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Jie Mei in terms of the days of heaven is like a day can eat delicious things. She moved even though he almost cried to go back to Hsichih holiday week will be some snacks for her lying to her to eat. More than two months he has been very understanding of her. Know that she too lazy to go out and easy to call a hungry stomach.

Of course, the normal diet rich in Shaofei Yang also caused great help. He was taller and long strong homework and squeeze into the top ten rankings on campus. But he is still poor and some of her early for him to give up delivering newspapers, working for three meals a day milkman Yuki E Mei Mountain all-inclusive all the money to pay his workers to stay home never petty.

When he found his purse considerably more Wu louboutin knockoffsBai Yuan had a meal after the gas. He did not have to compromise her money regardless of the rhetoric she has more useless.

Compromise the results go buy her own pants to give him several pieces of clothing. She had found him not only a uniform to wear other clothes. Always wanted to find a good excuse not to buy clothes for him so angry that he'd make a good reason. She bought, sweaters, trousers, handed him a set of hands if he dared not her intention to throw to his face. And he just looked at the hands of those who Leng Leng new clothes - except he never wore uniform outside the new clothes. Considerate of her to let him how she almost tears him so good? There is no condition to pay so much for him? Which he is just a stranger! But she did not give him the opportunity to express my gratitude every time I saw her first reaction was that he wanted to eat something.

Shock action is simple hands on the stomach with a pair of great looking and very coveted watch him he knew to go looking for something to fill the kitchen of her stomach it! He tried to teach her to cook, but just now she learned to put the oil and fried rice to put a grain of rice instead of fried rice to go. Basic fried rice she can not do it. She can draw beautiful designs can be woven beautiful sweaters, scarves, but in fact she has two hands but can not do the things he'll do the kitchen is not clear why the good fried rice can make her a mass of charred the hard sub- What is the food not the original one, like a stone. What a genius she was!

Food and mouth but not cook the slightest criticism of the school always pick something very not eat lunch until he has done to bring the two schools can eat. She has been very dependent on him - he found that he was not reluctant to leave her but she has already missed him - because to eat.

He loved her so need him even if only because the mouth like he did not care. Days! He really really really like her that he did not know what this profound feeling calm and to accept her but he has filled his heart the fact that he has even thought of when the two white-haired, he was still the kitchen cooking for her carefully each Dayton meals - this is the only beauty of fantasy in his mind. Not to offend not just with her relative, as the profane to the old.

The day was particularly bad. Cold weather is also buttressed by storm, even reported. He nailed a good morning to help at home immediately after the cork back in Taipei on Sunday is tomorrow, do not know this kind of weather will be better? Yesterday he forgot to save some dry food in the apartment did not know she did not buy? Then there will be no calm for several days of food remaining in the apartment that night, but suffer some fan whirring sound of the windows need to clinch.

He worked extremely hard in the back to the apartment opened the door and was shocked! She was crying! E Mei was crying! Forgot to take off the raincoat's coming in the wet patter called: how? How the? Well as ever he looked, and looked at to determine what Dairen not here.

Jie Mei point lap wiping her tears tears of a novel more than a look at him. So poor Oh! Oh well poor actress - she was misunderstood and her boyfriend could not understand what their parents abandoned her with her friends and keep the dog run over by a car are dead Ming finished cried!

Shaofei Yang exhaustion or death of the ground staring at her! He had to give her! Her novels are also worth a waste of tears!

Do not read! I ask you, is there anything in the cupboard?

You want to cook? Her eyes sparkling.

He surrendered to the decision to see for yourself. If he had only enough material to do nothing for her to eat a meal.

Wait a minute I go out and buy something! The following night, have some water after heavy rain and then more than fear, then we will get out of trouble on the first floor apartment and a flood. He took off his raincoat and fired the first two of the most important thing a Guofan full.

That okay! Our school has announced that closed for two days. Will afford her as a natural disaster is a good thing!

He ate two or three counts immediately took out from the backpack to bring wood from home to go work with the nail.

Jie Mei bowl behind him carrying his walking and looking curiously. What would he really have anything great thoughtful.

Sometimes she would mind an inexplicable mood. When looking at his figure will have palpitations of the emotions. Looking back he looked kind of desire of her heart really made her confused. His back to her sense of security she had never fully embrace him again, but still clearly remember the warmth of his arms, better than the quilt which she told him Xiuren generate non-cent thought he was just a little boy just it!

But she did not her age, maturity of the others; but his precocious and leadership ability to take care of her comfortable life with no fear. She used to listen to him all right and proper against him so dependent on him. Once he was gone she would restore the lives of hungry in the past which makes her a good scare is not her not him.

How you have been shaking his head? Out of one place the rice! Shaofei Yang hand horde of her head to pull her to sit at the table. He has finished out of the window nailing four points more than the sky just before dark.

I buy some food back. You go to bed early tonight too cold. He repeatedly asked.

She took her purse to him suddenly a bit worried.

Be careful from those branches which, wires a little further.

Know. He popped into the rain wearing a raincoat.

Reason or another my heart has been troubled as she could not see even the novels have been no less than the shares of the impulse to call him back. She walked in the living room unrest.

Blackout happened seven o'clock she did not get candles. Afraid of the dark and cold she could not endure the cold dark she had to climb. Put hot water in the bathroom thought of yet another dark wash with a bath before a combat jump. At the moment only to find there are not enough warm blankets when. She likes to wear very thick bed without pajamas in addition to a number of the no. Suddenly I really miss the feeling of the last to find Shaofei Yang heating. I kept thinking even the smell of urine red cheeks!

Away from the door opening startled her she jumped up and dressed in a coat and ran out.

Of course he bought a candle. Lights the candle, she saw blood stains on his forehead!

Flying! She Di Hu quickly Benjin him. How the how the?

He shook his head.

Branches just lucky to be scratched. Put down a bag of supplies.

Do not worry I'll patch things to help you Cayao! She grabbed him to force him into his room and hurried to find the solution lies with the gauze. Her hands shook with fear distressed candle in hand almost shaking off the tears she is unconscious face torrent! Her trembling on the drug for him.

It hurt? It hurt?

Not really all right! He looked at her beautiful face deeply held out his hand to wipe her tears.

Jie Mei got up to shake her fear of this moment Ningzhu running the climate of fear that they worried about the unusual increase burning, pain in his heart she did not know how she does it!

But he did not let her escape her hand back to her feet unsteadily a candle fell into his arms dropped off.

They feel the emotion of the dark undercurrents of the heart of hearts feel the two heat Pentium body Shaofei Yang holding her tightly, turn over her hard body pressed wish him feel her full soft and delicate beyond imagination He did not know he beat the emotional reason to accept anything but let him know that he will not let go of her he thought he had been holding her!

When they adjusted to the darkness, he saw the outline of her beautiful her body trembling slightly cold but her face was hot that he did not want her afraid of him he just wanted to hold her to take her treasure

Not so! They can not be so close! Jie Mei afraid to wild! They are unmarried men and women students than his big how could she like this? She knew the couple shared a bed even though she will not have enough knowledge to know what will happen, but female-day intuition warned her to leave quickly or else they will not do to make betrayal and moral thing!

She tried to speak but unable to pronounce the sound of his lips and fiery printed on her neck

She has been poured out a sigh of deep throat what is the kind of hot? What kind of intense feeling? Attracted because of heart palpitations and shaking her body

He kissed her lips up hopes of finding her with their bodies to give up the fight Oh, she did not understand what her body craving, but my God! She could not resist to make himself the boy she loved him so keen eye to visit his desire to his heart's love and affection she has been longing for

Disease in the wind the rain the night they gave their hearts to each other and enjoy each other's innocence in their small world of another violent storm - a world that is full of ecstasy - I want to marry you I want to marry you - you Non-married I can not!

Smile at her sleeping in his arms when he is dizzy and has been repeatedly listening to these words do not marry him Jiashui it? She has been fascinated by his warm chest was hot!

Even if there are too many problems coming to appear, but they deliberately ignored. That the coldest winter in two days since they nest in each other warm in a small apartment in the beautiful words of love pour out to each other. Only this time is not to discuss Riley's past not to discuss their future. Beautiful innocent saw each other only at the beginning of the carnival that is not love anything enough to attract the attention they are opening their curious taste more and more convinced that they never separate two hearts Affinities of even longer The same number of hardships. They'll get over it and then Zhang Xiangshou - they are so confident unwavering.

First, the discussion is the cause of their academic problems.

On the third day after the worst of the cold and have lost a lot of the power of the temperature rose again in mid-January the cold how long the cold will not. Shaofei Yang class back to the apartment they announced to drop out.

You're crazy! Drop out to do? Fast rise only to three of your leave of absence. She shouted eleven million against it.

I want to marry you and support the family started. As long as I work hard we can live well. My mother can not have it tough. He wanted a more far-reaching would give up their studies may have been pregnant because the E-mei of their children. He knows that not every child is bound to be but he can not take risks. And now his family more than anything else deep desire to discipline his wife Shao E Mei Mountain became famous have taken to be his completely! Now this close to his remorse and guilt that he did not regret such a thing on the girls side, but the damage is too large she paid too much for him so he will not be hiding down.

We can wait and then you graduate, get married it! Then you go to college together to work and earn our living. She definitely do not want him to give up their studies.

He pulled her in my arms sitting on his lap with both hands around her belly ring light.

Perhaps we have had a baby here. E-Mei for the children think about it. I do not want you introduce me to others is your brother. I'm your man, your husband, I want us to honorable, righteous go together. Young people of our generation is very extravagant in terms of college aspirations. K, probably everybody on the test each year to college but still only half of the students money to go. Out of high school education to very high I still believe I will succeed, but there may be more hard work you have kids, I fear. His mind to go! To his beloved woman.

Jie Mei covered live with his hand attached to the lower abdomen. She had a deep foreboding thought I might have been. In the eve of the ultimate carnival after a premonition that popped into mind what the facts are not sure, but the kind of intra-abdominal deep feelings for her have been secretly affirmed. She hoped it was not really because they can not have children now can not get married. She also read his two years of college to university can not be more wrong.

May not have it! We are not so optimistic? Do not rush a decision. Think about what you think about the expectations of excellent results. Do not get excited over nothing wrong with being so. Do not be afraid as long as we Zhenxinxiangdai how outsiders would say. We are students too can not account for both parents can not let them worry about that we can not afford them even more vulnerable. Wait a few years, OK? Is sure to end the marriage. I did not marry you marry who?

His mother had already thought about that aspect of this Sunday is to go back to the mother that she would not object to mention whether he had decided.

If you have not yet still have a future. I have not the same room with you still turn a blind eye to you. And each time I will hold you guilty deeper. Is a very strange thing did not touch it indispensable to have no desire fatal; can make a couple of pure friendship and co-exist even if there will not be crossed in love; but once opened the door to be the same as the more marijuana no extricate trapped deeper. Especially in the case of two heart gracious total more like a never-ending burn more Liao Chi-he knew he could not look at her without touching her.

Jie Mei red.

Yeah then we can prevent it

I really want to marry you did not have to compromise, do not change. He arrived in her forehead.

I do not compromise! She notices, and shouted.

He thought for a moment to look at her with bright flashing Heimou.

I remember that you are on the 18th of last month physical. And then on to the two days is not it? He can remember even this.

They do not always associate! She Jijiao.

He smiled and, without warning, to turn the subject.

Sunday we went to Yangmingshan snow few days ago to see snow.

Do not you go home? She asked pleasantly surprised they did not go out played.

His physical condition to determine how can she go back?

I prefer to be with you. He whispered dear hugged her, kissed her - they get along together, Yangmingshan is the most beautiful memories - and the final endpoint.

A rare warm winter sun shone cropped head full of snow, sparkling like a jewel in the beautiful light.

They see the snow along a mountain path over the crowd to go higher up the high hill overlooking the city telescope King Street content. Lin Lixin Building and the old house and cross the foot striking the old special early opening of the Blossoming cherry plum is the most gorgeous color and top of the hill a huge difference.

Jie Mei took the gloves off to see it holding a snow melting in the morning sun gradually into water droplets scattered from between the fingers.

This is the last of a cold this winter. She lost some heart together in prayer.

Shaofei Yang shared with her hands on his chin dawdle.

Spring will come soon Yeah you this super-cold man blessed.

I like winter. It means a respect.

Oh! He also said they did not believe the high-ceilinged side of eyebrows.

She looked at him.

Because winter gives me reason to hang on your arms warm.

He opened the coat and bag into the arms of her promise and said: any christian louboutin bootstime a service I provide. This life belong to you.

She lived with both hands his ring to draw on his arms, waist and clean smell. Why is she such a good time would be so sad? She and he wants to keep for life they will live a happy married life. Why do we seek the extra depression intervention it?

People have always been optimistic about the happiest moment of hesitation in being too good too be true it? Sweet and full of overflowing joy of total fear in the back end overnight can better enjoy it? Or fear of it all but that is only illusion, like a drama staged as the final finish is endless abyss of the next - oh Do not think just why do people fear grew more and more time being there so much fear? Or she was too worried about the Shaofei Yang Qi of people will not like this! He assured his ideal set would not hesitate in his direction - is the difference between men and women, or she too sensitive?

Marriage - his chin on her head with bright eyes look to the distant hills. I want to make money to buy a large two-story Zhaizi a floor that my mother and my brothers live on the second floor of our own it is a bunch of kids you wish as long as the students read the novel, drawing just fine I'll cook for you to eat every day will you have the fat will not stand the cold. You can knit for each organization, but my first. When I have more money then I will show you around some of Britain's castles around the world, Paris, Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, Greek and Roman sports copy he lifted her head. There is such a day. Warm lipstick on her.

I believe and no matter how long I will be waiting. She smiled and floating eye in tears! Is also a sentimental touch is a lot of hard work even if she is will, have been the end of this students.

Shaofei Yang faces a sudden urgency and uncertainty into reaction which caught her face.

Tell me you love me love me this life! No one else no one will steal you!

Do you think I have you may also see other people look? What I gave you flying this does not give you enough confidence? First she grabbed his hand down low and then whisper in her heart on. This heart beat for you this life. I love you I love you even if you are old or big can not extricate themselves in love with you!

He shook his head and hug her in my arms again.

Age does not mean anything. In my eyes you are my life care to use a small woman so lovely so beautiful I will love you forever till the end.

Yes, He did not care for her.

Turned down the school to send him to the good intentions of being an exchange student that is only three thousand students winning places. Only into the continued excellence and is almost certainly a chance for students to receive first-class education free of charge across the ocean will have the opportunity to be recommended to get a full scholarship to college.

These had been after him into the K in the goal. But he now has a larger purpose to his home to a wife to one. E-mei is the hope he lives as long as she is always leaning on his arms he'll never ask for this life

Tuesday he was recalled home to a phone call to the school also took a day off. Jie Mei faint feeling something was wrong.

That evening he did not let her back to ask her tightly around her and kissed her into the storm of excitement. He is like a wounded beast in her warmth and comfort to learn. She did not ask him not to ask hard climbs to him he wanted to comfort him growl fight to the death of his unwavering love of words in her ear, asked her to tell the next morning the same guarantee!

The matter will come to but she did not know they have to face the first challenge? Do not know what is enough to hold the hands of winning things. Only true love only two-phase heart Hsu case has not allowed phase Xu fell in love.

He resumed on Wednesday with a sweet kiss Wenxing smile she wore his uniform of the day she was particularly harsh touch of a resolute look in his eyes she was afraid. In any case we will be together. He said it caused her heart so ominous feeling. But the sun in his smile Canruo lived in her frightened that she hid his smile, his favorite breakfast food eaten well until he first went out he only knew her heart sink to the abyss to him today do anything about it?

Another thing she was afraid she finally can not tolerate turning a blind eye. She lied flying menstruation, but in fact has come too late as ten days. Strange presence in the body and let her know she was pregnant she did to his child but the child is more than time. Day she was so scared! Can not let the dust must not let him know that he will marry her now desperate nothing despite her not him. How good he is how strong she is so clearly and so it is not ruined him. But this can hide the truth and for how long? She did not know her heart good chaos.

Annoy her heart have been so careless to go to class to sit in the living room trance.

Ringtones sharp electric shock like muffled thunder of a note to her uneasy heart.

Opened the door and the door stood a man and a woman with a ten-year-old child. Middle-aged woman with tired old faces several patches of old clothes wrapped the body of her delicate hands clasped the hand of the little boy quiet boy with Shaofei Yang with a pair of eyes looking at her the same.

Decent middle-aged men face extra baggage more refined body of scholars such as honest, something like a teacher. This is a modest one pair of eyes are shining eyes do not agree to see her.

Jie Mei a clear understanding of the hearts of some.


Initiative to introduce middle-aged man: She is the wife Shaofei Yang Shao's mother it was his brother. My name is Wong is Shaofei Yang's mentor.

Come. She said softly.

Pour four cups of hot tea in the atmosphere of a sudden silence after the person was stifled.

Shao Wang cleared his throat mother begging look in the eyes of the first to speak: uh! We all know that Miss century rose to his achievements on campus and all kinds of tests are ranked among the best is Miss Chi gave him a lot of help -

His own efforts to come. Jie Mei openings. After a series of scenes, then continue with the unbearable waiting for her to bear blame.

He stayed around the school today. Wang said the opening tightly at her reaction.

Ji E Mei Mountain pale face instantly! He really do it!

Miss Ji Ah beg you for mercy let Yang it! You can not afford a rich princess climb up our xiashaojia! You are so beautiful and mature our ayan just a feather boy said yesterday that he was not good enough for you so do not go abroad to study do not marry you as long as he is too impulsive to share your innocence he also a minor, I am not sensible for him to I do apologize you will make money compensation for cattle and horses of your mother you let him go Shao Ying Yan not a sound pair of hands covered with thick cocoon of fear withered grabbed her by the arm to beg.

Yes, in their eyes she is a mature woman to steal fruit Shaofei Yang bad woman. Beautiful pure love between them in the eyes of others only just out of control. And she happens to be older and all of nature all the arrows coming towards her! All her fault the destruction of a motivated and talented youth for the future of young boy's family fear disappointment

Abroad? How is going abroad? She does not understand.

Wang shook his head.

Shaofei Yang is the students I have taught one of the best teachers in the appreciation by all subjects so unanimously elected him to an exchange student. Not only will supply the school year, tuition and living expenses that he if he would still outstanding will be recommended to Harvard University and four-year scholarships to study full supply. To his family situation that the news is he can get the best help. Two years he has been moving in this direction. But now he does not even finished half of this semester there he did not care for winter break. Today's suspension procedures was temporarily shelved We hope Ms. Ji was trying to persuade him to grasp his opportunity. His talent and his family my sincere hope is not confusing at the moment for the moment to give up disappointing. Marriage is a major event in life not necessarily to be anxious to end now. Ms. Ji is also a student should understand more about the priorities. You have plenty of time, but such a good chance he does not grasp the future will be very hard!

And then to see how no one will Jie Mei Mei line as bad as the smoke of her beautiful woman clean the clear Yaya temperament is good to see that other people's girls. Only such a serious and beautiful women that have Shaofei Yang restless fans. Wang also some bear in mind. In addition to age, the two outside just really love a pair of matching the timing is too inappropriate a few years later it must be good to meet again happy match. But now it will only result in all of the worry caused.

You are a bad woman? Shaofei Yang's younger brother suddenly so ask startles them.

Shao mother Jijiao: flat far away! You

Jie Mei a faint smile in the eyes filled with endless sorrow. The beauty of the kind of Qi Jue Ping Yuan Shao was shocked to look at a young age for the first time feel sad that beautiful; Jie Mei he sat around looking up at her innocence and said: Do not cry you are a good woman. He then stressed; as beautiful as you and the bride!

Thank you! She stroked his head.

Miss Shao Ji late mother's look at him.

I would advise him - and I will make to me and he helped choose the best. Her commitment to faint.

Shao Jie Mei mother suddenly told her to kneel down quickly hold on to her.

Aunt do not like this!

Thank you, Miss Ji miss you a lot of my adult ayan he did something unforgivable to you, I apologize on his behalf! She bowed to the mother even Shao.

Jie Mei tears kneeling in front of her heartbreak over his face.

I beg you not to do so do not torment me so!

Shao mother got up and flawless! I do not know what to do with Wang stood up and said: I think we should go.

Jie Mei Qiang put on a strong face in the door for them after a few deep breaths Yingyan throat squeeze a word.

Three boys went out to look at her mouth, turned back, a deep and she did not understand what she did not feel at the moment to ponder. She closed the door and she fell to the floor price should have known to use endless happiness to compensate for the suffering - so she was always uneasy.

Brought back memories of the smiling lips: when he first met her in the stomach to conquer! Three months without incident before half-full of smile in two months simple life he became her sole dependence. He was doing a good breakfast to her room dug out of her warm blanket will take care of her daily life in every possible way. Sentiment was already surging in the undertow just do not understand what they Bale. Turning point in that a large outbreak of cold wind and rain did not note that they can not suppress their emotions all happened so naturally they gave each other without reservation

Enough! Enough! They had had such a beautiful paragraph. For her, this lifetime luxury. She has the love of his Chunzhi guardian will be able to have his heart with her life - not to mention she has his child. He was born she would deviant unmarried alone bear the subsequent continuation of the suffering. Their parents and friends can not imagine school capacity is unable to complete the inevitable. Child! She will always survive as long as their children come to know her!

End the night she asked him this semester. Only half a month he had no reason not to read. She also made a promise she never reach her winter home will then go north with him to the civil marriage. So he said yes! Ecstasy of the plan a blueprint for his beautiful family quarrel with his playfulness she could not sleep until dawn. She did not say what happened the morning. She should get better after this, the only remaining half to his love more deeply cut out in her heart.

This is almost half a month to her mad clamor for her to play his famouslouboutin boots scenic spots in each of the night he woke up crying Jinlou! Sometimes he would wake up scared to ask her how she was? She was just desperate to him that he loved her. His temporary embrace of her to make her find a haven of peace and self-deception - one did not specify a letter send a letter at the address, take along to the Hsichih almost Shaofei Yang crazy! He remembered one important thing he had not know where she lives! And she married it! Married to someone else! That piece of red like his quote out of the red blood! Flying: winter occurring in the family home to an unfortunate thing.

My father because my father was temporarily working in the factory did not lose a huge sum of money factory visits and intends to pursue recourse liability.

Father's friends to provide the money free. On condition that - asked me to marry him.

I love you, but flying between love and filial piety I chose to save the father. Because I know that once married you will put your family situation even worse.

Money is the ugly reality. People are always creating it by its nose.

Further education studies before flying away you go the only successful way.

If we miss this life, future, destined to meet again May you be born beautiful wife have been identified Johnson rounded child with you beautiful dream.

I wish: Health-e do not document Mei

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