2 Xue3 Chun2's side, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's blood, incredibly and slowly Shen arrive her skin inside.

    Five pollution with 70 the source of pollution
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-7-278:46:12 origin chapter word number:3354

One which"bomb" in the brain is huge to ring, a burst of acute pain set of to let Ping2 Xue3 pain and sufferings of shut top double eye, chaperonage ache, mightiness of faint the feeling make she lost balance, a head of fall a bosom in Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian.Open of her difficulties eyes, at present is the anxious facial expression of Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian, the ear be him to anxiously call, however again a burst of faint set of come, visual field more and more misty, voice also more and more small, end world finally one dark, she faint.
  Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian embrace whole body hair very hot of Ping2 Xue3 anxiously call her name, Liu2 Qing Ying3 also quickly from the sickroom inside, ran to come out, the shape which see two people is also panic absolute being, a few doctor nurse rushed through to come over, draw back Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian, Ping2 Xue3 Tai2 to treatment room of sickbed up, round collapsed and fainted medium of she continuously of check what.
  But follow Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian and Liu2 Qing Ying3 of treatment room to be pleased to come out.
  Although Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian worry like Liu2 Qing Ying3,she was still an ask of habitual."Just what is the row?Light snow why she suddenly ……"
  The 1 face of Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian upsetly fall to sit to ground up, "I don't know, just we kissed, then she suddenly ……"
  "Etc.!"Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian suddenly one be surprised to shout, seemed to know some what, " she just carelessly bit me, must be my blood ……damn, affirmation is my blood to result in!"
  Liu2 Qing Ying3 depended up, lightly embrace Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian in the bosom, but drive he coarse of push away, then use almost roar of the tone roar loud toward her:"Do not touch me!I would injury arrive yours, leave me far point!"
  Liu2 Qing Ying3, who is push away, embarrassedly looking at to sit at Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian on the ground and frighten into inaction.Very long, they who also said a words again, suddenly, the door of treatment room be pushed away, just lifted the doctor whom Ping2 Xue3 go in to walk to come out, "be you the patient's close relatives?"
  Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian hurriedly stood up a point to nod, the other party again anxiously ask a way:"Patient's have has been to what special of place, or contact lead what special of thing?She now of body temperature Gao De2 Bing4 be astonishing, the normal person lift to ask more than 42 Celsius degrees meeting brain death, can she now body temperature already exceed 50 Celsius degree.And her heart palpitates be up to every minute 500 many times, this numeral return at keep on of break, is become more and more quick, we have never met so of case."
  虽然医生的表情刻意的保持平静,可他的躲闪的眼神揭示了他内心的震惊和茫然,虽然说他行医的时间并不长,不过这样的情况任那个医生都是闻所未闻的,难道是新变异的病毒造成的?This kind of matter is big small, can good bad, true if the virus of new mutation, if the contagion be strong, have no idea infection source and infectious way, that this inside of the hospital all doctor nurse, patient's family members, perhaps all be handing over to stay here.
  The nature of Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian is also understand he be worry what, how can to they explanation?Is telling their own blood an infection source?Then?Are you grasp by them to do an experiment?He doesn't want to be see as the research object.
  For the time in Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian's dilemma, the inside of the treatment room was in a hurry nasty to come out a nurse, "piece director, the patient's pulse stop!"
  A words as if a bolt from the blue, the doctor who is shout to make the decision a term haven't made reaction, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian already blunt go in.Ping2 Xue3 Bi4's eyes of sickbed, quiet of be like asleep general, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian can't imagination just return at heel she warm and affectionate, now have already let go of human world, a line pure tears just agreeable his cheeks flow down, drop at pure bed sheet up, pain and sufferings, regret bite to bite his heart, just lie at the person on the bed, her ability felling get?
  "Little Wang, prepare cardiac pacemaker, this Sir, bother you leave once and we want immediately an implement a salvage to the patient!"Piece director the dispassion ground on the spot give order, just thought in the brain of everything all temporarily let go of, can little nurse but scream 1:"Oh, good heavens!"
  The electrocardiogram which just had already become a branch line again had jump about of rhythm to get up, the owner all stared big eyes, move the view to Ping2 Xue3 on the bed, they saw rise and fall of her chest, Xi move of nose wing, tiny jump about of eyelid, just she be definite stop heart palpitates, but now, she again slowly virtuous came to turn to come over!
  "Small day, let you worry, sorry!"Say, Ping2 Xue3 who just waked up will sit, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian hurriedly press she to return to sickbed up, " I know, you don't move first and thoroughly let doctor again check once."
  Listen to words of finish Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian, station stunned of doctor nurses, once more busy get up, wait them to take an examination result of time, but detection, Ping2 Xue3's body elephant complete have no occurrence similar over anything, very health, body of every variety index number, all attain health standard.Very difficult imagination, this is an early on ever stop breath of person.
  Since the patient had no matter, even if doctor mental state have many question again, also can let them walk, luckily at the time that Ping2 Xue3 have an accident, Ping2 Mu3 asleep, complete do not disturb her.Looking at two females inquire of look in the eyes, Zhao4 Xiao3 Tian helplessly sighed tone and say:"Ten till now, I didn't also the way concealed, the key be a blood, my blood.In fact lately I with Yao madder the double double once was attacked, she substituted me to block bottom fatal of one sword, but suffered from severely wounded, heavy be good enough to let a to go outmbt shoesnormal person there and then dead drop, but the Yao madder also broked spirit once at that time, can she incredibly again lived to come over."

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