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but indeed definite solid can change material appearance of thing.
  Second especially orchid Di this person also the usage Cimbt shoes ability field to drive similar the aircraft of frisbee.The astronautics technique of run before let them be able to carry on a cosmos return to wear shuttle and look for new of species and life.Second especially orchid Di this person at spirit with spiritual development put great emphasis on whole harmony of cosmos view, second especially orchid Di this person usage mind height the person of the development be the relay station that the message deliver, its function seem now of the satellite receive station similar.Be also the medium which say spirit to have already become a kind of having material form, not usage electric wire electric cable, pure of mind excel quite a few Chinese foot big of dish type antenna.But general person usage mind and animal communication, such as do a mind dialogue with dolphin and Qi Lin is a more quite common matter.
  Second especially the orchid Di this person think ten thousand matter creations all existence her value is whole with rightness of contribute, but for mind height the person of the growth, give more lofty social status.So compare with modern people to develop child's talent and skill, educate child to on the contrary put great emphasis on a mind in secondly especially the orchid Di the society of the Si of growth and development.For kid of health growth, what to rely on is a mind development but isn't a nourishment abundant of science food.Aggressive upward of viewpoint and vibration frequency, is this study the point in period.This make the soul can attain it of the tallest potential.
  The vibration frequency of body and brains more Gao, soul of vibration frequency more Gao.You of inside consciousness more aggressive, it more reflection at you outside consciousness or latent consciousness.When their harmony consistent, also will bring aggressive upward of world.If both can't be consistent, people addict to for the meeting greedy and power.They at development high technology of also in the meantime at research their body, also obtained to show Zhao very much on the gene research of result, largerly stired up people body of potential, but they in addition to pass a gene technique exaltation the person's physical endowment return lord heavy in nature of fix Lian.
  PS:Drew lessons from some related data, be convenient for everyone to pass ancient times and modern people rightness second especially the orchid Di adjudicate of Si understanding this perhaps existence of intelligence civilization, also pleasing everyone can much and much collect to support  by voting.

    New Earth article chapter 39 is second orchid Di especially Si(two)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:07:54 origin chapter word number:2301

  Second especially orchid Di the school-childrens of the Si are to pass similar practice of Buddhism meditate of contemplation the activity come to development oneself of potential.Second especially orchid Di this person's thinking only mind and body be consistent of promote and then can make exertive biggest potential of mankind.So the wishes of school-children not is be the officer make money, on the contrary think at 60 years old(second especially orchid Di this person general of life span can arrive 200 years old) ability become a "a wise man" which be subjected to a person respect, because a wise man can behavior point out where is wrong path, deliver natural phenomena to predict future, the whole person, matter, thing ducting most harmony, most appropriate of position.
  In so a ly the thought and the mind the supremacy of the society, people for savage coarse of definition standard want Gao a lot of at our modern people.In so harmony of the world body infringe upon is can't occurrence, so when a person try to the control others thought of time, then is see as the taboo.Because when we row spirit and material as one sex, so of the behavior equal a crime.
  But second especially the orchid Di this person over-emphasize for the individual of respect, so think oneself want for oneself of mind growth with promote to be responsible for, for some savage and morals fall of phenomenon combine will not give punishment.At that time have no marriage system, cause some second especially orchid Di this person at sex life creation miscellaneous turbulence for hand over, have more and animal mating etc. the ethical relations reverse of variation behavior.Although the ordinary people think to choose the person of animal by this kind of square Tuo, usually lost balance on the spirit, is think to be not mature, so of the behavior be not stop.
  Also appear a scientist for the sake of the fame and wealth under the circumstance of whole morals fall, regulate air temperature decontamination air with the basic chemical element of the change cosmos etc. the means try to act as God.Many a wise man all put forward a warning to these result that the behavior cause, helpless majority for so of predict turn a deaf ear to.
  Second especially the orchid suggest the ability of this person mind drive value of, even have human body function, ability and animal a communication;Modern people value of is a cleverness wisdom and ability, knowledge of infusion, deliver, but neglect inside strength.Second especially orchid Di this person value"innate intelligence" and"body" exertive human body of all Qian quality, this is to make their civilization ability height long-term development but can't creation disequalibrium phenomenon of importance reason.However flourishing such as second especially the orchid Di be cultured and clear, end still can not help a quilt demolish, is also worthy of modern people think deeply!
  Neptunian the law spread down make second especially orchid Di this person the people live happily from generation to generation, Neptunian of fair get more to conquer the world a person consistent of admire, these law from earlier period those kings engrave on a mountain copper pillar and the mountain copper pillar put in the island center that the Neptunian temple.
  But second especially orchid Di's society of the Si started to be corrupt, folks unexpectedly adoration money-mad love rich, good the Yi bad Lao with poor and extravagant pole various false absolute being of desire.Arrived a sanctity of a read aloud gradual gloomy disgrace, and is cover up by any vulgar evil Zhang with the result that passion crosscurrent of time, those can not bear together a day Hong blessing of second especially orchid Di this person, start to do falsely be of matter come, the clear eye person all see is second orchid Di this person especially gradually depravity, they naturally of virtue gradual lose, ignore vulgar person's cupidity of those blindnesses smoked heart, confuse right and wrong return jubilant from think with abundant resources.
  However comfort and ease of life have never let people appreciate absolute being more of favor, on the contrary for pursuing more desire satisfy, people adoration have "various false absolute being".These people start in falsely be and immoral of affair, not and aware of self one step one step alignment demolish, however people don't know so do of severity result, on the contrary get worse of pursue a benefits, also think is oneself of the ability be fantastic.
  Scientist for"greedy" ego concede, for the sake of the right and the honor but think"control" four greatest chemical elements.This caused end of collapse.They think oneself at others on, their crazy idea impersonation God, want control this star of basic chemical element."A handful of men do bad make mistake, return can't afraid, terrible of is be the majority"neglect mistake", arrive"tolerate variation" then"connive improbity", be right and wrong not cent, rightness wrong misty, result in human nature of distort, formation of society the morals be big slippery ascent, that is to push civilization to end of road.
  First honesty docile, have unique and free from vulgarity intelligence to live carefree of life of second especially orchid Di this person along with time of passage, the heart started be full of inflation mbt shoes clearanceof greed, their beginning parties troops, conquer they periphery of nation government cosmos, gradual of forget this ancient home town.
  But the Earth because of to scientist to atmosphere chemical element of change, caused to take the stone of Ci Europe as center of energy system occurrence explosion, make the permafrost foundation wave, cause glacier period of be over, huge of big six quick of bottom sink, leave first do a species experiment of Noah's ark.From now on second especially the orchid Di Si sink to decline under the sea water, not the wish leave the Earth to invade cosmos of a wise mans open a protection, the group of islands which pass their top of head draw to take energy, life is bury in the underground only save of second especially the orchid Di wave in the Si capital city match many the Ni be second, gradual of wave match many Ni second city a wise man less and less, be the last a wise man reduce to ashes to disappear after leave these record at time of river in ……
  Finished listen to Xue Ya3 Ting2 read in the book contents.Public good once experienced this underground city of prosperous with demolish similar, all deeply of silent come down.Originally this underground city is second the orchid Di Si capital especially of past vestige, have never thought experience idle away of years still keep of such perfect, in addition to the slightest have no life existence, very valuable city sky of artificial little the sun stone in Ci Europe all energy abundant.
  Pass to translate that book, Li Shang six people's finally knowing the place of their place is finallyan underground alliance the underground deep place of the group of islands.At the beginning Li Shang and Xue Ya3 Ting2 soon ascend islet for time, that influence person and satellite fixed position islet package get up of energy cover, should be underground the energy of the city released place, the Li Shang think so.
  The Li Shang ir doubt multiply by of that search airship should with second especially orchid Di Si of the civilization have very big of contact, why at the beginning they accident of the space transfer not to go don't of place, it happened that is underground city inside.Combine oneself of question with at present of circumstance they get above of conclusion.
  Since know them now place's where naturally of ability calculate location of sit mark, so at acquaint with airship of operation empress can leave this underground city perhaps say underground grave.
  Knew the method for leave, six people wasn't so nasty either to go out, be still a research research this city, affirmation will haven't thin of results.Six people for prevent°froming place what the accident is from this palace beginning slowly search.They have never embark to ascend and descend a machine but is to walk to search to stand down palace all the way.
  Public detection palace of 33-20 F all have no what can thing worthy of study, inside exert is some to luxuriously enjoy a product, should be a match many the residence of the Ni second ruler.They continue to get down to search from the 20 F but go to, gradual of they detection a lot of let them as it madness of thing.
  PS:Drew lessons from some related data, be convenient for everyone to pass ancient times and modern people rightness second especially the orchid Di adjudicate of Si understanding this perhaps existence of intelligence civilization, also pleasing everyone can much and much collect to support  by voting.

    New Earth article chapter 40 flying saucer
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:07:54 origin chapter word number:2442

  Agreeable the 20th floor each downwards of the room layout be basic homology, be just that each thing place have dissimilarity.Downwards and all depositting some related data according to the classification from the 20 F is a concerning human body, energy, machine, space, time, history respectively etc. every variety of research result, in addition to deposit data and research instrument of, leave of basic is all room for live.
  Li Shang Xue six Ya3 Ting2 Deng3 all the way stand down go to, drive slowly these are divided into the well-found data of the profession record and equipments instrument shocked, this is a not small treasure to hide.
  At finished browse palace of next 20 empress public felling some hunger, then in the 1 F right on the spot dining, mastication have no the nourishment piece of taste.
  Although they at investigate palace of time Xue Ya3 Ting2 once told them an oddness of the machine be a food auto produce machine, but temporarily return can't operation of they have to allay one's hunger with the nourishment piece, although also take compression water, but they still don't want to use palace inside of cutlery, in case of poisoned perhaps appear what unwell circumstance at this close of underground city they can't in time rescue.
  Six personal felling hunger the decision see the whole city empress the expunction, but promise big of city by foot the dint run about obviously too tired.
  The Li Shang cut and polish to make use of means of transportation tool, they at the time of just walking to the first floor Xue Ya3 Ting2 explain that to him should is second especially the orchid Di this person use of pileup, be like legendary flying saucer very much, the very thin fuselage become oval shape, bottom flat, central part a driver and two metals seat which inset gold drive half the not well-known material of the ball type cover at top, hemisphere of second half part is transparently can see inside of operation pole.
  Everyone of hello arrive this oval flat be like the pileup of dish very much front of, the Li Shang ask Xue Ya3 Ting2 whether ability find out a data research to descend this thing how usage.
  Xue Ya3 Ting2 also doesn't know the thing of this dish shape how to open, and public investigate of the time seem to be to have no detection what similar tool usage elucidation of data.Xue Ya3 Ting2 be careful to conjecture this long invite the diameter there is no wheel about the tool of 5-6 meters, seem to is that the aircraft is a type.
  Careful of touch this aircraft, Xue Ya3 Ting2 detection semicircle of transparent part apparently can open, to the Li Shang signal hint behind the Li Shang hold tight transparent cover push out upward, but can't move a very small amount.Xue Ya3 Ting2 Bai2 Li Shang a be transparent cover root of handle knob, the Li Shang be embarrassed a smile to start to grasp handle knob upward turn over go to, listen to Mao a transparent cover the son turn over backward.
  The Li Shang climb up the aircraft and sit to front of driver top looking at Xue Ya3 Ting2 You3 what new of designation.Xue Ya3 Ting2 although the ability depend on sparse see understand second orchid Di especially the writing of the Si, but he there is no writing sign on this aircraft marking.
  The Li Shang took a look three at present hand to control to equip with several other only a few button, he with the right hand pull to most the right side of driver pole, hear a burst of more depressed of the voice of Weng Weng, voice not big, later on several second kind inside Weng Weng voice disappear, the aircraft start slowly rising to get up.But at this time his Li Shang loins the following of part drive driver stretch out of similar tape of thing card lord, should be a safety belt.
  See the aircraft ascension Li Shang don't know how control, he more pull right hand of that operation pole, aircraft must and more Gao more quick.Have no way of he have to draw down positive opposite front of operation pole, because of some flurried pull dint over fierce, aircraft fiercely and forward fast fly to, the Cui can not compare with defend of Li Shang drive inertial take of tight stick at driver up.
  See will hit a building up, the Li Shang be quick of right hand of operation the pole pull low, see aircraft slide past a the curve be inclined upward empty fly.
  Orientation aircraft of fast fly, the Li Shang seemed to be not to so is taken by surprise, he sounded out to pull toward the left hand the have never moved of operation pole, flying saucer beginning decelerate slowly stop in the half empty.The courage of Li Shang slowly became big and try to press other of button …….
  Fortunately have a safety protection of equip, in the aircraft of the return seethe slowly fly of steady.Underneath of Xue Ya3 Ting2 Wu3 individual didn't he that dangerous of realize but was full of to worry, they see in out of the sky of aircraft in a short while ascension bottom flee, in a short while or so sway, the Yao is to turn over somersault, oneself of heart also along with aircraft of variety seethe jump about to also follow variety.Until sky in drive light and blue white light dizzy around of the aircraft be gradual fly to tend after stabilize, then at sky turning several turn to return to fly slowly land at five people front of.
  Open the cover son Li Shang jumped down, full face excitement of rightness public say:
  "Ha ha, this aircraft operation be pretty simple, don'ting consume physical strength, is more than suspending a car convenience, everyone is to go up together or an a person"?
  "A a person, follow you closely to fly of stand to satisfy of, you teach us how usage."
  Pete Wilson see Li Shang safety of fall ground full general tight lift of the heart let go of and hear Li Shang of suggest joy joy of say.
  "All right, you come with me"
  The Li Shang say that finishing to take was public top the aircraft enter into an inside to everyone explanation arrive:
  "You see.This pulling a pole be a control aircraft ascension of, have to slowly pull to move, once make an effort fierce return to let the person have a kind to lose heavy of felling, also insecurity;This pulling a pole is the or so turn of the control aircraft of, same pull to move slow-moving some, if run into flashback curved of time ……".
  The operation of aircraft is easy, after all only so several button with pull a pole, Li Shang explanation of also very clear, all people all the whole body attentively listen to Li Shang of explain, not and in a short while everyone also all understand aircraft of operation principle, leave come of was everybody to try aircraft to fly operation.
  BE Pete Wilson's grade to try to fly first, then is a Xue Ya3 Ting2 with leave of three age big of person.Every time try to fly and all have Limbt shoes sale Shang to start up instruction together.Used time for an hour probably, owner all academic association the

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