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Fang Yi Xue Ying can not say Chezhu water she was preparing to go out through the crowd when suddenly a soft voice sounded behind him help me beg of you help me

Shui-Ying Xue a look back standing behind a weeping woman Ewha tear look about 16,-year-old Liu Mei Weicuyanhan youthful Empress Dowager were modest, christian louboutin knockoffsbut definitely I see I still pity moving Elegant soft and beautiful woman.

Could not help sighing softly feminine face of such weak, even hard-hearted woman who will become pliant in the bar.

Su Mi was hobble around the woman yelled toward the weak: sister! Su Mi Han struggling to throw off the hand of the two hugged the woman rushed forward crying hoarse to her sister.

That was a judge and her sister Su-Mi woman Zheng Chong Su-Mi and half the day looking at only sadness the hand against the two women hugged Su Mi publicly embrace Crying

Dutch unhappy cloud slightly Tiaomei Geological asked: Who brought her down?

Then a little maidservants trembling stand up and whispered: and so your mother is heard Yunniang slaves brought up the warning that should Yi Su Su Mi So some slaves one did not give a law-abiding body has been shivering in the wind leaves as shaky.

Shui-Ying Xue Qing Ke a TWO Dutch asked looking at the clouds: Cloud water Ying girl You said the snow can give you a plum hairpin ransom for the girl, then the Soviet Union can now be fairly few?

Cloud nodded with a smile on the water charge Ying Snow said: SU Yi Su-Mi, but you may need to stay away. Having clapped her hands to indicate the two shocked them to the side of the character to separate the two.

Su Yi Su Mi doing the holding trembling said: Please, please let our sisters right?

Xue Ying see them frown water two sisters and thinking about how to do originally only intended for the Su-Mi ransom after who knows with the Fang Yi Hui Gong Su-Mi and a deep affinity sister brothel.

Dutch flirtatious cloud micro-squint a Chezhu cold Road, Su Mi's hair: this girl you do not eat toast you and your sister Monastic had when I came to you in the night as a VIP and you dare run away?

Slightly increase the intensity of cloud charge by her hair Che Zhu Tong Hu Su-Mi can not help but speak out: Yeah!

Shui-Ying Xue stepped forward to grasp a cloud bearing sleeve look in her eyes said: We are also ravaging the woman Why do you women?

Dutch release of the Su Yun Mi hold up a lock of hair of snow water Ying in the hands of a smile playing with the Mei-Mei: Well young lady you are noble people, right? Having Yu Zhi Yang pointed to a bright fragrance of those inside the building they just started blooming woman is trembling so preach it to me after my post is not a finely crafted obediently sitting in my building to pick up passengers a fragrance.

Language stop spinning the cloud charge flirtatious look with satisfaction to the Yi Su Yi Su weep bloodless face a natural Yu Qi expression.

Ying snow water up the left hand caressing his Fabin chagrin to find that, apart from a fine hair band are no more accessories put down your hands on the occasion of his left wrist, wrist bracelet and down gently slipped appears to remind with good water Ying snow its existence.

Ying snow water was hesitating to look at that bracelet and undecided, behind the prescription to easily saw him staring at a man stared hard to understand his fists Mouguang constantly clouded by his weeping at the side of the trunk water Jinzuan Zhao Xue Ying His eyes look down on the SU Yi past pear tear the face.


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SU Yi-Chang Zhang Shui-Ying Xue lips looked sheepishly help christian louboutin bootsadding that Dinan Road: help me entreat you to save her sister.

On a pair of desperate and helpless on the eyes water, eyes closed teeth Ying soon as the snow sigh slipped out of the left wrist on the jade bracelets. Zuanjin the hands of the jade bracelet jade bracelet still with a trace of warmth. Hesitated a moment and slowly spread snow water Ying palm of the cloud charge, said: This jade bracelet with just plum hairpin should be able to ransom for the two sisters, right?

Surprised to see the water bearing clouds snow ray fluorescent flashing her bright eyes wandered wonderingly asked, Ying snow water: do you know them? They are willing to this why? Dutch saw the cloud of snow on the bracelet and water Ying feelings of sadness.

Ying Xue take it lightly water smiled did not answer. Because that she had ever said love do not need to help others in return do not need reasons. Next she really can do next is so good as the next - will give her pleasure?

Shui-Ying looked bracelet and a snow dismay they are all innocent people the woman had not been forced How Should the Council choose to live here then? Language stop hand push forward a bracelet and handed it to load before the cloud.

Dutch clouds threw a sigh of relief You Youde: Should the time not being forced to this Should the Bale. Removed water Ying charge cloud reaching the hands of snow jade bracelets jade bracelets thin turning after half the day to see the appreciation of Road: indeed a very delicate jade bracelet is a rare treasure.

Ying snow water gently sigh thinking that this could finally rescued Su Shi Jiemei the.

Cloud started playing the jade bracelet bearing flirtatious coldly down the Soviet Shijie Mei croon loudly: count your lucky. Then looked to one side of the water with the water, Ying Ying Xue Xue said their life away, right up collar. Then she turned to the first floor into the fragrance.

Shui-Ying Xue hesitated Netherlands is preparing to enter the fragrance with the cloud floor, raising his hand to stop the water Fang Yi Xue Ying He whispered: I place you on the go. Having proudly Duojin fragrance floor. Shui-Ying Xue Ya Ran recipe looked at his back suddenly become so enthusiastic about how easily?

Su-Mi and Yi Su thanked the water he kept both sisters Ying Ying snow snow quickly waved to them said: You're only little effort.

Within a short recipe easily out of the clouds bearing fragrant floor with the door she smiled and looked at Fang Yi said: son walking.

Fang Yi croon soon as came after the two pieces of paper stuffed into the arms of water, snow Ying coldly: own choice.

Shui-Ying snow put the two pieces of paper returned to them both sisters whispered to them: here you go faster not stay long. Finished pulling prescription easily turned away.

Piece out of the water bustling streets of charming snow has slowed the pace Ying looked up at the dark of the night upset in the other sub-Yi said: What do you think now is the hour?

Fang Yi Min Chun suddenly without a word behind down the said coldly: 2 Why has followed behind us?

Ying Xue surprised to see the water behind the saw to sheepishly Yao Chun Yi Su Su Mi innocent, looking at them while standing impassively beside her.

You do for you? See they have been silent to speak but to let the water Ying breaking the silence of snow.

Yi Su Ying Xue a water looked sheepishly softly asked: Miss can accommodate both of us sisters?

Shui-Ying Xue difficult to see them shook his head and the Royal Palace is not just any person can bring in. Besides, he is sneak out.

Can not go back on their own ink ink Ling Ling said the nearchristian louboutin sale foreleg just take her rear foot to follow its palace was. The difference is that he is honest and upright from chic to go out the door she was hiding behind the argument over the wall eviction.

What do the eviction? Shopping Bai! Just a careless shopping street on the way into the hospital met the Soviet Union forced good home for the sisters and sisters she is very sympathetic to the experiences of the Soviet Union was home with him on all the accessories for their ransom. Oh, get on the jade bracelet, including Huang Xiong Oh! Ying snow water has been estimated here her hack to the ink Ling.

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