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 "Understand! president you!" many officials and will getmbt shoes to hear such of good news, immediately the public sentiment fig up.President smile ground to public wave hand regards, then shadow elephant disappear on the electronics screen.
  "Inside Sen- virtuous commander, please now deployment concrete defense measures, other officials of the government with I arrive underground bunker center help inside Sen- the virtuous commander work well civil defence conductor work!" Mu salad mansion long explaination over empress 1 to underground walk inside bunker to, other officials ignore sincerely contribute efforts to the people, still afraid of death of fear under the imagination, everyone unexpectedly and all have a little lose control ground toward the bunker blunt go to.
  Inside Sen- virtuous hope Mu salad etc. the officials of the government be hurried to leave of distress kind, heart bottom not from happily smiled, he swept to see an eye to stay of military officer, see their face top have never shown unintentionally 1:00 frightened of air, more is rightness will soon the war of the arrival expectation, satisfaction location nod.
  Possibility the military officer naturally have a kind of bellicose intense emotion, probably only baptize bottom in the war would really become a qualified soldier, probably also only then can get establishment eminent contribution in the cannon fire.
  Sen inside"connect intelligence office!"- virtuous rightness after death of adjutant moxa Sen the Er say.
  "BE! superior!" moxa Sen while Er is is loud and clear answer completion 1 set beautifully sign is salute action, quick step walk to a meeting before the table, press a green press Niu, electronics screen right away present from the intelligence office hair come of insurrection battleship soldier cent three road of hot become be like diagram, see three red regiment with different size on the screen slowly move, in the center of that red regiment obvious is disorderly soldier main force, the screen be been divided into two halfs at this time, at hot portrait of flank display detailed of a set of data, match speech explain, allly will get to all hope inside the Sen- virtuous, originally disorderly soldier main force of target is exactly here.
  Inside Sen- virtuous but smile to say to everyone:"Our opportunities come, everyone with I go to aviation harbor!"
  Many will get very suspicious, does the difficult way commander want to take us to escape?This isn't his style!The guess return guess, but footstep unlike commander slow, follow behind inside the Sen- virtuous leave conductor hall, ascend for use by the military to suspend boat, with ten kilometer/second inside empty pole soon fly toward aviation harbor.
  Aviation harbor sky of a certain lord inside warship, inside Sen- virtuous just bottom reach a battle order, but the officials of the government in the bunker be panic to do one regiment!Originally, the laser cannon of various model number of more than 20,000 doors of the main force fleet of disorderly soldier toward a government a mansion a burst of together bomb, the administration commanding center immediately become one ruins.
  Because this time is an inner part insurrection, again differ from foreign enemy to invade, the rebellious troops commander in chief thank Mo Si-pull Er man to the administration commanding center underground the bunker be very acquaint with, so he this time also for underground bunker preparation equal the interesting and novel gift-laser neutron play, don't small lo this laser neutron play, it be currently to deal with underground bunker the most strong offensive weapons, kill wound dint biggest, naturally, it is the south rebellious troops latest development of weapon, thank Mo Si-pull Er man for this of insurrection but don't a few of front period preparation work.
  Because a laser neutron play of shoot, officials in the bunker after sending out and can shortly bellow a voice, take unwilling and frightened left this them haven't enjoy enough of world.Mu salad this spirit the hale and hearty mansion be long, till death also don't believe to use to a place of protect the life to unexpectedly will be the entrance of nether world road, when he get into bunker, also especially idea start the 10 F energy protection cover.
  What concept is this ?Be 100 atomic bomb of the equal  to pre-human in the meantime what the strength of the explosion can't also destroy, have never thought, have so of protection cover, incredibly could not see in bunker a corpse, because those officials drive all vaporization, this is good enough to see a the power that the laser neutron play have much astonishing.
  At ages of Milky Way occurrence war disorderly, all not with injury civilian for end purpose, main is to destroy resist of the other party strength, namely battleships in the cosmos.Certainly, in any ages want ~only occurrence war disorderly, most most unfortunate of still keep being the civilian's common people.
  The iron whistle and Betty is separated five kilometer street at the government mansion at this time up, suddenly heard huge of explosion voice, also have a strong pound at the wave arrive to later on, played them take-off to go out, luckily Betty early have preparation, hold tight an iron whistle while starting to fly and embrace him in the bosom combine start energy protection cover, result two people were just subjected to a false alarm.
  The iron whistle see pound at wave at their protections cover outside result in of break condition, the in the mind be unavoidably panic and the curiosity that is at first have already been fear to occupy greater half.
  "Elder sister Betty, we want where avoid? here seem to be to didn't place of safety."
  "We go first residents' area to avoid, there should more safety."
  The "oh!" iron whistle follow Betty to run toward residents' area to, the along the road meet many homeless civilian and also have already cry bitterly because the war lose close relatives of people, the mood of iron whistle follow heavy, Betty grasp a his hand to by leap and bound rush, the iron whistle felt a split second felling world static, ear have no 1:00 voice, just fan looking at of Mang all the way top people frightened helpless appearance, after all he be still a kid, a some precocious but naughty kid.
  After running a short while, they had to stop footstep, isn't a can not stand up of physique, but more go forward and the victim of disaster be more many.The warship dense one of fighter jet AN in the sky, the confused conflict together have already canned not distinguish an enemy.Because is all federal fighter jet A warship, all of marking is homology of, the rebellious troops commander in chief thank Mo Si-pulled Er man to do so and much preparation, but neglected these details.
  Iron whistle surroundings of people suddenly exclaim to escape to spread everywhere, Betty detection have three fighter jet A warship to hit by bullet to emit black smoke just to come over toward their swoop, iron whistle also felling go to unprecedented crisis, Betty pull a his hand to recent of a building run to, but they be still a little bit night some, a machine A warship already at they after death of place explosion, Betty's energy protection cover again exertive huge power, be iron whistle drive pound at the wave bump shot to arrive in a mansion settle after descending absolute being, detection Betty unexpectedly not at oneself of nearby!
  The iron whistle was on all sides to see bottom, assurance Betty not at, panic a while start cry out:"Elder sister Betty, you where? elder sister Betty, you where? don't scare me …… blare ……"
  The iron whistle look for Betty everywhere in the mansion, can on having no acquisition, imperceptibly, he have already arrived at the crest of the mansion a layer, he station on the stage in day, this just see a pure day set of this mansion be so of spacious, seem a medium aviation harbor that sort size.
  At this time the condition of machine A warship confused conflict already be over, the sky instauration equanimity.At this time, night color beginning gradual cover with at this just has been fight horrifyingly of city, some building of the far-away place is in the light of fire combustion, morely then fill the air in air of nitric smoke and object combustion mixture of smell, some stab a nose, the iron whistle subconscious ground a cough several voice.

    The text chapter 3 pirate(up)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:32:40 origin chapter word number:3003

  In the twilight, iron whistle detection day the on the stage still have a guided missile boat, unique can enunciation identity of be a body central part red space paint of a set of sign WHTLB 311 zero 55 with power symbol of the huge woman without pubic hair head be like, iron whistle's mbt shoes clearanceknowing that be a fertile Walt federal of marking.(Note:Guided missile boat.The war capability rating is a Ⅱ class, passenger 100, lord the cannon be 3, pair the cannon be 50, shoot 50~100, defense is 100, the length be 300 meters.)
  The curiosity of iron whistle again come up, involuntarily walk toward that guided missile boat to, suddenly after death spread a burst of and abuzz voice, he turn head to see from oneself just come hour of place footstep in a hurry walk come several individual.
  Three clothes each difference of color of super sexy, beautiful arrive dropped the woman of residue to hug an approaching death old man to quick step walk to come over, say that being a little bit more approaching death be not false, because the iron whistle saw in old man eye pupil spread disorderly have no light of look in the eyes.The other person then embrace a Laser gun to look about everywhere, performance strain guard.
  They after death seem someone be chase them, immediately, the light wave be dispersed, the both parties vehemence hand over fire, in the crowd of behind seem to someone fall flop go to, the iron whistle flurriedly follow behind nearby of those person with unidentified identity avoid light wave, the heart bottom be curse and scold.
  The iron whistle see that three beautiful woman with approaching death old man quickly top guided missile boat, and then the pursuing troops of noodles be more and more, at that moment also have no excessive consideration what, follow that several individual also climbed top guided missile boat.When he haven't stand firm, the guided missile boat have already sooned fly to leave a day a set and fly toward the atmosphere.
  After"you at do what?" iron whistle stand firm, the curiosity played tricks again, not from ask a way.
  No one the answer iron ask of whistle words, they just smile to hope an iron whistle.Iron whistle suddenly felling arrive oneself of presumptuous, oneself run the other people's warship boat, but ask host so of problem, so seem have a little anti- guest is lord.
  "Kid! welcome you to embark to receive a kind of insect interstellar the guided missile boat of the pirate airship, hope you will have a good time!" be that old man hoarse words spread to an iron whistle ear inside of time, the iron whistle whole body immediately come out whole body cold sweat, mouth piece of very big, have never thought oneself unexpectedly and unintentionally mistake top interstellar Zhao the pirate ship of.Call him play of a little bit happy?Happily get up just strange!
  Good a short while, iron whistle just the dispassion descend motion to say:"Embarrassed, bothered you, appreciates your good intentionses, but I now want to go home!"
  "Kid, not vital part afraid, underneath just occurrence war disorderly, I take you to have no war to 1 of place!" old man is good-natured kindly to persuade a way, in the meantime to oneself left side the beautiful woman in pink supporter say:"Yang2 Qiang2, you go to an arrangement once!"
  After the beautiful woman who be called Yang2 Qiang2 hear, the words sound answer way of a gentleness:"BE! leader!" say finish behind without telling anyone and backward the cockpit of noodles walk to, the double lips of pure white goose egg face, regular and handsome and talented bridge of nose and sexy let the iron whistle sigh for the view, thoughted of bad old man to nearby and unexpectedly have so outstanding beauty here.
  The iron whistle felling arrive guided missile boat to spread of vibrate, know oneself is keep off an Aden star, how to seem in the dream all these.BE an uncle first of disappearance, immediately after Betty's elder sister also be missing, now oneself again run the guided missile boat of pirate, connect bottom to return meeting occurrence what affair?The iron whistle dared not to think, suddenly start to think of is face water manor inside to lead of that kind of is indifferent have no the day of sorrow.
  The iron whistle know oneself objection to also don't use, body again be placed in exhausted appearance, have to embrace since come it, Anne it of attitude, blurred medium, he drive that three beautiful woman get to a hatch inside ……
  When the iron whistle wake up of time, detection oneself lie at a generous of space bed up, just in he everywhere conjecture the room luxury of decoration article, suddenly be aware of what, shout loudly 1, sat to get up, originally he suddenly detection oneself is naked wear of, the clothes don't know when be missing, no wonder that he will so shout loudly.
  At this time hatch auto open, walk to come in a clothes snow-white, the color look like the beauty that the fairy maiden come down to earth a sort, then the hatch closed again.The beauty hope an iron whistle embarrassedly air and icy coldly say:"How are you! I call building snow! what can I do for you of?"
  The iron whistle angrily say:"Quick my clothes return give I! although it is said you be a pirate, can my clothes again worthless, stem rob my clothes? I …… you-" make reference to here, the iron whistle suddenly thought of what, frightenedly looking at that call the beauty of building snow, see her beauty of show hair such as waterfalls general, facial features beautiful and slender incomparable, the shape be dainty and cute, convex and cave have with the result that, the layer be clear, slight imperfection of BE, her face facial expression be frosty in bearing, although so, the iron whistle still keep cannotting help but think a way, she can't be the color which want to rob me?Do I return nonage!
  Building snow seemed to see through the idea of iron whistle and coldly say:"Iron whistle, you need not think to be so many, trust good, we be not poor to arrive connect you of the clothes also rob of!"
  After"Yi? you how can anyone know my name?" iron whistle finish ask this sentence, in the mind penitence, return to use to ask, the clothes be all take by them go to, federal one cartoon nature also in the their hand!
  The side of building snow of"you of clothes we substitute your preservation first, now you put on us for you preparation of clothing!" say a side at a side of the hatch press once press Niu, the hatch again open, the iron whistle be easy on the eyes to hope past, see a whole body fire, full head light hair of sexy the bewitchingly beautiful woman came in and take a set of clothes in the her hand.
  "This be our elder sisters purple cloud Xian." building snow just said that finish, the purple cloud Xian have already walked to before the bed, launch clothes, iron whistle this just seeing pure be 1 set and uniform likeness of seven color clothing, seem to be some indescribable of.
  The leeway that 1:00 in the tone of "get up, put on it!" purple cloud Xian return all have no, iron whistle inception the in the mind be 10,000 would not like to, but oddness of is be he see purple cloud Xian that light flow to turn of wonderful eyes, not only and obediently stand up wore clothes very soon in the body, and basically had never thought naked would be very embarrassed at two beautiful and unfamiliar woman's in front, at first shy blush with shame of the appearance also become very nature.
  The purple cloud Xian very satisfaction looking at an iron whistle and point at floor of a pair of shoes which is also seven colors say:"Put on it, go out with me!" building snow already the station waited for them outside hatch.
  Iron whistle so carelessly wear good seven color dress and shoe along with purple cloud Xian, building snow again cut through three hatch, arrive at a gaudiness of hall inside, the iron whistle saw such as legendary saint female Yang2 Qiang2 and that approaching death old man of the sort have already sit over there, see the appearance already wait for many hour.
  The iron whistle wreath attended to once surroundings, this is an oval line magnificent of hall, central put a crystal meeting of put a circular table in the hall, round a meeting table then some leather which put to put to sit chair, but crystal meeting the table then hang above a pair stereoscopic interstellar portrait in the cosmos, the hall be on all sides there is many hatch of circular on the wall, with iron whistle positive opposite of that hatch then seem to be different, the hatch be transparent, but can't see inside of any thing, clearly isn't yesterday into of that guided missile boat.
  "Iron whistle, your rest O.K.?" old man still use him that hoarse voice ask a way.
  "H'm, very good, many thanks your hospitality! you O.K.?" iron whistle original be 1 very docile of person, see that old man seem to leave big go to of day already not far, also temporarily forget the pirate identity of the other party, heart bottom suddenly upsurge many sympathize with, the tone naturally become polite with concern get up.
  The old man seem to be a very enjoyable iron whistle just of answer, the smiling face of comfortable heart climb full the face of his crone up, he recruited to beckon with the hand toward the iron whistle and say:"Arrive me here, I have words to say to you!" say that finish like forty a cough sit by the side of the old man body all of a sudden of a few beauty face top immediately the Shan appear panic ground air.
  If the iron whistle wish, if they want to harm oneself, also need not wait until now, so he nowise and hesitate walk to old man nearby, he agreeable that a few look in the eyes of beauty dismay saw an old man mouth Cape hang a thrombus, the vision of old man at this time already some swim to leave uncertain.Iron whistle in the mind a surprised, the old man isn't quick line.
  "Iron whistle …… H'm, very good …… meet you is also our predestinations, I think that sending to 1 meet a gift to you, hope you don't want brush-off." old man say that finish, raise right hand the hard way a You of the left hand thumb green of the ring tooked off down, pass an iron whistle in front, use encouragement with urgent of the look in the eyes looking at an iron whistle.
  This bottom, the iron whistle have a little hesitant, at he hesitate, the affair of oddness of occurrence, that You green of the ring is from the old man center of palm inside slowly flew to get up, then rounded old man to fly 3 turns, seem is hold farewell service.
  At the moment, old man eyes inside slippery descend a few drop of tear with muddy Hun, You green of the ring fly to the forehead of old man to slightly click and seem to kiss, then fly to an iron whistle at present, similarly rounded 3 turns, iron whistle felling at present green light one Shan, that You green of the ring have already wear at oneself of thumb up.

    The text chapter 3 pirate(bottom)
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3014:32:40 origin chapter word number:3157

  There is several inside his body with it in the meantime hot flow from head to foot by leap and bound operation, immediately make his arms and legs 100 Hai occurrence turn over for a day, Fu ground of variety, spirit the blood turn over to flow out, almost unbearable vomit one mouthful blood, luckily he once learned profoundly inside achievement heart method, in time luck dint body inside true spirit combed once, immediately, the iron whistle feel body light get seem in the high in the clouds similar, dimly discernible have no.
  Iron whistle at this time a thought of of be didn't forget bodhi six heavy states already smooth break through, he of face top present to can not remember clearly of facial expression, in an interesting condition is sad, do not forget bodhi at this pass is the mostmbt shoes sale difficult to have make progress and break, he of make progress of uncle's several decadeses return however

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