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 "What advantage, you say that see, if really hunt a hand mbt shoesto our interstellar beneficial, so I welcome you of join, however later hunt the havings of hand concerning the interstellar importance intelligence report you have the obligation for keep secret, which afraid is you unique of close relatives Wei reason Sir."
  "Probably some affair I still get tell my father, because he be most importance of a link.
  The advantage that I say is to can be gratis to provide to the interstellar hunt several hand currently most forerunner of interstellar battleship, these also get my father approval empress then can decision, all of these battleships be our private properties.Tell you, the total representative director of my father but aquamarine blue federal the biggest ammunition dealer, if buy into the battleship from he, the price would be aer lot of than others low."
  Ya3 Nuo2 for can together sell to oneself interstellar to hunt a hand with Li Shang of also give°ed his father to pull to come in in the meantime, if Wei reason know oneself have so a wasteful daughter don't know to will do what feeling.
  "If you say all right words, so I welcome you of join, however those battleships I know nothing about white to want yours, will pay to you certain of remuneration, after all that is just your private properties"
  The Li Shang aim at huge of lure to do in addition to his decision, in the meantime the D of Si Tan they also nod to express consent Li Shang.
  "That too good, I finally canned join interstellar to hunt hand mercenary soldier regiment, etc. return to son I contact my father, let he will those battleship parties the person deliver" Ya3 Nuo2 happily make reference to.
  "Or don't worried, we didn't°yet ready to, be a battleship to come over and have to also have a place to park, I can not hope because of this let Deng4 De2 direct seek to come to say us existence not thin settle of factor, will give Milky Way the public order of the star area bring bother, again say me return some affair want to be in person with your father Wei reason discuss, when the time comes you after connect the communication tell me once"
  Li Shang arrestment Ya3 Nuo2 of excite.
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    Chapter 114 of the aquamarine blue federal was steal to kiss
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:08:07 origin chapter word number:2634

  The interstellar which hang mankind history hunt a hand of a time round-table conference already be over, the future generations mankind jot down:That meeting all interstellar hunt a hand 31 to initiate all of the members to attend, from this time meeting after, the interstellar hunt a hand in very short six yearses from a very small mercenary soldier regiment development become the biggest main force military force in aquamarine blue federal, at chief lead of Li Shang they not only only is give who connect the federal brought new of peaceful reunification, and behavior type of evolution make can't estimate of contribute ……
  Temporary don'ting say future generations a person is how evaluation, and say Li Shang after they finish open a meeting, Li Shang decision connect recent two list mission, mission completion behind start fix whole, begin interstellar to hunt a hand of construction circumstance, and Teng time go to the Earth 1, hunt a spare strength movable activity of hand for the interstellar.
  Many member of team all respectively return the rest of rest, experiment of experiment, leave Ya3 Nuo2 , the D of Si Tan and Li Shang be three people.
  Ya3 Nuo2 connected his father's channel and the figure of Wei reason immediately made reference to after appear on the image:"Ya3 Nuo2 , what is up and so worried of call an old dad, is BE not meet again what not and satisfactorily of affair?"
  "Father, my nothing important affair, is to tell you my decision to join interstellar to hunt hand mercenary soldier army corps" Ya3 Nuo2 tell her father her decision.
  The news Wei heard a daughter reason some receive, difficult way oneself daughter fever say beard words?What he don't understand make reference to:
  "Ya3 Nuo2 , you don't blather words, isn't uncomfortable there, that hurriedly see".
  "I have no matter, what I say is true, ignore your approval dissimilarity idea I come to a decision, rightness, the chief of Li Shang have words and you say, you chat, I walk the favour went"
  Ya3 Nuo2 say for father that finish immediately turned round to go out, she afraid father Wei reason again is a long article what theories of keep her from join the interstellar hunt a hand and still advance to escape of good.
  Appear in the Li Shang on the conjecture screen after seeing Ya3 Nuo2 Zou3, Wei reason make reference to:"Li Shang, exactly and what is the row, was Ya3 Nuo2 how?"
  "Have no matter of, I once advised as well, she is to don't listen to ours, don't  tie up to join can't, this not, I have to say with you, if your dissimilarity idea, I will not let her join interstellar to hunt a hand.BE full for six months after waiting your back, I return to send to her safety you of"Li Shang answer Wei reason make reference to.
  "This wench also too tough, my estimate I can't also advise her, be still with she, be to her safety not too trust, I can only have such a close relatives"
  The Wei reason say that finish wanted to in a short while continue to make reference to:
  "If your interstellar hunt a hand and would like to receive her, that let her join, my long-term go out at outside put her[one] person uneasy heart also, hunt a hand her to pour in your interstellar is to thoroughly toughen once, in case have no matter clean bring calamity everywhere".
  "Your approval good, I still have an affair to want with your company quantity company quantity, first give you dozen hello wait you back behind we again have long talk"
  The Li Shang see a Wei reason an approval Ya3 Nuo2 join interstellar to hunt a hand immediately say, since Ya3 Nuo2 joined, so he hunt the affair which sell battleship toward the interstellar good talk many.Have Ya3 Nuo2 this relation, quality and price of the battleship top affirmation not too wide of the mark of.
  The "what affair, you say" Wei reason let the Li Shang speak his affair.
  The "BE so of, our demand order ten battleship, according to Ya3 Nuo2 Shuo of, this aspect you have an outlet, you see whether can spread some related data to come over for me first" Li Shang isn't direct answer Wei reason.
  The Wei reason heard the words of Li Shang know a daughter to give°mbt shoes clearance oneself to sell, don't know that the Li Shang have what magic, can let the daughter speak their sea Wei group of true business.
  Immediately he again thought of, daughter although tenacity 1:00, still comparison know importance, if is not absolute of trust, she will not outwardly tell others these affairs.
  But Wei reason but have never thought Ya3 Nuo2 is because had Li Shang in the heart so just speak true state of matter, not only only so, return will he old man's house recent of savings give orally sent to recognize.
  If Wei reason know, estimate now don't throw up blood will also faint, he don't know that having this be wasteful female is his lucky still unfortunate.
  "So, I still have to then can return for three months in the outside, I am to you let the person spread data past, you consider first, as for price etc. everyone's noodles we meet to discuss it later, you see how".
  Since there is business seeking to come, and still daughter introduction of, Wei reason not big calculate decline, who let is a daughter introduction of customer, and still ever help they escape from the interstellar of the fleet several depths besieged of the gold sword snake pirate to hunt a hand.
  Li Shang and Wei reason converse be over empress not long time, spread the data of the related ammunition already come over, the Li Shang adjust a data detailed of look get up.
  See to a Wei reason them trust very much to the Li Shang, on the data from big of battleship arrive small radium light revolver, the whole data be all very well-found.
  Li Shang past from conjecture net top understanding aquamarine blue federal of the whole military equipment circumstance, but this data in the hand more is of detailed, the type which have a lot of battleship and weapon all ratio now the troops be common equipment of a lot of strong, even inside even the heavy atomic bomb also have.
  This let the Li Shang can not help to surprise secretly, this sea Wei the group be remarkable, can have in the aquamarine blue federal so big of business and at enmity with government conflict, start to see it inevitable have deep background, from they drive the gold sword snake pirate fleet assault of circumstance to predict them and the gold sword snake pirate the army corps seem to have no much contact.
  The Li Shang feel to rejoice very much, aquamarine blue federal the biggest arm supplier have no station to arrive the gold sword snake pirate army corps a square, this elucidation in a short time aquamarine blue the federal also will not have what big of affair occurrence.
  Just at research this data top new battleship of time, Ya3 Nuo2 Feng breeze fire fire of walked to come in, embrace small Qi Lin to nastily ask Li Shang:"My father promise me to attend interstellar to hunt to have no".
  The Li Shang raise head to make reference to "his approval, just hope you later can be steady a little more heavy, don't again hunted to ask for bother to the interstellar, here is already you of house, hope you can maintenance our interstellar hunt the benefits harmony of hand fame, same is also at maintenance your own house".
  "Too good, I be certain to don't to you obey interstellar to hunt the rules of hand to ask for bother, appreciate your Li Shang"
  Ya3 Nuo2 happily spring up, however once the hand hands put to throw the small Qi Lin to the ground the old face which up walk to come forward to toward Li Shang 1 which be "Ze", take the Li Shang didn't°yet the reaction come over red face to door outside run.
  The small Qi Lin is original to lie thoroughly and suddenly in Ya3 Nuo2 's bosom drive Ya3 Nuo2 Reng to ground up, don't very not wish to resist to blare strange call.Blunt arrive Ya3 Nuo2 of doorway to can not consider of will go out to embracing small Qi Lin, result a carelessly bump in one personal body.
  Ya3 Nuo2 just thinking openings scold to see that monkey Zai son not long eye, result raise head and look, exclaim a "Ya3 Ting2 Jie3", facial expression side of reder, with sooner of 1 of the speed"Xiu" disappear visual field in Li Shang and Xue Ya3 Ting2.
  Li Shang at this time just at stunned, Ya3 Nuo2 today this is how, join interstellar to hunt a hand to also be unlikely so happy, happy how blunt come up close oneself one mouthful.
  His felling oneself absolutely suffer a los big, oneself of the face should let first Xue Ya3 Ting2 Qin just rightness, drive unexpectedly other people compete first.
  "Ya3 Nuo2 how was this ?The small Qi Lin which connect to like most also attend to not top embraced to walk"
  Xue Ya3 Ting2 be say and starting to embrace just injustice of small Qi Lin.
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    Front chapter 115 of the aquamarine blue federal tryout Ya3 Nuo2 of overbearingly rude
    Fragrance of books house renewal time:2010-6-3011:08:07 origin chapter word number:2484

  Li Shang a dozen ha ha make reference to:"Nothing important, ha ha, be Ya3 Nuo2 's that wench because of the approval of her father she join interstellar to hunt a hand some was dizzy with success".
  The Li Shang canned dare not to say Ya3 Nuo2 to capture originally belong to kiss at the Xue Ya3 Ting2's beginning, although have never seen the Xue Ya3 Ting2 Fa's young tiger, but he still hope Xue Ya3 Ting2 forever all don't hair young tiger of good, other people not clear, he know the Xue Ya3 Ting2's fighting strength index number.
  This time Xue Ya3 Ting2 is to tell Li Shang that the past interstellar hunted to connected a protection a diva Lou silk of mission, now the somebody else want interstellar to hunt a hand parties a personnel to attend selection.
  The Li Shang isn't understand why selection, through Xue Ya3 Ting2 of explanation Li Shang just understand.
  Originally diva Lou silk of operation the regiment sent out to employ claim toward many more well-known security company and mercenary soldier regiment, the interstellar hunt a hand because of escort sea Wei tall ship but a war become famous, so is also chosen therein.
  After all do Lou silk the mission of the bodyguard all impossible person who receive a claim to attend, so Lou silk not is walk to each 1 all behind follow thousands bodyguard, that also doesn't suit too much actual.
  So the agent request of Lou silk carry on selection to all organization that can go, pass brawl Shu and strategy technique cent personal bodyguard and outer circle Anne protect.
  Personal bodyguard from brawl selection result first of organization parties the elite hold the post of, but Anne of the outer circle protect from military tactics selection the first of result hold the post of.
  Li Shang lane understand empress ask Xue Ya3 Ting2 a beginning when selection, Xue Ya3 Ting2 tell him at this month the end of the month, be also an aquamarine blue federal 1512 of January 28 number, address at red month the Ji promise capital city star of the star area, Xue Ya3 Ting2 still tell Li Shang all affair Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 all arrangement good, now bad attend selection of the interstellar hunted a hand a candidate.
  At Xue Ya3 Ting2 Shuo finish of time Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 also sought to come over, an enter door Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 be a regular military salute, this is also himself formation of habit, general have no the time of proper business heel all of everyones is a Xi hip-hop admire of didn't be a little serious, once doing its affair, special of rules, everything all is methodical and scrupulous, this is also the Li Shang appreciate him very of one of the reason, Mr. private and clear.
  Salute later on Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 is direct openings make reference to:"I missed Ya3 Nuo2 's chief to once say Lou silk bodyguard concerning the diva to you as well of selection related affair, because of Si Tan D the chief want to serve as four mission, demand take 20 member of team, so we leave five member of team including I, Hilton demand processing the star river affair of the group, be also say you now only four member of team can use, so this time selection we can take a, if is two our hand root not enough, you see how arrangement accommodation".
  The Li Shang see Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 analysis of already very very clear, immediately work well decision to make reference to:
  "Now Ya3 Nuo2 was also the member of team whom the interstellar hunt a hand, after a while you go to the that machine AN and space wrist knob which take a set of interstellar to hunt a hand of Pete Wilson is to him, you stay to speed up her to step up to fix Lian, will practice first inside body through with the toughen of mentality's method hand over to her and wait her practice of about of time again teach her a pole too strength explode, interstellar in the manor hunt a hand of some business still have to you to processing, this time want ~only three other member of team heel I line, say that three people to be who to me?".
  Of so oneself no longer manor processing daily business, a reason is the Li Shang want to pass bodyguard of the process together other organization contact once, pass the process of bodyguard understanding once each star area of mostly circumstance, another a reason is to want to thoroughly toughen Tan2 Ya3 Lin2, from currently Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 of performance to see, definite is that can take over him and the D of Si Tan of good seedling son, any affair processing of all comparison arrive.
  "BE the Ge benefit, gold kind force and assassin, Zhao4 Yang2, " Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 tell Li Shang to still leave three people's name.
  "Know, do we when set out a Ji promise star?"The Li Shang ask again.
  "Tomorrow morning, today is the 23th, I already settle good go to Ji promise the boat ticket of the star, half-way don't have an accident the 27th morning ability arrive, just right ability catch up afternoon of report way", Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 give Li Shang report arrive, he already everything all arrangement good.
  Again with Tan2 Ya3 Lin2 explaination once they the time demand for walk attention of some affair, the Li Shang found the D of Si Tan, see the D of Si Tan, Li Shang they mutual discussion line escort company brigade with attend a diva Lou silk bodyguard of selection item.
  The Si Tan D escort of mission time also a time of around month.Li Shang in addition to let the D of Si Tan they attention safety accident, let thembt shoes sale Si Tan D mission completion behind don't connect other new employ mission, first arrangement some he

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